The way hospitality business bounced back with technology is worth the appreciation. The technology made it easier for hotel management software solutions to take care of the ups and downs in the industry and move forward with stronger results. If you are someone who is looking forward to reviving your business online, then know that you have the best hotel management app development team to help you through.

Our hotel property management software development team is experienced in providing similar solutions and has proudly walked the tech lane. We make it a point that each solution delivered is technologically advanced and has a strong market presence. A few days back, I used one of the applications they created, and it was so fun and easy to use an application that shares everything about you.

I was on a vacation a few days back, and while sitting in the nearby cafe a sudden thought struck my mind. The Internet has made life so easy. If you want to move here, you have a taxi booking app. If you want to book flights, we have a flight booking app. If you want to eat, order food online and if you are on a break like I am, then you have a hotel booking app that can make things a lot easier for you.

If you own a hotel business and haven’t invested in hotel management software development, then you are still losing a lot of those dollars.

With new tech trends revolutionizing luxury and resort hotels, mobile applications are enabling hotel staff to manage their property’s operations even while away from the front desk.

This new dependence on mobile phones is changing things altogether, and because of this, hotel management software projects are constantly growing in popularity, with various hotel management software solutions absolutely cashing in on mobile capabilities.

So, what’s this fuss all about?

Well, it’s high time that you unleash the power of the tiny device in your hands in order to run your complete hotel on the go with hotel management software solutions. Let your customers know how easy things are for them and how they can just go for regular formalities in a touch. This enables speedy check-ins, check-outs, and housekeeping operations, managing multiple POS outlets efficiently, as well as allowing access to actionable reports simply from the convenience of your smartphone. The hotel management software development firms make it a lot easier to not just empower your sales team to sell immediately, but the hotel management app also helps in keeping an eye on how your hotels are being run with easy access to data at your fingertips, anytime and from anywhere.

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Evolution of the Hotel Industry in the Past Few Years

The hotel industry continues to grow at an impressive rate as it is becoming more competitive and aims to provide high-quality service to patrons. Over the years, it has made huge leaps in growth and it is certain to further increase with software development for hotel management gaining popularity.

hotel management app

Did you know today 5% of the communication between the hotel and guests is by phone and 95% via other channels? Well, this states in itself that the hotel industry has evolved in its way and in the coming times, is prepared to be showered with a number of new offerings and services. Also, a report by trading economics states that annual disposable income is increasing every year. Since disposable income is increasing, it is obvious that the number of travelers is increasing in the coming years.

Role of Hotel Management Software Developers in Changing the Hotel Scenario

With digitization entering the hotel industry already, it is up for a digital makeover. With Digital Menus, Kiosks, tablets on tables, digital tabletops, and digital kitchens, a lot is offered to customers for an out-of-the-world hotel experience. Both hotels and customers are welcoming this pleasant change as it has made things easier on their part. Hoteliers have well-understood the need to offer a great customer experience and to embrace new market requirements, which happen to be the key drivers for digitization in the hotel industry.

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It has made the work proceedings easier, such as management payrolls, finance, and inventory management, and is helpful in a lot of other aspects as well. Now let’s get started and explore all about the making and various features of hotel management system software.

Let’s explore the most dominating trends in the hospitality business that has embarked on its journey to digitalization.

When talking about the trends of hotel management software development, you cannot miss how it has exploited technology to become part and parcel of our vacation planning.

hotel management system

Trend#1: Dominate with a Mobile Application

Surely mobile apps are the trend. As the internet has turned from a luxury to a basic amenity, we have come a long way. If you have a website, the world sees you but if you have a mobile application the world easily connects with you. If you want to expand your reach and target audience from various walks of life, then having a mobile app is the right decision to make.

Trend#2: Personalized Experience to Win Loyalty

If you want to win the loyalty of your customers, offer them an experience that they would never forget. Personalized experiences need a lot of predictive analytics and data collection. But a little study of your customers can help you reach the top of your game in no time. Share with them the destinations they may like, the events, or anything that would interest them.
A little effort would result in great revenues.

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Trend#3: Direct Booking Alternatives

Let your customers have the alternative for direct bookings. Make sure your developer integrates hotel management software booking alternatives to ensure you are not missing any clients while the page is redirected several times or there is some issue with the planning team.

