They say Technology is the biggest innovation.

With the inundation in technologies, all the market standards are adopting them in their way and are implementing them to meet their business insights. Out of ample technological solutions, there are a few of them that sweep almost all industries through the storm, and the one that is currently catching a high user attention rate is Audio QR.

What is Audio QR?

Like your Bluetooth and NFC, it allows you to transact over connected devices. With Audio QR, two devices within the suitable diameter range may interconnect. Using the ultrasonic sound system, it identifies the other user through the sound and permits you to transfer the data without sharing any sensitive information.

The Ultrasonic Frequencies

Ultrasound is the sound range or frequencies used by electronic devices in communication. Practically, these are the sound vibrations above 20,000Hz. Since it consumes high bandwidth, the data transfer remains very slow. However, this technology can be used to transfer small files or large files in small parts. Does it work in a simple way? The speaker at one end throws ultrasound frequencies in the form of pulses. The receiver at the other end captures the pulses and converts the frequencies back into the original data.

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Audio QR can currently be said as one of the most astute mechanisms for making digital payments. It works as a great substitute for both NFC and QR code scanners, thus motivating Mobile App developers to use it as a great tool for meeting the vast crowd of the digital economy.

Communication-based on ultrasonic waves is not a new concept and has been used with some of the earlier devices. Going back to the previous days, ultrasonic waves were used for transferring the data in chrome cast to connect the devices. Brands such as Lisnr, and Chirp have also used it for data transfer.

Recently, Google launched its payment app in India named Google Pay. This is for the first time when these waves are being used for making the payments in a safe andsecure form.

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The reason ultrasonic waves are used in Audio QR is the frequency range of these waves is very compatible with smartphones, mike, and speakers. Hence the voice in the form of waves can be easily transferred to the other person with audio QR functionality activated on any of the Mobile Apps.

How Mobile Apps can use Audio QR Feature

According to the current proposition, almost no technology cannot be integrated into the mobile app. IoT, AR, VR, Beacon, NFC, etc., all exploit mobile apps to make the execution of activities seamless.

Security mobile apps

Audio QR can be said as a crucial beneficiary to secure mobile apps. In organizations, you can activate the Mobile App in case of any suspicious activity. With the help of QR, the signal can be transmitted to the alarms, thus helping to bring instant rescue.

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Social Networking apps

With the help of Audio QR, you can make new friends. How Well, if you are checking in for some party alone, you can switch your Audio QR-based mobile app to search for a partner. You can tap the name, fetch details, and make an easy entry.

Identity recognition solutions

Audio QR helps to verify the individual’s identity in a much-simplified way. You are assigned a QR code for making an attendance, entering the airports, or attending a private business meeting. Simply click on the app to get identified and easily embark on your presence.

Payment Wallet Apps

You can easily transfer the amount through Audio QR to identify the person. Thus, tap and pay without sharing personal information. In the industrial domains, such as Bitcoin and financial app development, it can help you make money transfers very easily. The steps are indeed simple; hence, ample apps out there use Audio QR to automate their payments.

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One such app that is using Audio QR is the Google Pay App- The most popular digital wallet app.

Google Pay App is embedded with the Audio QR technology and allows you to transfer the amount using the UPI (Unified Payment Integration). The app’s collaboration with several nationalized banks opens new opportunities for peer-to-peer money transfer.

Here is how Google Pay makes use of Audio QR

  • Open the App, slide to pay and let the app search the nearby devices
  • Once found, ask the target device to select Accept
  • Once paired, select the mode of payment, amount, and select Pay
  • The amount will be transferred to the provided bank account of your target device.

Mobile app developers at Octal IT Solution are keeping an eye on Audio QR, and we can expect many more apps running with this technology in the foreseen business for making payments completely transparently. The time is not far away when the mobile apps will perform all the functions under the supervision of your voice. Just order them, and payments are done. Press a button; the coffee maker makes the coffee. At the time scheduled, AC was turned off at the time decided, and a lot more is yet to arrive. Hence, let’s wait for some more apps with Audio QR, and how the developers and businesses will be using it is the concern to focus on.

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Audio QR, the rising technology, works with the vocal cord and uses the ultrasonic waves of your devices to establish the connection. Just order your app to do the transaction, and it will do it. It shuns NFC and QR code scanning because the App does it by itself, thus, it can be said as a substitute for the two technologies.

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