We have seen how technology has changed over the years. From buying groceries to taking care of babies and taking care of senior communities to simple salon needs, name it and you have an application for the same. No matter what industry and service, we have an application for all. Considering one of the most traditional industries, Agriculture, it has earned a great benefit from the technology, named Agritech. In this blog we will discuss Agriculture Mobile App Development cost and key features.

A lot of agrarian startups are in the market now that offer applications that help farmers and farm owners reap better yields and earn great returns on investments. Surely in this fast-paced, palm-size lifestyle Agritech app development services are climbing their way up to the top.

Agritech Market Facts We Can’t Ignore

When talking about agriculture mobile app development, are majorly aimed at improving farming methodologies and extending technological help to farmers. Many of the farming solutions, for now, are based on desktop computers and laptops, extending them to mobile devices is the logical next step, allowing farmers to use these technologies from anywhere.

The world has a plethora of digital solutions, and the smart farming market is still growing at an exponential pace. The demand for more advanced and strong solutions continues to rise around the globe from the United States to Asia and Africa.

Now is the right time to start developing an agricultural app.

The worldwide smart agricultural market will rise from $5 billion in 2017 to over $15 billion in 2025, according to Zion.

If you are looking forward to developing an agritech mobile app then you can surely hire a mobile app development team that would take care of your development needs.

Some of the Dominant Agritech Startups in the Market

As you have decided to hire an expert agriculture mobile app development team from our organization, we here share some of the best applications that are an inspiration to work on your application.

Agragene (US)

Agragene agriculture mobile app

Agragene, the US-based mobile application sells eco-friendly products using CRISPR-based genome engineering. The organization works dominantly on TransDominant technology for hybrid seed production. Most of the solutions that they offer are based on advanced technologies like Precision-Guided Sterile Insect Technology that specifically works for crop pests. The application has successfully created Knock-Out, a sterile male spotted wing drosophila that simply kicks out the non-organic pesticides that are heavily used in berries and stone fruits.

The product offered by the application is trusted by many and is believed to reduce pesticide residues. This makes it easier and cheaper for growers to grow multiple crops in a non-toxic work zone. Also, consumers get healthy products that are completely safe to consume.

ApisProtect (Ireland)

ApisProtect agritech app

Another agritech application from another corner of the world. ApisProtect is an Ireland-based agritech mobile application that brings in the field the power of advanced sensors and machine learning technology. This is designed specifically to deliver a 24/7 early warning system so that beekeepers can look after the at-risk hives immediately and improve bee health.

By working on the sensors along with the conditions, the health and activity of the bees in the hives can be judged. The application makes use of big data and machine learning techniques, to let the beekeepers have actionable insights. Not just this, to prevent losses and increase colony productivity the beekeepers are always notified with simple suggestions and working techniques.

mobile app development

GeoPard Agriculture

GeoPard Agriculture

We all know how Germans play with technology no other in the world can.

GeoPard Agriculture is an interesting and unique precision agriculture application. The application is designed to specifically deliver field profiles and create easy crop management zone maps for almost any farm. The best of the operation fields it covers are soil sampling, seeding, fertilizing, irrigation, herbicides, and fungicide spraying.

Yup! Almost everything you can think of has been covered. This start-up strives to ease the complexity of precision farming and offer a perfect view of any spot of agricultural land globally.


Stenon agriculture application

Stenon is another German application is developed with an integrated hardware and software solution for real-time soil analysis. With advanced technology, the application can offer extraction-free soil readings in real-time directly from the farms in seconds. The best part is it maintains the level of accuracy when the results are compared with laboratory results. This application aims to resolve the major problem of Real-time soil analysis through the use of sensor-fusion technology and machine learning. Based on the measurements, recommendations are given for optimal cultivation.

These are some of the best agritech mobile applications in the market. We Do Not replicate any of these, instead, we study these applications to understand what solutions the audience is expecting from us and what would be the best way to cover the loopholes in the process.

We understand trusting a third party with your mobile app development requirement is a lot to ask for. We affirm that if you hire our Agriculture mobile app development company, we would let you be a part of the development cycle all the while.

