One thing in common for people living anywhere in the world is food. The land is full of sightseeing, sky-touched buildings, aquariums, ski slopes, and other modern glamorous ecstatic, Middle Eastern people are always known for good mouth lingering food. And why not? UAE captivates people who are food fanatics. We will discuss in this blog about top food delivery apps in UAE for 2024.

Throughout history, the Middle east-UAE has been known for its traditions and tint taste. Exploring food options outside the home is a common thing in the Emirates. However, Covid times halted the situation of the food business although UAE came back to achieve its early stage. Food delivery online in Dubai has been made easy due to food ordering apps.

With the growing trends and technology, their inherited culture created its space in new areas like international cuisines served on food trucks and all new ideas of ghost kitchens. The food online delivery services are taken into effect by quick service restaurants (QSR), home deliveries, and takeaways to chain food across the UAE’s local regions. 

UAE also experiences large footfall of tourists and business professionals from various countries, Infect UAE is a hot destination for investment and houses a big community of working professionals from various parts of the world and this workaholic business community relies on on-demand food delivery services to satisfy daily appetite. There are many Dubai food delivery apps but we will discuss some most popular.

The UAE motivates new business leaders in the food market. Let’s learn more about the market and the best UAE food delivery apps. 

UAE Food Delivery Apps: Detailed Market Stats

Market Stats of UAE Food Delivery App

The UAE market is composed of many high-state players including KFC, Careem Now, other restaurants, and international brands. In the UAE the current rate of food online delivery is rising at 31.5% and it is expanding with the estimation from Statista by 32.7% in 2025. 

The market is so leveraging and optimistic for the new entrepreneurs to start their businesses from basic amenities and the knowledge of the market.

Let’s come together to understand more about the market of food delivery as a future solution for your business as well in case you need to start from it. You can ask us for further assistance. 

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Know About the Top Food Delivery Apps in the UAE

Good food is the only motto people across the world crave. How does the UAE classify itself? No, not at all. This statement from the minds of the people to the business minds of the Middle East, and the UAE regions comes straight with purpose. Businesses took their interest in beginning their crunch from food making, cooking, preparation, delivery, takeaways, diet, nutrition, and much more. These food apps in Dubai help to serve online food in Dubai.

Below we have with us several ideas for food delivery services in UAE and Gulf countries that initiate in the niche market and successfully serve common to unique services to the customers. 

List of Best Food Delivery Apps in the UAE for 2024

1. Talabat – (One of the Best Food delivery apps in UAE)

Talabat - One of the best food delivery apps in uae.

Number one on the list is the Talabat Food and Grocery app. The most charismatic food services outlet for deliveries and takeaways. 

It is limited to the Gulf region, the Middle East, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, etc.; covering a market share of 74%. 

Get thousands of food deliveries at Talabat instantly, with its outlets everywhere in Dubai, and Gulf countries. Take your orders to the doorstep, and get instant discounts on the orders. Talabat is known for its fresh cuisines, salads, meat, favorite dishes, flowers, gift shops from UAE, and much more. We can consider it in top Abu Dhabi food delivery apps.

  • Founded in 2004. It generates millions of revenue with its food catering and delivery services. It has a revenue share of 55% in the Middle East market and is continuing to grow. It has raised a total funding of $1.5 Billion over the years. 
  • It follows a hyper-local delivery model to the customers. 
  • For its ready-to-pay order mechanism, users can choose their choice of payment options from cashless wallets to UPI payments, to cash on delivery. 
  • Augmented with top flavors of menu items, you can find anything without losing your temptation. 
  • Presence of more than one million active users worldwide. 
  • The company revamped its portal to speak a lot about its design and concept.

2. Deliveroo (Best Food Delivery App UAE)

Deliveroo - Top uae food delivery app

Deliveroo is one of the most popular food delivery apps in UAE. With a market share of 22%, Deliveroo is our favorite takeaway. It was started in the UK and soon turned into a top model with more than 160k restaurants across the world. The popular destinations where Deliveroo established its market are the UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore, and Kuwait. 