If you want to hold your ground then reaching out to the right firm to help you in the digital transformation process is important. Our experts can help you in your digital transformation journey and offer you a feature ladened mobile website that can help you get things done.

Benefits of Hotel Management Software/Apps

Well, as you are in the process of selecting a firm for hotel management app development, you must consider the various benefits offered by this system. It includes:

easy booking with mobile app

Increased Bookings

Stay assured about increased booking when you have a hotel management system in place. After all, the ultimate aim of this solution is boosting hotel bookings. Whether you are keen on increasing off-season bookings or wish to expand your offerings to new market segments, with the right hotel management software solutions in place, you are certain to make a mark.

Better Revenue Management For Hotel Management Software Development

A fruitful revenue management strategy can be integrated into the hotel management software project. As with the use of several pricing tools, it is easier to create a flexible room pricing strategy and this way revenue generated per room can be maximized. Meanwhile, in this competitive industry, pricing the rooms right is imperative and with the help of these tools, it can be done efficiently.

Manage Distribution

Your reach across the industry can be improved with a hotel management system software as it integrates with a channel manager, enabling you to advertise and promote your hotel business across various channels while maintaining rate parity. Be it large OTAs or GDSs or even independent retail agents, real-time booking information can be provided to all of them and this will ultimately lead to increased booking.

Build a Relationship with Guests

This system will greatly benefit in developing a good relationship with your target audience as well as identifying new markets to enter. This way, the travelers who loved their stay at your hotel, will further appreciate the enhanced experience. Besides, new technology also helps in reaching out to new markets.

Increased Online Presence

This system works great in enhancing online brand presence. When management software is integrated with your hotel website, accepting direct bookings made online becomes easier and a user-friendly website can be developed. This helps increase ranking in search engine results while also enabling more travelers to explore your property while searching hotels online.

Administrative Tasks Accomplished in Lesser Time

It helps minimize the time usually spent in accomplishing administrative tasks? When you zero upon the suitable hotel management software modules, things get easier, as then your efforts & energy can be put on the bigger picture. Besides, the technology offers valuable data regarding how employees are performing their tasks & duties, and how this impacts employee retention, productivity, and satisfaction. It is crucial to automate a lot of tasks in today’s fast-paced world, and right hotel management software offers it all to you. So, these were the various benefits of hotel management system, now next let’s explore the features of modules.

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Let’s discuss the hotel management software features that your team must include in the solution that is delivered to you. We have listed here some of the prominent features that you would need to include in your hotel management application, rest you can always look for more features from your competition or come up with some unique services for your customers.

Must Include Features of Hotel Management Software Solutions

Guest Hotel App

Once the client has booked a room in the hotel, he is given an access link for Guest Hotel App. After installing the app on the smartphone, it gets easier for the guest to enjoy the services by making requests through the app. This saves the hassle to make a call every time some assistance is required.

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Booking Engine

Hotels can get the booking engine developed by their app development team or by any iOS mobile app development firm. This way users can book hotels from the app itself by sharing their requirements and can choose the room as per their liking. The in-app payment facility is also made available.

Channel Manager

This feature allows the hotels to associate with more than 100 International and regional OTA channels with GDS channels, such as Galileo, Pegasus, Sabre, Amadeus, and Worldspan to choose from.  The hotel management software cost includes integrating your system with GDS, the hotel information (vacant rooms, hotel facilities, etc.) will be automatically updated on other sites and booking engines.

Hotel Management Software Solutions

HR & Payroll

Integrated and managed by a centralized hotel management system for easy management of staff payroll and handling other things, such as time and attendance & leave management.

Restaurant POS

As the client is staying in a hotel, he can use the facilities such as restaurants, salons, spas, and bouquets, without the need to make instant payments. With the POS system integrated in the hotel management system, all the expenses are saved into the system and are added to the final bill, which can be paid upon departure.


Well, the hotel can ask the customers via SMS & Email to give a review about their hotel experience. By integrating a feedback engine, like Tripadvisor to the app, the process becomes easily manageable.

