Have you ever come across quick suggestions while emailing and pop-ups on the website? Do you know what it is? No! This thing has become possible only through Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML). Today the article describes the everyday examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning in daily life. Artificial Intelligence has become an indispensable part of our lives. From email to website navigation to traveling from cabs, etc. each and everything is being done using AI & ML.

Either we believe it or not, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have so much to do with it. Both of the technologies are flowing in the mainstream and are doing huge developments round the clock. People have warmly welcomed these techniques and so has their realization in their day-to-day lives. The article is the finest piece of information to read about the impact of artificial intelligence solutions in daily life. So, let us take a glaze over the benefits, importance of these highly intense emerging technologies in an individual’s routine.

Before we peep into the existence and other aspects of these mechanics, let us understand first what both of the terms mean. Why are these being deployed?

What Is Artificial Intelligence? How Does It Work?

Artificial Intelligence came into existence for executing human stimulation in machines. In general terms, AI stands for decreasing human efforts at the workplace or any place by providing necessary guidelines and information in the machines. These machines are programmed in a way to act like humans and to be intelligent like humans.

Artificial Intelligence Background (History)

This is an applied science that originated at a workshop at Dartmouth College back in 1956. For the first instance, the term “Artificial Intelligence” was pronounced or taken down by Sir John McCarthy who was later on contemplated as the founder of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

But the research work propounded by the founder himself was not designed properly and the project witnessed a huge criticism and was backed off. The duration wherein the project was taken off is termed as “AI winter”.

Then again in the 1980s, the commercial success of expert systems revitalized the research on AI mechanics. After 5 years, the market of Artificial Intelligence stood at billion dollars. Later on, computer science explained AI experimentation as the study of “Intelligent Agents”.

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So the definition comes like AI was treated as an ability to accurately expound external data, learn such data and bring on these learnings in the accomplishment of any predefined goals. This was all about the meaning and historical background of Artificial Intelligence.

Now we will understand the concepts and mechanism of Machine Learning (ML) in the coming sections. Let us learn about the second technology and thereafter, will take a look at the daily life experience of AI & ML Robotics.

What is Machine Learning (ML)? What Does ML Mean?

Machine Learning abbreviated as ML forms part of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is also programmed to deploy learning from data, detecting the pattern and terminology, and then delivering decisions with minimal or no human interventions. Machine Learning solutions has acquired many new studies like automating rigid mathematical terms to big data solution in a seamless faster way. The coming paragraphs will convey the historical background of the ML Mechanism. Let read and then we will get back to the day-to-day life experiences.

When Was Machine Learning (ML) Released?

The terminology Machine Learning was executed in 1959 by the intellect Arthur Samuel. It started blooming in the 1990s. The technology moved to handle mathematical problems apart from the symbolic approaches. In human terminology, ML is applied to make any system or computer learn the pre-defined set of information.

The next point to look upon is Data-Science that comes around the term Machine Learning. This is an algorithm of progression in statistical processing steps. These algorithms are further trained to identify the schemes and patterns in a huge bunch of data to aid in decision-making and predicting new opportunities.

With the growth of computers and their usability, the technology named Big-Data is becoming huge and so is the need of the ML. The best examples are Google Car Assistance, Fraud Detection, Quick Suggestion on Emails, etc. are something which not only improvised the functionality but are generating huge learning and employment opportunities in the entire world.

Coming back to our main thing “examples of artificial intelligence in everyday life”, look at the section coming ahead. Does not matter if you are aware of the AI & ML implementations in our lives but now you will surely become aware of the technology.

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Top Examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) in Our Daily Routine

Here comes the section which gives you a detailed view of the presence of this highly acknowledged technology. With the advancements in everything, we do not even realize how this robotics i.e. AI & ML has changed our world around.

So let us take a look at what we ignore is an example of this exemplary technology:

Virtual Assistance

Technology has granted us virtual friends like Siri in iOS and Google Assistant in Android smartphones. Hold on to the options, ask for anything and here you have your query sorted. Did you ever think, how does this all work? Well, some of you might know, but for those who contemplate it as a smartphone feature (the result of spending huge bucks), then you should give it a watch.

These are nothing but superb examples of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. In the light of AI, it reduces your efforts for finding or doing anything for you on your smartphone. Similarly, the mechanics have learned so well that whatever you ask for, it will appear in a just tap-tap way, which is ML itself.

Not only these two, Google Now, Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. are other crown jewels here. Virtual Assistance is combined and can be paired up with several platforms. Hence, do not treat these as a high-end smartphone attribute, else, enjoy being around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Auto-Pilot Mode

Many of us overheard the term “Auto-Pilot”, especially in Aeroplanes. But the same thing is now implemented with high-end vehicles. It’s not new to us where people are driving fully automated cars but here comes a scenario where you need to sit back and relax, your auto-pilot (AI & ML) will drive your vehicle for you.

