This blog especially serves small and medium businesses, NGOs, and individuals needing urgent medical expenses. So they can work on crowdfunding website development and start creating their own crowdfunding website. This article will not only guide you in crowdfunding platform development for your cause, but you can also create a crowdfunding platform to help other businesses and make money for you as well.

Today, technology significantly impacts our daily lives, which is no other except when it comes to investments. Now, the pool of investment methods broadened the opportunity for the people and the investors so that they can diversify their portfolios cost-effectively. Here comes the role of crowdfunding.

In 2022, its popularity and demand are exceptionally visionary for many entrepreneurs and technocrats. Crowdfunding contributes to the $65 B of the global world economy. This opens more options for people and businesses in the year 2022.

Crowdfunding website development is a great idea to reach your goal of the project and Start a crowdfunding platform. Before starting the crowdfunding campaign and crowdfunding website development project in the coming time, it’s wise to advise understanding the basics of crowdfunding and its works.

In this comprehensive guide, we are giving you the proper insight for crowdfunding website development and for mobile platforms. Our valuable crowdfunding platform development guide will help you pinpoint the best crowdfunding source to start your own. It will help you to move in the right direction.

But first, let’s start with the basics of crowdfunding.

What Is Crowdfunding in Simple Words?

In simple words, crowdfunding is the medium to raise money for different causes from a large group of people. This pool of people is collectively investing their money for any business project. While individuals or companies, or NGOs campaign with specific causes and purposes. So that anybody can contribute.

Basically, it’s a better financial solution where you can gain enough capital if you have that brilliant idea to hit the crowd.

Various industries have to utilize their crowdfunding for business, healthcare, higher education, non-profit or charity, or even for urgent medical expenses and many more.

For Business: a big name on the list is Oculus Rift, which has driven $2.4 M in funding in 2013 to take VR into accessible home gaming. They have campaigned for more than $250k. 

For Art and Culture: Another example of successful crowdfunding is ‘The Veronica Mars Movie Project’ by Rob Thomas. Successful crowdfunding of $2M helps to gain popularity on the international platform.

How Does Crowdfunding Work?

Steps to starting your crowdfunding campaign:

  • Place your story: Prepare a comprehensive narrative explaining your cause to target investors everywhere.
  • Marketize your campaigns: You need a reliable way to place and promote your plan. For that, marketing tactics are equally important to get people’s attention. A quick way is to use rewards-based crowdfunding to divert more people to contribute to your campaign.
  • Make a funding goal: Mention the exact amount you need for your cause.
  • Engage your followers: Update your audience with the project’s idea progress.
  • Open for feedback: Best advice helps you grow in the right direction. Open your platform for suggestions to improve the quality of your project.

In short: Crowdfunding is a path where anyone (individuals, companies, NGOs, or urgent medical expenses) can raise funding using specific platforms. Or you can create your own platform to place your project and begin crowdfunding. The project includes a detailed description of the cause with plans and images(if any).

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Is It Worth Creating Your Crowdfunding Platform?

If your product idea is successful or you have a valid cause, it opens many opportunities to expand your business in the future.

Crowdfunding helps in many ways, not only by raising funds for growth but also by building a helpful community. Alternatively, it will lead to shine a positive light on the company. Also, this way of funding has a lower risk compared to other ways, like Angel investors or venture capitalists.

Developing a crowdfunding platform for your crowdfunding campaign can be a good idea for several reasons:

  • Customization: You have full control over the platform’s design, features, and user experience, allowing you to tailor it to your campaign’s specific needs.
  • Branding: A custom platform reinforces your brand identity and message, providing a professional and unique platform for your campaign.
  • Lower Fees: Building your platform may reduce the fees associated with using third-party crowdfunding websites, potentially saving you money.
  • Direct Engagement: You can directly engage with your supporters and build a community around your campaign.
  • Data Ownership: You retain ownership of user data, which can be valuable for future campaigns and marketing efforts.
  • Innovation: You can experiment with innovative features and technologies to enhance your crowdfunding platform as well as your campaign.

Market Research for Crowdfunding in 2024

Before jumping to crowdfunding platform development, Let’s gain some more insight into the market for crowdfunding. This motivates you to create your own crowdfunding website in 2024.

