The workforce is undoubtedly the fundamental operational unit of any organization and project. Having skilled team members helps businesses expand their boundaries and better serve their clients. When we land in an IT company, the .NET framework is one of the most sought-after technologies to meet requirements. But why does .NET hold such significance in an IT firm’s operations when there are many alternatives in the market? At the same time, if .NET is that useful, is it easy to hire programmers, and what should the process be to hire dot net developer? In this blog, we will discuss everything about the framework, where to hire developers, and how to hire developers.

What Is Dot Net (.Net)? Why Do Developers/Companies Prefer .Net as a Development Framework?

.Net is a framework/approach that assists the developer in building Windows web services and apps. With many APIs integrated into it, the framework was created by Microsoft in 2002, which makes website and application engineering easy for relevant professionals. The framework eliminates the need to write new code from scratch every time, as it consists of compatible codes that can be used directly in the development project. Hire developers at affordable prices with us.

Most IT companies and developers prefer .Net for developing related apps and websites. Below are some of the points that will help you understand the reasons behind this preference for IT firms-  

  • First, .Net is an Object-Oriented Programming Module that helps break down the software into diverse pieces, making them more manageable.
  • It ensures support of Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The same instills the availability of tools that assist in testing and writing software, making the process even easier for developers.
  • One of the biggest aids of the framework is its multi-language compatibility. Common Language Specification (CLS) and Common Language Runtime (CLR) boost interactions with code written in varied languages.
  • Your app gets high-level performance with ASP.NET features, such as JIT compilation, early binding, native optimization supports, and caching services.
  • .Net goes well with safety and security features like CLR  and Managed Code.
  • The Windows web server meticulously monitors web pages, multiple applications, and components that run over it.
  • It keeps your ASP.NET applications secure with built-in Windows authentication & per-application configuration.
  • .NET code is an ideal server-side scripting technology, and it runs first on the Windows server before being displayed on a web browser.
  • The .NET framework gives quick alerts for unbounded loops, memory leaks, & other wrong behaviors that immediately kill and restart them repeatedly.
  • Other advantages of relying on the framework are multi-targeting memory management and active Microsoft support.

Hire developers – How Can a Proficient .Net Developer Make a Difference?

Having proficient employees makes a significant difference not only in the firm’s performance but also in the brand image. Hiring talented programmers will ensure that your team has the potential to work on the project, instill exceptional creativity, and complete the project on time. On the other hand, a fresh or unskilled developer might do the job for you, but the difference between the delivery is easily noticeable. 

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An expert ASP.Net developer who has already completed the relevant project will be familiar with common errors and challenges along with the mitigation. Thus, the chances of your project getting delayed are the least. Hiring an ASP.Net developer with less experience and exposure to the framework will take longer to solve the problems at different stages. 

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What Are the Job Responsibilities of a Dot Net Developer?

When we refer to the JD to hire developers, most limit it to just writing the code and developing the application. But, the responsibilities of a developer are much more than writing the random codes and getting the project delivered. Look at the following job responsibilities that a .Net developer has to fulfill.

Active participation in project analysisTalking to the client and getting the requirement noted is not only the responsibility of the Business Analyst team. The developer is responsible for participating in the meeting and noting the client’s preferences to complete the job.
Collaboration with internal teamsFurther, the developers should work with internal teams to develop the software design and the best app architecture.
Writing the clean coding.The biggest responsibility of a Dot Net Developer is writing scalable and clean code using the .NET programming languages.
Testing and deploying the applicationOnce the coding is done, the dot net developer can test the application or product to deploy it on the specified platform.
After deploying improvementsA proficient .Net developer revises the code timely, debugs the application or website, and makes the required improvements occasionally.
Upgrading the existing softwareHaving developed an application is not all; it also requires up-gradations. A proficient .Net does that for you.

What is the Skill Set of a .Net Developer?

Skill sets to look for while hiring developers

Skills are the defining factors for the capabilities of any professional. More than theoretical knowledge about the concept is required when time demands exceed boundaries. Similarly, a .Net developer ought to have some skills that help instill innovation in the project without compromising the deadline and budget of the project. 

To ensure you are giving the job to the right person while hiring developers, there is no need to analyze his/her entire work history. Just provide the following checklist, and your decision is going to be good.

  • Strong command over c#, C++, and other supported languages is essential. 
  • Expertise in writing, reading, and modifying the codes cleanly
  • Familiar with the .Net framework and the latest features 
  • Strong hand in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 
  • Experience in Object-Oriented Programs
  • Efficient communication skills to prevent any misunderstanding during the project 
  • Good interaction skills to establish a good professional relationship 
  • Cost and time management skills, etc.
Proficient Professionals

Things to consider before hiring a Dot Net Developer

Undoubtedly, the planned things give the best results. Especially when you are planning to invest heavily in a project, there are certain things that you should consider before finalizing the person in charge of that project. Similarly, there are certain considerations that you must entertain to hire developers for your project. 

