The love for pizza is universal and this fact can never be second pizza delivery applications are a great help to fulfill the cravings. Pizza delivery saw its rough picture in the 1880s much before the applications saw the light of the day.

Let your audience shake off the troubles of searching through the general menu, instead of a dedicated application of your business. Our solutions come as the major rescue as it does not make the users compromise with their taste buds and readily serve them with their sumptuous pizza meals.

According to a recent survey around 60%, of people love to order pizza to satiate their taste buds, therefore, the concept of on-demand pizza delivery has gained massive momentum over the last few years.

The Ever-Growing Market Trend of Pizza Delivery Mobile App

Pizza Delivery Mobile App Development

Generally, the development of on-demand pizza delivery mobile apps has acquired an amicable notification amongst pizza lovers and they are using pizza delivery apps for ordering their favorite meals and delicacies.

The trend of the on-demand delivery app is nothing new in the mobile app industry landscape. The pizza businesses are just keen to harness the benefits of mobile applications to make themselves flourish. With the help of these on-demand pizza delivery mobile apps, the business is not only offering the users their favorite pizzas but also allowing them to make their pizza by selecting the appropriate ingredients.

This concept is very much loved by the users as they are now not required to prepare their favorite pizza on their own because they can now order one from any existing pizza delivery outlet. Owing to the current scenario, the pizza business is enjoying seamless benefits on the grounds of user base and cheque sizes. So, here find out top home delivery business models that can allow you to make chunks of revenue if you are already into the pizza business or are ready to embark on the one.

Models of Pizza Delivery App Like Domino

pizza delivery app development like dominos

Let’s discuss the business models of pizza delivery app like Domino below. There are 4 types, and we have covered all of them.

Individual Business Model

These businesses have their chefs available to prepare their pizza meals to match the user’s requirements. However, they are not into delivering the pizzas to the user’s home or workplaces; rather they serve them when they visit their outlets.

These are just the pizzerias that do not have any delivery opportunities. Thus, one can simply visit or reserve a table at the eatery and enjoy your pizza. You can hire a table reservation app development team that can help you

Aggregator Business Model

This can be said as the mediator between the pizza shops and the delivery services. The aggregator collects the orders for all the subsequent pizza delivery outlets that are connected with them. Once the order is received they pass it on to the concerned outlet, the freshly prepared meals are then served by the aggregators themselves. These businesses receive a fixed commission from the attuned pizza shops and restaurants and make the provisions for deliveries on their own to meet the client’s requirements.

Order Focused

Order-focused businesses are just responsible for taking the orders for the pizza delivery services. They are not responsible for making the deliveries. Such a type of business only transfers the orders that are requested by the users. Rest all the activities are governed and handled by the concerned pizza delivery service provider.

Logistics Focused

These are solely responsible for delivering the pizza to the consumer’s doorstep. They have nothing to do with the orders received. Their services are hired by the pizza outlets and they are assigned the tasks for taking the pizza to the user location. They are provided with the user address and the invoice associated with the order for effectively meeting with the consignments received.

Full Service

Full-service pizza businesses have their own in-house chefs and delivery models just like Domino’s and Pizza Hut. They receive their orders on their own, prepare the orders, and deliver them to their users within a stipulated time. They can also be attuned to the order-focused or the aggregator’s apps, as that helps to increase the number of orders and at the same time increase their visibility over the various social channels. Framework and the attributes of a feature-rich and quality-focused On-demand Pizza delivery mobile app.

There are a lot of features that one can include to make the mobile application better. We affirm that the solutions that would be dropped to you are feature-laden and make it easier for you to interact with the audience.

Salient Features to Include in Developing Pizza Delivery App

Our mobile application development service-providing team affirms that the solutions dropped to you are flawless and are in line with the needs of all the user groups.


pizza delivery app development company
  • Personal Profile: This is the first page where the user lands. They can create their profile and can update the basic information, and address and can set a profile image as well.
  • Sign Up/ Login: Once they create their profile they can log in by creating new credentials or else can sign in with their email or social accounts credentials.
  • Checkout Process: Once the user selects their favorite meals, they can place the orders with a very seamless approach. Remember to make the checkout process as simple as possible since users just hate to fill out long checkout forms while placing orders.
  • Order Status & Tracking: All the orders placed and requested can be tracked by the users. They can check the order status whether it is out for delivery or still under process. They can track the driver’s location as well to estimate the time incurred for making the delivery.
  • Choose Payment Method: Users can choose their payment method at their convenience. They can pay for their orders either via Internet banking, or credit/debit cards, or else can opt for COD as well while placing the orders.
  • Provide Feedback for Order: Users can provide feedback for their orders. They can publish their review based on the quality of service received and the time required to meet the order requirements.