  • In 2023, the market for crowdfunding is expected to have a total transaction value of US$1.1 billion.
  • According to a global comparison, the United States will have the greatest transaction value ($451m in 2023).
  • Businesses and entrepreneurs start 41% of crowdfunding. While NGOs contribute to raising 19% via funding.
  • North America contributes $17.2 B per year to the economy as per Statista’s report.
  • Overall 17% of the crowdfunding is done by smartphones.
  • On average, typical crowdfunding earns $5.2k for campaigning.
  • Equity-based crowdfunding is the fastest-growing branch with a CAGR of 33.9% with a raised volume of $4.41 B.
  • Fundera claims that, on average, 47 investors are ready to contribute to crowdfunding projects.

These figures inspire you to go ahead with crowdfunding platform development for your cause. You can either choose a trustworthy source for raising the funds for your cause or create a custom crowdfunding website.

Some of the leading crowdfunding sources are Indiegogo, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and LendingClub. These websites help you to prepare for crowdfunding website development.

Now in the next, we’re going to understand how top crowdfunding sites play a vital role in fulfilling the needs of individuals.

Let’s Understand The Types of CrowdFunding

Every form of crowdsourcing has a distinct function and meets a particular set of financial requirements. A clear understanding of these differences enables people and organizations to select the crowdfunding model most suited to their initiatives or financial goals.

Equity-Based Crowdfunding

Through equity-based crowdfunding, firms and startups can attract investment by selling stock or equity to large investors. Investors take on a portion of the company’s ownership and participate in its gains and losses. This strategy, which is used to raise money for start-up enterprises and is governed to provide transparency and investor protection, is an effective choice for companies looking for significant financial support.

Loan-Based Crowdfunding

Also referred to as peer-to-peer lending, loan-based crowdfunding enables people and companies to get loans from a community of individual investors. Investors gain interest income on the loans they have funded, while borrowers agree to return the loan amount plus interest over a certain period of time. This type of crowdsourcing serves as an alternative to traditional lending institutions for a variety of financial requirements, including debt consolidation, small company finance, and personal loans.

Reward-Based Crowdfunding

In reward-based crowdfunding, initiative owners want to raise money for their plans by providing backers with material goods in exchange for their contributions. The prospect of obtaining the requested item after the project is finished or produced generally inspires backers. It frequently serves as a platform for artistic endeavors, product debuts, and creative ventures, encouraging cooperation and a sense of community between those who create and those who support them.

Donation-based crowdfunding

Donation-based crowdfunding is often utilized for charity, philanthropic, or individual reasons. In this approach, backers make financial contributions without anticipating any financial gains or concrete benefits to support a cause, a project, or an individual. It is frequently used to raise money for nonprofit organizations, personal difficulties, disaster relief, medical bills, and charitable organizations, enabling people to band together to help those in need.

Top Platforms for Crowdfunding in 2024

Top platforms are successfully raising funds for fundraisers and benefits to investors and fundraisers. These platforms are focused on targeting the right audience. They prepare the niche campaign to target the right people. Different models are for businesses, technology, research, artists, healthcare, and education purposes. Everybody needs money, and different crowdfunding App development platforms have different niche audiences to target.

Below is a list of the top crowdfunding websites to make money. 

  • International: Indiegogo, Patreon, GoFundMe, Fundrazr, Eureeca
  • Asia: India- keto, Singapore- give. Asia, Japan- Air funding
  • North/South America: Kickstarter, Patreon, Indiegogo, FundingCircle, GoFundMe, Fundrazr, SeedInvest

These platforms have an international audience that helps you to reach wider landscapes and to understand the performance on all scales. These platforms will definitely inspire you for your own custom crowdfunding website development.


Kickstarter like Crowdfunding Platform Development

It is one of the best fundraising platforms known to support funding for every idea or cause. Its success rate is 44%, which is fairly decent compared with the other channels. It aids funding for art and culture, technology, music, films, designs and etc.

Where Kickstarter is lacking?

Although Kickstarter has raised more than $5 B for 2 lack projects, it has lacked due to its model approachability.

