Smart-phones have actually changed the way people used to execute their activities. Undeniably all your demands and services you are looking for are just the few steps away as all you need to do is to give you app a few clicks for executing the day to day services.

Now when you are thinking about the car wash, you need not to plan an hour before. Like you, will arrange all the required ingredients that are required for washing the car. In case, if we look from the user point of view you will explore a very simple concept that comes with the car wash and detailing. They just wash the cars in case they find it dirty. So, what they plan next? Simply, either they spare time for executing such activities or take the pain of standing in the queue for washing the car or either they will ask the technician to come to their place for doing such activities.

 Revenue of car washes (NAICS 811192) in United States from 2008 to 2020 (in million U.S. dollars)
mobile app development companySo, now is the time when you can keep such time-consuming chores at a bay. Well, the question arises how? The car wash & Detailing mobile app will do the entire task in a way you desire. Only you have to search for the technicians nearby and place a request they will get your car cleaned as required and will deliver it you at your doorsteps. Doesn’t the concept sound interesting and time-saving?

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On-demand Car Wash Mobile App Development:

Needless to say, the On-Demand economy had given an impressive surge to all the business start-ups and individuals. The concept of On-demand car wash is being embraced by today’s users and they love the ideation of such apps, as they find it really difficult to execute such activities on their own. Since the concept of On-Demand has opened a handful of opportunities for the people and business persons therefore ample of them are jumping into the ideation of car wash mobile app development. These apps are very much loved by the users as they save their time and provide the services at the moment they require.
Therefore, here find the basic architecture of an On-demand car detailing mobile app and the top attributes for making it a clear winner across all the market standards and industrial niche.
 mobile app development company
The Customer Panel:
Sign-up/login: This is the first section where the users will land on. They can register into the app with the social network and email account details.
Place service request: Users can place the request for car washing according to the solutions provided by the different service providers.
Select car location: Users can select the location of the car that requires servicing and washing. So that accordingly, technicians can make the provisions for cleaning.
Select package and services: Users can select the packages and services that are outlined by the different service providers and select the best that fits with their financial requirements.
Check technician availability: Accordingly user can check the technician, if he is available for washing the car. This way it becomes easier for the users to place a request for car washing in a convenient way.
Make payments: Users can make the payments through the online payment models such as credit/debit card, Payment gateways for availing the services.
View order history: The users can view the history of the order. All the orders request can be viewed by them and they can accordingly make the new requests for the car washing.
Carwash App Development
Okowasch – Carwash app developed by us

Detailer Panel

Sign-up: Similar to the user panel, the service provider of the detailer can log in with the username and password provided by the admin.

Add service location: Detailers can add the location of the services so as to allow the user to make a request for the service centers that are nearby.

Push notifications: Detailers can send the notification to the users once the orders have been received. The users are also notified in case the car washing is completed.

Accept/reject service: As per the number of requests and the ones that are aligned with the immediate deliveries, the detailer can accept or reject requests assigned by the user or admin.

View completed job history: Detailers can check the number of requests completed along with the date and time specifications so as to keep the track of number of requests executed per day.

Request payment from admin: According the number of requests completed the detailer can send the request to the admin for making payments.

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Admin Panel

Registering of technician: Admin can track all the technicians that are associated with a panel along with their year of experience and the physical location. Manage services. All the services that are provided by the service providers along with the charges are managed by the admin

Manage service time zones: The operational time zones of the service provider or the detailer is managed and tracked by the admin to manage user jobs. All the jobs that are assigned by the user related to the car washing and servicing are managed and monitored by the admin.

Manage user payment: Under this section, the payments made by the user through the online models and gateway are stored by the admin.

Manage rating and feedbacks: Ratings and the feedback provided by the users associated with the service provided are reviewed by the admin.

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Advanced Features

Cloud Management: Implementation of cloud technology comes as a great deal in managing all the data in a much-secured manner. All the related data corresponding to the users, orders, detailers and payments are stored on the cloud for making the workflow of the business very seamless.

An On-demand Car detailing Mobile app inclusive of the cloud technology helps a lot in making the business scalable plus monitors and secures all the information and data stored on the secured servers thus protecting the overall business integrity.

Heat Map View: This is definitely a new feature that will raise the standards of your On-demand car detailing mobile app. The heat map basically shows the busiest time of one location.

It also helps to track the locations of the best service providers, detailers, thus helping the users to make a better choice. Precisely, it allows the users to choose the quality services and also outlays the deals that are most loved.  It also helps in keeping track of the surge pricing on the app itself.

