Over the years, teachers have been regarded at the top of the pedestal, for they shape society for the better. With time generations changed, and students now want to pursue courses under a teacher who can guide them right. A few professor rating applications have surfaced in the market to ensure that students find the right teacher to learn the subject of their interest. 

The edtech industry is expanding and adapting to the new technology and needs of gen alpha. With applications like Ratemyprofessor, students can know a teacher’s teaching pattern, methodology, and tactics. This would help them choose if the professor they want to learn under matches their learning curve. 

How Does the Website Rate My Professors’ Work?

The new gen relies on reviews and ratings a lot. Before they make a purchase, they check for the user experience and other details. The same goes true when they collaborate with some organization. By reviewing rating on rate my professors applications, one can easily choose the team of best teachers for the children. 

When you access the website, you can read genuine reviews by students. There are various factors that you can check for:

  • No. of Ratings
  • Average Easiness 
  • Average Helpfulness 
  • Average Clarity 
  • Overall Quality

The process of reviewing the professor is simple. 

  • Login to the website
  • Enter School 
  • Select Majors
  • Choose a Professor
  • Write and Share the Review

Students can share their reviews anonymously too. 

How Teacher Review Rating Websites Help Parents and Students?

develop website like RateMyProfessor

Digital transformation has touched our lives so much that it is necessary now. There is absolutely nothing that cannot be done online. You can buy stuff, order food, get groceries, take classes, upskill yourself, attend school, and whatnot. 

In the times when elearning has become the new normal, almost all educational institutions worldwide are trying to blend traditional and modern education means and methods. With these teacher review rating applications, students can have basic information about a teacher’s teaching pattern and other things. These applications have helped students and parents make wise decisions. Some common ways teacher review rating websites help parents and students are: 

Make the Right Choice 

You never choose a product that isn’t rated well. The same is the case here. If there is a teacher who has fewer ratings and bad reviews, they can be eliminated from the consideration. 

Parents and students would appreciate learning and expanding their knowledge with someone who can make maximum students understand a concept quickly.

Understand Teaching Patterns 

In the case of learning, not one size fits all. Some students are quick learners, and some are slow. With professor ratings, one can easily judge if the professor is suitable for their understanding. Some teachers can easily explain a concept to fast learners, but those who need time to grasp a concept may not be good. 

Reviews Show Transparency

Reviews reflect one’s understanding of the topic. No professor would always get positive reviews, but the ratio reflects how well the professor can handle the students and how comfortable students are with the professor. Negative reviews reflect the drawbacks students face with the professor and can help students and parents make well-calculated decisions. 

Saves Time

Students often find adjusting to a professor’s teaching method difficult and waste time getting accustomed to it. With applications that rate professors, they can read the reviews and understand if the particular professor can help them with the course. 

These are some of the significant advantages of referring to a professor review application before making any decision.  

Why Invest in Developing an App Like RateMyProfessor

  • The global e-learning market has expanded by leaps and bounds in recent years. It is expected to hit $350 billion by 2025. 
  • Even corporates rely on learning methods to upskill their resources. According to a report, the corporate eLearning space would turn out to be a business of $44.6 billion by 2027. 
  • The pandemic has changed how students perceive learning. 57% of students in the US are now more confident and optimistic about learning opportunities than before the pandemic. 
  • Online tutorial creators have seen a significant rise in their income since 2021. The monthly earnings in 6 digits have increased for around 38% of the tutorial creators. 

With digital education being so popular, students find adjusting to traditional learning forms challenging. They choose open learning over traditional learning these days. But with teacher review rating apps, they can be sure about a teacher’s conduct and flexibility and quickly join the tutorial or course. 

Top 5 Teachers Rate and Review Websites

Some of the top applications that can help you choose some interesting features and study the loophole in the review system are:


On ratemyteacher You can view a professor or teacher’s overall quality, whether or not students would take another class from them, and the difficulty of their courses by clicking on the individual’s name. Ex-students share evaluations and recommendations for various professors listed in the application. 

