We all have patiently given a few seconds of our lives to any new application or website that we are visiting for the first time. Yeah, when you want the website or the application to load soon, even these seconds seem like a lifetime. And most of the time, this happens due to the cached data on your device. So here we are going to discuss How to Free Up Space on iPhone.  

Just to clarify, it is not because of your slow internet connection but because your device doesn’t have any Cache Data for that particular website or application. 

Cache Data???

If you aren’t sure what it is, just continue reading. 

What Is Cached Data? 

Your device exchanges some information each time you visit a website or a web application. You get to check the exciting stories and the website you are using gets to know your location, preferences, how much time you spend reading the website and many more things about customer behavior. 

It is here that cached data comes into the picture. 

Irrespective of the device that you are using, be it laptops, tablets, or smartphones, your device has some space reserved to store this data for easy access next time. 

Cached Data – Why It Is Important?

You would be a better judge of this. The cached data that is shared with you stores data from various websites and applications and saves time the next time you work with them. These basically make the user experience better. 

For any website or application, the media elements like images, videos, and sometimes even text take some time to load. By storing this data in your phone, your device does not need to load this data every time you visit the same application or website.

Cache memory also saves a lot of data. 

How to Free Up Space on iPhone – Are There iPhone Cleanup Apps?

Yes, the iOS app store is full of cleanup applications. Simply go to the search bar, search for the applications, and see what it reflects. These applications are designed and developed to access, analyze, and manage your files to make your device easier to use. 

Most iOS cache cleaner applications that we’ll be discussing here would declutter the items like:

  • Duplicate photos
  • Large videos
  • Duplicate contacts
  • Spam emails

The Best iPhone Cleaner Apps to Keep Your Phone Clean

Now that we are well aware of the ups and downs of the lane and the importance of cache data in an application, we need to know the applications that can help you selectively or totally clear the data from memory. 

Below we have a list of applications designed to help your phone person better for longer. 

Smart Cleaner

how to free up space on iPhone

If you wonder about how to free up space on iPhone, the Smart Cleaner is the answer. The application offers impressive features even in the free version. It is designed so that the user doesn’t struggle to understand its functioning. 

This is one of the most downloaded storage cleaner iOS apps. Abiding by its name, the app gives you innovative alternatives to declutter your phone and use it effectively. The most exciting part of the application is the developers keep pushing new updates keeping it ahead of its competition (There is a reason it stands on the top).

Another good thing about the application is you can simply instruct the application to get whatever you want to be done. The application works on a freemium model where some features are available for free and advanced features cost a little.

App Store Rating: 4.4

Key Features

  • The Smart Cleaner app can detect two similar photos and let you delete one to clear your storage. 
  • They aesthetically designed the storage widget of the application to show the status of the storage and cache data on your home screen. 
  • Delete multiple photos in a single click based on different categories, be it type, date, location, etc. 
  • The application comes with a lock feature that hides your photos. 
  • Remove or back up the contacts that will remove the clutter. 

Secret: The free version is good to go. It offers all the essential features that you would need to make your device function smooth.


clean iphone storage

The application comes with a built-in video compression feature, an added advantage as the videos for iPhones take a lot of storage space. 

This is a handy little iPhone cleaner app from Brain Craft Ltd. This tool can perform a lot of tasks apart from basic storage cleaning. Even some nifty features can indirectly save a lot of storage. And I love this tool because it provides precautionary functionalities that prevent you from bloating the storage space. The version of this tool can perform some erase and backup stuff automatically. But you can be okay with the powerful free version of this app.

App Store Rating: 4.4

Key Features

  • The application is intelligently designed by Brain Craft Ltd. and has an AI-based innovative cleaning feature. 
  • With the contact merger feature, you can easily merge duplicate contacts and eliminate the ones that aren’t necessary. 
  • This is a string backup tool if you want to declutter your iOS device. 
  • The application comes with a photo compression system that minimizes the size of the photo and reduces storage space. 
  • Simply move the media files that are important to other locations before you delete them permanently.

Phone Cleaner

phone cleaning app

Recover media files and other data that are deleted accidentally in just a click.

An exciting app cleaning application for iOS device users. The application offers various easy-to-use features that may change your outlook on these cleaning applications. Our experts love how the application operates. It considers the restrictions and policies from the OS to any cleaning app. You can surely enjoy the free application version if you don’t use your phone for official purposes. And if you are a professional, pay a little for the advanced features, which are absolutely worth it.

App Store Rating: 4.6

Key Features

  • Get the battery and storage widget to your home screen with a click. 
  • Eliminate all the duplicate photos in just a click. 
  • A well-designed media organization system in the tool lets you access the media files quickly. 
  • If you delete some important file, there is an undo button for the same. 
  • Set your cute photos as widgets for a beautiful home screen.

Clean Doctor

how to clean up iphone storage

The application runs on Artificial Intelligence, and its storage monitoring and tone-generating applications make it a must-have. 

This iPhone cleaner application is aesthetically and functionally way ahead of other applications. The application can easily judge duplicate files with an advanced algorithm to compare and verify media files. Find junk data anywhere on your phone manually using this application. The application saves your storage space and your time. The paid version of the application is well designed and offers a great feature set. 

Although the paid version of the application is a bit expensive, it surely is worth the amount. The application review and performance chart justify its costs.

App Store Rating: 4.2

Key Features

  • The application can simply detect GIFs, screenshots, and other media files. 
  • It can detect duplicate GIFs, screenshots, and live photos.
  • The application comes with an organizer that keeps the storage tidy and sorted. 
  • The application has an exclusive feature to delete expired reminders and events. 
  • For quick access, the application comes with a custom cleaning widget. 
  • With the dark mode integrated, the application feels like any other iOS14 app. 
  • The tool supports dark mode, just like the native iOS 14 apps.

