Apps are a major source of entertainment and infotainment which in most ways have seeped into the personal lives of the users. Each information and all updates on the minutest thing are covered under the millions of apps available in-app store. A go-to platform for all mobile users, the apps store enables them to download an app of their interest and receive the updates as and when a new feature is added to the app. However, there are not many who know what goes behind the making of an app. In modern times, when everything is becoming difficult, we are relying on technology for every single thing and apps are integral of the digital universe.

Creating an app is not a simple task and might take a lot of time and effort from the developer. While there might be many who must be wondering about the special techniques the developers might have to learn and the steps of developing an app, there are also those who know how strategically these apps can be created easily with the help of certain frameworks, libraries, and SDKs.

Most of these frameworks and libraries have busted the myth that it is easy to develop an app on iOS rather than creating it on android. Without having much knowledge also apps can be created, provided you follow the framework’s guidelines step-by-step. The coders will get an error message if at any point in time they deviate from the path while creating an android app. It requires great in-depth knowledge to create apps for android which work well in the long run. The framework provides coders with the best tools that work well while developing new android apps. From small-scale businesses to large enterprises, everyone needs an app.

Let’s take a look at some of the best frameworks which help in the creation of these apps

Corona SDK

This is a cross-platform framework, which makes it swift and ideal for the creation of new apps. Apps can not only be created for phones, but these same apps can work well on desktop and computers as well. Once an app or a game is created it can be published and updated in multiple devices and platforms including Android, iOS and other Apple devices. Absolutely free for software developers, it guides the users throughout, making the app creation process simple and quick. Even the beginners who are apprehensive about taking up new projects can learn while working on this framework and become professionals. Does it depend on a lightweight multi-paradigm programming language called Lua.


The .NET framework has the best compatible software tools used to create an app for android. It is used to create apps for all key mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows. All app developers must have good knowledge of the C# codebase to develop apps on this platform.

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Adobe PhoneGap

It provides additional plug-ins that help in adding more functions to the app. This app is highly recommended to those who want to make changes or alterations in an app, also those who are willing to create a hybrid app. This one is again a cross-platform app development framework that uses various languages such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML 5.


One of the best apps creating frameworks, which is used widely by most of the developers, Ionic is free of cost and one of the easiest frameworks. It provides simple and compatible tools. Supporting the latest mobile devices and sets, this framework helps in building hybrid apps as well. Apart from all this, the framework creates a strong ground for the app before launching it in the market. new features also included in ionic4 With languages like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5, this framework is ideal for creating native apps. The Cordova plugins are used the most in this framework as it helps the people developing the app in attaining various components of the adaptable framework.

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Appcelerator Titanium

This framework runs on JavaScript and has all the necessary tools to create an app. One of the easiest platforms for making apps, Appcelerator titanium is a visually-oriented app building procedure that requires less time. The blocks of codes which are inbuilt in the framework are easily dragged and dropped while creating an app. The visually-oriented procedure can speed up the process of developing an app with a few lines of code. This way, the developers can save hours of working on app development. After the app is successfully created, it can be manually tested.

The AppBuilder

Providing a swift app development process, the framework supporting a codeless UI is used by some of the major companies across the globe. The integrated blocks in the framework including pools, feedbacks, push notifications, updates, analytics, and intelligence makes it the best framework to develop information-based apps. Also, integrated with google play, the completion of the app becomes easy as it is just a click it takes to complete the entire process. This framework comes with some non-technical advantages as well as increasing user engagement, measuring the engagement and is one of the most cost-effecting approaches in app development.

Sencha Touch

Most eye-catching universal apps are built on this framework as its major focus is on its users. It is an advanced technology framework that performs at higher grades than the others because it drives hardware acceleration techniques. The framework is compatible with most apps and is flexible in nature.

 React Native

Used by some of the major companies in the world including Instagram, Airbnb, Baidu, Tesla and Walmart, this framework is created by Facebook. Saving the development cost of the app, it saves not only time but is cost-effective at the same time. Backing over-the-air updates, the framework is quite simple to use and saves you from all the technical issues and troubles. It is hassle-free to use and is recommended to create quick apps. The updates can be released on your own for your apps and you don’t have to wait in the google play for hours.

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An open-source app development framework, Flutter was launched by Google. Using the Dart language, it is mostly used for creating apps across platforms as it is another famous cross-platform development framework. It works vest for chosen hybrid apps, as it has compatible tools for the same. In case you incur a mistake while preparing and developing an app, you can continue from the same place, rather than deleting the old data and starting from the beginning.

Future projects can easily be tested in a flutter. There are a lot of Frameworks and SDKs that help in creating apps on android, but it is the organization and the developers who are the best to judge which platform to use depending upon the functions of the apps. It is always recommended to opt for cross-platform app developing frameworks and it will enhance the reliability and reachability of the app. Also, the complex structures and complex frameworks should be avoided, so that it is not a time consuming and lengthy process.


Every app has different requirements and features, hence, the framework should be chosen accordingly. The essential factors to be considered while developing the app must be written down and the framework chosen should be compatible with all the tools that will be required in the creation of the app. They are the most important and driving tools of any web or mobile app development process. Also, it is a myth that only experts can create an app, even a layman can follow instructions and become a genius at developing apps.

Remember, there are a lot of other frameworks and libraries in the market which might be cheaper and more reliable. Always act wisely before choosing the right framework that works best with your app.

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