The time has gone when gambling was only possible through the physical presence of games like Roulette, Casino, Slots, and others; instead, today, most gambling games have moved online, which is being highly appreciated by users.

One such popular online parity game is the color prediction game. These games are also called parity games. There has been an exponential rise in color prediction game development solutions to serve the audience with its simple yet addictive gameplay with lucrative incentives or rewards.

These color prediction games are in high demand for both players and investors. However, knowing the cost and essential features of a color prediction game app development becomes highly important.

In this article, we will discuss all the aspects of color prediction game software development OR color parity game development, including the cost of color prediction software development services and essential features that can make your game stand out in a highly competitive market.

What is a Colour Prediction Game?

Color Parity Game Development

A color prediction game is an online gambling activity or game in which the players have to predict the outcome of an event related to colors. It is a popular casino game with a massive audience of players and has become the talk of the town. The player wins and gets huge betting if the chosen color combination appears.

The color prediction game can be in any format, such as a spinning wheel, set of cards, board, or colored squares. There is no limit on the number of players; it can be played with any number. The color prediction games are full of fun, thrill, excitement, and rewards. Compared to other casino games app development like aviator game app development, the color prediction game development is less complex.

Types of Colour Parity Games:

Different forms of color Prediction games have different underlying rules, mechanics, and themes. The most common types of color Parity Games are:

1. Colour Wheel Predictions:

  • Game Mechanism: A wheel is spun having different color sections
  • Gameplay: The players must predict the section’s color at which the wheel will stop spinning.

2. Card-based color Prediction:

  • Game Mechanism: The game involves a deck of cards
  • Gameplay: Players have to predict the color of the next drawn card.

3. Dice Games:

  • Game Mechanism: There is a color side dice which is rolled
  • Gameplay: Players indicate the color of the upper face of the dice

4. Virtual Games:

  • Game Mechanism: There are computer-generated random figures
  • Gameplay: Users predict the outcome of a virtual event, generally displayed graphically

5. Numbered Ball Draw:

  • Game Mechanism: There are balls with different numbers written on them and are of different colors. These balls are drawn from a container.
  • Gameplay: Players have to predict the color and number of the ball that would be drawn next.

6. Roulette Style Games:

  • Game Mechanism: There is a spinning disc and a ball with colored pockets.
  • Gameplay: Like traditional roulette, the players must predict which color the ball will land.

How Does Colour Prediction Betting Game Work?

So before we understand how to develop color prediction games, let’s understand how it works here is a simple process of color prediction games, and the players rely on luck & chance. Here is the general mechanism of any color parity game:

1. Selection of a Platform:

The players first select a platform, app, or website hosting a color prediction game. Generally, the players have to create an account on these platforms to participate.

2. Colours Selection:

Any game can involve color combinations like wheel segmentation, cards, dice faces, roulette, etc. The most common colors are red, green, yellow, and blue.

3. Placing Bets:

Players will place a bet on the color they predict will be the outcome of the next event. There can be certain limits to the bidding amount specified by the platform.

4. Triggering of Event:

After bets, the color prediction game mechanism will begin, and there will be a random event based on which outcome will be placed.

5. Outcome Determination:

The result of the random event will decide the outcome of the game. For example, if the rotating wheel stops on the color red or the drawn ball is blue, this will be the outcome.

6. Winning and Losing:

The winner is the one whose bet color matches the outcome color; all other players will lose the bet.

7. Withdrawals OR Continue:

The gamers can either leave the game by withdrawing their winnings or continue playing the game with new bets.

Why Invest in Online Gambling App Development

Online Gambling Renenue Worldwide

Why Invest in Parity game development
  • By 2023, the global online gambling market is expected to generate US$95.05 billion in revenue.
  • By 2028, this is anticipated to generate a market volume of US$138.10 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.76%.
  • It is anticipated that the online gambling business would have 243.2 million users by 2028.
  • With an estimated US$19,140.00 million in income from online gambling in 2023, the United States is expected to lead the global industry.

Source – Statista

How do Colour Prediction Game Apps Make Money? – App Monetization Models

and you have the answer question of how to develop a color parity game. App monetization is another question that needs to be answered. There are multiple options to generate revenue in a color Prediction Game App. It majorly depends upon the betting activities and participation of the players. Here are the possible revenue streams of a color prediction game app:

1. Betting Fees:

Players have to pay a certain fee (either a fixed amount or on a percentage basis) for placing bets. This fee is a major contribution to the platform’s revenue.

