It is quite evident that the fantasy Ice Hockey mobile apps are growing with such a height. This substantial rate further leads to the conduits of opportunities for its development. Let's dive into its market price, features, and the cost of development detailed.

Market Size

Hockey is a world-famous sport; even it is famous in the countries which impact half of the world. Well, it has remarkable growth in the countries such as USA, Europe, Russia and Belarus etc. There are so many countries that are influenced by sport and adopted the same pattern that these countries have. If we look at the whole picture, then it's 76 countries that have federations of Hockey. In other words, Ice hockey is also one of the essential parts of the Olympics. So its fate and popularity cannot be questioned even the market has much more to explore. So it's better to build a fantasy application that will satisfy the urges of all hockey fans across the world. This is what that can be more interesting and a new way to surprise the lover of hockey. 

Market opportunities for Hockey app

 Both Canada and USA are famous for hockey. According to a report given by the Fantasy sports trade association, there were about 55-60 million people who were using the fantasy sports games. So if turning towards the money aspects then building these kinds of fantasy games could be a million and billion dollars in the market. If two markets of the USA and Canada can be compared, then anyone can quickly figure out how much worth it is to invest in this market. 

Why it is reliable to invest in fantasy Hockey Mobile app 


Mobile app Hockey is in the growth, and also it is opening up the doors of new opportunities for the audience. Although there also some application that are taking over the market, such as FanDuel, ESPN, and Draftking. During the year of 2018, these markets go high and succeed worth of $750 in the market. These success trails are pretty enough to show that these fantasy apps are good for so many business models or even who are currently running their business; they are earning a good amount. Hence it also shows that it is a productive opportunity to jump into the market by having a fantasy Mobile hockey app by the side with the cutting edge features. Having a strategic play with the featured application will get you much then ever you expected. It's important to mention that to hold a higher audience and you should be aware and even respect the choices of your audience. Thus all platforms should be chosen to build these fantasy applications. 

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Features for the users 

In the centre of eco-system, users are the central part, so it is essential to choose the features carefully. Here is the catch to provide only required and straightforward features that will intensify the hock match experience of users would be significant enough to satisfy the users. Here given are some features that need to be considered during the development of fantasy application. 

Welcoming screen - When a new user signs in, then this must be the first thing that is shown to them. Usually, this screen holds very important and relevant information about the application. 

Profile of the user - It is social media in its own way because it allows the audience to connect with each other. Thus, only user's profile is necessary to keep the activities in the run. 

Information about the hockey player -  It’s a type of skill-based game, so to win the game one needs some sort of skills. So every player needs to have primary and advance knowledge about the game. With this feature, the player will get to know about the career, performance level and information about the player. 

Join league - Here users can join to other leagues and even drafts of their friend and to other audience too.

Create own league - Mostly every user wants to create their own league. Because with the building of their own league they will be able to organize the game of their choice. This feature will give them a touch of personalized way. 

Live scoreboard - Live score on the screen helps the user to keep an eye on their progress. And also to know about the playing standards of another team.

E-Wallet integration - it is necessary for all those transactions. Hockey application must have this kind of feature. 

Specific features for the Admin 

While everything was going on for the user, but for proper management, admin also needs to have some sort of intuitive features to keep track of every important activity. 

Dashboards - these are explicitly working under control of the admin. Here admin can select what needs to be displayed and what is not. 

Earnings statics - Information related to the income and outcome all is present here. This feature also allows the admin to gather the financial data about the Hockey app activities. 

Management of user - This one is a powerful feature. This allows the admin to have control over the base of the users. Even admin can remove or add anyone from the app. 

League management - Fantasy app hold so many distinctive features at one time. This feature allows the admin to take control of every activity, so that anything wrong can reach out. 

Prize management - This feature allows the admin to distribute prizes and any kind of rewards to the winners. 

Content management system - In this admin manages all affairs related to the display of content. 

Customer relationship system - This forms the bridge between the user and the client. With the help of this feature, admin is able to take control of the feedbacks, email marketing, and notifications. This feature also allows the admin to implement all those activities which will support and enhance the system of the application. 

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Structure of the team required for this application - Only teamwork will result to complete the journey from point A to Z. On other words, these are the team members who are responsible for taking the business into the next level. The developers of the professional hockey application should understand the behaviours of users and their clients. So that they will end up by creating a more sound, exciting and user-friendly app.

The members must include in the team are as follows; 

  • Project manager - who holds the central affairs related to the project. 
  • Android application developers - Developer who’s responsibility is to develop the android application. 
  • IOS developer - developer for iOS-based application
  • Backend developers, QA professionals, UX/UI designers. 

The business model for the app

To continue with the Fantasy app user must have to follow these steps; 

  • Users have to sign in first in the application. User can use the social sites of email account to complete the process of sign in. 
  • If referral code is present to the user, he/she can refer someone, or when anyone uses that referral code for sign in. Then extra credit will be given for any type of next purchase. 
  • Users need to enter into the leagues to play the game. In these leagues, the pool of players is present who then make a team to play. 
  • Basically, two types of leagues are present here; one is head to head, and another one is Rotisserie. In head to head league, only even number of players can compete with each other. Here the special point of the system is described by the creator of the league. On the other hand, for the Rotisserie league where many other users can part, and the user who earns maximum points will be the winner of this league. 
  • As per the methods of participation, there are three leagues; private league, public league, and the premium league. In the private leagues, the user can allow the desired number of participants. In public leagues user can enter or participate with the other people and play, it doesn't require any type of entry fee. While in the premium leagues, users need to pay the amount to participate in the league, and the winner wins the prize cash. 

  • Once the user enters into the league, then he/she needs to compose a team, there would be a selected amount of the budget which is provided to each member of the team as per their own price tag. This implies the user can only draft the team, which is affordable. 
  • Drafting can happen in different other ways, among all the methods auction-based drafting, and manual these are the commonest types. 
  • Before starting the session, users must know he/she can make changes. 
  • This next part leads to the beginning of the game; users will play and also see how their and other team is playing. 
  • Once the game is ended, players will be distributed with the points, and the player with the highest score is rewarded with prizes and money. 
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