When two people are in love, they want to stay together for the rest of their lives, and this eternal union is sometimes reflected in marriage. To give their love the definition, people tend to tie the knot with the person they love. So, in this world of technology where everything is available online, why not let your users find their life partners here?  Matrimonial software development is worth investing nowadays. If you are also want to know how to develop Matrimonial app then we are here with complete guide that explore all the Matrimonial mobile app development process with cost, features and required techstack.

Earlier parents used to hire agents to find a suitable partner for their son or daughter, and now they don’t have to spend their money on this stuff as many matrimony applications can help. Matrimony sites have all the necessary information about the bride or groom so that the parents get every little detail they are looking for.

Why not let matches made in heaven, meet on earth via your matrimonial mobile application? If you are considering this business and want to know how to create a matrimonial website, then you are at the right place. 

In busy lives where personal life takes a back seat, having a platform that shows potential matches is a great idea! If you are planning on monetizing on the trends, entering the market with an interesting matrimonial mobile app design can help you fulfill your purpose. 

Quick Summary:

Why is matrimony the alluring segment that holds the pace of the current market? That might be the question of the hour for many of us. With this writing, we have exhibited to you some of the top matrimony businesses that pay back great attention to the large customer base. Straight with the recent market facts and figures, features, and tech stack fuel up your app idea to another level. 

Only building a matrimonial application is not vital, retaining the growth and money-making is equally essential for your business, there come the monetization models in the list. So come and join us to understand the fanatics of dream come true occurred in real life.

The Emergence of Matrimonial Mobile Apps

It was in May 2015 that Frost & Sullivan, a market research & analysis firm, reported that three of the top online matchmakers in the nation of India accounted for more than five million marriages in the last decade. The online matrimony app business is growing at such a rapid pace to have 50 lakh of active profiles in 2021.

Matrimonial app stats

These statistics are certain to garner the attention of the ones who look forward to this business and hire matrimonial website development companies to use the potential of the Internet. Presently, the matrimony industry is grabbing the attention of investors and we can only say that the future will be highly fruitful for this industry with the emergence of mobile apps.

The online matchmaking market is growing vigorously in recent years, especially in India where customs and rituals are followed in full swing. Traditionally via relational circles, people met and found their perfect partner, but eventually, with the advent of the Internet, Indian and global markets are daydreaming with the easy and flaunt apps in the market. This surpassed the revenue gain to $3.78B in 2021, as per FYI. 

Pandemic also plays a significant role with a 30% rise in the new registrations on top matrimony sites. Jeevansathi, a leading matrimony site, has witnessed a growth of 11% in revenue from last year. Bharat Matrimony, Shaadi.com, and Jeevansathi have the top market share in the matrimony market.  

In fact, these numbers will keep on growing with each year and so will the need for matrimony website development services. Now, if you are looking to mobile app development, then this blog will take you through various stages of matrimonial mobile app development. 

These stats clearly reflect the popularity of matrimonial websites and are surely an encouragement to take your business forward. Want to enjoy the trends with the best matrimony app design? Here’s everything you need to know.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Matrimonial App Developed for Your Matchmaking Business?

Let your audience have the ease of finding a perfect match for themselves in the comforts of their drawing rooms. Developing a matrimonial mobile app would let your audience find their match simply by registering into the matrimony app and filling a detailed form for profile creation. Accordingly, the app will begin its functioning, displaying matching profiles to the app users. 

There are various significant benefits of matrimonial website development, like:

  • With the help of these apps, you can make it easy and convenient for your customers to find partners within their caste and community.
  • Having an app will attract more audiences as here they will be able to browse so many profiles all at once.
  • Privacy & security of the profiles can be ascertained with a feature-rich matrimonial mobile app.
  • Apps offer a better source of advertising and marketing

These are a few reasons why the industry is in full bloom? Hire mobile app developers would be a smart move to take your business to new heights and let your customers enjoy your services online.

Prominent Matrimonial Management Software in the Market

Before you decide what and how to create a matrimonial website, take a look at the most prominent matrimonial apps in the market. When you work on matrimony app development it becomes quite difficult to analyze what would work and how it would work.  


shaddi.com - best Matrimonial app

It arguably is the world’s largest network of matrimonial services. It contains over 20 million profiles of ladies and gentlemen who are looking to get married. You can find a profile even with the help of a smartphone. While via iPhone you can use the IM feature to chat with other members on the site and get to know them. You get all the necessary stuff via creating an account through your phone, stuff that includes chatting with your interest, receiving interesting matches, exchanging interests with your interest, and viewing various matrimonial matches available.

