Best Roommate Finder Apps

Best Roommate Finder Apps & Websites like Roomies for Finding a Roommate

I so wish Dr. Leonard Hofstader could use a roommate finder app back in 2007 to choose someone better than Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Yeah, he would never find anyone better). Not just this, F.R.I.E.N.D.S too reflects how difficult it is to find the right roommate to make your life easier and happier in a new city. Along with these popular sitcoms, there are umpteen reel-and-real-life examples that affirm that your roommate is the key to your happy survival in the city. 

As millions of students and professionals move to new cities in the quest for their dreams and for a better future, the need for accommodation at affordable rates becomes the key factor for the ease of immigrants. Finding the right people and place play a major role in one’s mental peace and helps them stay inspired towards accomplishing the future they dream of. 

To make sure that the whole process becomes easier apps to find apartments entered the market. At present, the popularity of such applications is not a match and it is easier for the newbies in a foreign city to find the right roommate and the right apartment. 

If you are into the business of real estate or have an idea to build a roommate finder app then we share here the details that you may need to focus on. If you are new to the city and aren’t sure which house-finding apps can help you in the journey, then simply take a deep breath, and read further. 

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What is Roommate Finding App?

Let’s start with the basic question, what is a roommate finding app. Finding the right roommate would always be a challenge because you would be sharing your day and your space with them. There are so many things that you need to think of before you decide to let someone be your roommate. With various apps to find apartments you can find an irresistible place for yourself but to make your stay a budget stay, you would need to have a roommate who would share your expenses and also stick to your roommate’s agreement. 

However, just the thought that you may end up with a bad roommate scares the shit out of you. Just imagine dishes piled in the kitchen, rent pending, dirty rooms, and taking care of the place on your own, yeah the disastrous life. 

Even the best apartment apps cannot help you find a good roommate, for that you need an application that is dedicated to helping people looking for coliving partners. That’s where the roommate finding app comes into the picture. 

How Roommate Finder App Works?

Before you could decide to move with a new person, there are a lot of things that you need to focus on. A well-designed free roomate finder application has all the features and details that must be considered when one decides to coliving with someone new. The working of these applications is quite simple and sorted. Here’s how your application would function.

(a) Download the Application – First, find yourself a feature-rich and simple-to-use apartment finder app and download it on your smartphone. 

(b) Easy Onboarding – Create a profile on the application and move forward by signing up. Here fill in your basic details and update your requirements. 

(c) Find Your Roomie – You can see people in the area who meet your requirements and catch up with the few who you think could potentially be your roommate. This is a good way to cut short the list and connect with exactly who you want in your journey to find a roommate.

As you decide to find a new roommate you would need a roomie app that reflects well and helps you find the right person to share your space with. Let’s dig into the details of some of the applications that top the list of millennials.

Best Roommate Finder Mobile Apps:

As we talk about the roommate app there are many alternatives available in the market. Let’s talk about and review some of the best roommate finder applications that would make it easier for you to find a coliving partner. 

You can continue to find the right roommate via the best apps to find apartments too. These applications too have a lot of people who post about their requirements. 

Application NameAvailable OnRevenue ModelPublisher
Trulia Real Estate: Find HomesAndroid | iOSFreeTrulia, Inc
Craigslist – Classifieds AppAndroid | iOSFreecraigslist
RoomEasy – Find your perfect room or roommateAndroid | iOSIn-app purchasesRoomEasy
Roommates By RoomsterAndroid | iOSIn-app purchasesRoomster Corp.
RoomMaters: Compatible Living For RoommatesAndroid | iOSFreeRoomaters
SpareRoom: USA/UKAndroid | iOSFreeFlatshare Ltd
Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes

1. Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes

This is the best roommate finder app on the market. Most people rely on the application to find a room to rent. You can make your search based on zip code. Simply choose the budget, and the map would show you the exact location and how easy things would be. You can check neighborhood conditions and other details to affirm that the place you would be renting is safe, secure, and worth the investment. 