2. House Edge:

The platform frequently includes a house edge, an inherent benefit of the platform. This ensures that, statistically, the platform will profit in the long run, even if individual players win in the near run.

3. Transaction Fees:

In the app, you can charge a transaction fee for deposit or withdrawal of money. It will help cover the financial cost of transactions and will contribute to the revenue.

4. Advertisement Revenue:

Running advertisements within the app is a trendy way of generating revenue. As soon as there is a huge traffic influx on your gaming app, there will be running advertisements that you have to pay to display ad on your app.

5. Premium Features:

You can also generate revenue by providing premium features or a VIP membership through a subscription model. Apart from premium features, there will be no ads in this membership.

It should be noted that the revenue model of a color prediction betting app depends upon user engagement and the volume of bets placed. Also, certain legalities may be considered before implementing these revenue models.

Top color Prediction Games To Inspire You Build One:

Here are the best color prediction games of which you can take reference and start building your own one:

1. VClub


VClub is the most popular color prediction game in the market. The players can earn money just by guessing colors, which can be withdrawn through Paytm. The game has been in operation for nearly four years after getting a legal operation certificate from the Indian Government. Thus, the users can find it trustworthy, legal, and reliable for playing and investing money in the app.

When registering on the app, first-time users get a signing bonus of Rs. 121 for free. Thus, this amount is great for the beginners to start playing. It also offers a refer & earn option in which you will get Rs. 250 when your referred person registers on the app.

The maximum bet allowed per session is Rs. 10 and the minimum amount you must have in the wallet to withdraw money is Rs. 200. This ensures that the players don’t put high risk in the game and can withdraw earnings without any hassle.


  • Easy and fast money withdrawal options
  • Earn money by refer & earn feature.
  • Legal Certificate by the Indian Government
  • A signing bonus of Rs. 121 allows beginner players to play.


  • The maximum betting amount is limited to Rs. 10
  • Minimum wallet recharge amount is Rs. 200 to withdraw money.

2. MantriMalls:


Mantrimall is another popular colour prediction game app that lets players participate with less betting. The players must make educated guesses while predicting the next color displayed on the screen. It gives you 2 minutes to guess the next color. If the guessed color appears on the screen, your betting amount will be doubled.

There are four prediction types to play: Parity, Sapre, Bcone, and Emred. There is a refer-to-earn option by which you can get Rs. 138 for each successful referral. There is also a commission if your referred person also refers to others.

The withdrawal mechanism is also quite easy. You have to mention the amount you want to withdraw and the minimum amount for withdrawal is Rs. 1000. There is a limited amount that you can start at a time and withdrawal fees.


  • Need less amount to play
  • Simple instructions and an easy mechanism to play, even for beginners
  • Refer & earn option.
  • Convenient withdrawal process


  • The minimum withdrawal amount is quite high.
  • Withdrawal fees

3. Colourwiz:

Colourwiz - how to develop color Pridiction app

The next app on our color prediction game is colorwise. The games in this app are of the same concept i.e. select a color from the palette and predict the next color. For correct guesses, you make money.

Not only that, but color also provides various additional opportunities for earning money, such as games and activities. Aside from playing and predicting colors, you may also accomplish activities, enter lucky drawings, and do various other things.

In this app, the referral bonus is a 45% commission for each referral when they register and start playing games after adding money to the account.


  • Almost no investment is required to participate in the games.
  • Simple registration process
  • Quick & easy payment withdrawal


  • A bit complex referral mechanism
  • No sign-up bonus

4. Cwin:

Cwin - Colourwiz - how to develop color Prediction app

Cwin is a viral game in the market. The concept of games is similar to other apps. Players have to predict the color of the blocks, which will be added to the grid and earn points for correct prediction. These points are converted into redeemable money and transferred to a Paytm wallet.

Cwin app offers certain distinguishing qualities that set it apart from other color prediction apps. The CWin Agent Crore Cash Growth Plan is something they offer. This strategy is available to all customers, and you can earn much money by using it. The approach is separated into eight levels, each with a good reward.

There is a sign-up bonus of Rs. 121, while the minimum betting amount is Rs. 10. The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 200.


  • Sign-up bonus to start playing
  • Fast payment options
  • Multiple levels of playing


·  Minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 200

5. MantriGame:

MantriGame - color prediction game development

This is a straightforward color prediction game on which players can play with little or no investment. They just need to put effort into their guessing skills. If the guessed color is right, they will earn points.