Your matrimony website developer will integrate matrimonial features which will send random profiles all of a sudden on your screen. This is an Indian-based site and is the largest in the world. It has branches in Canada, the USA, UAE, and UK. It was launched in 1997. Alongside their online support, they also have over 100 centers to solve their problems related to marriage. This app is available for both iOS and Android users.

Bharat Matrimony

Bharat Matrimony

Elite matrimony and assisted matrimony are provided by them. Elite matrimony refers to a matrimonial alliance for wealthy families. But, assisted matrimony is for busy professionals who can’t take out time to look for their partners. The relationship manager provides help in this matter. When you reach a matrimony software company, for a similar app, you would need a website too that would help your audience search and remain in touch with the matches that you find on this site. This site is available in multi-languages like Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, etc.

It is very smooth in the aspect of helping people search for their type of partner online. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS. You can register and create your profile in a snap. Various criteria of online searches like community, city, income, and some others are up on the list. 

Express internet on the app is a feature that helps you in getting a detailed view of the members that are on the site. And as soon as you register for the membership, you get the exciting option of chat on the go. You can get notifications related to the matches plus remain in contact with the one you find interesting.



Jeevansathi platform is known to serve real-life matchmaking to the people, more than 20 years. With the ease to meet people right from your home, you can impress them and exchange your meaningful conversions via online 24*7 communications. This platform helps you with an easy registration process to connect the likely people in a short time. People have a secure way to get connected with premium profiles, which are more profound and genuine. Why premium, to get your profile to hack out from the crowd and get key benefits in filtering more similar profiles.

With the personalized curated match-making service, let the executive prepare your profile, get a consultation with them to get more close to your future prospective partner, and have a great experience. Starting back in 1998, today Jevvansathi.com has more than 61 lakh active profiles. 

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This too is cloud-based matrimonial management software that has been serving the Indian audience for a while now. It lists out various matches from all the states of the Indian peninsula. You are given the leisure of looking for your interesting partner through their site and choose from activities and texts plus offer you different kinds of packages. People from various backgrounds are available which increases the chances of a match.



This site and its app bode well for you if you are a Muslim and are looking for Islamic matrimony to help you out. Not just Indian but Islamic matches across the globe are available to choose from. If you are in search of halal which means certified by the Quran dictates this site will be of great help. And this site also offers 100 percent of privacy to the details that you will share with them. It has received more than good reviews on the Google platform. Matrimonial website development India has seen better and stronger support and is in full bloom as the internet is turning into a necessity rather than a luxury. 

Chavara Matrimony

Chavara Matrimony

If you belong to a minority community, you will have a hard time finding a partner that belongs to your community. It is looked after by Christian priests. It is extremely popular in South India. 

Love Vivah Matrimonial

Love Vivah Matrimonial App

It is way too easy in its functions and has the benefit of getting accessed at any time of the day. You don’t have to make a schedule and open your laptop to go through it. It is available to be downloaded from the app store and after getting this done you can easily access it by logging in just for one time.

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It serves as a stronger matrimony website development framework as one can exchange interests, check your profile, exchange texts, chat, and do various other available activities to save your precious time. 

Features to be Include in Matrimonial Software Development

What Are the Important Features of the Matrimony Mobile App?

A matrimonial mobile app should offer a safe & convenient platform to connect people, helping millions of people from various communities to find their perfect match. As you choose to create a matrimony app for your business, ensure that your platform offers an intuitive interface that smoothly guides your users along with many interesting features. The users will be able to make the best use of these features once they register into the app and create their profiles. Here, we have mentioned the few basic and important features that must be present in a matrimony mobile app. Let’s discuss some salient features that we should inlcude in the Matrimonial Software Development process.


Basic Features of the Matrimony App:

When talking about the basic features of a matrimonial application, they are quite similar to any other application on the play store. The matrimony application development team at Octal IT Solution makes it a point to offer a protected and advantageous stage to assist individuals with associating and tracking down an appropriate soulmate for themselves. Let’s take a gander at the highlights identified with the wedding application and site.

Essential Features of the online marital site: 

Login: Users get to register and create a profile for themselves for better results. They can without much effort register utilizing their email id and can make a free profile for themselves. 

Search: Once they have registered on the website, the next step is to set filters so that the profiles that have a probability of a match are only displayed. Once the filters are applied individuals can begin looking for an appropriate match by arranging their pursuit based on Mother Tongue, Religion, and Community. 

