Minesweeper is one of the most popular types of games played around the world by people to pass their time. You can find Minesweeper games’ smartphone and computer versions to establish new records and enhance your analysis capability. Many game makers have crafted different applications on this theme. You’ve surely seen this game if you are a smartphone or computer user. This is a puzzle that the user solves by taking the hints and solving the overall board. Developing a Minesweeper betting game can be a significant business idea for you. Millions of people find such puzzle games interesting and thus become a large target audience for you.  In this Minesweeper game development guide, we will talk about how it is played, why you should consider developing one, and the cost & features of crafting a Minesweeper app from scratch.

What is the Minesweeper Game?

Minesweeper Game Development Guide

Minesweeper is a digital board game with beginner, intermediate, and expert puzzles. It consists of cells, mines, numbers (from 1 to 8), flags, question marks, etc. The game aims to identify all the mines hidden in the random cells without exploding. There are no limitations on the number of trials. However, the user has to solve the game in the least time to set a record and win the game in the presence of a competitor. 

The game can be played on different devices as it is compatible with many devices. 

How Does the Minesweeper Game Work? 

As we learned in the previous section, Minesweeper is a puzzle of different elements. At the start of the game, you will find a board consisting of several cells. There can be numbers or mines under any cell. As soon as you make your first move, you will see some number appearing on the screen. These numbers are the hint for you to solve the puzzle. If a cell has the number 1 written on it, it indicates that it is adjacent to one mine that could be sidewise and cornerwise. The number ranges from 1 to 8. 

You have to solve the game using these numbers as a hint. When you are sure about a particular cell hiding the mine, you can place the flag on that particular cell. When unsure about a particular cell hiding the mine, you can put the question mark on that particular cell. This way, you must explore the different cells and put the red flag that carries the mine. Remember, you don’t have to explode the mine or else you will lose. 

Why Invest in Minesweeper Casino Game Development? 

While we have well discussed the Minesweeper game and how it is played, you might still be wondering why investing a good amount of money in Minesweeper game development is a good idea. So, here are some of the key stats that will help you understand the popularity of such puzzle games-

  • According to Statista, the puzzle game market achieved a valuation of $13.45 billion in 2022. 
  • The same market is all set to achieve a valuation of $22.5 billion by the end of 2027. 
  • The global puzzle game market is expected to show a CAGR of 10.37% between 2022-2027. 
  • The paid app revenue accounted for $500 million in 2022 while the advertising revenue in the puzzle game segment accounted for $7.44 billion during the same year. 

From the above statistics, you can get a fair idea that the online Minesweeper games are set to forecast a good CAGR, resulting in good growth in the industry. Investing in this segment can be one of the best decisions that you can take as it can multifold your investment in the least time. 

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Key Features to Consider in the Minesweeper Betting Game Development Process

Minesweeper Betting Game Development

Features are undoubtedly the backbone of any software, application, or digital product. As we said in the previous section, you can find multiple Minesweeper games for your device, they all carry different kinds of features and functionalities. To make sure that your game differentiates from all the other existing Minesweeper games and can attract users, you need to instill some advanced features in it. Here are some of the top features that you should provide during the Mine bomb game development. 

Reliable Scoring System 

Reliability is the main pillar for betting and casino games. Your users must have trust in your scoring system. So, you should impart an algorithm that provides fair scoring to the users and awards them prizes according to their performance during the game. 

Graphics and Animation 

Games are all about the user experience. There is no doubt that board games are somewhat less affected by the quality of graphics and animation, still, poor-quality graphics can ruin the user experience and thus affect the performance of your game. Make sure that all the elements in the game appear and disappear seamlessly. Make the animation, cell presentation, number colors, and image more attractive and eye-appealing. 

Multi-player Mode 

Games are more fun when played with friends and families. So, you must ensure that you provide a multi-player mode in your Minesweeper game where multiple players can play the game simultaneously. It should be available for both online and offline players. Creating a sense of competition, this feature will engage more the users and they will try to perform their best. 

