Many individuals often neglect staying fit in a modern and highly competitive environment. The responsibility lands in the hands of digital technology, offering a range of applications like Best Calorie Counter Apps to keep track of calorie intake.

Do you know that the global digital health market is set to reach over 500 billion USD by 2025, with health information technology offering the largest revenue? Let us have a quick look at some statistics related to these applications:

  • The mobile health apps on Google Play Store have crossed 63,500 during the last quarter of 2021.
  • The mobile health apps on Apple App Store have reached more than 54,000 in the first quarter of 2021.
  • The medical app downloads have increased worldwide by 65% during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.
  • Paired has gained the title of the top-grossing health and fitness app by generating 2.3 million USD from Android users in June 2022.

Let us go through a carefully studied and well-prepared list of The best calorie tracker mobile apps. Then, we’ll cover a quick guide to finding one based on your immediate needs, including a list of the key points. Let us start with the dedicated list showcasing the ideal app for which needs.

Best For:

  1. Fitbit – Best For Workout and Calorie Tracking
  2. MyFitnessPal – Best Overall Calorie Counter App
  3. Lose It! – Best Free Features
  4. FatSecret – Best Fully Free
  5. Cronometer – Best For Specific Diets
  6. Noom – Best For Weight Loss
  7. Lifesum – Best For Building Healthy Habits
  8. MyNetDiary – Best For Diet Quality
  9. Calory – Best For Simplicity
  10. Nutritionix – Best For Easy and Quick Calorie Counting
  11. WW – Best For Long-Term Weight Management
  12. Lumen – Best For Counting Macronutrients Over Calories
  13. Carb Manager – Best food calorie calculator For Keto
  14. ControlMyWeight – Best For Simplicity

Best Calorie Counter Mobile Apps

Are you confused about selecting the best food calorie calculator app for personal use? Then, look at our well-researched list of the top fourteen contenders offering the best apps for counting daily calories. So, here you go:

1. Fitbit – Overall Best Calories Measurement App


iPhone Rating: 4.2 stars, Android Rating: 4.2 stars

Fitbit has the top ranking when it comes to the list of the best calorie counter apps. The calorie measurement app takes food tracking to the next level with a barcode scanner or manual entry of foods. This app helps understand the impact of food choices on the individual’s overall health. It works effortlessly with different smartphones.


  • Best app to keep track of calorie intake
  • It allows a detailed breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbs.
  • Food can be entered manually or through barcode scanners.
  • It monitors macronutrients.
  • It can be quickly integrated into different smart devices.


  • There is no need for the Fitbit device to use this app.
  • It offers detailed recipes for healthy eating with videos.
  • It keeps track of the input calories and burnt calories.


  • Its functioning improves with the tracker only.

Cost: Three months’ free trial and 9.99 USD monthly or 80 USD yearly.


iPhone Rating: 4 stars, Android Rating: 4.4 stars

It is one of the leading calorie tracking apps available in the market and is equipped with a range of features. The customers love this app’s home page, which shows clear details about the total calories consumed daily. Not to miss is the pie chart which showcases the fat, proteins, and carbs.


  • It has a well-designed food diary and exercises log.
  • It can track weight and calculate the recommended daily calorie intake.
  • It can be quickly synced with the different diet and fitness trackers to include the data in the exercise log.
  • It allows the users to join different forums, including personal success stories, tips, recipes, conversations, etc.


  • It allows the users to “quick add” calories when it is impossible to include the whole meal.
  • It is easy to calculate the calorie content of each serving and download the recipes online.
  • It covers multiple restaurant foods.
  • It has the largest databases available in any diet tracker market.


  • Some studies indicate that this app is linked to different eating disorders.
  • It is difficult to make changes in the serving sizes of different dishes.
  • Many users face the difficulty of multiple entries for the same dish.
  • The calorie count may not be accurate, as users may upload different foods. 

Cost: Its basic version is free for users, and the paid versions cost 19.99 USD monthly or 79.99 USD annually.

Lose It!

iPhone Rating: 4.8 stars, Android Rating: 4.5 stars

It is another top choice in the calorie counter mobile apps. It has all the features required to get the best out of a fitness app. It is based on height, age, weight, and fitness goals. It offers personalized recommendations for calorie intake, which further tracks the calories on its home page. 


  • Good app to app to keep track of calorie intake
  • It has a simple and user-friendly food diary where adding new foods is easy.
  • It has a barcode scanner for packaged foods with a quick entry for common foods.
  • It is easy to participate in different dietary challenges or create one.
  • It offers access to active chat communities.
  • Top app to keep track of calorie intake


  • It is easy to set reminders for snacks or meals logging.
  • The app’s team has verified the app’s food database, including brand-name foods, grocery stores, and popular restaurants.
  • It is easy to add extra features and additional log-in information and set complex goals in the premium version.
  • It has a complex food database with a dedicated icon for every food entry in the app.


