If there is any place that is bringing people from all walks of life together, then it is social media. We have seen how social media makes it easier for us to connect with our friends, family, and foe alike and how they have made people we idolize part of our daily lives. In this blog, we discuss MeWe clone app development. Let’s understand how much it costs to develop a social media app like MeWe.

Facebook is without a doubt the most dynamic and popular social media network, having dominated the social cult from its inception. It comprises a variety of elements that keep a user hooked and engaged with the site, from job posts to community management.

These days, people have to share everything they do, from meals to nights out, to selfies of themselves. As the borders between public and private are dissolving, there is a need in the market for safe and secure social platforms.

One application that is trying to find some space in the secure social media platform is “MeWe”. The application offers an ad-free experience and has been branding itself as the “Next-Gen Social Network”.

Ever since it has entered the market, it has gained exponential growth as a business-oriented tool that raises enterprise networking and communication to new heights.

Are you looking forward to entering the market with a safe and secure MeWe business model? Well, before we get into a detailed understanding of the application, let’s see how it all began.

Everything About MeWe in Brief

The application came into existence around eight years after Facebook’s reign began.

However, as they changed their privacy policy, many users began to realize that the platform was compromising their privacy.

According to Facebook’s most recent update, the company uses an algorithm that monitors and deciphers your behavioral patterns in order to show you modified content in the app. As a result, it becomes more of a target-based platform, displaying material based on your previous preferences and decisions.

In these times, MeWe entered the market as a solution to the data breach issues of the social media giant. Mark Weinstein, an entrepreneur and one of the pioneers of social media, launched the app. MeWe is a popular privacy-focused alternative to Facebook that currently has millions of users.

Surprisingly this wasn’t Weinstein’s first project. He had previously founded Ello, and based on the obstacles he faced during that time, he upscaled his skills and later leveraged their advantages in his career. The application is free to use for personal users and includes features like 8 gigabytes of storage, personalized stickers, audio, and video capabilities, and a newsfeed, businesses must pay $1.99 per month to gain access to further features.

The application is a perfect response to the problems and issues that you face in your other social media accounts. They have made it quite clear and heard that they would in no case rely on cookies or spyware to record user activities.

So, do you think you want to enter the market with a similar solution that would make it easier for you to survive the market pressure? Cool!

Before we dig into the understanding of MeWe app development, let’s see the basic information that you may need.

How Does Mobile App Development Process work?

The mobile app development team needs to follow a well-defined methodology to affirm that the solutions they deploy are engaging and interactive. One can not simply start with an API and bring to the table an application that isn’t responding well.

To make sure that the mobile app development team brings to the screen a solution that helps you earn well, simply stick to the following steps.

  • Define Your Business Objective
  • Understand the Business Model
  • Build a Customer Persona
  • Research Technology
  • Estimate the Budget
  • Begin Development
  • Integrate Features and Functions
  • Test for the Application

Now that we have a roadmap let’s start the MeWe like app development journey.


Define Your Business Objective

People are looking for new social media sites that are safe and secure in the aftermath of the WhatsApp and Facebook data breaches. Many people today are dissatisfied with online bullying, privacy violations, hate messages, hate speeches, biassed information, or pushed and provocative political agendas on Facebook, a popular social media network. And it is these individuals who are eager to convert to a safer solution. To deal with these issues, it is important to enter the market with a new social network that can rescue. Since MeWe serves the purpose well, it is now the most downloaded social app in the Google Play Store. MeWe android app and iOS app are free models that make it possible for the users to interact with each other in the comforts of their homes.

MeWe’s Android App and iPhone app are available in the market for free and have seen an increase in new users, with over 2.5 million now using the apps.

Entering the market with a MeWe like application would want you to secure user privacy by avoiding targeting, advertisements, and political prejudices. You can offer a solution that is scalable and credible with the help of the MeWe app development team. You can see from MeWe reviews that the app is gaining a lot of traction among users.

It is not just the security element that makes the application popular. There are a lot more elements that its business model has to help you build a strong solution.

Business Model of MeWe: Safe and Secure Social Networking Solution

The business model for any application is a point that can help you understand its functioning and working. When talking about MeWe iOS and android applications, the developers have reached new heights.

Some of the fascinating features of the application are:

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Custom Social Cloud

Users get a personal social cloud, unique member profiles for each group, and much more, as MeWe claims to be a next-generation social media networking tool. Users can even make their communication and content vanish using the program.

No Ads 

Its working motto is “No Ads, No Targeting, No BS,” which distinguishes it from other well-known social networking sites and is what users appreciate about it. They can be themselves without fear of being bullied or psychologically hurt.