Pizza Shop Owner – Panel

  • Sign up/Login: Similar to the user panel, the associated pizza shop owner can register into the account using email or social network credentials.
  • Catalogue Management: The entire catalog is related to the menu, and the ambiance is managed by the owner. He/she can change the menu or make it more attractive with the help of suitable images and content to allure more users to avail of the maximum pizza orders.
  • Order Management: All the orders that are received, completed, and pending are tracked to check whether all the requests are met within a stipulated time frame or not.
  • Dashboard & Analytics: All the data concerned with the orders, payments, the offers most loved, the category of pizza frequently ordered, and the locations from where the maximum orders are received, to make the product decisions for the business.
  • Customer Reviews: All the reviews published by the consumers can be viewed by the owner. Accordingly, all the decisions related to the improvements can be taken to meet the business insights more conveniently.

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  • Admin Login: The Admin can sign in with the email or social networking credentials and can check the number of pizza delivery service providers and the users associated with the app.
  • Order Management: All the orders that are received are monitored on a weekly or monthly basis. All the concerned pizza delivery services are managed and accordingly, the number of orders received can be calculated along with the total earnings. It greatly helps in maintaining app transparency.
  • Application Management: All the terms, conditions, and FAQs are managed and reviewed by the Admin. The operability and the functionality of the app are also governed and accordingly, steps are taken for the improvements.
  • Offer Management: All the offers and discounts that are introduced on the app and the ones that are mostly loved and availed are managed by the Admin.
  • Payment Management: Under this section, all the payment models that are used are managed. In addition to this, the number of users who are making online payments and the one who has opted for COD is also tracked and stored.
  • Technical Support: All the quality concerns, operability bugs app, loading, and response time is managed by the Admin. Adhering to the issues, provisions for providing technical support are made to keep the app ahead of the competition.

Advance Features

Food constructor icon

If the idea of developing an extraordinary On-demand pizza delivery app is running in your mind, then for sure you cannot afford to miss the food constructor feature. It is the one that is being very much loved by the users at an appreciable rate. Now why is this feature so much loved by the user? Simple, because it allows the users to pick their ingredients and permits them to order a more customized meal. This feature works great for meeting user requirements. There may be users who may not like the pizza with the tomatoes or there can be another who wants something else. Thus with the help of the aforementioned feature, users can prepare their pizzas for themselves.

In-App Payment (Credit, Debit, Wallet, Net banking, PayPal, Braintree)

There are distinctive payment models that can be integrated into an On-demand pizza delivery app. Braintree, Stripe, PayPal’s Mobile SDK, and Apple Pay can be adopted and implemented in the On-demand pizza delivery app for delivering the sophisticated ecosystem to the users while processing payments.

Advanced Analytics

Real-time analytics plays a great role in squeezing the relevant information out of the chunks of data stored in the pizza delivery database. It helps the people associated with the different business streams validate all the related statistics to meet their business insights. Likewise, with the aid of analytics, the pizza businesses and other models can determine the most loved offers, the number of orders received, areas from where most of the orders were captured, and the timings when the maximum orders were assigned. Accumulating and processing such information works wonders in streamlining the entire business activities.


The role of GPS (Global Positioning System) cannot be missed in pizza delivery mobile app development. Using the maps, the drivers can identify the appropriate destination and calculate the distance to be covered. Furthermore, all the information can be updated on a real-time basis for the user and pizza shop owner. This way it becomes easy to keep the users attuned with the app, before deliveries. You can also explore How to Succeed in Restaurant Food Delivery Business.

In-App Communication

It is imperative to allow the consumers and the delivery partners and boys in the event of any query/order status inquiry. In-app communication allows the driver and user to communicate to share crucial information such as a delivery address, nearby landmarks, expected advent time, delay, and everything else associated can be informed to the user. Furthermore, users can also have a word with the pizza shop owners regarding the quality of the services and tell them about factors and the areas that can be improved. Consumers always like to be heard and in-app communication comes as a major rescue in this scenario.

Menu Page Option

This page can be said as the lifeline of your On-demand pizza delivery mobile app since; it contains all the pizza categories along with the specifications and the specialties. Remember to make it more attractive with delicious and attractive meal images to allure users. Now, while talking about the Menu page, certainly it should be made such that it can be updated on a real-time basis. This way users can edit the menu on a real-time basis and the modifications committed by them in the POS menu are directly reflected on the main menu of the pizza app.

Push Notifications

Push notification contributes to your app visibility to a very great extent. An On-demand Pizza delivery app engineered with push technology plays a very significant role in apprising the user of the latest offers and deals running on the pizza stores and outlets. Undeniably, Push notification can be said to the must-have attribute as it not only augments the user base but keeps them attuned to your app for a longer run time plus keeps them attentive before the deliveries as well, so that they may not miss out on the chance of enjoying their freshly prepared pizzas.

