Technology advancements have been happening with each passing day and people have been asking for more and better. Several software has come into being to help mobile applications perform better.

No matter how much advancement one sees in technology, a user will always ask for more and better. There is no stopping to the needs of the users and with mobile devices being so handy letting users do everything from the comfort of home, mobile applications are now being developed with features unparalleled.

The pressure of building an app with seamless experience comes on to the shoulders of the app developers, who are burning up their energy and minds in making extraordinary applications. Another reason that prompts them to burn their midnight oil to create an app fully loaded with useful features is the fact that there is a widespread competition to face in the app world.

While most developers had been using the traditional method of using HTML and JavaScript to develop a mobile app, this method has now grown old, and new techniques have come in.

MERN is the new stack that most developers nowadays like to use to make a feature-loaded competent app.

In this blog, we are going to explain the MERN stack development technology of creating mobile applications in detail.


It is a JavaScript stack used for the deployment of web applications with full-stack. It is majorly used to ease the process of creating applications easily and efficiently. It provides the app developers with components from the front-end to the back-end and is an open-source development stack. Talking about how it got the name, we must tell you that MERN is the acronym of the following four technologies:

  • MongoDB
  • Express JS
  • React JS
  • Node JS

Basic Requirements of Learning MERN

Compared to any other software of platforms of developing applications, MERN is easy to comprehend and use. It is specifically for those who have been working on developing mobile and web applications. Let’s take a look at what it needs for a user to develop an app using these components:

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  • To be able to use MERN, one should be good at working with and understanding JavaScript and ES6 fundamentals.
  • More technologies you should be good at are  Node and React, which are also a part of the entire process of MERN.

Understanding MERN in Detail

Now that you know the basics of MERN technology, MERN stack development services and understand the literal meaning of the concept, let’s look at the four components of the same. Below we have thrown light on the four components separately, in detail.

Mongo DB

The software is an open-source database platform for developing apps for cross-platform and is free of cost. It is classified as a database program for NoSQL and uses JSON documents. The flexibility of these platforms allows it to do things like creating a database, scheme, tables, and much more. The platform is enabled with Mongo shell, which can be used by the users once the software has been installed on their systems. This feature lets the users interact and carry on the work operations through the Javascript interface.

Let’s take a look at why one should use MongoDB:

  • It enables the developers to segregate the data by storing it in separate documents.
  • The segregation of data in several machines, enables developers in storing large-scale data, thereby, enhancing scalability.
  • It provides a quick response to the developers because of its nature as it is a document-oriented database. It also enables one to index the documents easily without any problem.
  • One of the biggest recompenses of the platform is that it uses Javascript which is available easily and one to comprehend easily.
  • The data of the platform can be stored in the form of JSON which is another advantage in itself. Take a look at the advantages of this form of data storage:
  • JSON syntax is comparatively quite simple to use.
  • Objects, strings, values, Arrays, and object members
  • Another advantage of JSON is that it is compatible with a large number of browsers.
  • It also allows one to share data of any size and amount with another user at any point of time.
  • Being one of the easiest platforms for developing mobile and web applications, Mongo DB is set up in a small and easy environment.
  • It is flexible in supporting document models which are quicker and simpler.

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Express JS

This is a back-end framework that works mostly like Node JS but is different in some ways. In the case of NodeJS, one has to create a lot of Node modules, but by using Express, one can overcome this step and simplify things while developing an app. This framework lets develop APIs and fast working web applications. It is also shorter, crispier, and easier to write as compared to other frameworks. Most Florida Web Development Companies bring on the stage most MERN Stack-based solutions that help businesses make a strong online presence.

Take a look at some advantages of making applications using the Express JS frameworks:


  • The applications made on this framework are not only faster and have a high-efficiency rate, but they also have high scalability, like in the case of Mongo DB.
  • This framework is single-threaded, hence, the apps made on this framework can be quickly developed and tested.
  • Another advantage of this framework is that it is Asynchronous.
  • Express JS has one of the biggest communities for the framework Node JS.
  • It has a router, that is in build inside the framework itself. The advantage of having this in-built router is that it allows the reusability of codes.
  • The framework has a prolific and vigorous API.

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React JS

This third type of framework used to make web applications is a front-end framework. It is basically used to create user interfaces and is used mostly to create a single page and lesser complex applications. The framework can be used for creating both web and mobile applications and has the ability to handle the changes in data, irrespective of the time the changes are being made. It lets the developers do the coding in Javascript.

