What You Need To Know Before Hiring a PHP Developer

With the advent of so many new and efficient programming languages and their updates in the last few years, it seems like PHP is slowly losing its grip in the development market. However, though these new languages have gained quite a popularity, there’s no doubt that PHP is still holding its position as one of the most widely used languages for website development.

The key reason behind the success of PHP is the abundance of frameworks that are available with it. These frameworks significantly reduce the hassles of programming by allowing for different set structures in the way codes are written. Some of the most used PHP frameworks are Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP, etc. However, a PHP programmer has no compulsion for using any of these frameworks. In fact, many developers still prefer to use the non-framework version of PHP, called the raw PHP.

In any case, PHP offers a plethora of options to explore for all kinds of developers, from amateurs to professionals. This ease of working on PHP, however, has its own drawbacks. The most obvious one is the overabundance of PHP developers around the globe.

Post a single requirement for a PHP developer and you’ll get dozens of programmers ready to work for you. This makes it really hard for the customers to pick the right PHP developer.

Remember, going for the cheapest one isn’t always the best choice. There are other ways to analyze a PHP developer in order to meet your perfect match. We’re here to discuss the key things that you should remember when you are looking for a PHP developer. So, with further delays, let’s begin!

  1. Familiarize Yourself With Different Frameworks

If you’re really serious about hiring the right PHP developer, a prerequisite knowledge of PHP and its different frameworks is an absolute must. In fact, PHP and its frameworks are so easy for a layman to understand that you’ll only need a few days to get a basic understanding of it all.

Try to match your project requirements with all the frameworks and you’ll quickly be able to find an ideal framework for it. This way, you’ll be able to filter out all the PHP developers that are not an expert in your required framework. The shorter the pool, the easier it is to find the right guy.

  1. Ask The Right Questions

One of the key mistakes that one does while looking for a PHP developer, or any developer for that matter, is asking some basic general knowledge questions about the language. It doesn’t matter who created PHP language when it was created or even who runs it today. These questions are pretty irrelevant to programmers, and are, by no means, a right way to test the programming knowledge of a developer.

Instead, you should be asking key questions related to the development process itself. Some of these questions include but are not limited to, asking about the design patterns used by the developer, the encryption process that he or she uses and their hands-on experience with the particular framework of your choice. Again, these answers require prerequisite knowledge of PHP. If you want a smooth and perfect development process, you can’t avoid your own homework. It’s as simple as that.

  1. Fix a Payment Method

Every time you look for a freelancer for any kind of work, you are asked to choose between two ways of payment: fixed cost or hourly payments. In the case of PHP development, it’s usually recommended that you go with the former. This is solely because a PHP development process can be laid out in its entirety in quite an effective manner. You can share your business requirements and offer a fixed quote for your work.

However, in certain cases, where there’s a continuous addition of work-flow in the project, the hourly payment method could work better for both the client as well as the developer. In any case, you should decide what kind of description your project would fit in, and based on that, fix your payment method.

  1. Look for Communication Skills

Communication skills are the most easily recognizable and, at the same time, one of the most important non-technical aspects of selecting a developer. If you and the developer are unable to establish seamless communication during the entire web development process, then the whole project will become very complicated and daunting.

This is exactly why a developer needs to have good communication skills to understand your vision perfectly while notifying you of his or her progress at the same time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about a good command over the English language, as long as the two of you can communicate your ideas to one another without any troubles.

  1. Analyze the Portfolio

One of the best things about hiring a developer is the opportunity to scrutinize his or her past projects in detail. With the right analysis, you can make sure that you are hiring the right developer. In addition to checking the developer’s work based on different technical aspects, you may also get recommendations from his or her previous clients. This is an ideal way to ensure that the programmer has the right communication skills and that he or she can understand your vision perfectly.


PHP has a lot to offer in the field of development, and it offers a chance to the clients to get to know it better before they even start looking for a PHP developer for their project. Once you know the basics, you’ll be able to easily cut through all the unwanted programmers and hit your ideal choice fast and with full surety.


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