  • It doesn’t have the facility to track micronutrients.
  • It has a slick user interface.
  • It isn’t easy to calculate the nutritional value of home-cooked meals in the app.

Cost: The basic version is free, with 39.99 USD yearly for the premium version.

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4. FatSecret – Top Calorie Counter App


iPhone Rating: 4.7 stars, Android Rating: 4.6 stars

FatSecret is a top-rated and free calorie-counting app used by millions of fitness enthusiasts. It helps track the overall progress of the individual. It offers a range of information like articles, stories, etc., to help new users. Further, it is easy for the FatSecret users to participate in different dietary challenges in a closed group only.


  • It has a journal, weight chart, exercise log, healthy recipes, food diary, nutrition database, etc.
  • Its homepage shows a detailed breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbs.
  • It has a monthly summary view offering details of calories consumed daily and monthly.
  • It offers recipes, tips, success stories, etc., and exchanges through chat communities.


  • The calories measurement app offers net carbs for low-carb dieters.
  • It offers highlights for food submitted by other users and hence is easy to verify the information’s accuracy.
  • It has a detailed food database, including supermarkets and restaurant foods.
  • It is a user-friendly app.


  • It has a confusing and cluttered user interface.

Cost: Free

5. Cronometer – Famous Calories Measurement App


iPhone Rating: 4.7 stars, Android Rating: 4.6 stars

It is a calorie-tracking app that has gained the attention of many customers. It is a dedicated app offering strict tracking of body weight, exercises, and diet. It is a simple-to-use and highly user-friendly app. It is widely used to track micronutrients like minerals, vitamins, etc. The long list of features makes it easy for users to customize the app according to their needs.


  • It has a comprehensive exercise database and exact serving sizes.
  • It has options to choose from several diets, including a low-fat vegetarian diet, low-carb diet, and paleo diet.
  • It offers a bar chart for the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbs.
  • It has the option of advanced analysis in the premium version.


  • It is one of the easy-to-use fitness applications.
  • It has voiceover support to make the app easy to use for visually impaired people.
  • It tracks different micronutrients, including minerals, vitamins, etc.
  • It can be quickly synced to other devices and can import data like sleep activities, body fat percentages, weight, etc.


  • It doesn’t have a community of users.
  • Users need to add the home-cooked recipes on the website, which then appear on the app.

Cost: Basic version is free, with the premium version starting at 49.92 USD yearly.

6. Noom

best app to keep track of calorie intake

iPhone Rating: 4 stars, Android Rating: 4.4 stars

Next on our list of the best calorie counter apps is Noom. It is a multipurpose app helping individuals to lose weight and sustain weight loss. The app needs you to create a calorie budget using your lifestyle, gender, weight, height, and age. This budget helps the person match the calorie deficit if any. The best part of this app is that it never limits or restricts specific food items. 


  • It’s pricing plan depends on the length of the diet plan.
  • It focuses on nutrients and calories to promote weight loss.
  • It takes weight daily, along with calories consumed.
  • It prepares a calorie budget and works accordingly for individuals.


  • It promotes lifestyle changes over temporary addition or subtraction in meals.
  • It never grades food as off-limits.
  • It creates a dedicated diet plan based on nutrients and calorie intake.
  • It encourages users to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


  • It doesn’t offer a free version.

Cost: Starts on average at 199 USD yearly.

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7. Lifesum


iPhone Rating: 4.7 stars, Android Rating: 4.4 stars

Users looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle can go got Lifesum, which is a leading calorie counter mobile app. It teaches the users to adopt a healthy lifestyle by confirming if the food is nutritious or imbalanced. It has numerous trackers which ensure overall fitness and offer access to different diet types, including Mediterranean, Scandinavian, vegan, intermittent fasting, keto, paleo, etc.


  • It has a dedicated meal and food rating system along with a calorie tracker.
  • It uses constructive language to overcome the “good” and “bad” issues.
  • Some of the top functionalities of Lifesum include adjusting calorie goals, exercises, body measurements, water intake measurements, etc.
  • It is easy to add food manually or use a bar code scanner.


  • This calories measurement app offers educational content.
  • It encourages healthier choices for users with a food and meal rating system.
  • This top calories measurement app has quick and easy food logging.
  • It is simple to use the app with a decluttered interface.


  • It doesn’t have an online community.
  • The food entries may become inaccurate.
  • It automatically syncs with Google Fit and Apple Health but requires a premium subscription for synchronization with other apps.
  • The free recipes can be accessed through a premium subscription only.

Cost: Basic version is available for free, starting at 9.99 USD monthly, 24.99 USD for three months, and 50 USD yearly.

