We have to admit the fact that mobile technology is taking over the digital landscape. With more people accessing the internet through their mobile devices, this field is undergoing anticipated transformations. The rise of m-commerce is inevitable and smartphones have become the new-age shopping hubs.

At the same time, it has necessitated an integration of interactive interface and multiple payment gateways to enrich the user experiences. It is, indeed, the most integral part of mobile app development because it defines the course of action for the users. Many customers abandon their cart if they get stuck during the checkout process. You can retain these users on your app by considering the following factors of integrating payment gateways into it.

1. Multiple Options to Make Payments

It’s true that customers prefer variety in everything- be it related to shopping or payments. Hence, it is advisable to integrate multiple payment modes into your app. The popular methods include debit and credit cards. However, many online shoppers prefer paying through mobile wallets or PayPal. Apart from these, your app must also cater to the buyers preferring COD option.

2. Follow The PCI-DSS Standards of Security

For the mobile users, security is a primary concern. In this regard, there are certain standards specified as Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards. These standards must be carefully implemented in order to protect the sensitive user information. It strengthens mobile app security and invokes the trust of users. An app certified for its security mechanism is more reliable for shopping and thus, making payments becomes quite a handy task.

3. Ensure Friction-Less experiences

There is a conventional approach to directing the users to a web page for making payments. Believe this, it?s frustrating for the users and most of them, abandon their cart for this reason. In this context, you can retain them by integrating the payment gateway within the app itself. This offers smoother purchasing experiences. Nonetheless, you can delight them more by giving an option to save their card details for future payments, but make sure to determine their authentication factors too.

4. Be Analytical At Every Step

Handling of payment can be intimidating for the mobile app developers if they fail to leverage the analytics and statistical tools available at their disposal. For, payment details of several users are managed simultaneously, hence, you need to deploy a consistent reporting process based on strong analytics.

5. Confirmation of Payment

The acknowledgment factor is imperative to build the confidence of customers. Remember that the payment gateway can become a proactive medium to earn user engagement. Send them a customized email stating that the received payment. You can make the most of it by promoting your brand through personalized messages, videos, blogs, or customer testimonials.

6. Consider the Settlement Terms

This factor caters to the app owner. Mostly, a payment gateway can take 2-5 days for clearing your dues. The payments that are instantly transferred by customers to their account are processed and in case if any adjustment related to the charges are required the remaining amount is credited into their accounts. In this regard, you must assess your options deeply and prefer the optimized payment gateway in order to minimize the settlement period.

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7. Faster Failure Recovery Process

During the course of their operations, some errors are bound to happen in a payment gateway. Communicate clearly with the customers and properly explain them the errors along with all the encompassed rectifying fixes. The technical issues must be explained to the users and related guidelines should be inculcated within an app. Also, ensure failure recovery within a stipulated time framework and motivate the users to complete the action instead of aborting it midway. Use payment gateway APIs in your app to authenticate the payment processes.

8. The Costing Matters

The costing structure for payments through apps may largely vary. The options include one-time payment, periodic, or per transaction payments. As, the affordability is the key here, hence, at the same time, never let this factor affect the quality of your app.


The multiple payment gateways are significant to ensure the successful completion of the buying process on your app. They can improve the onboarding and in-app experiences to enhance user retention. You can seek help from an expert mobile app development company to get this feature integrated into your mobile application. If you are looking for a free consultation then contact our team.

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