Our team follows an agile work style where you are given milestones for various tasks and with each milestone, we move a little closer to your application.

Agriculture Mobile App Development – The Step-by-Step Process

Here’s the complete on-demand mobile app development lifecycle right from discussing your idea to taking you to the market.

Step 1: We Turn Your Idea into Scalable Business Idea

You have to be very inquisitive and curious about the business idea you’re working on to ensure that it reflects exactly what you desire. Play around with some brainstorming sessions to see if you can link all of the dots together.

We make sure to discuss your app idea and suggest you with our inputs from our industry experience. Having a list of essential elements that make things easier ensures you’re investing your time and energy in the proper spot.

The major points of discussion would be:

mobile app development

Who exactly are you developing your application for?

When you know who your target audience is, the scope of your research shrinks, and you can more simply select how to proceed with the agriculture mobile app development process.

The group you are aiming for here would either be farm owners or workers who want the best yield from their fields.

You can’t provide services to individuals unless you know who you wish to help. You need to be certain of your target demographic before moving further with your app concept.

What would be your app’s unique selling point?

We affirm that we experiment with the feature set or your design to make you stand out from the crowd. It could be the technology or the solutions that you are offering to your audience.

What would be the primary goal of developing the app?

Analyze if the problem that you want to address here is global or local. Analyze if there are many in the market with a similar product and what is the competition. Work out the list of features and functions and “swish” you start the agriculture mobile app development journey.

What is your competition’s strategy and who are they?

Jumping on the battleground without knowing your competition would be a stupid move. Come up with the loopholes and pitfalls that you can work on. We have been working on solutions that help you stand a few steps ahead of your competition.

Would You Like Your App to be Promoted by a Marketing Team?

Another important point that you need to be sure of. Discuss if you want a marketing team to promote your application or if you are fine with the limited tasks allotted.

Make sure you sell your Android or iOS mobile application in a way that offers a unique and compelling solution to the market.

Step 2: Get to Know Your Market

It is important that you understand your market and connect with your customers easily. The process of agritech startup app development becomes quite easier when you know your buyers’ persona.

Step 3: Create a wireframe

Wireframing is a crucial step for agriculture mobile app development. Before the development process starts you should have a basic roadmap that can help you through. This would help you build a solution that is strong and intuitive. Hire a mobile app development company that can handle the wireframe process and explain it to you.

Step 4: Select a Platform Carefully

When considering what steps to take to design a mobile app, you must first decide which platform you want to use. It’s possible that you’d like to publish your mobile app as a PWA rather than through the Play Store.

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Step 5: Create an Application

Once you have decided on the details, it’s time for some action. Make sure that you take to your audience a solution that is technologically strong and is developed flawlessly.

Step 6: Evaluate the App’s Functionality

You may make things much easier for yourself by using a code review process. If you employ a mobile app development team for your product, they will most likely use the Agile development approach, which allows you to test the codes and make modifications as needed after each milestone.

Step 7: Release a Beta Version of Your App

To begin, roll out a beta version to early users to determine if the app works for them. If the app reflects well, then a portion of it will be used.

Allow visitors to learn about the beta version of your app and how it reflects and functions for your company.

Step 8: Go Live With Your App

Proceed to the launch of your final app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store once the beta version has been successfully launched and reflects nicely. You can learn more about how to launch your app in the app store here.

Step 9: Activities Following the Launch

Ascertain that your app is easily accessible to your target audience. Market your app in such a way that it achieves the best results. Reach your digital marketing team, look for some help, and proceed further for better solutions.

Do Not Forget to Sell Your App

When you make an app for agriculture, you need to remember about marketing just like any other app creator. You should also integrate other analytics for yourself to know how your app is doing. Analytics can show you how many users your app has, how much time they spend in your app, and what features they use most. This information can help you scale your application and change it according to market needs.

This is the basic App Development Process that our Android or iOS app developers stick to. This makes it easier for you to let us know if you want any modifications to your agritech solution at any point in the development.

