In the brisk market where nothing is permanent, people are urged to wander over exclusive and limited things. Buying something off your top favorite and with some offer tandem the people for more. Let’s discuss the complete process of the Flash Sale App Development and important factors regarding Shopee like App Development also you will get to know how to build app like shopee.

This impacts the market of sales.

Online sales during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday period have grossed 23% in 2021. This is aspiring for sellers and domain owners to take advantage of flash sales. Flash sales create hype and fear of missing out (FOMO) on the last-minute deal. Shoppers considered this as the golden hours of retail.

Make the most out of the sale days and shop on the down price and deals every day. The app for deals and offers to experience users seamless shopping anywhere, anytime. For the budding entrepreneurs, this could be the idea of real fun for the shopper’s paradise.

Quick deals and products are the options that no one would deny to go for. 

In this blog, we covered the benefits of hot deals and flash sales and how to create your application to give the same benefits to your customers.

What is a Shopee flash sale and deals?

Shopee flash deal is a promotional event organized to offer attractive deals and sales for their exclusive customers for a limited short time.

Build app like Shopee process works on understanding their users’ needs. They bring very special discounts according to the different categories and offer them just for their customers to give them maximum profit while purchasing.

What fascinates you most to Build App like Shopee?

Here the deals are fantastic and stay for a short period. But the main idea is that they have fixed deals which come daily. Their products are on the budget and with decent fair enough quality. They deliver their products at a free shipping price. In addition to that, there are flash vouchers for the users so they can use them at the time of purchase.

How do sellers or merchants benefit after build app like Shopee?

After building app like Shopee, Sellers are in a win-win situation and enjoy shopping on Shopee. If you are on the same page and want to create your hot deals and sales with shopee like app development then it is for sure that you could gain a large sum of profit.

1. You can get high clicks, orders, and views with the customized shopee like app development.

2. There is a higher possibility to get large profits once your products are sold on the platform.

3. Products on the platform are highly appreciated by a large pile of customers. Plus, you get exposure to your warehouse products.

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Singapore eCommerce is left in an astounding situation to draw maximum customers in the eCommerce market. Established in the year 2015, the revenue of Shopee has reached $200M-$1B. It makes shopee to be the second-highest downloaded app in the Play Store. Shopee has processed one billion orders in the last quarter of 2020.

Benefits of Building Apps like Shopee

Sometimes the fear of losing sales can turn people into loyal customers. The scarcity people have in their minds impulse them to listen and buy the things for the next time.

The other benefits the merchants can benefit from the app are;

shopee application

Scope to sell their excess inventory

Flash deals are the times when you can sell out your overstock and make it refresh again. You can offer some sell deals to motivate customers to move to your platform for buying.

Increase their popularity with customers

The satisfying sales for a while, encourage customers to buy the items from your platform for a longer stay. The more trust your audiences, and your customers ado in your brand and the products the more they retain at your channel.

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FOMO can be a trigger in Build flash sale App Like Shopee

If you limit your audience to buying for a fixed period, chances are you will get more customers for the next time. The fear of losing the best deals makes people purchase faster than normal days.

Or you can add the flash “stock has gone” with window time, to impulse the audience to buy.

Attract new customers

Flash sales are the short-term defining sales, it can be a low-stakes way for people but helps them to buy more products and understand and trust what they get. Once they get the zeal from your brand, chances are they will end up buying from you again and again.

Tools to maximize your sales with Shopee like app development

For Shopee Like App Development, you need to create your marketing center with the help of the tools.

The business development team has to cater to Shopee Like App Development and Flash shopping App Development to their customers with three main objectives:

  • Increase the sale
  • Engaging the shoppers
  • Increase the traffic

There are three types of marketing tools to build app like Shopee:

  • Promotional tools: vouchers and promotional discounts allow you to offer deals for specific products to users.  Add-on deals or bundle deals are best for customers to discount in bulk for more than one product. In addition to retaining more customers at your doorstep, you can avail of free promotional shipping at the occasional time or the seller coins to combat large offers and deals to potential users.
  • Engagement tools: get engaged with new as well as potential customers this engagement tool helps you throughout. The more engaging your platform is, the more chances are it will get hit by large people. It nourishes your brand and converts your buyers into returning customers. Follow price and shopee live the tools in category.
  • Targeting tools: these tools are developed to reach your products in the eyes of larger audiences. Once you have got your niche audience, the next move is to target them with their relevance as suggestions. Tools like shopee ads and top picks are the categories that help users to get more options to pick for their purchases.