Gemini Photos

how to free up space on iPhone

The application has a one-time purchase model that removes ads and offers you access to all the advanced features of the application. 


The application may sound like any other photo viewer app; instead, it is a vital gallery cleaner tool for your iOS devices. For most of us, the maximum space of our phones is occupied by photos and videos. The application can detect the images that aren’t needed and easily declutters your iCloud. 

The easy-to-use interface is one of the most vital points of the application, and its intelligent image detection makes things much more convenient.

App Store Rating: 4.6

Key Features

  • This tool is smart enough to detect photos that aren’t nice. It can detect blurry foreground, closed eyes, red eyes, and imperfect framing. 
  • Delete screenshots, photos with comments, or something that is simply taking up the storage in just one tap. 
  • The application has a feature that monitors the camera roll content and saves storage from bloating. 
  • Gemini Photos is designed with clean and minimal UI designs to stick to the iOS 14 design language. 
  • Must note the feature of the application that makes things easier is organizing the photos in various categories.

Boost Cleaner

phone cleaning app

The application is accessible on all iOS devices with larger displays. The functioning of the application is fast and smooth. 

Boost Cleaner application has been in the market for a while and has been growing exponentially over the years. The application size is minimal and works excellently. This application offers a clean and uncluttered user interface. The application is laden with all the features that you may require. This application can take care of your contacts, videos, images, and other data that are taking up storage space and can declutter the data that isn’t required.

Some of the application’s features are available for free, while for advanced features, you may have to pay a small subscription fee.

App Store Rating: 4.5

Key Features

  • The tool offers access to the media files to find your desired files without much trouble. 
  • Based on various parameters, like location and date, you can pick duplicate ones and eliminate the ones not required. 
  • Boost Cleaner has access to the synced email ids and phone numbers and thus can be easily merged and erased. 
  • The application would remove the videos that take up multiple spaces in your storage.

You can anytime check the detailed history of the cleanup details.


how to free up space on iPhone with iCleaner

The application has no bloats. The size is just 20 MB, so you can easily guess it is coded neatly and doesn’t need any extra space in your app memory. 

The application isn’t prevalent on the app store but trusts the experts here; the application is really underrated. It performs really well and helps you keep your phone clean and at high speed. Our experts have used the application before suggesting it, and they find it easy to navigate and eliminate undesired content from your phone. This is not a fancy application with overloaded features. Instead, the application comes with a basic feature set of cleaner applications that makes it easier for the user to eliminate the data hampering the phone’s performance.

This is a user-friendly application with a subscription package that is quite affordable.

App Store Rating: 4

Key Features

  • The application can easily segregate the media files based on their size and occupied storage. 
  • Delete multiple files with the help of the application at once. 
  • Before you choose to delete the files, check the metadata so that you don’t accidentally delete something important. 
  • This comes with a lot of features, and an in-built contact manager is one of those. 
  • Check the status of storage space in your phone using a pie chart.

Cleaner Pro 

iphone cleaner app

The application offers users some innovative AI-based solutions that can easily be used. 

The application has made it easier for iOS users to use their devices easily. It can help them use their phones and explore whatever is available. The application is laden with a basic feature set that helps us eliminate the data hampering the phone’s performance. 

This is a user-friendly application. The free version is good to use, and with the paid version, you can explore the advanced features.

App Store Rating: 4.8

Key Features

  • The application is designed and developed aesthetically to ensure the user can check duplicate media files. 
  • It can read and eliminate blurry images and improper videos. 
  • It offers exciting widget ideas.

Clean Master

how to free up space on iPhone with clean master

As we talk about the contact backup option, it will be helpful for those who do not rely on iCloud for backup. 

One of the most popular applications in the market is used by iOS device users who can make things easier. We have checked the application and love the response. The application is super cool and helps the user make the best of the feature set given. Our experts suggest this is the best application that can make things easier.

App Store Rating: 4.5

Key Features

  • The tool has an intelligent recognition system that eliminates blurry photos from storage. 
  • Delete unwanted and unsaved numbers to save storage from bloating. 
  • Check your RAM and analyze which applications are making the system slow. 
  • The network speed tester is an additional feature that makes the application stand out from the competition. 
  • The UI uses the perfect blend of colors that goes well with the Retina Display.

What are the benefits of the iPhone Cache Cleaner Mobile App?

How to free up space on iPhone is an important question. Clearing the cache on your device would free up some space in the machine and resolve any issue related to its speed, battery consumption, or security. Lot of old cached data in your phone may cause problems working with the device. The iOS app development team works on solutions that are easy to use and prevent your phone storage from bloating. Sometimes the old version’s cached data of the application conflicts with the new version of the same.

Also, considering the digital threat these days, you would not want to let any website have your sensitive details saved in the browser till some hacker shows his tricks. 

Clearing cache is not the only solution to resolve your phone-related problems. There are a lot more ways in which you can make your device function faster.  

How Often Should You Clear the Cache on Your iPhone?

Clearing cache from your iOS device regularly is the best practice. It is also determined by the fact how heavily you use your iOS device. Removing your device often can prove to be counterproductive. The cache files are saved in the device for a seamless user experience, but after some time, too much of the saved files create a mess. 

It would be a better choice to delete the cache on your device if you aren’t sure which application is making your device slow. 

You can use any of the applications from the list above to clean up your iOS device that can detect the problem in the app behavior and fix it easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, got doubts about which of these applications to pick for your iOS device. Well, for better understanding, we answer here some of the most frequently asked questions that would ease things for you. If you are looking for the best mobile app development services then contact us now.

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