The features to include in your hotel software are highly dependent on the hotel management software modules that you are working on. Here are the most popular modules to discuss and work on.

Hotel Management System Software Modules You Can Include in Your Software

When it comes to hotel management system development, you need to at least make sure that your mobile app developer has included the basic modules in your software. This would make it easier for your customers to connect with your hotel management app and enjoy your services.

hotel management system software


This module is to manage the sales that take place through the hotel management system software.

  • Rates
  • Reservation
  • Group
  • Inventory
  • Inquiry


This section is for the maintenance of the daily arrangements.

  • Work Order Scheduling
  • Email & SMS Alert
  • Reports
  • Items Management

Banquet Hall

This section is to handle all the activities related to the Banquet Hall.

  • Booking & Reservation
  • Menu Card Definition
  • Event Quotations
  • Event Planning

Back Office

All the back office work and functionalities are handled from here.

  • City Ledger / Direct Billing
  • Company & Travel Agent Invoicing
  • Statements
  • Advance Deposit & Guest Ledger

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Front Desk

This section is to manage the front desk functionalities.

  • Night Audit
  • Reservation / Booking
  • Room Allotments
  • Room Allocation as per Preference
  • Best Occupancy Level Allocation
  • Check-In
  • Configure Charges
  • Generate Electronic Card Key
  • Guest Notifications
  • Internal Notification
  • Bar or Unbar Phones
  • Share Information with Third-Party Software
  • Early Check-In Charges
  • Live Inventory Update
  • Black Listed Guest Alerts
  • Day-Use Charge
  • Check-Out
  • Late Check-Out Fee
  • Guest Billing
  • Folio Transfer
  • Check Point
  • Gate Pass Printing
  • Automated Feedback Form
  • Alerts for Housekeeping
  • Real-Time inventory Update
  • Registration Card and E-Signature
  • Billing- Payment Modes
  • Group Bookings / Reservations
  • Group Check-Out


This section is to manage all the tasks and functionalities managed in housekeeping.

  • Inventory Consumption
  • Task Assignment
  • Schedule
  • Maid Management
  • Costing


  • Minibar Billing
  • Item Assignment
  • Item Issue / Return
  • Item Breakage


  • Guest Laundry
  • Hotel Laundry
  • Daily Linen
  • Laundry Items
  • Delivered / Undelivered Items

Extended Features of Hotel Management Software

Along with these, some of the extended features of hotel management software are:

hotel management software
  • Hotel: Navigation, Amenities Offer & promotions, Pictures/Videos, Room Info
  • Near By: Attractions, Shopping, Restaurants, ATM, Landmarks
  • Travel Desk: Event Calendar, Sight-Seeing, Local attractions, Book Local Guide, Vehicle Booking
  • Room Services: Book Table, Place Orders, Upgrade Room, Early Check-in, Checkout Time, Extra services
  • Billings: Guests can check bills, download invoices & can pay through the guest app as well
  • Rating & Review: Guests can rate & review hotels through the guest app
  • Pickup & Drop Points: Can Choose pickup & drop points while check-in, checkout & other sight-seeing events
  • Panic Button: One of the important features for security, In case of emergency, an alarm hits the mobile phones of the five registered users, and accordingly the location of the user is delivered within 5 to 10 seconds.

These are some of the important things that you would need to take care of when working on the hotel management software development. If you are looking forward to building a strong solution for yourself then you can hire the best hotel management app developers at Octal IT Solution.

Third Party Interface Features of Hotel Management System

Let’s now further talk about the third-party interface features of the hotel management system.

third-party interface features

Credit Card Processing

In order to enable clients to make easy payments, your hotel management system development team can integrate third-party payment options to allow processing. It automates the processing of reservation charges and deposits by integrating a payment gateway directly into your Booking Engine. Among the few who offer the best services in this regard are SlimCD, NAB Credit Card, Mercury Payment Systems & Xchange.


It is actually a Call Accounting Interface that is used to automatically post-call records to the hotel management system, allow the hotel to track calls, bill guests for phone usage, increase guest satisfaction, and reduce telecommunication costs. The commonly used names for this service are Samsung, Panasonic, and Comdial.