Interface: The navigation through the application has to be easy to ensure-hassle a free experience. 

Communication: This element permits you to choose and begin a discussion with the matches you like. 

Security insurance: We understand how dangerous it is for you to put your information on the internet. But we make it a point that the data is safe and secure. There is the alternative of ensuring your protection and you can adjust it according to your prerequisites. 

Client care: When you are using the application there would be some issues that would be required to resolve. With strong client support, the client can talk to the experts and resolve their questions. Clients can reach them whenever and from any place.


  • Login/Register
  • Profile verification by contact number & email ID
  • Create desire partner profile
  • Set partner preferences
  • Add horoscope
  • Upload your pictures
  • Add personal, educational lifestyle detail
  • Browse profiles by category & subcategory
  • Search profile with advance search fields/filter
  • Send interest requests to other users
  • View contacts of the searched users
  • Add any user in favorite list
  • View profile detail of the selected user
  • Check astrology compatibility
  • Check the horoscope of the selected user
  • Download horoscope
  • View last active time of the user
  • Share, block, and report user profile
  • Accept interest request
  • Request photo & horoscope of any contact user
  • Real-time chat with contact users
  • Paid membership packages
  • Activate membership packages & pay online
  • Multiple payment modules
  • Apply Coupon code
  • Save search
  • Customer support
  • Offer & discount on membership packages
  • View success stories
  • Request for showing your success story on the app
  • Set privacy and visibility
  • Refer and earn points/rewards/discount
  • Join affiliate program
  • Security assured
  • Manage profile
  • Manage alerts (call, SMS, email alerts)
  • CMS
  • Notification & alerts


  • Login
  • Dashboards
  • Customer profile verification
  • Manage customers
  • Manage invites
  • Manage rewards
  • Manage affiliation program
  • Manage success stories and user request
  • Manage membership packages
  • Email & SMS marketing
  • Manage promotions
  • Smart search
  • Cloud storage integration
  • CRM integration
  • CMS integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Third-party APIs integration
  • Manage profile
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Notification


These basic features are common in every matrimonial application that you would come across. What is important are the features that would set your application apart in the market. Our experts make it a point to deliver solutions that make you one of the best in the market. 

Advanced Features

Along with these features, there are a few more aspects that affect the matrimonial mobile app development cost. These features give your app an edge over others and help you mark your presence in the market.  

Add Photos from the Library- You must allow your app users to add images from the library, as this way they can easily upload their pictures on their profile as well as share them with the profiles they have an interest in.

Search & Filter- This feature will allow the users to search for the prospects as per their likings as interest, like their location, occupation, community, etc.

Save Favorite- Using this feature, your app users will be able to save the profiles of the prospects they have an interest in and can visit it easily the next time they open the app.

Chat Integration- The integration of Chat API is crucial in a matrimonial mobile app as it is vital that the app users are able to communicate with the other users in order to reach a level of understanding. After all, it is a lot easier for people to initiate communication via chat as they find it way convenient.

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GPS Integration- Using this feature, you can allow your app users to find relevant matches near a location via City Search. This way, the users can initiate the search within their city as well as outside, as per their liking and interests.

User Privacy & User-Blocking Feature- It is vital to ensure the privacy of the app users as well as allow the app users to block the other user profiles which might be creating an unnecessary nuisance for them.

One-Time-Password Integration- Users’ authenticity can be confirmed by integrating OTP (one-time-password) features into your app, via SMS, call, email, etc.

Data Sync- This feature will prove useful for the admin who will be able to sync the app data with social accounts, etc.

In-app Camera- Users will be able to share pictures with other profiles by clicking directly from the app camera, instead of uploading the particular pictures from the phone gallery.

Push Notifications- Users can receive alerts regarding new updates, for example, a new profile of specific categories updated on the app that may interest them.

In-app Calling & Messaging- This feature again can help the users to make calls and send messages to the interesting profiles within the app itself.

Data Security- Security of user data must be ensured at all costs and this can be done easily by taking care of certain security measures.

Third-party API- Integration of third-party APIs has become crucial for most apps of today and the same holds true for matrimony apps. For example, chat API, third-party camera API, etc. need to be integrated.

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Social Sharing- Integration of this feature will allow the app users to visit the social accounts of the user profiles they are interested in as well as they can share pictures and other stuff on their social profiles.

Newsfeed/Activity Feed- The app admin can stay updated about the activity of all the app users by using the newsfeed feature, where all of the user actions will be displayed. Accordingly, future action to enhance the matrimony app can be taken.

