Online Food Ordering mobile App is the perfect platform between Restaurant Owners and Customers. At Octal IT Solution, we build highly interactive and easy-to-manage food delivery iPhone app and food delivery Android app that connects your restaurant / fast food joint with customers.

Online Food Ordering App Development

Basically, there are two types of On-Demand Food Delivery Apps. First - Food Aggregator Apps, there are apps that allow customers to search for restaurants near them, booking their seats or ordering food online. Second-Restaurant Mobile App, there are apps dedicated to restaurant owner, allowing the users to book their seats online. We provide customized food ordering app solutions for both types of requirements.

Our online food delivery mobile applications, restaurant app and food aggregation system come with standard features along with severe highly innovative and advanced features. We build an app for you, the restaurant owners and your valued customers. Also, we build a powerful portal for you and restaurant owners to manage their activities, menus, orders, delivery, payments and much more.

Today, if you want your food business to stand the competition, it needs a significant opening. No matter how well you have dialoged your version of food unit, your audience wants your word to be delivered right in the manner they need, they expect it through web portal or food delivery mobile application. Hence, the idea of Online Food Portal comes big in its application and scope.

offers and discounts
Discounts, Coupons and Offers

You may add, edit, manage or promote special discounts, coupons, promo codes and special offers for your customers, for different restaurants on your app.

Start Taking Orders Online

Provide your users with a digital version of your restaurant. Use your app or web portal to take orders online, delivery and for accepting payments online.

Meal Organizer

Assign special rewards and benefits for referral. You may assign individual referrals for restaurants owners to being new partners on-board, or customers to refer their friends.

Table Reservation

Using the app or portal, your customers may book their seats in your restaurant. Real time analytics help customers find the reservation status for their selected day and time.

Customer Reviews

Allow your customers to rate your app or leave a review about a restaurant. Customer Reviews may also be used to rank the restaurants in search results.

Menu Management

Create, organize or manage your Food Menu, for you as well as your customers. The powerful dashboard allows you to quickly add, edit or delete your menu items.

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app admin panel

What you get?

Customized solutions, timely delivery and affordability.
  • 3-Step Order for Customers

    Food Ordering Website with Check Menu, Customize Order & Make Payment facility.

  • Build Your Brand

    Promotional offers & Marketing through Branded Mobile application with advanced Social Sharing Options.

  • Manage Customer Requests

    Define hours, products; send emails as per the status of the orders. Customize Delivery Rules through Zip Code & Accuracy of Orders.

  • Get Paid Online

    Manage all your operations with ease with Online Ordering & Payments. Add any number of payment options.

  • Respond To Orders Fast

    Track orders in time and respond dynamically. Order acceptance through PDQs (SMS/GPRS) Printers is lightening fast.

  • Make Yourself Reachable

    Allow your customers to reach your Restaurants & Takeaways with well-guided Map Directions.

  • Multi Location Food Chains

    Your chained food business can be managed easily with integrated food portal solution that merges it all dynamically.

  • Well-Managed Reporting

    Leverage your operations and smartly handle random tasks through a powerful reporting system.

  • Easy Login

    Easy Login Process for Admin, Restaurant Owners and Customers.

  • Manage Menu

    Add, Edit & Manage Menu List easily with interactive backend.

  • Manage Orders

    Manage Food Orders using a detailed Dashboard & Admin Panel.

  • Real Time Status

    Real Time Status Update – Preparing / Parcel / Delivered.

  • Find Restaurant

    Find Restaurant Based on Location or with GPS Access.

  • Promo Codes

    Easily set Discount Vouchers / Coupons / Promo Codes from Backend.

  • Convenient Checkout

    Convenient Checkout through a secured payment gateway.

  • Payments Methods

    Flexible payments methods with Cards / Wallet / Cash-on-Delivery.

  • Delivery Management

    If you are a food aggregator, assign the delivery task to your partner restaurant. If you are a restaurant owner, accept the order and assign to your delivery boy.

  • Push Notification

    Push Notifications inform you about new orders, order status, delivery status, payment confirmation and more, as well as informing your customers about new offers & deals.

  • Accept Payments Online

    Get paid through a secured online payment gateway. We power your app with the best payment gateways accepting Credit / Debit Cards, Net Banking & other 3rd-party options.

  • Cash on Delivery (COD)

    The app is enabled with Cash on Delivery option, allowing you to collect payments on delivery. The advanced system notifies you when your delivery boy collects the payment.

  • Social Media Sharing

    Let your customers share your business with their social friends. You get the power to maintain your social channels, post new stuff and analyze the data & trends.

  • Blogs, News & Events

    Communicate with your customers with a powerful platform, allowing you to share your blogs, news, events, picture and much more, enabled with performance tracking metrics.

  • Delivery Scheduling

    Let your customers enjoy their food at their preferred time through Delivery Scheduling. You get notified when the delivery time arrives, as well as the status of the delivery.

  • Pickup Scheduling

    Allow your delivery boys to schedule their pickup time. Highly advanced module keeps you in loop of the pickup status and other important metrics.

  • Restaurant Filtering

    Allow your customers to filter the restaurants as per location, rating, menu, distance and other important criteria.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    We integrate multiple payment options to make payment processing easier for your customers. Cash-on-Delivery is also enabled.

  • GPS Tracking

    Be found by your customers through their current location. GPS is also availed for your delivery boys to track the customer location.

  • Simple Checkout

    Simple and fast checkout, powered by a fully-secured gateway. One-click checkout is also enabled.

  • Easy Signup / login

    Easily signup using their mobile number (with One Time Password), Email ID or Social Media Profiles.

  • Reviews of Restaurants

    Allow your users to review your service with advanced rating system, visible to other users for improved decision making.

Powerful Features

mobile app development

Robust Web & Mobile App

The Web Portal and Mobile Apps utilize cutting-edge solutions to give you extra power. Able to handle thousands of request per minute without breaking down. Interactive for your users to keep them engaged, and motives them to buy more from you.

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Sales, SEO, Marketing Tools

The app comes with powerful marketing tools and techniques, helping you achieve more in your business. We build apps with advanced sales & marketing techniques like Sales Funnel Optimization, Audience Tracking, Conversion Rate Optimization etc.

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social design
Hire Developer

Strong Backend/Back-office

A strong yet easy-to-use backend that you may use with your desktop, laptop, tablet or even Smartphone. Necessary features are provided at the home page, along with some advanced and powerful features to give you the extra power.

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Reports & Analytics

Make wise decision through details analytics and reporting. The Dashboard provides you with ample options and resources to monitor the performance of your business. Track your orders, customers, partners, payments and other important data right from the interactive dashboard.

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featured solutions
online order

Content Management System

The content management system is easy yet powerful. Add your menu, items, users, partners, blogs, social news and much more through a centralized content management system.

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Hassle-free Catalogue

A dedicated panel to manage your menu and catalogue, interactive enough to keep your customers engaged and easy enough to get managed by anyone. No limitation on catalogue, allowing you to manage as many items as you want.

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Food Ordering Mobile App


Online Food Ordering

The main functionality of the application is online recipes, which facilitate its users post and share their recipes with other community members. Users can follow each other’s to get recipes updates from their followed users on their wall. While creating their posts, users can specify what the category and small description of the recipes.

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