Generally, they have to choose from black & white. There is a limited amount of time to make a choice. After the timer is over, the color that appears most often will be the winner.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Players can begin with low-investment
  • Predictable algorithms


  • Not fully transparent in terms of money and calculating profits
mobile game development services

Key Features To Consider for Colour Prediction Game Development:

The features of an app attract users, and the more users are on your app, the more success you will achieve. Here are the key features that you must consider for color Prediction Game Development:

1. User-friendly UI & UX:

Gambling players never appreciate even the slightest complication in the app’s usability. They want a simple-to-use app that they can navigate easily. The UI & UX should be engaging and straightforward so players can use the app without issues.

2. Customization:

There should be multiple customization options for the players such as theme, sound, text style, and others. Our specially curated solutions will help you meet your requirements most suitably.

3. Multilingual Support:

If you want to cater to a worldwide audience, your app should have multi-language support, which will serve the content in the user’s native language.

4. Real-time insights:

This feature will provide real-time information, allowing you to gain precise insights about player behavior, engagement, interest, etc. You can learn which services players are most interested in. As a result, you can tailor the offer accordingly.

5. Push Notifications:

Push notifications help the users stay engaged with the app and tell them about new features and any new offerings or remind them if a new game is available.

6. Social Media Integration:

If you want to increase the popularity of your app through social media platforms, this is the right feature for your app. Through this, the users could share their progress with their kin on social media platforms, increasing your app’s popularity.

7. Secure Payment Gateway:

Payment plays an utmost role in a gambling app. You must use a highly reliable payment gateway for depositing or withdrawing money from the players.

8. Referral Bonuses:

A referral marketing strategy helps in retaining more users and inviting new ones. It is the most common feature in all colour prediction games that you must also consider.

What Technologies Are Required for Colour Prediction Game Development?

A diverse set of technologies is required to develop a fully functional and engaging color Prediction Game Development. Here is a breakdown of the key technologies needed:

Front-end DevelopmentHTML5 & CSS3
JavaScript Frameworks
Game Engines like Phaser or Unity for advanced features
Backend DevelopmentServer-side programming languages like Python, Node.js or PHP
Database like MySQL or PostgreSQL
API Integration for social media, payment, and others
Additional Tools & TechnologiesRandom Number Generators
Cloud Platforms like AWS for hosting
Security Tools
Analytic Tools like Google Analytics

Colour Prediction Betting Game Development Process:

Here is the step-by-step process of the Color Prediction Game Software Development:

1. Market Research:

The first step in color prediction game app development is analyzing the market. It is highly required to conduct comprehensive research so that you know what is trending in the current market, who your competitors are, who is your target audience, what are the requirements of your target audience that your competitors lack, and how you can serve better than them. The analysis of these questions will help you achieve your objective smoothly. Give utmost attention to how you can represent your idea for color prediction so that it can attract players and engage them.

2. Create a blueprint of the game design

After conducting the market research, you must create a color prediction game design blueprint. It is necessary for the successful development of color prediction software. In this document, you will mention all the required features, functions, design, tech stack, and other necessary information. You must invest significant time in this document as it will make the development process easier.

3. Hire a Color Prediction Game Development Company

After the blueprint is ready, the next step is to find a mobile app development services provider firm that can meet your color prediction game development requirements. The chosen agency must have a team of designers, developers, project managers, and QA testers. It should have vast experience in game app development, preferably in the gambling industry, so the development team can easily understand your requirements.

Before hiring, you must look for their previous projects, expertise, latest trends, etc.

4. Create a MVP Color Prediction Game :

A Minimum Viable Product or a prototype is a lightweight version of your game with all the essential features necessary for its core purpose. You can test this product in the market, and if people like it, then you can continue developing a fully functional color prediction game app with all advanced features.

5. Development:

This is the most important phase of your color prediction game app development. In this phase, all the designers, developers, QA team, and other entities would work to bring your idea into the real world. You must also coordinate with the team so that everything can go smoothly. You can also suggest features, functionality, design, or any other improvement.

6. Testing and launching:

In this last phase, the ready app would be tested for multiple parameters i.e. user experience, responsive user interface, features, speed, security, payment, and others. After resolving all the issues, the app will finally be launched. This is an important stage as to deliver a smooth experience. The app must function properly without any errors.

How much does it cost to develop a color Parity Game?

