The demand for food industry in is reaching new heights everyday all around the world and along with that the demand for the delivery services is also increasing rapidly. And even the audience of UAE is not untouched with this frenzy, after all, nowadays every consumer expect food to be delivered at their doorstep. Apart from that, they desire for an easy and convenient manner to place food orders online with fastest delivery options.

This increasing online e-Commerce awareness among customers in UAE certainly comes up with a profitable opportunity for Food industry. Upon adding the online food ordering facility to your food business, it is bound to boost your sales as well as brand awareness among the customers.

In the app development market in UAE, there are a number of on-demand food delivery app development solution providers who are brilliant at creating food ordering website as well as food ordering mobile apps for Android & iOS platforms, for both domestic and overseas clients.

Food Delivery App Market in UAE

Market size of food delivery apps in the United Arab Emirates between 2016 and 2018* (in billion U.S. dollars)

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The food delivery market in UAE has grown tremendously between the period of 2016 and 2018. In fact, as per the forecasts made in Statista website, the food delivery app market is going to be worth around 13.2 billion U.S. dollars in UAE by the end of year 2018.

The prominence of Talabat food delivery app in UAE

The above statistics have made pretty clear the dominance of food delivery app market in UAE and among the many apps prominent in the arena, one is “Talabat”. This on-demand food ordering and delivery service help its customers in easily locate restaurants in their area, browse menus, filter by cuisine and place their orders with an option to pay online of cash on delivery (COD). Here, the services are offered via desktops and mobile apps for Android, iPhone, iPad & Windows, a lot like Uber for X model.

Often as a customer it gets difficult to manage time process due to busy schedules and lack of time. This is why the entrepreneurs have realized that food ordering and delivery is one big market to target, and hence many a business owners are keenly investing huge sum of money in this arena so to target the local niche market. In fact, food companies have started to generate huge revenues by updating the business model from traditional into Uber for X.

Market Statistics and Presence of Talabat

Well, it won’t be wrong to say that Talabat has pressed the nerve of UAE audience in just the right way and managed to win many accolades coming its way consistently. Its owners were proud to announce that the app has hit 100,000 order milestone last month.

Initially, Talabat was originated and established by the young Kuwait entrepreneurs, which today makes for an inspiring regional success story for the passionate young minds in this region. Then in the year 2015, Talabat went on to acquire US$170 million and today it is owned by Delivery Hero, who happens to be the global leader in the arena of online and mobile app food ordering. It turned to be the largest tech exit the MENA region saw at the time. The basic idea behind origin of Talabat was creating a kind a platform which was efficient as well as easy-to-use, and today it gained the position of being the biggest online food ordering service in GCC, which is present across all the six markets. Its owners now aim for further growth and solidifying their leadership stance in Middle East Region.

In the present time, this Kuwait-based start-up has earned the status of a regional leader in the e-commerce business and in UAE it does enjoy a great stance.As per research executed by KPMG, in the last few years, the overall UAE F&B market has expanded exponentially – from a US$10 billion in 2011, today it is a US$14 billion industry.

In the words of Abdulhamid Al Omar, CEO of, “From signing up over 4,000 restaurants, hitting the 50m order mark and the 6m download app mark, each new milestone we hit is a great new success for us as a team. We are also proud to say we recently won BBC Good Food’s Food Delivery App of the year and were selected as a Google Play Best of 2016 winner in the MENA region for “Best Local”.”

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What makes Talabat app truly exceptional food delivery service in UAE?

There are numerous factors making Talabat extremely popular among the audience of UAE and here we have discussed the few major ones. So here let’s explore?

The platform offers all kind of cuisines, restaurant, and takeaway: What certainly can be better than this, than to have all the options available just at the touch of a button? With Talabat, the outlets are categorized into various helpful sections such as Asian, Arabic, desserts, burgers, Indian Shawarma, pizzas, Mandi, etc. In fact, there is a list solely for a variety of burgers. Isn’t it amazing?

Constant offers & discounts:  As soon as you hit the Talabat website or mobile app, it will show numerous discount offers. While other premium food delivery firms charge double for food delivery, Talabat instead constantly offers discounts and keeps costs down for its consumers. So with Talabat, they get delicious food at cheaper rates. Win-win situation.

Order from the user-friendly app or their website: In order to make a mark in the foodservice industry, you would need a mobile app and Talabat has one. It’s super easy to navigate and hence user-friendly.

The platform features numerous restaurants operating 24/7: As it comes to food craving, well it can come at any time, and with Talabat, you can simply login at any time of the day and a variety of options will open in front of you, so to satisfy those night hunger pangs.

Drone Delivery by Talabat: Well, this is definitely one of the most extraordinary features offered by this platform, as now it has started to deliver food via drone, so the ones leaving in far-away areas or beaches can also order food for their location.

Talabat is effortlessly simple and offers abundant healthy options: Who would like to spend their time in the kitchen when great food ordering options are available to them? Talabat’s healthy food section very well caters the taste buds as well as keeps the customers healthy.

Talabat food app development

What are the benefits of creating Talabat-like Mobile App in UAE?

It will certainly be a profitable deal to get a food delivery app developed for your restaurant or food business if you are in UAE as the on-demand food delivery industry in the UAE is growing massively. So, here we have mentioned a few benefits of creating a great on-demand food delivery solution for your business. They are:

Easily Deliver Customized services: Your business will be able to deliver customized service to your audience as per their likings and preferences. All the customers need to do is tapping the “customized” icon right beside every food item and they are making the request accordingly. No confusion, nothing.

