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We are the pioneers to leverage the power of AI and its upcoming role in disrupting the business operations space. While working with our artificial intelligence solution providers, you will come to know how intelligence can replace mindless working and make tasks look more comfortable than ever for the end-user. With hits and trials in business planning or marketing or customer service replaced by intelligent, data-backed strategizing, you can appreciate our Artificial Intelligence Solutions’ timeliness that can help you stand a class apart from your competitors.

We are a value-driven AI software development company, empowered with data science and machine learning specialists fully conversant with applying these future-proof technologies in the design and development process. With user experience and business margin at the core of the thinking process, we are known as an innovative Artificial Intelligence services company committed to delivering excellence and sustainability in solutions.

With our proven expertise in Artificial Intelligence solutions and their implementation technicalities, we put forth the best products that are accurate in delivery. Further, these genuinely conform to new dynamicity and robustness standards.

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Industries We Serve

We provide innovative solutions for following industries.

Machine Learning Experts

Machine Learning Experts

Our AI solutions are backed by machine learning insights and data science models allowing you to build more sophisticated solutions bringing cohesiveness across all verticals.

Seamlessly integrable solutions

Seamlessly Integrated Solutions

We couple our processes with business models’ designing and deliver fully integrable solutions that fit the clients’ processes like a jigsaw puzzle. Quick and sustainable solutions to keep your business ahead of time!

Advanced deep learning insights

Advanced Deep Learning Insights

We are an AI software development company that aligns the core business’s values with the market insights and helps roll out solutions quicker-to-market and entirely data-driven.

Enriched Industry Exposure

Enriched Industry Exposure

Various industry spaces have utilized our AI software development support, each differing entirely from the other in market base and deliverables.

Ethical working processes

Ethical Working Processes

Strong ethics and client trust drive our work processes. With fully impregnable security solutions, our company works just like your core team and makes miracles happen for you!

Improved recommendation accuracy

Improved Recommendation Accuracy

Empowered by researchers focused on browser behavior, product buying behavior, and demand-supply model insights, we deliver solutions that have better recommendation accuracy allowing you to grow with confidence.

Integration Services

Integration Services

Whether it is sales, manufacturing, logistics, or customer response management, we deliver solutions like bots and bring seamlessness and added response quickness to the processes. Our solutions can be integrated into business environments of all kinds at any phase and scale.

Quicker Developments

Quicker Developments

The AI scene is improving every minute, and we have to be at our best game to stay future-proof. Find the best AI support here to roll out solutions that click and sustain!

Industries Where Artificial Intelligent Software Solutions Are Implemented

Almost any industry you can think of makes the most of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Finance Finance

The Fintech industry is quite interesting and it does look at the technology for safety, security, and better results. 49% of the frontrunners have some space of AI. An estimated 45% of companies invested in $5 million in AI-related initiatives.

Retail Ecommerce Retail Ecommerce

Predictive analysis and customer behavior study has changed the way ecommerce and retail industry work. For better results it is important that the experts understand how things would work. It is here that Artificial Intelligence extends a helping hand.

Marketing Marketing

One department that makes use of all the technology we can think of to deliver solutions that are interesting and engaging. Over the years Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning have taken charge to be your personal assistants.

Education Education

Education is another sector that takes the leverage of AI solutions to expand its domain. With elearning gaining popularity, technology has seeped in the industry in various ways and there is more to come in the near future.

Healthcare Healthcare

Healthcare sector has expanded over the years and with everything being so technically strong, the healthcare sector has improved several fold. It is simpler and easier to book appointments and get other medical facilities.

Entertainment and Media Entertainment and Media

The media and entertainment industry is quite expansive and is making the best of AI and ML solutions in entertaining public in general. Also, AI based solutions can take charge of a few operations and functionalities making it easier for the team to focus on the final show.

AI Development Company for Future Ready Solutions

Making AI solutions that can stand the test of times is our promise of delivery. With us, you can find the most advanced AI automation solutions that can help you increase sales, improve customer service, offer business strategy support, and much more!