Key Card Door Lock

It offers comprehensive access control and system management to the hotel staff as it is directly integrated into the hotel management system. Hotel owners can track the lock events of each room easily as all records are saved in lock including data, card No, and card type. Mostly ADEL, Inhova, and Ving Card are the brands used for this service.

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Financial Accounting

It is a new mechanism for sales analysis that enables the study of all past, present, and future of how a hotel management system work. Hotel functioning gets easier when the financial accounting system is integrated into your hotel management software. Renowned service providers are Auto-Count, Ema’s software, and Tally.

Fingerprint Reader

It is the safest and fastest way to identify hotel guests and enhance access control security. This system enables customer verification, facilitates keyless entry, reduces costs, and protects customer information. BoiEnable, DigitalPersona, and ZKSoftware are known to offer the best services in this arena.


In the daily proceedings of the hotels, it needs to send SMS and notification to the customers. Hence the third-party system can be integrated for this purpose which is synced with the hotel management system thus storing all the records. Popular names in this arena are BulkSMS, 24×7, and catches.

Fiscal Printers

This technology guarantees high performance in terms of speed and reliability. The common brands are RCH Group, Bixolon America Inc., Dzhies Group Ltd, etc.

At Octal IT Solution, the android app developers make it a point to integrate some of these or all of these hotel management system features with your product. If you want to integrate some more features with your hotel management application, just let our developers know.

Technology Stack for Hotel Management Software Development

When it comes to developing a hotel management software development system for your business, it is important that you reach the right development team that can offer the latest technology and integrate solutions that would make your hotel management app scalable and future ready.

For Backend Development, We Have 

  • Framework: Express
  • Database: MySQL
  • Language: Node.JS, Java Script
  • API Documentation: Swagger
  • Infrastructure: AWS

For Frontend Development, We Have 

  • Language: Typescript
  • Framework: Angular

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop Hotel Management Software?

When it comes to determining the cost of development, the hotel management system software features play a significant role. Here are the rates of development area-wise.

  • US-based developers: $100 to $250 per hour
  • Eastern Europe-based developers: $80 to $180 per hour
  • India-based developers: $25 to $50 per hour

The hotel management software cost of an efficient and feature-rich hotel management software and the mobile application starts from $15000 and goes up as per the features and client requirements. If you are looking forward to a mobile app for hybrid platforms along with a kiosk web-portal, the cost will increase further. Choosing Hotel management software and mobile app developers will also make a difference.

Final Note

Once you have the features and functionalities in place, it’s time to look for the right hotel management software development company that will help you put it all together in place. With a team of skilled and experienced software/app developers, designers, QA testers, you will be all set to take on the world of hospitability and come up with a highly functional hotel management app.

If you have a business idea and you aren’t sure how to proceed further then let’s meet over coffee and see how we can turn your business idea into a working reality.

hotel management software development

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hotel management software?

A hotel management system is basically software that manages and records details of hotel properties, automates the front-end capabilities, and looks after the rooms and bills, availability, discounts, etc.

Which software is used in the hotel management system?

Property Management Software that automates the functioning and operation of hotels is used in hotel management systems.

Which software is used in 5-star hotels?

Any luxurious 5 Star Hotel uses a Property Management System (PMS) integrated with GST functionality. These software take care of Point of Sales (POS)device functioning, manage inventory, look after the back office, make accounting easy, and easily manage the kitchen.

How does hotel management software work?

Hotel management software has simple functionality. Any hotel management system works simply on automation of reservation management and administrative tasks. The most dominant tasks here become front-desk operations, reservations, channel management, housekeeping, rate and occupancy management, and payment processing.            
Simply as the customer makes a reservation, the data is then passed onto a backend that is further accessed by hotels, and the inventory is managed.

What are the types of hotel management software?

Types of Hotel Management System Software  are: 
Hotel Housekeeping Solution 
Hotel Billing and Invoicing Software 
Hotel Reporting and Analytics Solutions
Hotel Web Booking Engine Software
On-Premise Hotel Solution
Hotel Channel Management System
Hotel Front Desk System
Cloud Software Solution

Is hotel management software really useful?

Yes. Hotel management software helps users and hoteliers manage their data and schedule their events, check-ins, check-outs, etc. accordingly.

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