“MeWe delivers the power of the Internet back to the people with a platform built for collaboration and anonymity,” says Sir Tim Berners Lee, a member of MeWe’s advisory board and the architect of the World Wide Web (www).

Privacy Policy

MeWe protects its “Privacy Bills of Rights,” ensuring that app users have unbiased and assured control over their newsfeed, privacy, and data. MeWe has stringent “Terms of Service” in place to safeguard users from deceptive tactics.

Not for Sale 

To limit member data distribution to marketers or third parties, MeWe prioritizes the #Not4Sale ideology.

The app is being hailed as the “future of social networks”, with many “Trump fans” flocking to it during the 2020 presidential election in the United States.

So it’s evident that MeWe’s popularity is unrivalled, and if you’re interested in creating one, then simply reach out to the best MeWe App Developers.

Offers Great Surprises 

MeWe is a free app with all of the great features that people love, such as disappearing content, next-generation voice messaging, personal cloud storage, custom group profiles, a custom camera with GIF creation, following pages, private and open groups, private 1:1 and group chats, MeWe’s exclusive dual-camera, 2800+ emojis, and much more.

Paid Storage 

Extra storage (as here, 8GB is free and stores over 16000 photos, and then 50GB is $3.99/month), Dark Mode & other overlays ($1.99 and up), custom emojis and custom stickers ($0.99 and up/pack), live voice and live video calling ($1.99/month), exclusive MeWe Journals ($1.99/month), MeWe Pages ($1.99/month), and much more are all available now, with much more to come soon.

Members can also pay $4.99 per month to subscribe to MeWe Premium, which gives them access to the best premium features.

Pro Solutions 

Revenue Supercharger is another way to make money. MeWePro, MeWe’s sibling subsidiary, caters to business customers and is available on Android, iOS, and Desktop. The sister firm competes directly with Slack, offering a unique set of well-integrated collaboration capabilities and security while removing internal mail bottlenecks and performance issues. MeWePro also improves communication and collaboration among individuals inside a project or organization, and it costs less than $75 per employee each year. This service is provided free of charge to educational and non-profit organizations.

MeWe is leading the market with a business model that goes beyond just sharing happy images. If you are keen to develop a solution that can help you lead the market, simply hire mobile app developers today.

What Do the Numbers Say: Facts and Figures about the Social Networking App MeWe

Since the application is one of its kind, it has built a great support in the market. Over the years the application has established itself as a popular social networking website globally.

  • During election week, MeWe had 218,000 new installs on the Apple Store and Google Play Store in the United States, according to mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower.
  • The app was used by around 5 million users in 2020.
  • This platform raised $5.2 million in 2018, bringing its total funding to $10 million, with the help of celebrity investors such as fashion designer Rachel Roy and Lynda Weinman (creator of Lynda.com).
  • Sir Tim Berners Lee, the “Father of the World Wide Web,” is also a MeWe advisor.

With the numbers and names associated with the application, it would be quite unfair to accept its presence in the market.

The most dominant reason why the application is appreciated so much around the world is because of the solutions it has to offer. The features and the functions integrated with the application make it one of its kind.

MeWe Like Social Media App’s Features

The features of an app set it different from its competition, and the same is true of a social networking app. While the application is ladened with basic features that every social media networking app development service provider would integrate, it has some strict policies that make it much safer and secure to use. The user experience of the application is reflected in its popularity. These are the basic features that must be included if you want to make a MeWe-like app.


User Sign-up 

Despite the fact that MeWe does not collect data from its users, it does ask them to provide basic information in order to build a user profile. As a result, for an app like MeWe, user registration is a significant feature. Furthermore, every social networking app must adhere to the registration and sign-up process.

With the basic details, the application affirms that if the user who is trying to build the profile is 16 years old or not.

Easy Registration Process 

During the onboarding process, the application asks the user for information such as their name, birth date, gender, profile photographs, email address, and more. This is to affirm the user you are connecting with is safe to check the content on the application and how they may perceive things. As a result, every time the app user opens it, they must log in using their username and password. Many of these apps allow users to join up or log in using third-party social media networks.

User Verification 

This feature is useful for protecting app users’ privacy and data. As a result, for an app like MeWe, it’s a must-have feature. Your MeWe like application must allow users to sign up for the platform and log in using their phone numbers. Also, along with this simple verification one can have a reset mechanism, password recovery, security interventions, and a variety of other features.

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Integrating the safety and authentication factors would have a significant impact on the app’s development costs, but it is a necessary step in improving the app’s security. The functionality encrypts messaging with end-to-end encryption and eliminates cyber security concerns, as well as the cost of developing MeWe apps.