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

With our Robotic process automation, your processes never stand still! We are the trusted artificial intelligence solutions providers delivering robotic automated process support that aims for added productivity, less wastage, close-to-nil outages, and easily integrable to various business verticals.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Leave complex algorithm cracking to us and enjoy better ease in business plan implementation. All decisions involving scaling up businesses and cracking data to uncover business revelations and trends analysis help us achieve better productivity and preparedness for future conditions.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Your endeavors of new market possibilities, current market expansion plans, production scaling up plans, or new sales models find the best support in predictive analysis tools available with us. Their accuracy and relevance make us the best research support providing artificial intelligence solutions company.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

It is the human-like interactions that help achieve a better user experience. We have elaborate tools and thought processes that can be employed to process instructions and have results comparable with human-generated response patterns. With our AI software development support, let a machine comprehend, respond, and revert and take all processes to high levels of user experience.

Strategic AI consulting

Strategic AI consulting

Your businesses need strategic planning, and AI offers the food for planning’s thought process. We provide consultation support to help you envision better, from rethinking strategies to making the development plans that stand out in deliverability. Our data-supported assistance serves your business growth needs and empowers you with the intelligence required to design more sophisticated predictive models.

Document Recognition

Document Recognition

With intelligent document recognition software your customers can surely extract and analyze the pool of data and pick up documents that are useful. This lets users search in an easier way and offers them a centralized platform that can store contextual and structured information.

Popular Artificial Intelligence Frameworks Developers Use

H20: Open Source AI Platform
H20: Open Source AI Platform

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud is a commencement to conclusion stage that democratizes artificial intelligence, that lets employees, clients, and resident with modern AI innovation and AI applications that are available to use in a go.


Torch is changing the way enterprises deal with the data. It helps take charge of increase in the data availability, improve the collected data quality, speeds up the delivery time, and provides a better audit trail.

Apache Singa
Apache Singa

Another open-source library that offers flexible architecture. With scalable distributed training it can easily be extended to be executed over a wide range of hardware and has major application in the health-care sector.


Another artificial intelligence framework that is built with expression, speed and modularity in consideration. It is easy to use as basically it is written in C++ with a Python interface.


An open source library which is based on Torch library. It is basically used for applications like computer vision and natural learning process. It was basically developed by Facebook’s AI Research lab and is free of cost.


This open source framework provides Python interface for artificial neural networks. It acts as an interface for TensorFlow library. Our AI Solution providers make the best use of the framework to deliver solutions that help you stand ahead of your competition.

Why choose Octal IT Solution for AI software Development?

Octal IT Solution has a well-orchestrated AI development support managed by professionals committed to delivering higher quality and compatibility levels with changing times. Our agile and scalable services are the best-suited for authentic experience creators like you and are designed to grow the businesses without overshooting the costs.

Best AI solutions and services:

  • Fully-customizable AI solutions for all businesses
  • Impressive portfolio
  • A complete AI solutions design and development support
  • Dedicated team for each project
  • Well-planned project planning and deployment framework
  • Sophisticated machine learning, AI, and Data Science solutions
  • Budget AI development services company
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Frequently Asked Questions

AI stands for artificial intelligence. Use of algorithms to employ data and their relationships to derive variables and values suitable for designing business processes are covered in AI solutions services. Machines with a brain or software intuitive in working are the outcomes of AI solutions. AI is used to improve product features so that these work automated manner with minimal manual intervention.

Machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge mapping, computer vision, searching intelligence, etc., are part of Artificial intelligence solutions services. Products like predictive models, AI software and chatbots also constitute AI services.

Businesses can get the best intelligence they need for result-oriented project planning. The use of AI takes away the guesswork and make business plans robust and fully prepared for market changes. The AI solutions can speed up the processes, improve customer service, and boost sales when employed with a vision.

AI solutions are the must-haves in present times. The AI solutions register their presence today in IoT, Data Science research, Knowledge mapping, etc. All work with the ultimate aim of creating the best possible user experience. It is very much in demand among businesses that strive for more revenues at less cost with better resource use.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions can help implement budgets better way. These assist in developing sales, customer service, and process design models that can be scaled up or down according to the demand. These services provide the much-needed data and information systems that can improve the scales of operations, businesses reach, and support expansion or consolidation plans with confidence and cost-effectiveness.

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