In this model, if the fundraiser is not able to reach the funding goal, they would not keep the money. It becomes complicated for the people to lose the hard-worked fundraised unless they can’t reach their initial funding goal. However, this reduces the risk for the contributors.

Service Fees: 5% of the total funds, + 3-5% of the processing fee.


Indiegogo fundraising platforms

It is known as one of the excellent fundraising platforms and alternatives to Kickstarter. Why? Because it is a unique model. Indiegogo allows both flexible and non-flexible fundraising. This platform inspires you to create your own Indiegogo clone development.

It has raised money for more than 80k businesses from 200 countries.

As we have mentioned, Indiegogo is divided into flexible and non-flexible models. In a fixed or non-flexible funding model, if your campaign does not reach the limit of your goal, then contributions are returned back to them.

The flexible funding model allows you to keep the funds you have raised, even if you can’t reach your funding goal.

This platform has been approached in an easy manner so that individuals contribute and gain money.

Service Fees: 5% of the total funds, + 2.9% of the processing fee with $0.30 transfer fee per payout.



It is a great way to add extra money to your income. Many successful YouTube creators add Patreon to their channels, especially if they have social media networking like YouTube.

It is the prime source to generate a source of income for artists, content creators, and musicians. In return, they reward their followers with prizes, live interactions, and many more things.

The website claims it supports over 200 thousand creators and artists with over a million-plus patrons.

Service Fees: Starting at 5% of your monthly income + 2.9-5% processing fee + $0.25 transfer fee per payout.



It is the best platform for social services non-profit organizations to gather funds for their special cause. GoFundMe claims that it has collected more than $9B from 120M donations till now, which is the highest in its category.

Service fees:  No platform fee, but 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction

Being the business proprietary or individual to start building your website from scratch, it’s always wise to look at some of the best options already existing. How they bridge the gaps and support both the fundraisers and the donors.

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Business Models – Crowdfunding Platform Development

Several types of Crowdfunding platform development modes help you to raise enough amount for your cause with valuable returns to the investors.

  • Donation-based: This model works with the purpose of giving money to someone in need without any return. Generally, NGOs and urgent medical expenses fall under this category.
  • Debt-based: This is a form of the peer-to-peer lending model. Here, the investor pays their money with the expectation to get returns.
  • Rewards-based: In this model, the investors or donors invest their money to get some rewards in return. Many startups and entrepreneurs have their own ideas. They need to share that on some platform to get rewards or any profit in return. Or they can raise the funds to grow their business. This is one of the best methods to raise funds for the progress of the project.
  • Equity-based: This platform allows the individual to become part of the business authority. If you are an investor but do not have any business, you can invest in the businesses and be a part of the owner of securities or a stakeholder of it. This is a preferable platform for individuals to profit from investing their sum.

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Monetization Models to earn for your Crowdfunding Platform

How do crowdfunding websites make money?

Once you have finalized the relevant model for your project or cause, you will look to find a way for its monetization. You can give a track for the Campaigners to subscribe to your channel or fee some money from the collected funds.

So it’s up to you by which method you wish to gain the profit. Let’s detail some of the common monetization models for crowdfunding mobile app development.

1. Commission/Success fee: Most crowdfunding businesses use this model to earn some profit. Once the target goal is achieved, you will receive a specific percentage of money.

For example, Kickstarter charges 5% of the commission for every goal achieved, while IndieGoGo charged 3% of fees after the fundraiser successfully achieves a goal.

2. Membership fee: you can charge a small fee for the followers once they subscribe to your channel. The membership fee could be such that more people are ready to subscribe to your premium services.

For example, Patreon charges the creators a $10-20 fee so they can easily create their own fanbase and get paid for their services.

3. Paid services: In this revenue generation model, you can contribute to the campaigners in their management. You can help them by creating prototypes, publishing videos, ads, or branding, or messages, and other things. And in return, the fundraiser will return for it.

4. Advertisement and Promotions: this model helps fundraisers promote or advertise their campaigns on your platform if you have many subscribers. This is a great way to receive a good amount of money in return. Fundraisers use your platform and transfer your money in return.