Agriculture Mobile App Development – Apps for Farming of Many Kinds

From sowing the crops to selling them to the end-user, technology has pervaded practically every aspect of the agricultural production process. Here are some examples of farming apps that can assist farmers in growing crops, caring for them, predicting environmental impact, and tracking other aspects of their farm, such as animals.

  • Apps for Weather Forecasting
  • Mapping
  • Apps that Track Your Whereabouts Using GPS
  • Apps for Grain Elevators
  • Apps for Ranching
  • Apps for Cattle Management

These are the most significant factors that define the agriculture domain. Having an application to monitor each of these domains, makes it easier for the farm owners to take care of their business.

When talking about agritech mobile app development, it becomes easier for us to take to the screen a feature-laden application. These features are defined by the experts and affirm that using the application would reflect great profits.

Features for Your Agritech Mobile App Development

Drones Are Integrated

Drones are gaining great attention as one of the most essential and widely used agricultural technologies. A farmer can use drones to see where crops are healthy and where they need to take care a little, allowing them to make changes exactly where needed.

mobile app development

Drones equipped with thermal cameras can assist in identifying water loss and determine how much water crops receive. Drones may also deliver pesticides and soil samples to farmers from any location.

Drones are used in agriculture more than any other business on the planet. They are becoming increasingly popular in agriculture as a result of all of this.

In-App Camera 

With an in-app camera installed with your application, we make sure that the solutions are interesting and engaging. The in-app camera makes it really easy for the farmers to keep a check on their farms. They can even see if the crop is growing well or does it needs to be added with something.

Have a Conversation

As agricultural technologies become more and more complex, some farmers need advice when transitioning to more digital-oriented farming and trying out new technologies. This is what makes chat in farming mobile apps popular.

Without having to be physically present on the field, advisor applications allow farmers to communicate with advisors and address problems quickly. As discussed already, AgriSync is an app that connects farmers with consultants. Here one can easily connect with the consultants and receive a quick solution to their problem. Advisors and farmers can hold live video calls using AgriSync’s video chat features.

Video Calls and Broadcasting

A nice feature for an app that aims at offering consultation is video streaming and broadcasting. They allow the consultants to respond to typical questions and farmers to participate in live video sessions. Broadcasting also allows farmers to share their knowledge and insights, forming a community within your app.

The broadcasting feature of your agriculture mobile app development can easily be used to discuss what’s going on, give advice, and receive it.

Machine Vision and Camera Vision

The major yield loss is when one cannot identify plant illnesses early on, identify weeds, check nitrogen levels, and assess leaf damage. With advanced technology, it becomes quite easier and more effective for farmers to diagnose the problems with their plants.

When you reach our agritech mobile app development team, they make sure to bring to the table a plethora of open-source machine vision libraries available. You can seek assistance from skilled developers to discover the right one for you.

As we integrate a ready-to-use machine vision library for your specific needs your application would easily be able to identify plants, diseases, and treatment options.

Calendar Is a Must-Have Feature to Keep Things in Line  

As we work on the mobile app to manage crops, a calendar is a must-have feature. This can help the farmers be accurate with their actions and ensure a healthy yield. Also, to maintain procedures nice and organized, a farmer can share a calendar with workers. Farmers might use a calendar to plan out all of their tasks.

Push Notifications to Grab Attention 

This is one feature that every mobile application has. Here the farmers can easily keep track of many activities that require their attention, be reminded of the changes, emergencies, or new data, and stay updated with the upcoming events on the calendar.

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You may utilize advanced push notifications, which include photographs and even maps, to provide even more information in your reminders.

Farm Management Weather Forecast App

For an agriculture app, weather forecast integration is a useful feature. Weather plays a crucial role in crop management and accurate forecasts can let farmers be prepared for any problem to come.

Weather forecasts in agriculture mobile apps should be accurate and updated on a regular basis. Though technology has made farmers less reliant on the environment, the weather remains a significant determinant in crop production. The key is precise data that is updated on a regular basis: at least once an hour. This also represents how conditions can change over time and how they can prepare for them. When it comes to agriculture-related apps, we make sure you receive the best.