Mind Your Budget and Timeline

Every developer has his potential and capabilities. The same decides about their cost for the project. So, while looking for a developer, you should keep your budget and timeline in mind to make the sampling easy. First, generate an approximate budget you are keen to invest in the developer. At the same time, specify the time frame you want your project to be completed. Communicate both specifications to the concerned stakeholders and choose the one that fits both requirements. 

Define Your Project Requirement

The project has minute details that all cannot fulfill. So, elaborate on all your needs and vision for the project. It will help you ensure the developer you hire has the relevant skills and knowledge to deliver precisely what you want. At last, you will not prefer to work with someone who makes you compromise with your project planning.

Define Your Hiring and Engagement Model

There are different engagement models that you can opt to hire developers. For example, you can go full-time, where the developer will work on your project round the clock. Second, you can choose a fixed cost where you will be paying a certain amount to get the job done. Moreover, freelance is also an option where you can pay hourly. So, decide on your engagement model during the process and choose the one with similar interests. 

Hiring Model – Dedicated Developer | Time and Material | Fixed Price

Engagement Model – Onsite | Offsite | Hybrid Model

After Support Maintenance

The project is going to have several requirements. If you need to update, maintain, and improve the application or website over time, it will be best to commit after support maintenance. Discuss the offerings regarding the same (if it is included/excluded in the project cost) and make the arrangements. 

Hire Remote VS In-house Dot Net Developer

Whether you want an in-house developer or hire a remote developer with the relevant skills working in a registered IT firm, both types have pros and cons. Compare your requirements to the working model and choose accordingly.

Where to find the right ASP.Net developer for your Project

Similar to the process where you are trying to find the right talent, it plays a significant role. If it is not the right place, chances are meager that you will find a worthy dot net programmer or firm to work with. However, specific platforms will help you find the results relevant to your requirements. We are listing some of them that you can utilize for your search. 

Social Network

Whether it be finding people in personal or professional relations, online social networks are a great place. For example, LinkedIn has over 875 million members worldwide, accepting or giving jobs. One can easily find the right talent on the platform, whether freelance, outsourced, or in-house. Similarly, Facebook is the biggest social media platform at present times. However, it is not a profession. You can find the right talent by taking the right approach. 

Research Firms

Moving forward with an even better approach, research firms can be your go-to place to find the best person for your job. Sites like Clutch, Good Firms, and Extract are dedicated places to find and hire IT talent for various development jobs. You can apply the filters and input the relevant information to get the list of workplaces and persons matching your requirements. 


Consultancies have connected the job seekers and givers in the landscape. You can also rely on consultancy firms without worrying about their charges. A good consultancy service can give the name of a perfect app or web development partner in the least time. 

Freelance Portals

If you want to pay the freelance developer hourly, freelance portals like Toptal and Elance can connect you to the right person. The portals are dedicated to the freelance profile, making it easier for you to hire the ASP.Net developer with your choice of engagement model. 

Hire developers from Community Forums.

Community forums like Technology Forums and Official.Net forums are also a good option that helps to discuss the project openly and hire a suitable developer. Not being so popular, connecting to the right one might take some time.

How to Identify the Best ASP.Net Developer?

There is always a need to double-check the decision. The same is the case with hiring the ASP.Net developer. Using the right platform is insufficient, as not everyone is fit for your job. So, there are certain things that you must ensure in the person before coming into the deal. Specifications are given below that you can mark while choosing the best ASP.Net developer-

Go Through the Complete Work Portfolio

There is no doubt that work speaks louder than words. Go through the developer’s work portfolio in detail. It will help you know about the projects completed by the developer. At the same time, it will also help you get an idea about their experience and whether they have a similar experience to your project. 

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You can always access the reviews and ratings regardless of the platform you use to hire the developer. Analyze the reviews that the developer has received from previous clients and partners. This rating will reflect the developer’s professionalism, consistency, and work quality. You can even know about the possible challenges of working with a particular developer. 

Contact the Previous Clients

Knowing about the team, person, or firm before hire programmers. So, talk with their previous client to learn more about the working criteria, discipline, and service quality. It will help you explore the positive and negative aspects and make smart decisions. 

Give a Sample Project

Your right is to be fully satisfied before handing your project to someone. You can give a small project to check the developer’s efficiency, knowledge, skills, and expertise. You will always have your answer whether or not you receive what you expected. We offer custom app development services at a low budget.