Take a look at some important aspects that fall under the React JS framework:

  • JSX: It is the acronym for Javascript XML, which is an extension of HTML and can be used in React making it easier for the framework to write the components of React.
  • It has an inbuilt virtual DOM object which is a replica of the DOM object. If a developer makes any changes to the web applications, the virtual DOM will have to be rendered all over again. The alterations are then compared between the two, and the virtual DOM is changed according to the changes made in the original DOM.
  • This framework is a key supporter of the components that contribute to the logic and the overall UI of any web or mobile application. It is because of these components that the code can be reused in the framework.
  • This framework has a very high-performance rate because of the components included in it, such as JSX and virtual DOM.

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Node JS

And finally, the last framework of MERN, Node JS provides the developers with a Javascript environment, that allows them to develop and run code on a server, rather than on a server. There are numerous free modules available on the framework for the developers to choose from which don’t cost the developer a single penny.

Take a look at some advantages of this framework:

  • The framework allows the users to follow a single-threaded model making it simple and convenient to use.
  • It is an open-source Javascript runtime environment.
  • One can stream their data while using this framework.
  • Like other frameworks, this one too has high scalability which is good in enhancing the productivity of the framework.
  • Since the framework is built on Google Chrome’s JS engine, it has the ability to execute the codes faster.

Along with these advantages, there are a lot more things that make it easier for startups and businesses to adapt to MERN stack development solutions.

We have already seen the advantages of each element of the MERN stack, so now let’s see what in general makes it more popular.

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Why Use MERN Stack for Web and Mobile App?

A lot of business owners often find using MERN for their solutions easier and better. The development team at Octal IT Solution, affirms the solutions that are delivered to you are engaging, intuitive, and profit-generating.

Backed by Great Community

MERN Stack is supported by a great community, JavaScript. When required you can access the codes and resources related to MERN development and its components. Each of the elements that we would put to use is well documented and can always be checked easily. One can always get interesting solutions that would drive traffic and build brand popularity.

Full Stack Development

Another reason to work with MERN technology is to get end-to-end development. With these solutions, it becomes easier for startups to enjoy building their solution. Without panicking about the software and tools they want to work on.

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MVC Architecture Support

It becomes easier for the people to deliver solutions that support Model View Controller architecture that is easier for the developers to build a stronger workflow.

Sounds like an interesting solution?

We are looking forward to developing solutions that are built in a strong way and help you earn great profits with a loyal customer base.

Low Learning Curve

When working on the solutions it is easier to learn and implement. Since most developers are trained in Java in the initial days it becomes quite easier for them to understand its functionalities. Since Java has made it quite easier for people to connect with the stack, the development process becomes easier and there is scope for innovation and understanding.

Open Source Solutions

MERN is an open-source platform thus it does not require a lot of time to bring to the screen solutions that you may want. If you can connect with the service providers in a limited time then you may reach the MERN stack app development team that is well-versed with the technology.

These are the top five reasons why most organizations look forward to MERN Stack development instead of any other solution.

Some companies that started as startups are now pioneers in their field and are built on this MERN Stack technology.

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Businesses That Run on MERN Stack

MERN Stack is the amalgamation of everything possible that Java could offer. We cover the years have built a strong presence online and understand that the solutions help you earn great profits.


UberEats has been delivering solutions that are meant to build a strong domain.  One of the food delivery giants that has a loyal customer base and enjoys interaction with its customers all the while is available for the users and the site and application has barely seen any low point in its interaction.


Another application that drives great traffic works on MERN Stack.  It becomes important to have a great UI/UX for applications like these to survive the market. And with overnight fame, Instagram has proved how worthy and useful MERN could be.


Another biggie in the market is driving the market in another way. We make it a point that the solutions that are delivered to you are interesting and help you earn great results. Walmart with its user engagement and intuitive features has always impressed the users.


These are a few giants that make use of the technology to gain the best profits. If you want to enter the market with a feature-rich solution, just make sure that you reach the right team and hire the MERN stack application development team.

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MERN stack is a stack of JavaScript that enables app developers to deploy web applications efficiently. If you are looking for experts to develop a web and mobile app for you, then you are at the right place, as we at Octal IT Solution assist our clients in understanding which framework works best for them for app development and develop the most appropriate application for them depending upon their requirements. Our team of experts has good knowledge about the working of MERN stack frameworks and has a thorough understanding of the same. These simple frameworks are used to give the best results and make things easier and more comprehensible for our clients.

Using the MERN stack is of great advantage to developers as each code line in these frameworks is written in Javascript and the language of these frameworks is used on both sides (server-side and client-side).

Technical Writer

Mike Brin is a tech-savvy writer and a passionate advocate for the transformative power of technology. With a background in Information Technology and a love for all things digital, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to his tech blog.

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