Search by User

The usability of your ad-free social media network is integrated with an advanced and efficient search tool. The tool allows users to use a filtered search engine to find friends, groups, or any community they are interested in. As a result, the MeWe android app developers should place a high priority on the user interface design, making the app appealing to consumers and providing an aesthetic experience.

MeWe Recommends 

The application shows some of the categories where you can join the interests for groups and pages to join/follow. We make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you talk about everything that you are interested in and can help you build a reliable solution.

Based on your selection the application suggests to you some of the pages that you may like.

Share Images and Videos 

Like any other social media application, you can easily share videos and images. With an in-app camera, you have to make sure that the solutions that you take to the market are interesting and engaging.

This feature shows one user taking a photo of another user utilizing the phone’s front and back cameras at the same time.

Users can post photographs, documents, videos, and voice messages using the voice integration feature. They have the ability to respond to a shared post.

The speech integration capability operates across the platform for users and their connections.

In-App Chat

You can build communities or talk to individuals within the app. Thus, you can easily come up with solutions that are interesting and engaging and let your users connect with each other without sharing their personal details.

Advanced Features to Think About When Making A Social Media App Like MeWe

After you’ve taken care of the most basic and must-have functions and features, you can go on to the advanced features, which aren’t necessarily required but can elevate the app’s appeal.

The following are some of the more advanced features:


My Personal Cloud

This function is useful for organizing all of the app content in My Cloud, which is similar to your personal cloud. My Cloud provides users with an interactive dashboard where they can manage anything they post or share. If necessary, it can be quickly removed or reshared.

Control Over Permissions to the User

This provides for fine-grained management rights as well as judgments about who sees what.

Users can also select from a variety of options. They can also remove themselves from the search directory, make themselves invisible to other app members who are online, and much more.

Tagging on a Global Scale

This new and useful app feature allows the user to filter and organize all of the content that he or she receives and distributes, making it easier to find anything, at any time.

Journals by MeWe

Users may sort, save, and organize their favorite stories with this app, which allows them to create a lifetime of memories and sharing.

Individual Profiles

This feature allows users to be themselves without fear of being watched or being tracked. They have the ability to personalize their profile for each group they create or join.

These are some of the advanced features that make MeWe a strong application. If you are looking forward to entering the market with a reliable solution, all you need to do is hire the best social media mobile app development team and get through.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A MeWe Like Social Network App?

If you’re ready to take the jump and invest in a MeWe-style social networking platform, you’re probably curious about the approximate cost of developing one. The cost to develop an app can be estimated by various factors. To determine this, the following criteria must be considered:

The App Type

You must first select what type of app you want to make: simple, on-demand, authentication, data-driven, Wearable/IoT/other hardware-based apps.

Development Team

We would always recommend outsourcing your project instead of assembling your own development team. This would let you have the advantage of working with highly competent and experienced app developers who can create innovative and intuitive iOS and Android apps. The mobile app development team that you hire should have strategists, programmers, designers, project managers, and testers, as well as others to affirm that at no point you lack assistance for any of your work.

mewe clone app development


Development Service Provider’s Location

The cost of hiring a mobile app development company varies depending on where the developers are located: North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and India.

  • North America: Average $110 per hour
  • Europe: Average $90 per hour
  • Asia: Average $30 per hour

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Designing an App

When compared to an app with a complicated design, the cost of creating an app with a simple design and limited elements is less.

Testing & Maintenance (Q/A)

This includes expenditures for QA testing as well as app maintenance.

Development Platform 

Taking into account all of the aforementioned criteria, it is reasonable to estimate that the cost of developing a simple app with basic functionality for a single platform will be roughly $30,000.

Taking into account all of the above criteria, it is reasonable to estimate that the cost of developing a simple app with minimal features for a single platform will be approximately $25,000-$30,000, and the cost of developing an app with a complicated design for several platforms will be around $50,000-$60,000.

If you want to make a mobile app like MeWe, contact the best app development firm with talented app developers who can convert your unique app ideas into reality.


This was actually a long read. Well, MeWe has established a strong presence in the market and is regarded as one of the best applications to socialize.

Our Statement

If you are looking forward to developing an application that is similar to MeWe our experts can take you through. You can always drop by us and affirm that the solutions are interesting and engaging. MeWe is the pioneer in the kind of services it provides and the safety and security it offers the users.

You can always connect with us over a cup of coffee for some discussions on the application and how you can add your bit to make it bigger and better.

mewe clone app development


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