These marketing tools not only help you to expose your brand products to the marketplace app development, plus give you an edge over other competitive sellers.

Features that rebrand your business

Shopee is the premier functional app that comprises a variety of features to retain business values and expose its identity to niche audiences.

flash sale app development

My inventory

My inventory column helps to understand the total quantity of goods and stock withdrawal. This will help the merchants with any out of the restocking of delays in restocking items. You can monitor your stocks with this section.

Shop decoration

This feature lets you customize your shop homepage and a variety of components. This helps to showcase the sellers to add items to their shop categories.

You can add different decoration items to your shop. Upload the videos to engage your shop items, and attach the URL of your shop as a video.

Add customization in flash shopping app development like carousel images and multiple clickable areas, product highlights, and many areas to attract your customers.


This chat feature lets you organize your chat assistance sections more easily and helps your users with any of the problems. It makes them more trustworthy and better customer service. Auto reply and message shortcuts are the tools for chat assistance.

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Logistic database

This logistics helps the sellers to easily monitor and arrange their shipments via the Shopee app and seller center. You can take the help of the supported partners for logistic transfer; Speed Post Economy, Urban Fox, or uParcel.

Seller penalty points system

This encourages the seller to the high quality of the products; gives in return great customer satisfaction. They should meet their performance targets and gain greater trust amongst the users.

Dashboard health

It is the area that provides the overview performance by tracking the past and current performance of the inventory. This section is divided into three categories my penalty, issues to improve, and metrics.

Seller wallet

It is an important storage section for the sellers. Here the seller will credit the amount or refill it with the money for buying products.

Transaction fees

This is the handling fee charged to the sellers for every successful transaction and the payments by the users. There is a 2% shipping fee to the buyer; once the amount is deducted by the user account it will automatically be transferred to the seller’s account.

Income management

In this category, the seller gets an overview of the cash flow over time. This section tracks the cash flow for the incoming and the outgoing. Users can access every detail of the income like income overview, details, statements, and tax invoices.

Return and refund

The return and the refund sections help the user to quickly return their products when they feel unsatisfied and get back the money under the time in their accounts or the previous transaction medium. Users get their refunds on the dashboard and check their cancellation history.

Spam listing

The admin can manage the spam listing to include irrelevant information of the products to affect the search results for the buyers.

Technologies evolved in Shopee Like App Development

Without the involvement of the latest technologies and trends, your app would go in vain. The business needs to be taken care of while creating their intuitive shopee like app development.

  • Shipping fails
  • Inventory fails
  • Site loading fails

Perhaps, bringing your app with the right technology stack is most important for your business. In this cutting-edge technology, nothing can be guaranteed; only the technical amalgamation can lead your business to the place that you always want to be.

  • Cloud storage: Amazon AWS
  • Database integration: HBase, Hive, MongoDB, Postgres, etc.
  • Database management: Datastax 
  • Payment gateways: Stripe, Braintree, and Paypal

How to create hot deals and flash sale apps like Shopee?

The large collection of shops on the Shopee platform helps to rebuild the unique branding for customer loyalty. Your customers will admire your application if you have prominent promotions and deals paired with alarming images that get them enticed to shop more on your platform.

Your application should be aligned with engaging content about the details of your products.

There are many check-ins during Shopee Like App Development. How to run the sales on your app is the biggest question every merchant could have in his bag.

shopee app

Decide the purpose first before creating the app

Before creating your app, you must decide your purpose. A clear and concise purpose will automatically leverage your product’s value as well as the channel’s outreach.

Come up with a specific goal to prepare a sale-deal app. You can hope for;

1. Increase customer loyalty to your channel

2. Add new products from the warehouse to the app stores.

3. The most obvious way to attract new customers

4. Create the buzz around the corners with Black Friday or Cyber Monday (BFCM) sales.

Or you are retargeting your returning customers or ads to trigger new customers. For every scope, you get to plan first.

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Choose the right products for your platform

Placing the right set of products at your store rows is as important as creating the technical structure for it. You need to research consumer behavior about which products they are likely to purchase or which they can think about and then act. Consequences are everywhere but you need to look at every intrinsic factor that can expand or replenish your growth.

Plan the keywords that can be highlighted in the sale from the Google keyword planner. A clever sale ad can be a big boom in your sales and customer retention.