There are several factors on which the Cost to build an app like color Parity game depends. Here are the major factors:

1. Game Complexity:

·Simple game with basic features: To develop a basic game, a few thousand dollars would be the development cost as it can be developed using readily available resources and open-source libraries.

Advanced feature-rich game: If the game consists of complex mechanics, social elements, and other 3rd party integration, it will require more extensive development efforts, which may result in tens of thousands of dollars in development.

Highly sophisticated game: Games with elaborate stories, 3D visuals, or VR experiences can have development expenses that exceed $100,000.

2. Color Parity Game Development Team:

Freelance developers: Freelancers charge less compared to other options; however, they lack professionalism and commitment, and it can be challenging to manage multiple freelancers.

Development agencies: The development agencies are costlier than freelancers but are more affordable than in-house developers. They are highly reliable and professional and provide the best services.

In-house development: You get maximum control over the development team in in-house development; however, it is the most expensive option in terms of time & cost.

3. Color Parity Game Development Platform:

Web Development: Developing a web application requires less investment than a mobile app or VR development.

Mobile App Development: Android and iOS native app development for devices requires higher investment, impacting costs

VR game development: VR game requires special skills in frontend, backend, and other hardware technologies, leading to higher development costs.

4. Other Advanced Features:

Social elements: Integrating social features such as chat, friend challenges, leaderboards, etc. increases costs

In-app purchases: Although the in-app purchase is a good way of generating revenue, it requires special expertise and costs

Here is a rough estimate of the costs of color Parity game development based on complexity:

Simple game: $5,000-$15,000

Moderately complex game: $15,000-$50,000

Highly complex game: Above $50,000

What Team Required To Build Colour Parity Mobile Game?

To develop a color parity game, you will require a team of diverse skills and expertise. This includes:

Developers: Expertise in Android languages (Java/Kotlin), iOS language (Swift/Objective-C), and game engines like Unity.

Designers: Conceptualizing and developing the entire front end with expertise in front-end frameworks.

Project Managers: Leads the development, oversees the progress, and gives you regular updates.

QA Testers: Check the app for bugs, issues, and fixes after every development stage.

Artists and Animators: Add stunning visuals, sounds, animations, and other user experience elements

Legal & Security Experts: Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, particularly regarding gambling and data privacy.

The size of the team may vary as per the game complexity i.e. a simple game will require a team of 5-6 people, while a large complex game requires a team of 10-20 individuals.

How Can Octal help you develop a Parity colour Prediction Game?

Do you want to begin your exciting color prediction game app development journey? Look no further after Octal IT Solutions. Our skilled development team is here to make your game ideas a reality. We are the go-to development agency for all your color prediction game creation needs, with years of experience and a love for new gaming solutions.

With a proven track record of designing bespoke online color prediction game applications, we can propel your company to new heights while increasing the value and recognition of your brand in the market. Our primary goal is to provide outcome-driven services to our clients, which is why our colour prediction game software goes beyond simply publication and includes continuing support and maintenance even after it is released.


Online colour prediction games have gained a great position in online casinos with the massive popularity of millions of people. This gives you the best chance to leverage this opportunity and launch your own online game to deliver the best you want. At Octal, we help you achieve your vision in digital platforms like no one can. Let us know your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is color prediction game legal?

The legality of color prediction games varies by jurisdiction. In some places, it may be considered illegal gambling, while in others, it could be legal. It’s crucial to check local laws and regulations.

Is the color prediction app real or fake?

The legitimacy of a color prediction app depends on the specific app. Some may be genuine and operate legally, while others could be scams or fraudulent. Users should exercise caution and research before participating.

Which algorithm is used in the color prediction game?

The specific algorithm used in color prediction games can vary. Some games may claim to use complex algorithms for predictions, but the transparency of such claims is often questionable. It’s advisable to approach such apps with skepticism.

How do I create a color prediction website?

Creating a color prediction website involves web development skills. Steps typically include designing the user interface, implementing secure payment gateways, and integrating a random number generator for fairness. Seek professional web development services and adhere to legal requirements.

How much does it cost to develop a color prediction game?

The cost of developing a color prediction game depends on factors like complexity, features, and the development team’s rates. It can range from &10,000 dollars for a basic version to significantly more for a sophisticated platform. Get quotes from experienced developers for accurate estimates.

What are the best color prediction game development companies

Some reputed game development companies include Octal IT Solution, BR Softech, and Juego Studios. Research and reviews can help determine the most suitable option for your project.

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