Whatsapp is gearing to launch its own new P2P payments mobile app, yes the same for which the rumors are generating since April, last year. As per the report published by the India Times, the Peer2 peer payment system will be powered by the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Major banks such as HDFC, ICICI, SBI, and Axis have already joined the venture and there are others as well lined up in the queue.

The payments industry is booming with the every passing day, messengers such as Hike and Truecaller have already joined the bandwagon by integrating P2P money transaction models over their platforms. The monumental success earned by Google Tez is not hidden from anyone, so in such a scenario, the P2P payments launched by the Whatsapp is probably the one to keep an eye on.

Whatsapp Mobile Wallet is likely to embark in the coming days, thus, for sure will prove quite transformational in the foreseen time for the enterprises. Owing to the fact, Whatsapp already conserves a large user’s base, the inundation that will occur in its adoption and implementation rate is may prove quite measurable. 

Let’s Find out how Whatsapp Payment System Can benefit users:

Increased ROI

With the aid of the mobile wallet, the users can make the payment via the Whatsapp. They will not be bound for visiting the app or the website for making the payments by filling elongated forms. Just with the few clicks, they can process the transaction and can confirm their purchase. This greatly helps in increasing the ROI of the business as the users are not directed to the other payment modes for making the payments.


The Whatsapp mobile wallet can act as a sophisticated transaction medium at many POS and enables users to transfer the money at any outlet, retail counter, etc. Thus, can contribute a lot in making the business transactions hassle-free and flawless right at the moment the business requires.

Cuts Down Development Cost

Now, when you are already running a business, you will probably require an app to make the transactions. Now, in such a case, you need to add the eWallet to enable the users to make payments. This certainly requires a lot of investment. With a Peer to Peer Whatsapp mobile wallet, businesses are not required to incur additional charges. They can just take their users on WhatsApp and receive the payments in a very convenient way.


This is certainly a very important feature. In the arena where the hacking attacks are getting quite common, a secured payment wallet has become the need of the hour. The Peer to Peer mobile Whatsapp mobile app comes with all the capabilities to secure the user data and their information and assures that it is not be trapped by another external source.

In the coming days, most likely the Whatsapp will integrate the peer to peer mobile wallet into the Whatsapp business app so as to deliver swiftness to existing business peripherals. In the present arena where already the payment gateways such as Paytm and PhonePe are already sharing such prominence, certainly, the Whatsapp mobile wallet can stand as a major competitor.

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