Keep the limited period for sale

When should you run a flash sale on your channel? This might be the biggest idiom from you. According to Greg Marrell, Shopify partner, the sale could be on go with your niche customer’s time and taste. There is no fixed time for displaying off-flash deals at sites.

On the basis of the analytics of consumer behavior if you look at the purchasing pattern then;

  • What is the most appropriate time for purchase?
  • When is the best time for customers to open the email?

The automation tool from the launchpad said that 30% of the merchants are likely to sell at midnight and then in the early morning.

The shorter the sale the better it will be. 50% of the end of the sale within the first hours.

Track your inventory

Management is the utmost process for every merchant dealer. With the collaboration of merchants to the business owners, you get to acknowledge the inventory stocks in real time. The logistics partner could help you in case of low or end-of-stock.

Choose the right business model

The right business model can leverage the platform value to the next level. While creating an app like shopee you have different business models that can suit your eCommerce traction journey.

Depending upon the selling perspective you can choose from the below business model to sell your products to niche customers.

B2B business models focus on selling the products from one business to another. While the B2C model allows the business to cater its services to the customers. Other examples are; Walmart, Amazon, and Alibaba. The last one on which the shopee platform works is the C2C model, where the customer directly gets the products from the eCommerce platforms.

Prepare the fast delivery method

Your faster delivery and shipping method would increase your demand for flash sales. If you do not want to be in the case of low in stocks in your flash deal sessions then you should get tied with a third-party logistic company. Your customers would have a satisfactory experience while buying from your platform.

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How much does it cost to develop an app like Shopee?

Steep discounts can bargain high profits to the customers and benefit the app at one end but flash sales have some drawbacks at the other end. It can deplete the margins and only attract the big bargainers; who can’t be loyal customers for you shortly.

If you are the merchant, try to add discounts at the margin of the least price from your product list; to increase the customer lifetime value.

In the gradual comparison with the other shopping application, the app with deals and flash sales like Shopee would cost you around $45k.

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Flash sales have the potential to bring big revenues to the palate due to the FOMO, in the short term it triggers customers to buy. That could be a big event for your business to create a similar app like shopee.

The exclusivity and urgency create hype in the audience and encourage them to buy. According to the reports, 47 million users have purchased from deals and offer shopping platforms like shopee.

Talking about the category of apps similar to Shopee are;

  • Blenders

A popular eyewear branding platform leverages their sales to 10x just by switching the normal discounts wirth flash sales for a limited time.

They have successfully driven their sales from the midnight chores to the early morning birds. The customized theme on their launchpad inspired audiences to make relevant purchases.

  • Skims

Fendi X skims, in collaboration with Kim Kardashian, brought out $1 million in the first sale within a minute. That’s the effect of the overhyped market of deals and discounts.

As per the company’s strategy, they have launched a few sale options for consumers, and yes it works for them. Within three years of its journey, Skims is the fastest brand in the category of flash sales and deals.

  • Made By Sunday

It’s a natural skincare segment product range that originated by Oxfordshire in the US. The brand is well-established to deliver easy original and formulated skincare products in the category. With the addition of flash sales to their menu, they have elevated their sales up to 195% growth.

Are Flash sales the future of apps?

In the short period, we can’t ignore the importance of hot and flash deals in the market segment, especially for the rapid-buying consumers who are always looking for sales and deals to buy.

The next-generation sales are built on this kind of foundation. The mitigation of bot technology into the existing platform gives better power to the merchants to drive their stock revenues and to the customer as well for buying the products under the trust.

Let’s start today!

The sales and deals have a counterfeit of emotional sense with the customers. If you build brand loyalty there are better chances for the customers to buy the kind of items they want to buy.

Check out some of the best mobile app development company to configure your pace of neat and productive platform for your brand. It can be a better experience for the consumers in the end.


Are flash sales profitable?

Yes, Considering the popularity of apps like Shopee and Meesho, flash sales are indeed profitable.

How do you make a flash sale app?

We use agile methodology to develop a flash sale app. The steps involve: 
1. Ideation and SRS creation
2. UI/UX Design 
3. Development 
4. Testing 
5. Iteration 
6. Deployement 
7. Support and maintenance

How much does it cost to develop Flash Sale App?

The cost to develop an app with average features and basic tech stack may cost around $20,000 to $50,000. If you want a flash sale app with advanced features and advanced technology it may cost around $45,000 to $80,000.

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