Distinguishing Factors 

  • Get Neighborhood Information 
  • Millions of Verified Listings 
  • Customized Search Tools 
  • New Property Alert 
  • In-app Calculators 
  • Schedule Open Property

Craigslist - Classifieds App

2. Craigslist – Classifieds App

Because so many people use it, Craigslist is one of the apps to find apartments, roommates, or a place to live. You can search for potential roommates or explore apartment listings in your region, and filter them by price, size, and date.  You should also take measures before meeting up with anyone and never pay for stuff without seeing it beforehand.

Distinguishing Factors 

  • Find a Roommate Easily 
  • Location-Based Searching 
  • Easy upload/manage Videos and Photos
  • Advertise Directly from the Phone 


RoomEasy – Find your perfect room or roommate

3. RoomEasy – Find your perfect room or roommate

Another application is similar to Tinder RoomEasy which can help you find a suitable roommate. RoomEasy is one of the best apps to find apartments and roommates. Here you need to create a profile, add personal quality tags, and then look for roommates and apartments. You may also connect your social media profiles to check if you and your potential new ideal roommate have any mutual friends.

When you find something that interests you, you may “like” your favorite spots or potential roommates’ profiles, and if they “like” yours, you’ll be connected. Once both are matched, simply use the in-app chat to chit-chat and see if it can go further. Tinder Simplified to Help You Find the Right Roommate!

Distinguishing Factors 

  • Register Your Property for Free 
  • Free Profile Creation
  • Easy Onboarding Process

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Roommates By Roomster

4. Roommates By Roomster

Roomster is one of the most popular roommate-finding apps that now has listings in 18 languages and provides services in 192 countries. Find a potential roommate based on personality traits, acute searches, and related interests, it connects you with potential roommates. 

Friends’ suggestions, hobbies, and questions can easily be answered in profiles and can help users locate a match. Roomster has more information to help customers find the ideal match because it allows users to link their social media accounts. You can contact a potential roommate via the Roomster inbox once you’ve identified someone who appears to be a good match.

Distinguishing Factors 

  • See Rooms Easily 
  • Multiple Plans as per Your Need 
  • In-app Messaging Offers Secure Experience 
  • Check Recently Posted Properties for the Best Results

RoomMaters: Compatible Living For Roommates

5. RoomMaters: Compatible Living For Roommates

Roomaters matches you with a potential roommate chosen on grounds more than just your personal preferences. Users take a personality test to help match them with potential co-living partners. The concept is unique and apartment finding apps are sticking to it to find the right tenants. 

You are expected to share your hobbies, interests, and what kind of roommate you are so that you are shown people who match your lifestyle. With a precise test and selection, it would be easier to find someone you can share your space with. 

Distinguishing Factors 

  • Easily Match with Potential Roommate 
  • Share Property in a Click 
  • Search Among Various Options

SpareRoom: USA/UK

6. SpareRoom: USA/UK

This is the best apartment finder app. SpareRoom lists the highest number of verified accounts, with over 20,000 organizations and university & college groups, but it has a smaller pool of potential roommates to choose from. This application is exactly for you if you’re looking for the best way to find a companion. 

Distinguishing Factors 

  • Save Properties 
  • Check Thread for the Conversation 
  • Synchronize with Our Accounts 
  • Report Spammers

As we talk about the best apps for apartments, these are some of the dominant names that rule the app stores around the world. Finding someone to live with is a tough thing and using the roomie app can make things easier for you.

Best Roommate Finder Websites:

Once you have checked a few apartment finder apps, you can move to websites that can help. Looking up for someone to stay with isn’t an easy nut to crack, there are so many considerations plus your comfort level. 

Woah! There are a few websites along with roomies app that you can check to find a reliable coliving partner.

Roomie Match: Find a Roommate Of Your Interest

1. Roomie Match: Find a Roommate Of Your Interest

One of the best roommate finder websites on the internet today. The reviews and ratings of the website reflect its success rate in helping people find the right coliving partner. 

