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How to Hire Programmers when you are not from a Technical Background

There is a lot that goes behind creating a website or a mobile app and hiring programmers with complete technical nuance. There is the whole team of experts that is required to create a website or an app that entrepreneur desires and for a start, this team includes full-stack developers, software engineers, database administrators. Having them on your team is already half the job done but the tricky part is hiring the right person on your team. Even the much acclaimed technical recruiters, HR Managers find it tough when it comes to selecting the right person for the job.

Having the appropriate command on various programming languages, cloud technologies, OS Platforms, software and DBMS packages is not only necessary for the person looking to get on the team but also for the technical recruiter who has been assigned with the task of separating the wheat from the chaff. This step should be given the right amount of importance as sometimes mediocre programmers and designers pass the screening tests along with technical interviews but perform underwhelming in the field of battle.

This problem increases multifold when you realize that most of the businesses out there are not digital and the managers or owners are not having much of the required technical knowledge. This however should not hinder the managers from hiring the right person as they can achieve their target by sticking to their core strengths and creating a checklist of characteristics that needs to be completed before hiring a programmer.


Points to remember before hiring a Programmer


  • Getting hold of the nature of business

Most of the managers and owners will claim that they already have complete knowledge of their business but there are always blind spots to be found in such visions. This process will assist the managers in gaining a more fulfilled knowledge of their specific business which in turn will allow them to understand how the suggested system is going to benefit the business, vendors, partners, owners, and employees. How the new set of transformations affects the current system should be studied thoroughly in order to achieve the desired success.


  • Consulting the programmers in your friend list

This simple step can be a game-changer as consulting your programmer's friends who already lead a team of programmers can help you immensely in moving in the right direction. Through their guidance, you will be able to get a better view of how to approach the first-round interviews, ask questions of pedigree, and judge the applicant’s responses.


  • Acquiring experts

Getting keynotes from your programmer's friends will help you successfully select the candidates who deserve a shot in the second round. However, in the second round, you need to mix up things a bit by asking technical questions to test the talent of the programmer on the technical front. If you don’t have a friend who has the technical knowledge then you can look to contact a programmer as a consultant on a temporary basis. Through their stack of technical knowledge, you will be able to make the right call in selecting the right candidate for the job.


  • Preparing beforehand

Preparing for an important task beforehand is always a trait to have. In the case of hiring a dedicated developer for your job be it of any kind like freelancer, a third-party service provider, or even an employee. You need to access the checklist of all the important points be it negotiable or non-negotiable. The checklist that we are talking about needs to include points as an appropriate understanding of the business, user insights, market and competition analysis, and a roadmap of features and functionalities in the suggested system such as software, web, and app.


  • Complete analysis of the market and competition

The research that you will be performing on the businesses of your industry with the software systems is going to be key in the long term. You need to access the impact of the software systems on the profitability, efficiency, and stakeholders. You won’t to able to gather all the necessary details but whatever information you gather will help you attain a comprehensive understanding of the software system and it affects the working.


  • Finding out the needs of the target audience

Conducting substantial market surveys is paramount in finding out what your customers and clients demand from you. Surveys also help you find out

  • What your counterparts are putting on the table for their clients
  • To what extent are your rivals able to fulfill the needs of their clients
  • Help you in recognizing the desires of the clients that at the moment are untouched.

Acting on these points won’t guarantee you success in this market but to give your best shot you must fulfill the long-standing need. However, you can increase your chances of success multifold by being aware of the stumbling blocks along the way.


  • Choosing a suitable platform

This point is as technical as it sounds. While you were carrying out the surveys on the competition you would have encountered the fact that different systems run on different platforms taking from desktop to web to mobile and also on different OS. These various platforms have their pluses and minuses depending upon the situation. This awareness will help you out in ironing out which platform works best for your new system. However, your system does not need to be based built upon a single platform as it can also be created on multiple platforms.

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After you have identified the suitable platform for your system, you now are ready to identify the most needed technical skills such as programming language and DBMS technology. This will assist you in calculating the overall expenditures of the complete project.


Let us take certain examples to understand the need for programming languages.

  • For ios, you can only use Swift and Objective-C
  • For Android, you need to make use of Java and Kotlin
  • For web development, you need to put HTML5+JS+CSS along with Java/C#/PHP/Python to use.


  • Selection of the system features and their functionalities

If someone decides to use an analogy to define the importance of the features and functionalities to the development team then he would define it as a blueprint to the mason looking to construct a building. Features in full in a hierarchy level from a higher level to detailed will assist your programmers by guiding them what to code, how to code, and what it will have to work upon. In case you are looking to ‘clone’ a popular solution like that of ‘Netflix’ for video streaming, all you need to do is provide the name and you will be served earlier than you expected.

Features can be categorized into functional or primary, non-functional, or secondary and advance or tertiary features. Primary features do not compromise on the timelines and functionalities and are the ones that get developed first in the list.


  • Creating UI/UX

User interface and User experience are the two most important aspects of any app or website creation. The user interface holds such high importance because provides a look and feel to the website and this directly affects the user experience. Different brands of the same industry provide user interfaces of different kinds which contributes to creating a user experience according to that. You will find that some software taps into your behavior and suggest you on the basis of that while other software doesn’t do this amount of hard work.

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  • Attracting the right type of tech talent

After you are done with getting the technical details such as technology, platform, languages, and other skills right, you need to advertise for the technical talent in the market. You can attract suitable techies by offering them various aspects such as better work-life balance, company culture, working on the latest technologies, opportunities to work on hardcore challenges. In order to advertise the job in the right manner, you need to create an attractive job description. This measured job description will not only lure candidates but the right kind of candidates.


  • Have complete knowledge of the candidate

Before jumping in an interview with your candidate look to have the necessary knowledge about the selected candidate by going through their portfolios, reports, and social media activities. Social media profiles can give you a strong idea about the candidate along with their work on GitHub, Stack Overflow, Quora, and others. Look for how they are presenting their skills, how they are contributing to the community, and do they actively get involved in answering some specific questions and writing blogs. You can go a step further on this by analyzing their participation in the groups they are actively taking part in.



Hiring a programmer that suits your demands is a tough nut to crack especially the one that improves your technical team as a whole. However, through the above piece of information, we have provided you the best available ideas to hire a talented programmer on your team.

Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal IT Solution, a prominent Mobile App Development Company offering cutting-edge iPhone App Development and Android App Development services to Startups, SMEs and Fortune-500 Companies.

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