8. MyNetDiary


iPhone Rating: 4.8 stars, Android Rating: 4.6 stars

It is an intuitive and comprehensive calorie-counting app. It helps the users compare food types based on diet quality and available options. The picture-based portion guide helps measure food quantities precisely. It helps meet the diet needs of breastfeeding mothers or pregnant ladies. Further, users can quickly import the recipes and calculate the nutrition information. 


  • It offers advice and feedback to motivate the users during their fitness journey.
  • It has a barcode scanner and voice log for entering different food types.
  • Calorie measurement app has a food scoring system based on serving size and nutrition labels.
  • It offers customization of macro and daily calorie targets.


  • The calorie measurement app has easy synchronization with other health apps.
  • It improves the user’s diet with the help of a food grading system.
  • It offers quick access to the online community, including app users, dieticians, etc.
  • It offers a range of advantages, including medication tracking, blood glucose reminders, meals, weigh-ins, water reminders, etc.


  • It offers synchronization with fitness apps by upgrading to the premium version only.

Cost: Basic version is available for free, 8.99 USD monthly, and 59.99 USD yearly.

9. Calory


iPhone Rating: 4.6 stars, Android Rating: 4.5 stars

It is one of the simplest calorie tracking apps available globally. It tracks the calorie intake and has an intuitive home page. It showcases the day’s remaining calories after calculating the percentage of calories consumed. Users can go through their weight loss journey by examining the weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. It is easy to log the food, and users can upgrade to the premium version for a premium food database, barcode scanner, water tracking, macro tracking, recipes, etc.


  • It quickly tracks calorie intake.
  • It has a bar chart representing the percentage of calories consumed daily.
  • It showcases weekly, monthly, and yearly charts for managing weight changes.
  • It allows quick customization of the calorie target.


  • It offers food database access linked to USDA.
  • It has reminders to log your calories.
  • It offers a detailed list of common foods for quick use.
  • It is one of the simplest fitness apps for beginners and professionals.


  • It doesn’t offer social communities.
  • It offers synchronization with Apple Health only.
  • It is hard to use USDA Food Database.
  • The free version tracks daily calories only, while the upgrade version can track macros.

Cost: Basic version is available for free for 14.99 USD annually.

10. Nutritionix


iPhone Rating: 4.8 stars, Android Rating: 4.7 stars

If you’re looking for the best calorie counter app which is easy to use and offers quick calorie counting, Nutritionix Track is the perfect app for you. It is the first preference of people with mixed meals as it can track the calories from different food items. Further, the availability of fitness trainers and dieticians makes the fitness journey easy for many individuals.


  • It has more than 948,000 food items in its database.
  • It keeps the nutritional information highly transparent.
  • It can combine the calories of fresh foods, restaurant items, packaged food, etc.
  • It is easy to log food items by speaking into the app.


  • It is a straightforward and simple to use calorie counting app.
  • It allows sharing your food log with registered nutritionists or trainers.
  • It has a large database of food items and hence can quickly monitor the calorie intake accurately.
  • It is a perfect app for people having mixed meals.


Cost: Starts at 5.99 USD monthly and goes up to 29 USD yearly.

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11. WW


iPhone Rating: 4.8 stars, Android Rating: 4.6 stars

WW is the perfect calorie counter mobile app for long-term weight management. Previously called Weight Watchers, it is one of the preferred and established apps for dedicated weight management. It promotes a healthier lifestyle and adopts a highly customized approach for the same. It aims to improve the overall health of individuals by promoting weight loss and managing calorie intake.


  • It has a large selection of recipes with options to create new ones.
  • It allows daily points to the users based on age, height, weight, gender, etc.
  • Food with unsaturated fats, fiber, and protein are lower in points, while the ones with added sugar, saturated fat, etc., are higher in points.
  • It considers four pillars for wellness, including sleep, mindset, activity, food, etc.


  • It allows quick connection of the platform members with others.
  • It offers a highly personalized approach to a healthy lifestyle and hence is liked globally.
  • It has a barcode scanner for tracking the calories consumed.
  • It can fit different foods and is a highly flexible app.


  • The zero-point foods may hamper the routine of many individuals.

Cost: It starts at 10 USD monthly.

12. Lumen


iPhone Rating: 4.6 stars, Android Rating: 4.5 stars

Your search for a dedicated calorie counting app for counting macronutrients over calories ends at Lumen. It is a dedicated metabolism tracker which offers insights into body metabolism with a single breath. It allows the users to keep an eye on the current energy source in use and offers a highly customized daily plan. Not to miss is the daily customized diets according to individual needs.


  • It teaches the users about different macronutrients ratio.
  • The concept used by this application is widely accepted and reviewed.
  • It works seamlessly with Google Fit for data synchronization.
  • It optimizes workouts, sleep, and nutrition.