Another instance is during Air Travelling (by airplane), the pilot only gives 7 or 8 minutes for operating the plane i.e. during takeoffs and landing. Remaining time, it is the AI & ML itself which do it all. Majorly, the commercial planes utilize a technique called FMS (Flight Management System) having integration of GPS, smart Motion Sensors, and awesome monitoring over computers to trace its positions during the flight.

Don’t you find it interesting that you are lying back on the seat, sipping the coffee and your car is automatically driven by the installed system? Sounds cool! This will be the next era and sooner this mechanism will be fully realized.

Answer Prompts in Email

Did you ever notice, just after any mail you get 4 alternatives as quick replies? Yes? Credit goes to one and only AI & ML. Not only this, when writing an email to anybody, you are suggested grammar errors & further words complete your mails. This is also executed with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Another instance of ML & AL is email filtering. It is focused on the artificial neural network to access and block spam or phishing emails for you. As per the reports and further estimations, around 0.1% or fewer spam mails are presented in the Spam section of the mail. So, mailing and maintaining the mails has also become a piece of cake with the help of AI & ML technology.

Predictive Search in Google

You might have searched for something on Google! Did you ever come across like whatever you are searching, you get quick suggestions? Yes, it all happens with the help of AL & ML technology. These recommendations are the best ways to convey that Artificial Intelligence has sprouted everywhere in the world.

These recommendations or predictive approaches rely on some data that Google accumulates about you from things like Geographic Area (location), Personal Details, etc. Google on recording these details offers a predefined output when you make any query in the search engine itself.

Moreover, Google utilizes a high-class AI methodology which also helps you give the results, once the search is done, based on your journey on the search engine. It keeps a track of what you’re looking at and how you conduct any research over the Internet. Hence, if you haven’t noticed this pattern yet, it is the right time to have a glaze to it.

Face Detection Mode

Phone unlocking with the help of Face ID or fingerprint, it’s no one other than Artificial Intelligence itself. Smartphones like Apple, Samsung, and other brands finding a major trend have executed this technique in their gadgets too.

Not only these voice commands, retina protections, etc. are some of the finest examples that give your smartphone a new year of security. These are amazing, enjoyable and we can’t even notice any flaw or bug using this. When it comes to Apply, it utilizes 3D face detection identity to unlock any feature or activity over your smartphones.

The functionality of Face Detections works in this format as the mobile lightens up your face, placing 30,000 and more invisible infrared dots and then capturing images. Then comes the part of our very own intellect i.e. Machine Learning which scans your face from the details recorded and analyzes either the phone is unlocked by you or someone else.

Social Media Platforms

One of the coolest ways to be in touch with our old and new friends is via Social Media. The popular apps that have blown the market are Instagram, TikTok, Whatsapp, etc.  Among these, Instagram is something that has acquired everybody’s heart and gives every update in a few taps.

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While scrolling over Instagram, you must have found friend suggestions, but you must have noticed that all the searches and explore sections are full of updates that you usually come across. Like if you are a Make-up and Beauty lover, you will get to explore a section full of beauty tips, hacks, make-up trends, etc.

If you believe in shopping, then your feeds will be full of new attire, shopping windows, fashion hacks, trends, etc. So this is only possible when the authorities behind Instagram have implemented their very popular AI & ML mechanism into it.


Research has been implemented and statistics have come out that the very famous Amazon also uses AI & ML technology when we shop something from the website. It keeps on recording the data like what size you wear, what kinds of outfit you shop for, color preferences, etc. so that it can show you the best collection possible.

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I noticed several times that whenever we are on the website or Amazon app, stuff that we’ve purchased in the past or are looking up in the present is showcased with the help of AI and ML robotics. With the help of this technology, user experience has become far better from previous days and will keep on improving.

Significance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Today, the technology has become so robust that it minimizes each segment’s human efforts. Either you are in the park or at home, you will find some mechanism that focuses on some intelligence and machine learning goals.

AI and ML both are important everywhere because these reduce human interventions and give astonishing results in any work. With the help of these techniques, we have got so many advancements like fraud detection facilities while using banking apps, voice recognition in smartphones, location tracing and traffic updates in GPS, Direction commands, and duration in Maps and taxi apps.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in the coming time, will be on the 7th cloud. It will be implemented everywhere possible. Robots, Chatbots are already deployed at some places and websites. So let us see which new segment will the AI & ML reach to enhance our experience in day-to-day lives.

Sooner or later, schools, colleges, and other institutions may adopt AI & ML for boosting the classroom sessions and providing sustainable growth to the students with these Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning mechanics. Similarly, hospitals and defense units have already adopted this technique to ensure higher safety and privacy of the user and their data.

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