The website lets you find the right coliving partner according to your requirements. You can make the search as specific as you want and the roomate finder website helps you get the best coliving partners. Find The Perfect Roommate

2. Find The Perfect Roommate

Another great alternative to spending your time and energy in the right direction when it comes to looking for a roommate, is a great website to use. A lot of offline real-estate businesses are going through digital transformation and helping users find the right apartment or the right roommate in the locality they wish to be.

Roomi: Find Roommates

3. Roomi: Find Roommates

The website would always find its place in the list of best apartment apps for professionals and students. Roomi is easy to use and helps you fix strict parameters to choose the right roommate. 

Staying away from home is difficult and finding someone who could help you feel a little at home in the city is pure bliss.

Roomster: Find & Rent Your Perfect Room

4. Roomster: Find & Rent Your Perfect Room

Roomster is another place where you can find a great roommate and friend to make your stay in the city worthwhile. Although this is an apartment finder app, it does help users find the right coliving partner too. You need not think or worry about the users’ authentication as the website checks and verifies all the users before they let them post anything. 

Padmapper: Trusted Apartments For Rent

5. Padmapper: Trusted Apartments For Rent

Another application on the list is Padmapper. This roomies app helps users find someone who fits exactly in the list of their likes and dislikes. The mobile app development team and website developers put in efforts to add filters and reflect acute search results for the best partners.

Cirtru Roommate Finder App

6. Cirtru

As you move to the new city, you need to find a trustworthy roommate, and with CirTru (Circles of Trust), you could just find the one. The creators of this best roommate finder app value trust and security and thus every new user must complete identification verification before being able to list or connect with other users.  User privacy is always maintained, and you can contact other users without sharing your details using the app’s internal chat.

Distinguishing Factors 

  • Reliable Services 
  • Easy Profile Building 
  • Find Potential Match 
  • In-app Chat for Safe and Secure Experience

Alumni/Student/Professional – Networks

The struggle to find a roommate is real!

Another interesting community that can be a savior in the new city is those who have looked for a suitable roommate in the past. It could be college alumni, students, professionals, or others. Talk to them and see how you have a list of roommates to choose from.

Any roommate app or website would be effective only when you are sure of what you expect from them. You can also search for a roommate on various social media platforms too!

Hack to Find Roommates from Social Media Apps

Looking for a free roommate finder app? 

Well, along with other apartment and roommate applications, you can always choose to move to social media for a little assistance in the new city. Things would be easier and help you find some amazing friends to help. The best alternatives to the roomies app are: roommate finderr


Facebook has a “FLat and Flatmates” page for almost all the cities around the world. If you are tired of finding someone on apartment finder apps then surely this is the right place. Following the trend, we would suggest this should be your priority. roommate finder


Another roommate finder app alternative is Reddit. People come to the platform to share their worst experiences and ask for genuine help. If you are looking forward to finding a friend in the new city, simply ask on Reddit!

Instagram roommate finder

3. Instagram

Instagram has turned from a photosharing application to a great platform to interact. Several people who have tried house finding apps to find a good place to stay in the new city suggest, that social media can be of better help. All you need to do is l

Linkedin roommate finder

4. Linkedin

Yeah, next in line is not even a fun social media platform. LinkedIn the professional social platform has proved to be the best apartment finder app for some. Connect professionally, get a little comfortable and if things go well why not shift? There are a lot of similar people in the market who would be looking to shift, just find the right partner and be done.

Youtube roommate finder

5. Youtube

And who hasn’t enjoyed some chit-chats over YouTube’s comment section? Well all of us. We have made some momentary buddies who would not only recommend new videos but gradually connect over various platforms. Ditching a roommate finder app and exploring the possibilities social media offers is great!

Twitter roommate finder

6. Twitter

As we talk about the best roommate finder solutions, you can go a little off track with the applications available, Twitter is a great place to find a roommate. One advantage is, that with their tweets and responses you have an idea of their ideology and beliefs, and second, making a connection over social media on a similar topic and then understanding each other is easier.

