In the fast running world, everyone is in a hurry to reach their destinations. No matter what time of the day it is, you can see swarms of cars on the road, rushing. We have been trying to convince ourselves that this would paas and people would opt for public vehicles over personal vehicles but it is all in vain. As the density of cars is increasing day to day, the problem of pollution is increasing but another problem that isn’t so evident is parking. Yes, parking remains a big problem. Since people are unable to locate the parking spaces most of the time, they tend to park their vehicles in almost any vacant corner they find. This not only results in traffic chaos but most of the time hampers the route of the other vehicles, thus making them unable to get their vehicles out from the particular location. In such a scenario, the car parking app design development can be said as the major rescue.

With the help of these mobile apps users can locate the nearby parking place and can reserve them too, thus can park in a very convenient manner. Well, what else the parking finder app can do? It will assign you the drivers as well; in case the parking place is located at quite a distance from your destination. The driver will park your car at the location you selected for parking. At the time of your departure, you will have the car right in front of you. Interesting isn’t it. Now since the aforementioned concept has become the need of the hour, thus ample business and startups are plunging into car parking app development. So, here keep reading the post for identifying the basic attributes, technologies, and the cost required for developing a top-notch parking finder mobile app.

How to Create a Parking App That Customers Love?

How to create a parking app is quite a complicated domain to research on. There are various aspects that complete an app and when developing the app it is important to consider the features that make it easier for each of these aspects to take full advantage of the application.

User Panel

When working on the user panel, your car parking finder mobile app development team needs to focus on the user experience and engagement. The functionalities need to be so simple that they can easily use the app.

This is one of the basic parking app features. Users can log in with the help of social network or email account credentials. This would make it easier for the user to always find the space even when not at the destination at the moment.

Allow the System to Track Vehicle Location 
With the help of the GPS, the users can track the location of their vehicles and can estimate the distance between their parking and the current location. Octal IT Solution is a car parking app development company in India that is dedicated to providing feature-rich applications to its clients over the years.

Search Pickup Location 
The users can check the pick-up location of their vehicle so as to collect it. Your parking spot finder app needs to be very efficient to let the user know the exact pick-up spot of the vehicles and their distance from the spot.

Enter Estimated Arrival and Departure Time 
Users can set the arrival and the departure time. According to that, the users can get optimized parking places within the stipulated time frame.

Schedule Booking 
Another important feature of parking software development is to let users schedule the booking as well. They can book the parking place at their own convenience.

Make Payments 
Users can make the payment to drivers as per the Kms traveled while parking the car and the parking charges.

Manage Parking History 
The users can manage the parking history as well. They can check the locations at which their vehicles were parked frequently. With our car parking app design you can surely get to know where your vehicle was parked and when.
This makes it easier for your customers to track their parking locations and see where things go wrong.

Provide Ratings and Reviews 
According to the services delivered and the locations of the parking places, users can post the reviews and ratings.

Admin Panel

Now that we have talked about the features that are important for the user, the next important aspect is the admin panel. It is here that your parking finder app development service provider focuses on all the aspects of controls and responses to the app.

All the reports and statistics related to the number of requests captured, preferred location, parking charges, driver information, etc are managed by the admin.

User and Driver Management 
All the users and drivers that are attuned to the app are managed and monitored by the admin. When you hire mobile app developers for how to build a parking app, they take care of the fact that there needs to be a third aspect that would take care of the users and drivers working with the team.

Add/ Reject Drivers 
Under this section, the admin can add or reject the drivers depending on the number of parking requests aligned.

Manage Earnings 
All the in-app purchases, subscription packages, and online transactions are managed by the admin. It is important to make sure that your parking android app development company india
integrates features where the drivers and users can keep track of finances involved.

Booking Manager 
All the parking places that are attuned to the app and their parking costs are managed and tracked by the admin. It becomes easier to record the  activities with your vehicle and verify all your transactions.

Offer Management 
One of the main features of car parking finder app development is to include all the offers, customer loyalty programs, and discounts that are managed and governed by the admin.

Reservation Management 
Under this section, all the reserved parking locations are tracked by the admin. With this information they can easily let the users know where their vehicle can be parked or when they would be able to find the right parking spot.

Add New Locations 
Depending on the user’s requirements, the admin can add new parking locations so as to provide more convenient options. This would make it easier for the user and the driver to find parking spots and provide car parking services.

Driver Panel

We have already spoken about the user panel and the admin panel. These panels played a crucial role in the car parking finder mobile app development, but the major work belongs to the driver. When it comes to seeing how things and records would be worked on, it is the driver who would take care of it all.

Similar to the user’s panel, the drivers can also log-in with the aid of the email account or the social network credentials.

Add Personal Details and ID Proof 
The car parking app design would need the drivers to update their basic information along with the scanned copy of the ID proof, in order to prove authenticity.

Accept/Reject User Booking Requests 
Depending on the number of parking requests and the location of parking the drivers can accept or reject the request from the users.

Contact Customers Through the App 
Under this feature of your car parking finder app, the users can communicate with the drivers so as to verify the location of the car and can update them about their location as well, so that the driver may drop the car as per their desired location.

Collect Payment from Customers 
All the payments made by the users for the parking and for dropping and picking up the car to and from the location can be accepted by the drivers. All the information related to the payments is redirected to the admin.

View Ratings and Review 
The drivers can view the rating and reviews assigned by the user according to the services and quality delivered. It is significant for the user to hire a driver with good experience and better ratings so that the car is in safe hands.


Advanced Features

Other than these basic features there are a lot more features that one needs to integrate when working on parking spot finder mobile app development. We share here some of the crucial features that would make your app better than your competition and help you take your business to better heights.