Observe the Communication Flow

Communication will play a big role in your project. Ensure that the person you will work with is easy to interact with. Communicate your vision and requirements and perform the necessary interrogation. If their understanding of your project matches the mutual vision, it would be easy for you to eliminate the chances of confusion and misunderstanding.

 Complete the Process of hiring Asp.Net Programmers.

Analysis of Reviews and Ratings

Having gone through all the factors and procedures to entertain while hiring a .Net developer, the entire process will help ensure that you find the right, talented, and skilled .Net developer for your project. Go with the following steps, and your project will be in safe hands- 

Match the job description.

One of the basic steps is to match the developer’s job description with your project’s requirements. Ensure that the developer is familiar and fluent with the tasks he/she is supposed to do during your project.

Check the qualifications of programmers.

Qualification holds equal importance as that of experience. Make sure the developer holds the relevant degree in the IT field. The academic qualification will help you ensure that the developer has theoretical knowledge of project handling and management. 

Go through work experience before hiring programmers

The more work experience you have, the better your experience with the project will be. A developer with good experience will always be capable of handling challenges and errors without wasting time and spending additional bucks. At the same time, he/she will know the mitigation strategies in the required time. 

Geo-Location of the programmers

The candidate’s location will be a big factor if you hire a remote developer. The reason behind the particular statement is that the cost of a developer is decided based on country and market. For example, developers from the US or western countries are comparatively expensive compared to developers from Asian Countries like India. 

Analyze the technical skills of programmers

An evaluation of technical skills such as experience with the framework, known languages to write the codes, and anti-bugging skills will help you decide to hire the developer. A developer without these skills might not deserve your investment. 

Assess Project management skills of dot net developers

Your project is going to pass through a lot of stages, and thus it needs proper management. Ensure the developer you hire has good management skills to deliver your project on time, within a defined budget, and with expected quality. 

Review soft skills before hire dot net developers.

Soft skills, i.e., personal skills, will equally determine your experience with the programmers. Ensure the developer has good soft and emotional skills such as being a time-bound, effective decision maker, good management skills, and considerate. 

Give sample assignments while hiring dot net developers.

As we interpreted earlier, giving a small assignment and reviewing the performance will help you check the skills and knowledge of the developer. 

Finalize Engagement and Pricing Model

Once satisfied with the sample assignment, discuss the engagement model you would like to hire the developer for. Convey your preference, give a reason for the same and finalize the developer. 

Sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

One of the most important pieces of documentation needed before coming into the deal is signing NDA. It will help you ensure that the privacy and security of your project are maintained from both sides. 

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How much does it cost to hire an ASP.Net developer?

One of the biggest concerns is the cost of hiring Dot Net developers for your project. However, you cannot stick to a price tag for hiring a .Net developer here. The reason is that a range of factors and elements determines the cost in this landscape. One developer can charge you X amount while the other might demand double. None of them is wrong in their place.

Similarly, you can complete your project in Y amount with one developer, while the same project can consume double Y to be completed. Even here, you can not consider any of them as wrong. You need to understand the factors that hinder the cost of hiring a .Net developer. 

Factors That Decide Cost of Hiring Dot Net Developer

The following are the factors that will determine the hiring cost of a .Net developer-

Country and regionOne of the most significant factors determining the hiring cost is the country and region of the developer. For instance, a developer from the US or a Western country will cost you far more than a developer from an Asian country like India.
Size and Prestige of firmIf you are hiring a developer from a prestigious firm, it will increase your cost. But you need to remember that the additional amount you are paying will ensure your project’s quality, reliability, and trust.
Features you are looking to instillFurther, the features you want to see in your web or app product are also a significant deciding factor for your cost of hiring. Instilling several features, integrating advanced technology, and injecting top-notch facilities in the app will automatically take the cost higher. However, you should not compromise with technology due to the cost.
IntegrationIf you are looking to integrate third-party platforms/applications and solutions in your product, it will increase the hiring cost.
Time is taken for the project completionIn the end, it majorly depends on the time it takes for the completion of your project. The more time, the higher will be the cost.

Per-hour cost of hiring an ASP.Net Developer

Having understood the above factors, you might be curious to know the per-hour cost of hiring the developer. So, remember that the project’s complexities will hinder the developer’s per-hour cost; still, you can have a rough estimate of $15-$30 per hour for a proficient .Net developer.

Wrapping UP

By now, you will have covered all the significant aspects of hiring a Dot Net developer and how to hire an developer. While taking your project forward, you must remember that your project is going into experienced, skilled, and reliable hands. It will help you launch the product on time, meet the promised deadline, and monetize your idea as soon as possible. The process discussed for hiring a .Net developer will ensure you choose the right one and don’t have to wait until after the committed deadline to launch your project. Remember, an excellent Dot Net developer can multiply the success of your project.

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