No Phone Calls: Often people are shy or hesitant of making phone calls to place orders. Thus, a food ordering portal will solve this issue as the order could be placed easily via a website or an app. This will result to more orders which means more profit.

Cost-efficient: Having a food ordering mobile app will result in lower development costs and faster time to market and.

Offering Comfort to customers: Restaurants would grab more sales by allowing the customers to place orders from the comfort of their homes, or workplaces, or other locations. This will mean more customers and frequent orders from them.

Hassle-free Payment: Indeed a winner. So, there would be no need to deal with cash-related hassles as the customers would be able to pay directly through the app, using multiple payment modes offered in it.

What are the basic Features of App like Talabat?

Mainly, the feature-list is divided into three panels:

User Panel:

  • Login
  • Location
  • Homepage
  • Menu
  • Set Pickup on Map
  • Cart Section
  • Payment
  • Reviews Screen
  • Past Orders
  • Offers & Discounts
  • Contact Information
  • Track Delivery Boy
  • Search Refine Search

Restaurant Panel:

  • Dashboard
  • Accept/Decline Orders
  • Manage Restaurant Account
  • Payment

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Delivery Boy Panel:

  • Login
  • Order Request
  • Order Delivery
  • Order History/Logs
  • Chat/Call
  • Push Notifications
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Wallet/Get Paid Offline
  • Withdraw Payment
  • GPS Tracking
  • Transaction history
  • Online Support
  • Google Map Navigation

Advanced Features:

Push Notification: This feature allows the restaurants and delivery staff to send push notifications to each other every time an order is placed, as well as they can both send alerts to customers regarding order details and its status.

CRM Integration: This technology is a critical one in order to ensure the satisfaction of customers with the service.

CMS Integration: Content Management System integration is crucial to make sure that the content published on the website is user-friendly, authentic and up-to-date.

Real-Time Tracking: This feature allows the users to track their order status in real-time.

Real-time Analytics & Reporting: This technology is used by the Restaurants to manage the order dashboards.

Loyalty Program: Something to please the customers and need to be done on a time-to-time basis. Like, restaurants and delivery companies can surprise their customers with free gifts, coupons, discounts, etc. from time-to-time to keep them enthralled with your food ordering platform.

Multi-Currency & Language Support: Often it happens that the customer who placed the order aren’t well versed with the native language, so in that case multi-language support can be offered, whereas multi-currency option can be provided for easy payments.

Security Assurance: As the food orders are usually delivered at customers’ homes and offices, so their security should be ensured by appointment the delivery persons after proper verification.

Cloud Environment: This is just great to store a lot of website and app data safety and easily.

Social Sharing & Signup/Login:All customers like this feature as it allows them to signing-in. easily via their social networking accounts, or by entering their email ID.

App Personalization: With smart functionality, it is possible to track user behavior with the app and accordingly the results can be offered to them each time they visit the app or website.

Multiple Payment Option: This feature will allow your users to make payments via various modes, like Cash on Delivery, Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, etc.

Drone Delivery: Including this exceptional feature will do wonders to your on-demand food-delivery business as then it would be possible to deliver food orders to customers way faster as well as beach delivery will also be possible.

Reviews & Feedback: This is one crucial feature as it will help you in knowing your customers’ experience with your service.

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What challenge you may face while getting a food delivery mobile app or website developed for UAE?

Well, one major and probably the only big challenge that will come in your way is in terms of the UX/UI (user experience and user interface), as the audience in UAE read right to left (as it is case with Arabic language). Thus, this is one area where the issue may crop up. However, by hiring a good food delivery app development company where they have the entire team and regional language experts, this problem can be efficiently dealt with.

What are top Food delivery mobile app in UAE?

There are a few top apps which are prominent to deliver food to customers, so here let’s begin with:

food order

Deliveroo: When in need of quick recommendations regarding what food to order, the Dubai audience often head to Deliveroo. Be it throwing a pizza bash or desiring a lunch deal under AED 25, the app runs some quick offers and promotions which really pleases the customers. Also with Deliveroo being a global brand, you will be able to use this service in the other nations as well, where it operates.


Zomato: One of the most prominent delivery apps, Zomato offers amazing selection of new as well as established restaurants. It offers user reviews which allow the users to decide which restaurants & food items are best as per their preference, and accordingly, they can place an order. And with Zomato Gold for the premium members, they offer special offers on orders too.

food order talabat

Talabat: As mentioned above already, Talabat is one of the oldest on-demand food ordering service in the region and it pleases its users with great offers. Here in the app, users can find prominent fast-food chains as well as small cafes as well.


Uber Eats: Uber eats offers wide selection of restaurants to the users to order from. Same as Deliveroo, Uber Eats also operates its own set of drivers. Also the app can be used in nations where this service operates.

eat clean me food ordering app

Eat Clean Me: This one is for the healthier food options, as the app has partnered with restaurants that serves nutritional food. One can order healthy juices, wraps, salads, to be delivered at the location of their choice. Paleo, gluten-free & vegan options are also available for the users.

How much it costs to create an app Like Talabat?

To create an app like Talabat, you would need a set of professional, such as:

  • Project manager
  • Android & iOS Developer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • QA Experts

The cost of the app will depend of factors like:

  • Location of the app development company (development cost is lowest in the Asian countries)
  • Number of Platforms
  • Number of Team members
  • Features

Once, all the costs are calculated, it is expected that an app like Talabt would cost somewhere around $10000 to $30000, depending on the app functionality and features, within the time period of 150 to 180 days.

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