Ratings/Reviews- Having reviewed and rating features will allow your audience to find all about your app and then it is also vital to have such a platform where the app users can share their experience with our services.

Multiple Payment Modes- Enables your app users to make easy payments by ewallet app development, such as Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, etc. as well as offer the feature of multi-currency as well. This would help people from all across the world to make payments easily in case they are keen on upgrading to the premium features of your matrimony app.

By having all of these advanced features in your matrimonial apps, it will be easier for you to have an edge over your competitors. Integrating these advanced features will also make your app more reliable after all matchmaking is a sensitive matter and having a mobile app for this purpose will certainly help your matrimony brand to gain a strong position in the market.

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Monetization Models for the Matrimony Platform

No matter how successful and friendly your application is, in order to give it a lifelong experience for the users, you should keep in mind the question; how to monetize and gain profit from it. In this competitive market, businesses have to adopt different strategies to rapid their revenues. Here we have for you some of the top models to gain revenue for the business and sustain your business build for a long. 

Matrimonial software development

  • Freemium Model

This is the mandate model for businesses to keep running. Freemium models are as the name utters; free for their users. This model keeps gauging the potential customers on the platform to maintain its popularity and prominence in the market. 

To earn revenue from this business, authorities need to add additional services in the existing model and set it to pay. 

  • Subscription-based model

Next in the queue is the subscription-based model, which asks users to choose the optimum plan as per their wish; monthly, quarterly, or yearly, and get the benefit of the premium featured services. More fast and quality services are offered to these users without any lack of time. 

This is one best fit model for businesses to earn high-end returns. 

  • Ads based model

In this model, in order to retain the growth and success of the business, the vendors place their ads relevant to the matrimonial site with some amount of charge. This is the common approach to grab a large number of customers in a short time and gain business growth. 

  • Wedding business promotions

This type of model is the best way to promote wedding businesses online. This is the best option for the vendors to get more business and pull large revenue with the services. Vendors place their wedding invitations, caterer services, decorating services, and many more things in one place to make it easy for the people. 

Considering any of the models for your business, makes you stand out from the crowd and earn you high profit in returns.

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How much does it cost to build a matrimonial app like Shaadi.com?

When it comes to considering the cost of a matrimonial website, there are a few factors that can decide the final amount. Some of these features are:

Functions and Functionalities

When you enter the market with an interesting matrimonial mobile application that is ladened with functions and features you are surely getting a great customer visit. You can cut down your budget and if you want some advanced features and come up with a smart budget.

Look and Feel

As we are talking about the development of a matrimony app, make sure it looks good and your users can connect with it easily. Since the audience of your app is quite extensive, you need to create an app that is intuitive, engaging, and impressive. Thus the matrimony app design is something that would build customer loyalty and engagement. 

The Platform for Matchmaking App

When you decide to go to a third-party team for matrimonial software development, all you need to do is hire hybrid app development experts who can deploy to you a mobile application that can work on various platforms.

You can choose to hire Android app developers or iOS app developers to create native applications.

Technology Stack

One important factor that determines the cost of the development of a matrimony mobile app is the technology stack we would put to use. The factors here are:

  • Mobile – Android, iOS
  • Push Notifications – Twilio, Push.io
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio
  • Backend – PHP, Javascript, MySQL
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, eWallets, NetBanking, Cards
  • Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Realtime Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

These are a few things that determine how much matrimonial website development costs. The more you experiment with the requirements, the higher would be your bill.  

Matrimonial App Development Cost

Some significant factors that determine the cost of development of the matrimony app that you want are the geographic location from where the team is hired, the experience level of your team, and the expertise of app developers. Let’s discuss some important factors that determine the Matrimonial app development cost.


  • US/UK-based app developers charge $70-$250 per hour for their services.
  • Eastern Europe-based app developers charge $50-$150 per hour for their services.
  • India-based app developers charge $20-$70 per hour for their services.

Considering the basic features, then developing a matrimony mobile app would cost you around $15000-$20000. In case you decide to integrate more advanced features, you’d have to push your matrimony mobile app development budget. 

Wrapping Up

After this, more and more businesses are going online and since marriage has always been a top priority in our country, one should look to invest in developing a matrimony mobile app at this time. In the current scenario, people are looking to tie knots, keeping the social distance precautions in mind. So, at this time, if a great matrimony app comes knocking at their door, they would not be able to say no.


Before you decide to hire matrimony app development services, we would clarify the major confusion that you may face.

Matrimonial app development cost
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