Offers and discounts: All the related offers and discounts are notified to the users for keeping them attuned with the upcoming deals. Offers and discounts work as a great medium in keeping the users attentive and encourage them to avail of your services when required.

Moreover, promotions and offers help to increase the visibility of the business. Therefore, embedding into a car detailing mobile app can make it a big hit across the entire industrial niche.

Payment: (Credit, Debit, Wallet, Net banking, Paypal, Braintree) Distinctive payment models such as Braintree, Stripe, PayPal’s Mobile SDK and Apple Pay are available nowadays. Users just hate to visit the physical locations of the service provider for making the payments. The concept of making the payments within an app is embraced by today’s users, as it adds to their comfort.

Integrating the online payment models provides the convenient approaches to the users for making the payments with a very convenient and hassle-free approach and at the same time augments the visibility of the app.

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In-app chat/ voice call: The In-App Conference allows the detailers and the users to communicate with each other in a very transparent way. The users can enquire about the status of their orders or in case of any query. They can also discuss some other services and can request them for availing of them too. The aforementioned strategy helps greatly to grapple the user’s attention and at the same time establishes the user loyalty for the app.

Push Notifications:  It works great for augmenting user acquisition and retention. An On-demand car detailing mobile app engineered with push technology works greatly in keeping the users informed about the latest deals, offers, order status and much more.  Needless to say, Push notification can prove to be quite transformational in enhancing your business visibility and at the same time keeps your clientele engaged with the app. They can also be sent to the users prior to the prior to order completion and car delivery to keeping them attentive and alert.

Subscription Packages: This feature cannot be missed while we are talking about the best attributes of an On-demand car wash and detailing mobile app. under this feature; the users can check and book the advanced services, premium memberships and can even set the features required. This way they are not required to look for the deals again and again.

They are automatically informed on the monthly, bi-monthly or on the half-yearly basis for availing the services. The feature works great in capturing the user’s attention as they are keep reminded about the services, offers and deals that come with their subscription packages.

Technology Stack 

A sound technological infrastructure is a topmost priority that must be given a remarkable attention before developing the app.  Therefore, clearly analyze all the technical domains, app specifications and make all the associated provisions for enforcing them into the basic building block of an On-demand car washing mobile app.

User Interface & Experience (UX UI) – For developing the basic model of the mobile app the app developer can use the most apparent CSS3 and Bootstrap for developing the front end and JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, Python or Django for the backend. For the android version, java is sufficient, and for iOS development framework, Swift will do the work.

Location Tracking – Based on the users’ proximity sensors the mobile app can track the current location of the user on real-time basis. For Android, Google Maps has all the needed functionalities, and for iOS – Apple maps is the best solution to go with.

CloudAmazon data servers or Google cloud storage can be used for safely storing the data and information in a secured form. AWS, Google, Azure are the cloud environment.

Real-time analytics – For tracking user data including the number of users visiting the website, the number of downloads, bounce rate, orders captured and the number of detailers linked Google analytics can be used.

car wash mobile app development

SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – For authenticity and for keeping spambots at bay. The app developer can use Facebook SDK or Google sign in for that.
Database – For managing the consumer and the detailer’s data in a comprehended way, the app developer has options like MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL, etc.

Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets

App Development Process
App Development Process
Cost of developing a car wash app


 It is quite difficult to calculate the exact cost of developing an app. However, the cost of developing an On-demand car detailing app depends upon 3 factors – the complexity & size of the app, the number of platforms you want your app to run on and the country you are selecting as your app development center. This is because different countries have different hourly charges, for instance:


  • Eastern Europe based developers: – $30 to $150 per hour
  •  U.S. based developers: – $50 to $250 per hour
  •  India based developers: – $10 to $80 per hour

Below is the overall basic app architecture (An average app with average features, developed for Android program and the center of development in India). Let’s break down the costs for different activities:

  • Technical documentation ( $1000 to $2000)
  • UI/UX design ( $1500 to $3000)
  • Front-end and Back-end development ( $9,000 to $ 12,000)
  • QA & Testing (80 Hours – $2000 to $3000)
So, if we add all the above overhead expenses, and reasonable will cost around $10,000 to $20,000 for a single platform (either iOS or Android). Choosing to add more features may raise the cost up to $25,000. However, spending around $25,000 guarantees your app to stand ahead in the competition.
Carwash App Development
SWEATER – Carwash App Developed By Octal