  • It is a simple to use yet effective calorie management app.
  • It offers detailed information on sleep tracking and metabolism.
  • It keeps a strict track of the carbohydrates, fats, and macronutrients burnt by the body.
  • It uses the latest technology to keep a strict vigil on the user’s metabolism.


  • It is expensive compared to the other options available.

Cost: It charges 40 USD monthly for the first six to twelve months and then charges 19USD monthly.

13. Carb Manager

Carb Manager

iPhone Rating: 4.8 stars, Android Rating: 4.7 stars

It is an easy to amazing way to count and log macronutrients or calories with a dedicated calorie tracking app like Carb Manager. Ideally called the calorie counter for people on the Keto diet, its three different calculators can help users attain their fitness goals. Not to miss are several Keto recipes, meal plans, etc., to allow the users to make the most of this calorie management app.


  • It counts calories and micronutrients for users on the Keto diet.
  • It offers three different calculators: nutrient calculator, keto calculator, and calorie calculator. 
  • Its nutrient calculator tracks fats, proteins, etc., the keto calculator tracks net carbs, carbs, etc., while the calorie calculator shows overall food consumption.
  • It has a range of keto-friendly recipes, shopping lists, and meal plans.


  • It keeps a strict track of weight and other body measurements.
  • It includes meal plans and low-carb recipes.
  • It has a simple macro calculator.
  • It assists in weight gain or weight loss by monitoring the calories.


  • The free version has a limit on food entries and other limited features.
  • It focuses on the Keto diet only.

Cost: Starts at 3.33 USD monthly and charges annually.

14. ControlMyWeight


iPhone Rating: 4.6 stars

Last but not least in our list of the best calorie counter apps is ControlMyWeight. Ideally called the weight loss calorie counter, it has one of the easiest to understand and interpret food diaries. The team has worked hard to create the technology that focuses on weight loss without arriving after some time. It can keep track of several things, including calcium, proteins, fiber, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, fats, etc. The food diary of ControlMyWeight works effortlessly in offline mode also.


  • It visualizes the progress of the user with weight charts.
  • It keeps track of sugars, fats, carbs, etc.
  • It has multiple features, including dedicated push notifications. 
  • It has an easy-to-use and visually appealing user interface.


  • It is free for users with in-app ads.
  • It keeps the focus fixed on the calorie intake to make this app successful for fitness-loving users.
  • It has a large and verified food database.
  • It is a clutter-free platform with no extra rush of different counters going on the platform.


  • It is not available for Android users.

Cost: Free with ads and charges 1.49 USD monthly, 3.99 USD quarterly, and 11.99 USD annually for ads-free.

How to select the best calorie counter apps?

With so many available options, it is easy to get confused in selecting the perfect calorie-counting app for your needs. But all you need to do is go through the quick list of the following key points to find the perfect food calorie calculator app for your needs. So, here you go:

  • Food logging: Going for the recipe calorie calculator with detailed food logging features is essential. It should be easy for the users to log in to the food details to get a clear estimate of their calorie intake. Further, many apps have a detailed scanner to scan the barcodes on processed or packaged food for easy logging.
  • Special diets: Some food calorie calculator apps have features for specialized diets. It is easy to follow a specific dietary pattern, including low-carb, paleo, vegetarian, keto, vegan, etc. 
  • Preferences: Selecting the calorie counter app based on the user’s preferences is essential. Some apps offer individualistic support, while others offer a straightforward approach to helping users achieve their health or fitness goals.
  • Compatibility: Another crucial point in selecting the best calorie counter mobile app is to choose one compatible with different devices. These apps should be compatible with Android, iOS devices, etc., and ensure seamless data integration from wearables like fitness trackers. 
  • Reviews: The experiences of the existing users about the calorie tracking apps can be highly useful for prospective ones. Hence, it is important to review the app reviews on different platforms like Google Play Store, App Store, etc., and know all about them. These reviews facilitate the decision of whether a specific calorie-measuring app is good or not.
  • Costs: Last but not least is the cost of using a calorie counter app. All you need to do is shortlist the top options based on the above features and select one based on its pricing. Some apps offer a free trial and ensure users can swiftly move to paid subscriptions. Free calorie counter apps are also available online.


With the medication adherence apps market segment set to reach 3.5 billion USD by 2025, there can be no other time than this to start using the food calorie calculator app. Therefore, we’ve incorporated a detailed and well-prepared list of the top mobile apps for calorie intake tracking. 

You can easily browse through the calorie counter mobile app ratings for Android and iPhone, detailed descriptions, advantages, disadvantages, budgets, and quick download links. Out of all the top options mentioned above, it is easy to select one based on our quick guide to the best calorie counter apps. A quick list of the top and frequently asked questions about the calorie counter mobile apps is not to be missed. If you are interested in building your own mobile app then contact us today.


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