More than 1.7 million professors have been rated on Rate My Teacher by more than 19 million college students like you. More than 7,500 educational institutions in its database are located in Scotland, Wales, the United States, England, and Canada. 

Simply type the professor’s name into the search field, or enter the school’s name to locate it. As a member or guest, you can read and leave reviews. 

The ratings of each school’s top professors, the ratings for the average professor, and comparisons to other schools are all shown on the school’s page.

The overall caliber of a professor or teacher is shown when you click on their name, along with the likelihood that students will enroll in their class.


Teacher Review Rating portal Uloop includes a component for professor ratings and sections for jobs, housing, tutors, textbooks, and test preparation. Look no further if you need to rent a space, locate a tutor for homework assistance, or seek support with your course load.

You can learn a lot about the lecturer from the reviews left by prior students, which are also included in the ratings.

Uloop is a professor review website that college students run nationwide. It is where students from almost every institution in the United States can rate their professors to prevent other students from being assigned a lousy one.

Uloop covers various topics, including campus jobs, course notes, roommate assistance, a textbook exchange, assistance with student loans, and much more. It’s an excellent tool for college students since it enables them to meet people, form connections, and obtain the support they require to improve their academics.

Schools View

Professor review rating website SchoolsView After creating an account, choose the category that interests you and then review the ratings submitted by other students. Free lesson plans, eBooks, worksheets, and other free online educational resources are also available in a separate section.

Make sure to look over Schools View’s blog as well! It provides a wealth of knowledge on various subjects, including history, education, and student life.

Schools View, an online platform geared for students in the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada, is another excellent site for finding professor ratings. Users can rank and review their schools, instructors, principals, educational systems, and parental participation levels.c

Rate Your Lecturer

Use the fantastic teacher rating website Rate Your Lecturer if you live in the UK. It is a website where users can rate various items, including lectures, towns, and educational institutions. Its database does not compare to Student Reviews or other websites of a like nature, but it is a decent place to start for professor ratings and other information.

Students can rate professors based on how well they:

  • Seminars\sTutorials\sLectures\sFeedback
  • Office Hours for Intranet Support
  • Approachability

Each evaluation ranges from zero to 10 stars, and the lecturer receives an aggregate grade based on the sum of all the individual ratings. To view the top five lecturers and other university professors, type your school’s name into the search field. 

Student Reviews

Student Reviews need to be updated and more cohesive at first glance. However, it has a robust database of student evaluations that spans almost 11,000 colleges and more than 15,200 instructors. Additionally fantastic is the search feature.

Students can focus their search by degree and major, satisfaction rating, school size, location, tuition cost, and other factors. The website includes a few tools, in addition to assessments of professors and rankings of schools, including:

  • College search.
  • Articles on education and careers.
  • Top universities in the US.
  • Majors and occupations.
  • Summer programs for high school.
  • Internships.

Users can also evaluate professors based on their communication skills, regard for their students, classroom presence, and other characteristics.

Monetization Opportunities Offered by Teachers Review Rating App-Websites

Teachers Review Rating App-Websites

Sponsored Listing

Your review application can help you make significant profits. Let teachers and universities pay for their sponsored listing. When a student visits a particular professor or university, you make some money.

Advert Selling

How about partnering your teacher review website with other businesses that target the same audience group as yours? 

Advertise other applications that share a familiar audience, and earn money each time someone from your portal visits the other website. It is a great way to grow with businesses that target a similar audience mutually. 

Ticketing, Books, Events (Education Seminars)

Monetize your professor rating application with an integrated eCom store or online seminar space. This would give you more channels to make money and be in a profitable business. You can sell event tickets for the university, organize seminars or webinars or offer books on a particular subject. 

Upsell Education Related Products like Laptops, Online Courses

Another exciting way to make money with your professor rating app is to sell online classes, tutorials, etc. You can team up with the best professors and choose the most searched topics for online courses and tutorials. 

Housing, Roommates, and Apartments

Along with rating professors and teachers, you can offer students a platform to find accommodation, roommates, or apartments. This would not only help you expand your business but also build a strong presence in the market. 

Since most students would visit your portal, the probability of expanding your accommodation business is high. 