We make sure to use advanced technology like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Predictive Analysis, etc. that makes it easier for the audience to interact with the application. For Understanding How Food Delivery Earns Profits you can check out this article.

Required Technology Stack for Pizza Delivery Mobile App Development

pizza delivery app development cost

For making a superior quality On-Demand pizza delivery mobile app it is a must to adhere to the right technology stack. Implementing the latest and evolving technical standards will conserve a seat for your app ahead of the competitors in this hyper-competitive marketplace.

  • Push Notifications – Twilio,
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification -Nexmo, Twilio
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
  • Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

We have been delivering food and restaurant-based mobile applications for years now and are well-versed with the technology that we need to abide by. We make it a point that the solutions that are delivered to you are the best in the market and stand the test of time.

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How to Proceed with Pizza Delivery Mobile App Development?

Pizza Delivery App Salient Features

It is important to plan the entire process before embarking on the development procedures. Devise the approaches and all the related strategies from the very beginning to make your app succeed in the prevailing tough competition existing out there. All the corresponding market and user requirements should be planned and analyzed for landing for the app development.

This will greatly help in determining the correct route for scheduling further processes. Choose the considerable platform whether iOS or Android on which you want your On-demand pizza delivery app to run. It is always suggested to start with one and later on attributes can be added to make it more versatile. Weigh all the associated risks and the costs that will be incurred. One of the major factors that will decide the cost of your app is its size and complexities.

It is advised to hire an intelligent squad of hire android app developers and iOS app developers that are capable of crafting superior-quality mobile apps. Once you have outlined the basic architecture of your On-demand pizza delivery mobile app, you can go ahead with the app prototype development. Ensure that all possible features of the pizza delivery app have been covered, to start with further development.

Smartly choose the app design that will bolster the reputation of your app. Develop an intuitive and interactive app interface for delivering a seamless user experience. Do not load the app with too many pictures, images, and text as that will confuse the user. Once your app is ready, roll it over to various testing tools and strategies.

  • You can embark with an MVP (minimum viable product) to understand the weak and strong areas of your app.
  • Test your app for uncountable times
  • Finally, it’s time to deploy your app on the App Stores.

The aforementioned guideline for sure will take you towards the successful development of an On-demand pizza delivery mobile app and at the same time, it assures that your app will be engineered with the best development practices and will be embedded with sound infrastructure based on the performance and the quality.

Estimated Cost to Develop a Pizza Delivery App

In this section, we will check out the cost of pizza delivery mobile app in detail. For developing a robust and sophisticated mobile On-demand pizza delivery mobile app, certainly, you need the best developers, testers, designers, and managers. Owing to the different zones and the physical architecture of the app development communities, there are huge variations in the per-hour charges. Hire food delivery app developers for custom food delivery app development services.

  • U.S.-based developers: $50 to $250 per hour
  • Eastern Europe-based developers: $30 to $150 per hour
  • India-based developers: $10 to $80 per hour

Now depending on the app size, complexities, features, and the segments to be developed the average cost for an On-demand pizza delivery app is charted below.

  • Technical documentation (40 hours – $1000 to $2000)
  • UI/UX design (60 Hours – $1500 to $3000)
  • Front-end and Back-end development (400 Hours – $10,000 to $ 20,000)
  • MVP testing (80 Hours – $2000 to $4000)
  • Polishing and bug fixing (40 hours – $1000 to $2000)

Calculating the above overhead charges can outline the average cost of an On-demand pizza delivery mobile app. A reasonable app with limited features can cost up to $10,000 to $30,000 for a single platform and the charges can extend up to $45,000 in case, the app developed is feature-rich and is driven by high-quality standards. The price is largely influenced by whether it is iOS app development or Android.

Wrapping It Up!

We put in our years of experience and expertise in delivering solutions that are interesting and engaging. With all the features being customized to fit your business needs, we affirm that your product stands out from the crowd. The customized pizza delivery app development company takes care of your business idea and reflects on the screen the solution that you want.


Why Octal IT Solution is Best to Develop a Pizza Delivery App?

At Octal we have a team of expert food delivery app developers who have experience in developing user-centric solutions. The best about partnering with us is that we sign an NDA to ensure your business idea remains confidential and safe. Not just this, we bring to you global experience and expertise that helps your product stand out.

What Kind of Services do Your Experts Deliver to Develop a pizza delivery app?

Our experts work on various aspects of application development like end-to-end organization, conceptualization, design, optimization, and maintenance of your mobile app project.

What Technologies Do You Use to Develop a Pizza Delivery App?

We use the latest technologies and tools to develop your pizza delivery app depending on your business requirements. We use Android SDK and iOS SDK for the development of your app for both operating systems.

How Long Does it Take to Build an On-Demand Pizza Delivery App?

It may take around 2-3 months to develop a high-quality on-demand pizza delivery app. For an app with advanced features, it may take around 4-5 months.

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