Digital Currency

To enhance the overall gaming experience for the users, you can rely on the digital and virtual currency in the game. Every time the user wins a game or performs well, you can reward them with that virtual currency or tokens. These tokens can then be used to make in-app purchases.

In-app Customization 

Enabling the users to control the theme of the game, background, grids, color of numbers, color of flag, and much more can be a real experience-changing feature for the users. Such customization will allow them to give a personalized touch to the game and feel more connected to your application. 

Seamless UI/UX 

User Interface and User Experience are going to be the key determining factors for the success of your minesweeping gambling app. So, you should ensure that the player can access all the details on the dashboard without scrolling or swiping much. Similarly, the transition between the screens must be smooth to enhance the user experience. Users should be able to navigate through the portals without any problem. 


This is another feature that you should take care of during Minesweeper casino game development. This scoreboard provides the overall insights regarding the points that a user has earned along with the time taken to solve the quiz. When playing with a friend or competitor, this board provides the performance comparison of both players to decide the winner of the game. 

Sound Effects 

Adding the right sound effects can do wonders for your game. For example, you can add different types of sound if the mine is exploded, place the flag, put the question mark, and much more. This will make the overall game more engaging for the users. 

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What Techstack is Required in Mine Bomb Game Development?

Tech Stack or Technology Stack is the technical infrastructure that builds up the features and functionalities of any game or application. These are the core working units for any software and thus determine the application’s performance. When working on the Mine Bomb Game development project, you need to ensure the use of the right technology so that all game features can work properly. Here is the tech stack that you can use in Minesweeper casino game development- 

Programming language C++, Java, Python (for Desktop)HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (for Web)
Graphics and User Interface JavaFX, Swing, Tkinter, Pygame (for Desktop)HTML5 canvas, CSS, JavaScript (for Web)
Game LogicMinesweeper game rules implementation to generate game grid, place mines, reveal cells, handle clicks 
Randomization and generationRandom number generator to place mines randomly and generate numbers on the board 
Event handling Mouse clicks or taps
Win/Lose Conditions Logic implementation to determine a win or lose according to user actions 
Deployment Inno Setup for Windows and DMG files for macOSWeb server for web-based games 

Things to Consider While Minesweeper Casino Game Development

Considering certain things can help develop competing Minesweeper casino games, bringing the audience to the fence even in huge competition. Here are some of the tips that will help you build a user-attracting Minesweeper casino game-

Regulatory compliances

You must take care of legal and regulatory compliances during the Minesweeper casino game development. You must ensure that the application complies with all the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions where it is planned for launching. At the same time, it should also take care of age restriction, licensing, and fair play requirements. 

Random Number Generation 

You must impart the use of random number generation technology when working on the Minesweeper casino game development. For the same, you should implement a certified and secure random generator so that it can foster fair and unbiased gameplay for the users. 

User authentication and security 

Robust user authentication and security authorization mechanisms must be placed during the mine bomb game development. At the same time, utmost security for the player data, financial transactions, and personal data should be ensured. Encryption protocols can be used to protect the sensitive information of players. 

Payment gateway integration 

Use a reliable and safe payment gateway that the player can use to make real-time money transactions for the casino games. The payment gateway helps to handle deposits, withdrawals, and all the other financial transactions. The payment processing should be in adherence to regulations and standards.

Game variation and features 

Provide the different variations and versions of the games that keep the player engaged for longer. It can also include bonus rounds, unique elements, progressive jackpots, and more. 

Marketing and promotion 

There might be plenty of existing mine bomb games on the app markets, and the chances of your application getting mixed in that sea are high. You will have to rely on a marketing and promotion strategy to make sure you can grab your target audience. For the same, you can take the help of digital marketing and social marketing. They will conduct a promotional campaign for your app to inform a maximum number of people about the software.  

Customer support

You must make sure that you provide good customer support. Because casino games consist of monetary transactions, there are a lot of queries and concerns that players have during the game. You must solve those queries as soon as possible to enhance the users’ gaming experience.