Key Features to Consider for Crowdfunding Platform Development

Crowdfunding Platform – Investor Features

  • User Registration: Investors should be able to create accounts with their personal and financial information.
  • Campaign Details: investors can Access to comprehensive campaign information, including the project’s description, goals, funding progress, and the team behind it.
  • Investment Options: A variety of investment options, such as equity, debt, or rewards-based crowdfunding, depending on the platform’s focus.
  • Due Diligence: Investors Access to campaign-related documents, financials, business plans, and risk assessments to help investors make informed decisions.
  • Investment Process: Streamlined processes for making investments in campaigns, including options to set investment limits.
  • Payment Integration: Secure payment gateways to facilitate investments using various payment methods.
  • Investment Tracking: Tools for investors to track their portfolio of investments, monitor campaign progress, and receive updates.
  • Communication Tools: In-app messaging or notification systems for investors to communicate with campaign creators or other investors.
  • Exit Strategies: Information on potential exit strategies or timelines for different investment types, such as equity investments.
  • Rating and Reviews: Ratings and reviews of campaigns from other investors to provide social proof and insights.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Recommendations or tools to help investors diversify their portfolios across different campaigns.
  • Tax and Reporting: Tools to generate investment-related tax documents and financial reports.

Crowdfunding Platform – Investor Fundraisers

  • Project Creation – build thorough project profiles with titles, descriptions, objectives, and financing schedules to enable fundraisers to build projects.
  • Media Upload: Permit the media upload of pictures, videos, and other types of material to demonstrate the goal and development of the project.
  • Funding Options: Offer a range of financing options, including all-or-nothing, keep-it-all, and flexible funding.
  • Payment processing: Include safe payment methods for accepting contributions online and using credit cards.
  • Social sharing: To reach a larger audience, make it simple for people to share the project on social media.
  • Updates and messaging: Enable fundraisers to use the platform to inform backers of the progress of their projects.
  • Reward Tiers: Give backers the choice of receiving rewards or incentives based on the amount of their contributions.
  • Project Preview: Allow fundraisers to examine and change their projects before publication.
  • Analytics and insights: Provide information on the performance of the campaign, including traffic, donations, and referral sources.
  • Promotional Tools: To increase project visibility, include promotion tools like email marketing, widgets, and embeddable buttons.
  • Privacy Setting: Allow fundraisers to choose privacy options for their campaigns, including public or private exposure, using privacy settings.
  • Management of backers and contributors: Make a list of backers, their donations, and contact information available.
  • Refund Management: Permit fundraisers to handle refunds for backers who ask for them, if necessary.
  • Mobile Usability: For convenience, make sure that fundraisers can access and manage their campaigns via mobile devices.

How to Develop Your Crowdfunding Platform?

Till now, we have understood that Crowdfunding and various business models help to develop the website.

There are two options for you to start your Crowdfunding website. The first one is choosing an automated way like CMS WordPress, which quickly launches the website and supports the minimalist necessary integrations required for the implementation.

But this way has some drawbacks like strictly no customizations, no proper implementation of tech stacks, no support from the technical team, no new features, and nothing.

However, a customized crowdfunding website development offers much flexibility and personalization to you. If you want to create your own platform from scratch, you must choose an expert Crowdfunding software developer to add advanced functionalities to the website. This saves your overhead time and leads your project to a wider audience.

Conclusion – Crowdfunding Website Development

Crowdfunding has something to offer for everyone. In the time of globalization, technology is booming the market of every genre. More entrepreneurs from small and medium businesses wish to propel their excellent ideas into reality.

Funding acts as fuel for their business at the initial level. They want to receive quite a decent amount of money.

Here, crowdfunding platforms play a vital role. Both fundraisers and investors are in a profitable situation. They need to worry about their money. Different crowdfunding models help them to choose the best beneficiary method to raise money.

If you are new in the area of crowdfunding, you can connect with an expert to pull your ideas and pick the best platform for yourself.

We at Octal IT Solution can help you brainstorm your idea of building a website or app for crowdfunding. Our experts are ready to develop a robust solution for your project.

From the list of top crowdfunding platforms, you can choose the one which is suitable for you. We have a development team to build an app like Indiegogo, which is the best platform due to its flexibility.

Crowdfunding Platform Development

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