We rely on the expertise of others for almost all our needs.

~Yuval Noah Harari, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

This is the truth of the 21st century. With technology being more accessible and more people inclined towards digital solutions, businesses have become much automated and productive. Lesser the human intervention, more the accuracy.  Simple!

Technology is the fuel that runs the business arena today. With each invention or discovery our lives are being easier. Online shopping has raised our standards and comforts. We can simply order food to shoes, everything within the comforts of our drawing rooms. Technology has raised bars for businesses and startups. The industry is diligently using all the new resources. Thus, the output is also refined. The whole world is a market. Someone is selling and someone is buying. Amidst all the buying and selling role of warehouse management system is expanding greatly. Now, the product that is to be sold is kept in bulk amounts. Inventory is the combined product that needs to be sold. In other words, it’s the input which when sold provides revenue or output.

Why Do You Need an Inventory Management System?

Your stock is your asset. However, to maintain and track your products you need a management system. The role of inventory management system is to take care of your stock. It deals with counting, packaging, state, and trading of your products.

In layman’s terms, an inventory management system organizes and tracks all the products of the company.


No matter what size of business you run, you would surely need to accept the role of technology in inventory management. An inventory management system development will help keep track of the stock. It will help in managing the warehouse supplies. Thus, keeping a record of the influx of stock and notifying when there is a dearth of supplies.

Elaborating Role of Inventory Management in Logistics

The logistics department is a crucial part of the business. A firm inventory management system will help speed up the process. The efficiency is also maintained. It deals with the moving load, delivery speed. Service, quantity and quality of goods, operation cost, usage facilities, and energy saving. The logistic department needs a lot of care. Poor inventory management and techniques can affect the whole system. The supply-demand chain is extensive. Thus, proper management for the whole will directly increase the ROI.

The role of inventory in supply chain management is very important. To balance the demand and supply of the chain. You have to deal with supplier and customer demands. The software consulting company needs to take care of accuracy and quality while maintaining adequate supply. The physical balance sheet seems a bit tiring. The physical method is also not accurate enough.

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Various Functions of Inventory Management and Warehousing

The recent technology advancements call for decent inventory management software development for your warehouse. It lays down the strategic plan of the whole system. The software provides a complete solution to all your inventory problems. Good software has many advantages along with the power of accessing everything with just a tap. It makes your business functions easier and your customers happier. Implementing the right technology from point to point in your business saves you and your team time and effort.

The inventory deals with the following steps:

  • Storehouse Goods
  • Raw Materials
  • Production
  • Quality Check
  • Shipping

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Features of Warehouse Management System

When talking about the role of technology in inventory management systems and warehousing, some of the technical aspects are to be taken care of. When you reach a software development team, to build your inventory management software you need to verify if these basic features are included in it or not.

1. Quantity with quality

Inventory software will help you increase the productivity of products and also manage efficiency. It saves time which would rather be spent on manual tasks. It automates every task from printing shipping labels to managing stocks and updating the list. Thus, it makes running your business easy and convenient.


2. Count check

Handling the balance sheet can be a tough task when dealt with manually. A dearth of supplies will hamper the ROI while an excess will lead to wastage. Thus, maintaining optimum quantity is a task. The new data science-led technologies study the circumstances and provide a problem-oriented approach. The software allows you to set up a certain limit so that you can stock up after the threshold amount.

3. Ease

The software provides everything on a platter. You have the whole inventory on a rectangular frame. It provides money-saving and time-consuming techniques. One of the warehouse management system’s functional requirements is to automate the tasks and provide ease to the business owners. With money, energy, and resource-saving features technology does the same for you.

4. Increased ROI

Isn’t it obvious that the increase in productivity will increase ROI? The software automates the inventory process. The time saved can be put into other resources. Thus, every task is automated and in turn, generates good revenue.

If the team cannot help you increase your ROI then what is the point of investing with them? The inventory management team must help you raise your ROI.

5. Planning

The software provides a full-proof executable plan along with the possible outcomes. Thus, the company is relieved of the stress. The management is planned accordingly without any hustle-bustle. Planning in turn increases efficiency.

It becomes quite easier for people to engage in the activities that are planned. This is quite interesting if you have an action plan your warehouse management software would reflect interesting solutions.

6. Reports

The software tracks the goods and maintains a proper report of it. Low-budget areas, validation reports, etc. are easily available just a click away. These reports are very beneficial for analysis and research. Thus, it puts an end to all the paperwork.