Agricultural Goods Listings

An eCommerce store for products that the farmers would need like insecticides, seeds, and equipment are among the applications. Farmers can enjoy some great discounts and deals by using agricultural markets, which bring together consumers, traders, and producers.

mobile app development

A well-designed marketplace app would be built with a photo and description of the goods, as well as delivery times and other details.

Pay Through the App

If your app is a farmer’s market, it should have a mobile banking capability. Integrate a payment gateway to make payments quick and simple. Let them get rewards and discounts via their wallet. Also, with a digital wallet app development, you can let your users pay via various mediums like cards, UPI, or COD.

Understand the Diseases and Offer Remedies

Let your application be updated with a list of crops, possible diseases, and treatment options to let the farmers save their valuable crops and time. This can be integrated into the mobile application as an informative blog section or discussion.

You can either generate a list of diseases and potential treatments, or you can utilize AI and machine vision to help the app identify the ailment more quickly.

Building Analytical Tools

We integrate an in-app analytical tool that functions with Big Data Analytics to check the progress and the reflection of the application. Our mobile app development company affirms that your application lags nothing. The analytics should be helpful and provide useful information on resources, crop health, weather changes, and so on.

The farmers using your application can easily figure out how successful their precision farming plan is and how to improve it.

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Advanced Technology for Your Agriculture Mobile App Development

We have discussed the feature-set of the application, and seen how advanced technology plays a significant role in agriculture mobile app development. The most dominant solutions are:

1. Machine Vision

Machine vision, which is based on machine learning, makes all of this feasible. The most difficult aspect of machine learning is gathering sufficient data for the algorithm to learn. We use pre-defined databases and a cloud-based strategy to support farmers by developing an agriculture application. There exist, however, ready-to-use databases of flora, illnesses, and other information.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Another technology that dominantly guides the working of the agritech applications in AI. From identifying the diseases to predicting the weather, from helping set schedules to taking care of the intruders in the farms the technology plays a dominant role in the advanced operability of the applications.

mobile app development

3. Chatbot

Advanced chatbots make it really easy for the solution providers to connect with the consultants and get their issues resolved. For minor issues and small queries, chatbots can easily respond.

We understand that technology may not be your forte, and thus help you with some out-of-the-world solutions that can help you make a strong presence in the market.

Cost of Agriculture Mobile App Development

The cost to build an app for agriculture is a little higher for the technology it uses. We have been working on solutions that are interesting and intriguing and can drop solutions that would help you stand out from the crowd.

The major factors that define the cost of development are:

  • Feature Set
  • Application Platform
  • Region of Development Team

The cost of agriculture mobile app development of a basic application would be around $85,000 to $95,000 and the cost of development of an advanced solution is around $110,000 to $150,000.

We understand the numbers seem a little on the higher edge but affirm this is according to the best market rates.

Wrapping It Up!

With agritech mobile application being the most dominant field of research these days, we at Octal IT Solution affirm to integrate the latest technology with your solutions and help you upscale your business.

mobile app development

Frequently Asked Questions

How to develop an Agriculture Mobile App?

Here is The Step-by-Step Process to Develop an Agriculture Mobile App:
Step 1: We Turn Your Idea into Scalable Business Idea
Step 2: Get to Know Your Market
Step 3: Create a wireframe
Step 4: Select a Platform Carefully
Step 5: Create an Application
Step 6: Evaluate the App’s Functionality
Step 7: Release a Beta Version of Your App
Step 8: Go Live With Your App
Step 9: Activities Following the Launch

What are popular agriculture mobile apps?

Some of the Dominant Agritech Startups in the Market are:
1. Agragene (US)
2. ApisProtect (Ireland)
3. GeoPard Agriculture
4. Stenon

How much does it cost to develop an agriculture mobile app?

The cost of agriculture mobile app development of a basic application would be around $85,000 to $95,000 and the cost of development of an advanced solution is around $110,000 to $150,000.

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