Deliveroo comes to newer editions with the concept of Ghost Kitchens. These kitchens are located at the nearest possible places to the customers to avail them of instant deliveries. Deliveroo promises to serve drop-in services to its users, you can order your meals from anywhere and rest, relax, and have time to eat your servings on your couch. 

  • Founded in the year 2013, it was launched in UAE in 2015, currently providing its services to Dubai, Sharjah, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman. 
  • Deliveroo has its prime services in collaboration with Amazon. It generated a revenue of $ 1.8 billion in 2021, with a hike of 51% in a few years. It has a presence of 8M active users in the UK alone. 
  • In 2021, Deliveroo comes with the cloud or ghost kitchen concept as the first step in the concept of rapid deliveries. 

3. Noon_Food – (Best Food Delivery in UAE, Dubai)

Noon_Food - best food delivery app uae

Currently operates on the concept of giving heavy meals to customers, across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah and going to launch in UAE. The idea of noon food came in early 1975 from the curry king who always wanted to give yummy meals and curries to their customers. Being a famous Abu Dhabi food delivery app it always delivers quality food delivery services.

The market exposure of noon food is not much, however, you will find many pick-to-pay services for delivery or takeaways. Try it out once or get an inspired idea for your excellent food delivery mobile app development in dubai

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4. Mrsool (Leading Food Delivery App in UAE)


The Mrsool means to “contribute or deliver” and that idea started in 2015. Being the best food delivery app in UAE It delivers products for customers who do not have time to visit the local store for their groceries. When they are hungry, they search on Mrsool and find the right food item for them and get instant delivery. It is valued at a turnover of $5M with a user base of 1.4M. 

5. Careem

Careem -

This app is specially designed for the UAE and its regions. The food delivery company started in the year. It has a worldwide reach of 50M users. Careem gave its privileges to women workers and started with them to give their services. Market share of 4%, 2020 this app will be acquired by Uber. If you are looking for the best food delivery app in Dubai then this should be your first choice.

Careem facilitates its customers to apply for rewards, deals, and discounts and frequently order anything from the app. 

6. Jahez

Jahez - popular food delivery apps in uae

Let’s talk about another leading food delivery app in Dubai which is Jahez. It is one of the leading food delivery service providers in Saudi Arabia that facilitates many services with the aggregator model. 

It values its customers and best to return their money and refunds on time. You get the entire range of food items and products from packaging available in Jahez. 

  • Till now Jahez completed more than 36M orders and earned a revenue of 68M. 
  • Jahez is known to give its exceptional services to customers by offering on-demand services like deliveries, quick commerce, and pick up and drop, on its platform. 

7. M&S UAE


No7 is M&S which is the leading food delivery app in UAE. You need chicken or toppings of sauces, a range of cakes, desserts, or biscuits; get the entire range of stuff in M&S. 

If you are health conscious, we take care of dietary by giving ultra-sensational experiences to our customers. Beginning around a decade ago, Mark and Spencer now become a brand name for the UAE food taste. Being a demanding food delivery app in Abu Dhabi it always delivers your food on time with quality services.

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8. Chicking UAE (Best Delivery App Dubai)

Chicking UAE

The Chicking food delivery app Dubai gives you a quick Halaali option originating from the essence of the Middle East. Another one-stop destination to serve hot juicy chickens from the cooking bars. It’s an Indian-Arabian fast food restaurant that has operated successfully in both countries since the year 2000. 



Let’s talk about the next food delivery Dubai app KFC UAE. It has a user base of 1M to 5M. For all KFC lovers, you get the realm of taste directly from the KFC store. Order envy list of the menu containing the burgers, meals, KFC buckets, zinger box, and much more. 

For the meat lovers who have cravings late at night, don’t be stuck in the rush, or with a half-filled tummy, KFC is all around you for serving. It all started in the year 1975 and now it has turned around. 

