With the Bitcoin price so volatile everyone getting curious and is continuously striving for adopting this transaction mechanism. Yes, Bitcoin is a completely transparent and sophisticated medium that encapsulates all the security, account, transfers related concerns within. Let’s understand Bitcoin: So, precisely, Bitcoin, the category creator of Blockchain technology, is the World Wide Ledger that allows the parties involved to send a particular value for the determined entity via email. It is a consensus network that has renovated the payment system and exchanges value rather than currency while undergoing digital.

Till now, it is the very first and decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is being powered by the user itself, yes, it requires no third involvement while making or processing any kind of payment mechanisms. With its practical implementation all across the globe, it is the most prominent bookkeeping system that has been discovered till now and allows triple entry at a time.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be defined as a reward that is created after processing the payment modules in which a user proffers their computing power to get the payments verified and recorded into the public ledger. This activity of payment authentication is called mining and the one who processes it are called miners that are re-enumerated with transaction fees and create new Bitcoins. Bitcoins can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services as well.

So, by now you must be wondering how actually it came into the global market and the features that made it excel across all the existing virtues.

Bitcoin is an innovative internet protocol created by Satoshi Nakamado that transfers values across established communication channels. Transactions are processed without involving any middle man, so anyone can transfer money across the world without using any kind of centralized services like banks or PayPal. Well, since it is reliable, authenticated, and digitized it had exponentially inclined by sweeping high popularity across all the existing market standards. As it exchanges the values over the communication channels, the concept of the third party has been vanished off with this payment mechanics.

Let’s understand how it works

In order to get the transaction to happen, all that is required to be accomplished is you have to get the Bitcoin installed on your computer or mobile devices and it will generate your first Bitcoin address, plus it can create more addresses whenever required.

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What is a Bitcoin wallet?

 A Bitcoin wallet is software that allows users to receive, store, and send Bitcoins by empowering them to build and manage the collection of private keys. Private keys are numbers similar to ATM pins that are kept secret via a Bitcoin wallet and enable you to relocate your Bitcoins by solving a validated math problem that can be verified by the Bitcoin network.

Types of Bitcoin wallets

  1. Online Bitcoin wallets: These are wallets that can be accessed from the web via any internet-connected device.
  2. Bitcoin hardware wallet: These are physical device that safeguards the Bitcoins.
  3. Software wallet: These applications are being downloaded to a mobile phone, computer, or tablet
  4. Paper wallet: These wallets contain printed Bitcoin private keys from a device that has never been connected to the internet.

Some of the top few mobile wallets for Android and iOS are listed as Android Mycelium Greenbits iOS Bread wallet.

What is Blockchain?

Basically, Blockchain is the network on which Bitcoin exists and the whole network relies upon it. All the confirmed transactions are included in the Blockchains so that the Bitcoin wallet can calculate the balance that has been spent and thus verify the new transactions. A transaction is a transfer of values between the Bitcoin addresses that are included in the process of the digital exchange and are validated via an authenticated digital signature. As stated above, Bitcoin wallets keep a secret piece of data that is called a private key or seed that provides numerical proof that they actually belong to the particular owner of the wallet.

A digital signature prevents the transactions from getting modified by anyone once signed. All transactions that take place are being broadcasted between the involved users plus?are verified and confirmed by the Bitcoin network within an hour. ?

How does the Bitcoin Blockchain work?

Basically, it involves the 6 phases that will provide you with a clear understanding of the working strategies of Bitcoin

  1. Transactions: The ones that are digitally signed by both the involved parties
  2. Miners: Takes on the initiatives for processing the procedures of transactions
  3. Block: All the transactions that take place are placed on the blocks that are being developed by the miners.
  4. Block Puzzle: This puzzle is solved by the miners and generates proof of work.
  5. Work Proof: The miners that successfully acquire the proof broadcast the same to the other miners.
  6. Verification: Once, verification is done, the process gets over

So, How to ensure the security and privacy of your transactions?

  • Control your private keys: Figure and set unique primary keys
  • Protect your privacy: Do not share the keys
  • Don’t reuse address: Use multiple Bitcoin addresses
  • Use different wallets for transferring different money values
  • Create multiple secure backups of wallets

So, How to buy Bitcoins online?

Well, yes, if you are also looking for opening your own Bitcoin account, then there is nothing to wait for, just follow these steps and get a personalized decentralized account for sharing the funds digitally.

Firstly, open an account with Bitcoin exchange Fund your account Place an order with the other party Get the verification done Collect your Bitcoins

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Who controls the Bitcoin network?

As nobody owns the technology behind the internet and emails, in the same way, there exists no ownership behind the emergence of Bitcoins. Bitcoin transactions are verified by?Bitcoin miners?that are covering up the entire industry and?Bitcoin cloud mining?options. While developers are continuously thriving to improve the software, but, the Bitcoin protocol remains constant in case you opt for any software or its versions. In order to maintain a throughout compatibility, the developer community is required to adhere to the same protocol that complies with the same rules for all.

How does Bitcoin work?

From a user perspective, Bitcoin is nothing more than a mobile app or computer program that is inclusive of a personal Bitcoin wallet and allows the user to share and receive. Behind the scenes, the Bitcoin network operates on the massive public ledger that is called as Blockchain that tracks the history of every transaction and gets it authenticated. Therefore, allowing all users to have full control over sending Bitcoins. Thus, there is absolutely zero probability of getting fraud, charged back and yes, no one can actually determine your identity or could hack your information.

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