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How to Develop a Minesweeper Game?

Mine Bomb Game Development

There are numerous key steps that you have to complete to develop the Minesweeper game. The complete Mine Bomb game development process goes like this- 

Define requirements 

This is the very first stage of Minesweeper game development, in which you must prepare a project blueprint. You must analyze the scope of the game, grid size, difficulty levels, features, and many more things you want to see in the application. It will make it easy for you and the development team to understand the project and work accordingly. 

Resource allocation 

This is the phase where you will allocate all the resources required for the project. So, the first task is to hire a proficient game development team to do all the development work for you. Once you have hired the right development partner based on their performance, you will be talking about the Minesweeper game development cost and timeframe of the project. Ensure that you have a fair and strict budget along with the project’s timeline. 

Prototype and wireframe

In this phase, your team will deliver a wireframe of the application to you that will give you a rough idea about the appearance and functioning of the game. You can analyze the prototype to give feedback and suggestions to the development team. At the same time, you can also share the wireframe with relevant stakeholders to receive their suggestions. 


Once the prototype has been passed, the team will start working on the project by building the application’s front and back end. It includes programming language, API integrations, feature and functionality buildings, and much more. This is one of the core steps of the whole development process as it makes the software fully functioning. 


When the app has been developed, it is sent to the quality analysis team conducting the different tests. This phase ensures that the software is in its best version so that the end customers receive a game that doesn’t carry any bugs and performs the best. Tests like speed testing, feature testing, and performance testing are conducted in this step. 


This is the final stage of the Minesweeper casino game development process in which the development team will deploy the application on the respective platform. The target audience can download the game from these platforms. 

Maintenance and support

The game might be identified with new issues and bugs when the end users play the game. So, the development team must be ready to solve different bugs. Similarly, providing the necessary updates and adding new features is also part of this ongoing phase of the development process. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Minesweeper Betting Game? 

The Cost to make an app like Minesweeper game is one of the biggest concerns for everyone when planning to develop a similar game. However, it is important to understand that the cost of developing such an application is never constant and depends on various factors. Any changes to any of these factors cause a big fluctuation in Minesweeper game development cost. So, let’s understand the factors that contribute to the overall development cost of Minesweeper games- 

Features of the game The number and types of features that you want to see in the application say a lot about the overall cost. The more complicated the feature, the higher the cost of development. 
Complexity of the project Suppose you are adding complex technologies like AR/VR, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to your Minesweeper betting game development. In that case, it will cost you a lot more than the normal game. 
Location of the development team You can hire a team from Asian countries like India to develop your app at a fraction of the cost. Hiring the team from countries like the USA, Australia, or the UK will cost multiple times that of India.  
Time taken from the projectConsidering the per-hour costing model, the number of hours it takes for your development team to complete the project will fluctuate the development cost. 
Post-maintenance and support Opting for the post maintenance and support will add additional dollars to Minesweeper game development cost. 

How Can Octal Help You to Create a Mine Bomb Game?

As we interpreted in the earlier section, your app development team’s proficiency determines your Minesweeper game’s performance. You need to rely on an experienced and proficient team. Octal IT Solution has decades of experience in game development. Our large team of iOS mobile app developers consists of professional staff with the utmost expertise in their field. Most team members have years of experience and have worked on relevant projects. 

At the same time, Octal IT Solution can help you leverage the benefits of Industry 4.0 Technologies like metaverse, blockchain, AI, AR/VR, and machine learning. We even offer a free consultation session to discuss your idea and give the right navigation to your plan. Octal IT Solution is one of the most reliable names when thinking about game development. Hire Mobile Game Developer with affordable prices for your next project.


Minesweeper Casino games have been the center of attraction for many people worldwide. Be it for fun or financial benefits, you can find a good number of Minesweeper fans located around the world. So, Minesweeper casino game development is a good investment idea in modern times, where everything is moving to a digital podium. However, partnering with the right game development team is important to leverage the benefits fully. 

Octal IT Solution invites you to your idea and turn it into a reality by taking the very first step.

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