Vehicle Tracking 
With the help of vehicle tracking features, users can track the location of their vehicles, in the parking spot so as to be assured that their parked vehicles are safely located in the desired parking place.

Rate Card 
The rate card in your parking spot finder car app allows the users to verify the rates of the parking places on a weekly and monthly basis. This way users can select the best parking package in a very convenient way and can avail them when required.

Map Searching 
With the help of the map searching option, users can locate their vehicles with the help of Google Maps and can figure out the optimized path for reaching the desired parking space.

Nearby Place Suggestions
As per the location of users, the parking spot car android and iOS app will suggest the nearby and the most suitable parking places for the users. In case of unavailability, users can find out the nearby landmarks for parking their car, thus saving them to start searching from scratch.

Multiple Cities and Locations 
Under this feature, the users can find out the different parking places and offices in different cities. Thus, users can find out the suitable parking places as per their requirement and convenience.

With the help of the GPS, the users can locate the nearby parking places and can choose the most optimized route to be taken. MapKit and Google Maps can be used for iOS and Android-based apps respectively for navigation purposes.

Push Notifications 
While developing an extraordinary hybrid app, you certainly cannot miss push notifications. Well, push technology greatly helps in keeping the users engaged. All the messages related to the payment, request, discount, and app updates are being sent to the users.

Operational Zone Set-up 
This feature allows the users to identify the operational zones thus, helping the users to locate the nearby parking location in the mentioned area. This is a great way of meeting the parking associated services within a minimal time period.

Heat Map View 
The heat map basically shows the busiest time in one location. It also helps to see the real-time locations of the most popular areas and parking spots, therefore, allowing the users to make better decisions with their parking reservation mobile app.

In-app Communication 
Communication is integral to any business that runs. Staying connected with your consumers is always important and several ways such as SMS, emails, etc can be used so as to keep them updated about the latest offers and services. Users, drivers, and the admin can communicate with each other about the services they seek to avail themselves.

The multilingual feature allows the users to operate the app in their desired language. This helps a lot in providing a basic understanding to the users and allows them to select the desired parking places along with the exact location in a convenient way.

Offers and Discounts
All the related offers and discounts are notified to the users for keeping them attuned to the upcoming deals. Moreover, users get the rewards upon successful referral and in case they are attuned to your app for a long time.

Payment (Credit, Debit, Wallet, Net banking, Paypal, Braintree)
Distinctive E-wallet payment models such as Braintree, Stripe, PayPal’s Mobile SDK, and Apple Pay are available nowadays. Integrating the online payment models provides a transparent approach to the users for making the payments in a very convenient way.

These are all the features that can help you build a strong identity in the digital domain. With some of the emerging technologies at your assistance we ensure that the solutions that are delivered to you are no less than the best.

Technology Stack for Car Parking App Development 

The mobile and web app development service providers make sure that any product delivered is designed in a way that it is better than your competition. For car parking spot finder mobile application the technology stack used is quite advanced and reliable.


  • Bandwidth, Twilio For Push Notifications
  • Nexmo For SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification
  • Braintree & PayPal  For accepting payments
  • GWT For Powerful Programming
  • Datastax  For Data Management
  • Mandrill  For everything related to emails
  • Debian The universal Operating System
  • Database  MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment  AWS
  • Realtime Analytics  Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

The technology stack would serve its purpose only if it is used in the right manner. The iOS and android app development is quite a complicated process and  needs agile development with the right team structure.

Required Team Structure

Engineering an impeccable parking finder mobile app can be accomplished only when you hit upon the right and experienced Mobile App Development Company and thus, you require a talented pool of skilled managers, mobile app developers, designers, and testers.

Project Manager: She/he should be capable of finding the most productive solutions to achieve attuned business goals and insights.

Developers: Android App Developer, iOS App Developer, Back-end App Developers

Designers: Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer

Testers: A team of proficient and skilled QA experts for delivering a smooth and rich experience to users


Now that you know how car parking app development would take place, lets see the cost of development of car parking finder apps.

Cost Estimation of Car Parking Spot Finder App Development

The cost to develop a parking finder mobile app depends on the features and functions, developers, other softwares integrated and other aspects. The major factors that decide the car parking finder mobile app development cost are:


According to the physical location of the app developer, requirements, and the attributes to be added, the price or developing the app on an hourly basis is elaborated as under:

  • In the USA, the cost is around 140$-260$/hr
  • European developers cost around 60$/hr
  • In Eastern Europe, the price of developing an app can be between 45$-50$/hr
  • In Asia such as India, the app development price ranges between $20-35$


The cost of developing the design for an app is charted as under:

  • $80-300/hour and above In the USA
  • $50-190/hour For UK
  • $20-180/hour in Europe
  • $15-100/hour in Asia

Testing and Marketing 

The next phases are the testing and marketing of an app. Combining these two, the development firm can charge around $60-$200. Now, if we add on the basic cost digits an average app with limited features can cost around $8,000-$15,000. However, in case you are looking for developing a fully-featured and cross-platform mobile app, the price for developing a parking finder app can increase up to $ 18,000-$25,000.

With so many factors influencing the cost of development of a parking finder app you need to make wise decisions before investing. Read your competitions well and instead of investing on the similar app cover their loopholes for better results.

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Car parking finder mobile app development has made things easier for the people in big cities where there are a lot of vehicles. Finding a space to park your car has turned to be a herculean task. If you want to start a business that can help your customers with finding parking space and saving time, then entering the market with an application solution that can help you monetize the requirements of the people is a great idea.

Reach to the right on-demand mobile app development firm and turn your app idea into working reality. Our experts would provide technically advanced and future ready solutions that are scalable and flexible for the future.


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