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List Internship Job Opportunities

You would be great if your application lets students look at various other aspects that can help them grow. Students find it convenient to explore various aspects of their curriculum, be it internships, accommodations, project partners, or new courses under one roof. 

So, include a few easy-peasy services in your portal to let students find all they want at one place. 

Student Loan Listings


Let students searching for new courses and study institutions know where they can take loans. This would help them with their crisis and affirm that they get the best services. This would even add to your reputation. 

Students are an inquisitive group to target. You can explore various opportunities and options of their interest to integrate with your website and earn significant profits. 

What Are the Key Features of Teacher Review Apps like RateMyprofessor?

rate my professor app

One of the critical reasons for the success of any application is the feature set. The features of a ratemyprofessor, like an app, help students and admin interact with the application interestingly. 

Students Panel

Easy Login

The onboarding process for students and other users is quite convenient. According to a study, many users abandon an application if the onboarding process asks for many details or is complicated. 

Registration Module 

It is easy for students to register and find a space for themselves. They can post reviews, share opinions, and check for other facilities you offer. 

As many activities, so the engagement and interaction, and revenue. 

Apply Filters 

(College, Teachers, University, Rooms, Jobs, etc.)

If you offer a space for students to resolve all their queries, let them choose what service they want and what they are looking for. Intelligent search filters help students and other users find the suitable alternative they are looking for. 

Rate & Review Anonymously (College, Professors, Facilities)

Since the application allows posting anonymously, and one can be sure of their privacy. Many students feel uncomfortable if their name or identity is revealed. 

Posting anonymously helps them make a strong presence in the market. 

Super Admin Panel

Manage Users and Listings

We build a solution that lets you add various listings and services. The admin can add and remove users or professors from the list in case of difficulty. The professor rating applications need to add new names often; thus, we offer a backend where the admin can make changes quickly. 

Manage Advertisement

If you decide to build a professor review application, then you can advertise specific products and universities on your application that targets a similar audience. Not only do you grow mutually, but you can also earn some extra income easily. 

Check Reviews Based University

Manage filters and search bar content. Let students check the reviews of professors from a particular area or university. It is convenient for them to decide further if they want to take a specific course under a particular professor. 

Along with these features, there are some basic key features that you must not forget to integrate with your professor review application. 

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What Technology Stack Is Required to Develop Teachers’ Review Rating Apps?

  • Language/Framework: CSS, HTML5, and full stack, LAMP, MEAN or MERN (Full stack Development)
  • Cloud Environment: AWS or any other reliable cloud hosting provider.
  • Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS considering Native development. Flutter for Hybrid App Development.
  • Payment Gateway: Paypal, Stripe etc

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Rate My Professor?

You must consider the investment if you’ve chosen to launch a review of my professor’s website. The following variables affect how much it ultimately costs to design an insurance comparison application:

  • The development team’s location about, geography,
  • Features, and integrations with outside parties
  • Individuals on the team

So, if you’re interested in creating a professor rating appl, get in touch with our team so we can assist you in creating a tailored solution.


When asked “Rate Your Lecturer” students often find it confusing because sharing honest opinions may spoil their reputation. With applications where they can anonymously review their teachers and rate their skills, they feel confident and share honest opinions. These opinions help other students make wiser choices and allow professors to work on themselves and win students’ love. 

If you have an idea to build an app like ratemyprofessor, connect with the experts and get the best suggestions and the latest technology to work.


Is it worth investing in a website like RateMyProfessor?

Yes. With the RateMyProfessor-like app, it becomes easier for students and parents to choose the right mentor. This saves them time and effort in finding the right person who can help them in their learning process.

How does the RateMyProfessor app help teachers and students?

These apps help students to know about a teacher and their performance. They can judge if their learning style is compatible with the teacher or not and make a smart choice of choosing the right teacher.

What are the top 5 teachers’ rate and review websites?

These apps help students to know about a teacher and their performance. They can judge if their learning style is compatible with the teacher or not and make a smart choice of choosing the right teacher.
Some of the top teachers rate and review websites are:
Rate My Professors
Rate My Teachers

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