With detailed reports studying the audience, behavior becomes much easier. It also becomes easier to bring on the screen solutions that would reflect in great returns.

7. Pricing

If the stock is well organized in an orderly fashion, then everything else becomes easy. An efficient inventory software marks simple details to find out the best deals in the market. The intelligence feature takes care of all the inputs. If you are buying a large number of goods, a lower unit price will be much beneficial. The inventory management software takes care of the whole pricing structure including overhead expenses. A fully customized analysis report will be available to the user in just seconds. Thus, you can choose your pricing model accordingly.

Going with the trend is not an option but a need. If you move along the trend you will achieve heights. A company does not want to lag. It needs to move ahead with the world. Thus, one needs a detailed trend analysis.

Technology evolves every day. Over the years we have made sure to deliver solutions that the clients receive are futuristic and scalable. These flexible solutions are interesting to be engaged in and ensure they get the love of the user.

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Nowadays, inventory management apps along with other things provide trend analysis too. These trends are linked with social pages and provide deep insights according to your product category. You can create and customize content based on trends. Monitor the results and move ahead with such optimist result-tracked reports.

9. Barcode

The barcoding module empowers you to murder standard human screw up, which routinely happens on account of manual data accumulations. Sifting normalized label gives speedy and trustworthy game plans. It saves adequate time of entering data genuinely. At the same time, having barcoding set up diminishes agent planning time, expects near two or three minutes to overwhelm. By and large, it required a lot of attempts and workforce to set up a delegate on the most capable technique to record things nuances. Barcoding improves stock control and tracks things, for instance, assessing and evaluating precisely.

10. IoT

IoT driven approach is the demand of 2020. IoT helps outdated flaws manually. It helps record details of the goods manually.

IoT integrated system has a lot of benefits

  • It automatically tracks
  • It keeps a constant tab on assets and liabilities
  • The inventory is optimized along with time and cost-effectiveness

The insights provided by IoT integration will boost your ROI. It keeps you informed of the progress like a manual robot. Everything gets integrated on your smartphone and laptop. Thus, an IoT integrated system will benefit you in a wholesome manner.

11. Cloud Supported Software

At the point when you have a cloud-based stock framework, you should get to the stock application into any gadget. It enables you with the capacity to follow stock continuously. You can get to the framework into any gadget; whenever, anyplace, that implies it will improve the coordination between among staffs. Having precise coordination will prompt taking a snappy and amazing choice.


A few advantages of coordinating your stock with cloud uphold 

  • Cost Savings: With the automated functioning of most things it becomes easier to cut the cost of extra labor and make changes as and when required.
  • Straightforward entry: It makes things easier for the staff to record what goes and comes in the warehouse.
  • Continuously Safe and Secure:Technology advancements are making the solutions safe and secure. Thus there are lesser chances of flaws and efforts.
  • Constant permeability: It is important that the solutions that are delivered to you are interesting and keep you in constant touch with your work.
  • Upgraded Efficiency: Since technology is ever-evolving we come up with new things every day. At Octal IT Solution, we make it a point that the solutions delivered to you are interesting and engaging.
  • Improved Coordination: When talking about improved coordination, the source of communication becomes clear and helps the businesses build a strong solution.

Besides all of these inclinations gave by such systems, a study released that huge nimbly chain authorities will decrease the cost by smoothing out their stock organization techniques. It is outstandingly difficult for an association to create advancement and keep up a gainful business without an accurate accounting of how much stock is in the stock, where the stock is set, and essentially, what will be relied upon to meet the drawing nearer and future solicitations. In like manner, another article dispersed in Entrepreneur focuses on the criticalness of stock organization programming for organizations and causes that “Associations can assemble their efficiency 20 to 50 percent or more through the wary stock organization”. All of these works feature the centrality of these item systems for the current business. As the size of the business is extending over the long haul, managing this ever-versatile industry state is transforming into a test for the human hand with pen and pencil.

Thusly, it is getting fundamental for the business personals to ponder the ways to deal with and manage the whole effortlessly chain system. Hence, these Inventory Management Software development can be a reliable, profitable, and capable plan that can lessen their exceptional weight of the heads also as can achieve cost suitability.

Nonetheless, the size of the company. The role of inventory management software for small businesses, e-commerce, and pharmacy is indeed necessary. There are several inventory management software companies available. They provide quality inventory management software which is cost effective and reliable.

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