Tinder roommate finder

7. Tinder (Don’t be Surprised)

Tinder is an amazing place that can help you find some really cool roommates. Yes, the dating application can help you find some amazing apartments and roommates that would make your stay in the new city more comfortable. The best apps for apartments would not get you the partners that you may find here.

Using a roommate app is a great way to find a roomie, but social media channels help you have a peek into their life before you choose to connect with them.

As, you choose a roommate there are a lot of things that you need to consider, one of them being your connection with them. We share some of the basic details that can help you through.      

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Things to Consider while finding a roommate online

When you want to find a new house in the city, finding a roommate who could be a support and a friend here is important. When you decide to choose a roommate, there are a few things you cannot choose to miss.

1. Look Beyond Your Good Friends

Understand one thing clearly, that maybe you like hanging out with someone but that doesn’t mean that living with them would be equally nice. Some of the people are really amazing to be with, but staying with them could be a challenge as they have some needs. 

It is better to let friends be friends and find a new roommate from a different place. You can use a room rent app to find someone to share your roof with.  

2. Ask Potential Roommates Tough Questions

The most significant part of choosing a roommate is to make sure that her lifestyle doesn’t harm yours. Make sure that before you shart finding a roommate, you have a set of questions ready that would make things easier and sorted. Some basic questions that we think you should ask your potential roommate are: 

  • Work Schedule 
  • Addictions 
  • If she is comfortable with guests 
  • Music 
  • Interest in television 
  • Sharing household items 
  • Health issues 

We all have our own choices and priorities when it comes to sharing a room. Maybe you are someone who doesn’t like a lot of interference from someone and if your roommate is talkative it could be a sad point. Maybe you are someone who is interested in talking and your roommate is reserved. Make sure before you choose your roommate, you ask them whatever you want to understand them.

3. Find Out What Your Roomie Expects From You

When you choose someone to stay with you, they would have some expectations from you. Clearly discuss these before you finalize your roommate so that she is convinced that she wants to stay with you. Answer honestly and clearly as any false reply may create a distance. 

If you think you can cooperate with your roommate and fulfill her needs then just seal the deal. ?In case you aren’t comfortable with someone then simply decline the offer with grace and reason why you may not be the right choice for the person. 

4. Find the Right Apartment

When you find the right apartment to be in, your stay in the new city becomes easier and more comfortable. Also, you can have your personal space and avoid any resentment in the picture. 

When we look for apex apartments then there are more complex solutions with irrelevant apartment sizes and designs. As you reach the right solution then you can surely shift and find a roommate who would make things easier. 

As you decide to choose an apartment for yourself, you need to consider a few things: 

  • If the kitchen is spacious
  • No. of rooms you need 
  • The basic setup 
  • No. of bathrooms you need 
  • The balcony or the porch 
  • The terrace and the neighborhood 

Affirm when you choose an apartment to shift then there is enough room for you and it is the place you look forward to going after work.  

5. Finalize Someone Who Shares Responsibilities 

As you decide to find a roommate make sure she is able to help you with all the daily chores. When you have a roommate who can help you with the daily chores, finding out time for yourself becomes easier. Coliving becomes easier and better when you have someone you can share the details about your day and the best roommate finder app can help you find the person. 

Sometimes asking questions to the potential roommate may seem a little intimidating, but it is important that you understand their survival strategy before you decide to partner with them. If you decide t accommodate someone who makes little money or is financially dependent on their guardians, there is a probability that later on at times you may have to assist them further. 

Initially, it may seem bearable and later turn to irritation and frustration. These little conflicts may cost you your mental peace. So, for the sake of a peaceful state of mind make sure you use an advanced and reliable roommate finder app. 

Final Opinion

When you find the right co-living partner in the new city the journey becomes fun. If you are looking for house finding apps that can help you, then this list would surely help you. Technology is making things easier for us and with on-demand mobile app development teams working on almost all the basic needs of the users, finding an idle roommate is no more a herculean task. Simply install a roomies app and find a friend, roommate, or family in the new city!

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