10. NowNow by noon

NowNow by noon:- 

It is your daily essential food and grocery delivery app. Get groceries, food, fresh bread, medicines, daily iteries, and much more just with a single click on a mobile app. 

NowNow is all you have. One kind of your favorite destination for local grocery stores and supermarket deals. 

11. Hungerstation


The hunger station has a powerful reach in UAE regions and destinations. It covered more than 65% of its market and provided its service with hunger logistics. This app offers the best food delivery in Dubai at affordable prices.

It covered not only food services but others including pharmacies, groceries, hotels, restaurants, and supermarket options to serve the customers. In the Google Play Store, it has been downloaded by more than 10M users. 

  • Order anytime. Spread out in more than 70+ cities. 
  • The profit range of $10M to $15M. 
Munch On

There are a lot of food apps but Munch On is special. The ride-hailing company Careem, acquired the food delivery app in the year 2021 to expand its multiple services across platforms. It generates revenue of $1 billion. It offers thousands of services including food delivery, ride-hailing, payments, grocery deliveries, and much more to its customers. The company is claimed to expand its services and reach wider sections including Fintech. 

More on the list are Eat Clean ME, Quality Food, and EatEasy. The list is uncountable for you if every app is mentioned here. 

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These are some of the most popular food delivery apps in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. If you are looking to develop a similar application partner with a trusted food delivery app development company in UAE. 

We understand finding the right company can be a daunting task, thus, we have enlisted some of the best Food Delivery App Development Companies in UAE that you can partner with. 

Top 5 Food Delivery App Development Companies in UAE

We understand finding the best food delivery app development company in UAE is a daunting task, thanks to the ever-growing infrastructure and tech-savvy entrepreneurs in the area. To help you pick the right company to build your food delivery application, we have reviewed the best food delivery app development companies in UAE. 

Octal IT Solution (one of the best food Delivery app development companies in UAE)

Octal IT Solution - best food Delivery app development companies in UAE
  • Founded: 2007
  • Company Size: 50 – 249
  • Avg. Hourly Rates: $25 – $49 / hr
  • Best Services: UX/UI Design, Native App Development, Cross-platform App Development, Web Development
  • Key Clients: Zee5, Sportsjunki, Oricom, Prshots, Pressarea, Fitmenow

Want to upscale, upgrade, or develop a food delivery app? At Octal, you can connect with adept developers who can create an unmatched experience for users with cutting-edge technology and advanced tools. 

With global experience and years of expertise, Octal stands as one of the best food delivery app development companies in UAE. 

Blink 22

Blink 22 
  • Founded: 2015
  • Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Company Size: 50 – 249
  • Avg. Hourly Rates: $50 – $99 / hr
  • Best Services: Web Development, Custom Software Development, UX/UI Design, Android App Development, iOS App Development, Cross-platform App Development
  • Key Clients: Jumia, Careem, Khatabook, Geidea, CAFU, Rizek, Flexday, Sharwa, Sadeem

Blink 22 over the years has helped businesses create digital experiences that are beyond expectations. The team leverages the latest technology with current trends to create a digital experience that helps brands earn a strong reputation in the digital arena. 

Hire Android developers or any other development service provider from the firm and you’ll know what makes them the top food delivery app development company in UAE. 

TechGropse (one of the top food Delivery app development companies in Dubai)

TechGropse - top food Delivery app development companies in Dubai
  • Founded: 2015
  • Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Company Size: 50 – 249
  • Avg. Hourly Rates: $25 – $49 / hr
  • Best Services: Web Development, AR/VR Development, Blockchain, E-Commerce Development
  • Key Clients: Moonua, Picwale, Zanomy, Maids Stage, Fresh Trader

And here we have another company that is gaining popularity in the market for food delivery app development services. TechGropse is a prominent name in the market to help you build a strong reputation in the market.

Connect with them today for a free consultation and see if they can give life to your business idea.  


  • Founded: 2015
  • Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Company Size: 10 – 49
  • Avg. Hourly Rates: $50 – $99 / hr
  • Best Services: Web Development, IT Staff Augmentation, UX/UI Design, Delivery App Development
  • Key Clients: Inclose, Ideal Smart, Sparehandz

Connect with the team at Zazz for trusted solutions that you can scale for future results. With unmatched solutions and the best technologies, they help you bring the best out of your company. Over the years, they have created a strong presence in the market with their impeccable development team. 

Lasting Dynamics 

  • Founded: 2015
  • Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Company Size: 50 – 249
  • Avg. Hourly Rates: $25 – $49 / hr
  • Best Services: Quality Software Development Services,  Web, Mobile, VR/XR, AI, UX/UI Design
  • Key Clients:, Intempus. dk,, Mindcap. dk,

Lasting Dynamics is regarded as one of the most trusted and reliable food delivery app developers and has built a reputation for delivering solutions that are at par with clients’ expectations. With hands-on experience in leveraging the latest technology with current trends, the firm helps businesses build their unique space in the digital arena. 

How to Choose the Best Food Delivery App Development Company in UAE, Dubai

Selecting the best food delivery app development company in UAE, Dubai to create an app that holds the audience’s attention, is easy to use, and has impressive visuals is a challenge. The experts at Octal IT Solution, enlist some basic points you need to consider when selecting the right food delivery app development company to build your project. 

Know Your Requirements

Before you move to hire food delivery app developers in UAE to connect with you, know what you are exactly looking for. Make a list of important features, functions, and factors that can make your app a success. 

It is crucial to be thorough with your requirements before you launch the app in the market. 

Select a List of Potential Companies

After, you have done your part of the research and study about your app requirements, start looking for potential partners for your food delivery app development. You can search various business directories and platforms to find some of the best food delivery app development companies in the UAE. 

Check Portfolio and Testimonials 

The easiest way to eliminate the companies from the list is to check their portfolio and testimonials. A quick look at the testimonials and portfolio will give you a fair idea of how the company works and what kind of apps they have developed in the past. 

Verify Client Feedback

Check for the client’s review and feedback. There may be plausibility what didn’t work for them, may work for you. Before striking off the names for your food delivery app development, have a detailed analysis of how the company has handled its previous projects.

Enquire Tech Stack

Verify the tech stack of the company before you finalize them. See if they are working on the technology that you are looking for and if they can create a strong presence in the market.  

Ask for Quote

You can ask for the quotes from the finally shortlisted companies and pick the one that you find the best. See if they have any hidden charges. Ensure to understand their pricing policy before you pick your final food delivery app development partner.


Simply finalize your app development partner and sign an NDA to continue working on the project.  

How to Find the Best Food Ordering App UAE for You?

To find the best food ordering app in UAE you will need to consider some points. Once you have decided to open your restaurant then it is crucial to pick the right food delivery app development companies in UAE. Only the right fit knows what features are required inside the application and when to place the app in the market. To get the best food delivery app in Dubai you should follow these steps.

The food delivery app should be filled with features like; 

  • Adding food to scheduling carts 
  • Hassle-free payments 
  • Real-time tracking of delivery boy 
  • Quickly access order history 
  • Accompanied by offers and deals 
  • Assist users virtually 
  • Pip app-in features 
  • Messaging within app 

With quick affirmation, you could get an insight into every company and how they serve their customers. While choosing from different development app markets for creating the app services it is wise to always plan and research before the services.

Key Takeaway!

We at Octal, are believers in in-app product quality and over the years we have successfully given our valuable services to clients from across the world. Connect with us for your food delivery app solution and needs and we’ll help you out-beat the best in the market. Hire dedicated food app developers in UAE to build your delivery apps in Dubai.

FAQs about Top Food Delivery Apps in UAE & Dubai:

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