Technology over the years has made the world a small village. Today we can track a mobile for free. In old days, people had no means to check on their loved ones when they would leave the city for some purpose. Time evolved, and people could exchange letters and know about their whereabouts. 

One problem here, what if there is an emergency? 

Then came the telephones to connect easily from some nodes, and then the mobile phones where one would connect with their friends and family for assistance.

With time there came a location tracking app in the market that would let the users know where their loved ones are at a given moment in time. It’s not just that, such phone location tracker applications have changed the defense strategy and reduced the cases of lost and stolen phones. 

What Are Cellphone Tracker Apps: A Quick Look

Track a Mobile for Free

Do you love to visit new cities? 

Think you are in a foreign land and you don’t know the local language. TROUBLE! For navigation, all you would do is simply enter the destination on your Map application and follow the direction. Simple.

This is what basically tracking apps do. The applications determine someone’s or something’s physical location at a given moment in time. As enterprise mobility became common the need to track your devices became a necessity more than a need. With Unified Endpoint Management one can easily know where their smartphone is.  IoT has made people dependent on their smartphones not only for communication but for lot more reasons and misplacing phones is no more a convenient excuse.

The market of applications that find phone location is growing rapidly. 

Market Insights of Services Using Geolocation

Track a Mobile for Free

The proliferation of smartphone usage clearly reflected in the mobile app development market. In 2019, the location-based services market was valued at $23.14 billion and it is projected to reach $73.43 billion by the end of 2026 with a CAGR of 22.41%. 

Studies show that the market size of location tracking app services in 2021 accounted for around $44.95 billion which is expected to increase to $318.64 billion towards the end of 2030, with a CAGR of around 23.43%.

Most of the dominant industries are highly dependent on LBS for their efficient and timely services. Some of the top industries dependent on find a phone location services are:

  • FMCG and E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • IT and Telecom
  • Transportation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Other End-user Industries

If you are looking forward to entering the market with how to find phone location apps then all you need to do is hire mobile app developers that can help you in your endeavor. 

Best Phone Location Tracking Mobile Apps

Finding a free phone tracker application that can help you keep your family safe is a challenge. With the rise in the increase of such applications, the market has turned competitive and larger. Some of the free phone locator applications that experts suggest you can look forward to are:

Sr. No.Application NameAvailable OnPricingPublisher
1Google MapsAndroid | iOSFreeGoogle LLC
2WazeAndroid | iOSFreeWaze
3iSharingAndroid | iOSFreeiSharingSoft, inc.
4FollowMeeAndroid | iOSFreeFollowMee LLC
5mSpyAndroid | iOSFreeIpl Group PTY
6Map My RunAndroid | iOSFreeMapMyFitness, Inc.
7GlympseAndroid | iOSFreeGlympse, Inc
8TrackViewiOS$2.99 – $59.99Cybrook Inc.
9Life360Android | iOS$1.49 – $199.99Life360
10FamiSafeAndroid | iOS$2.99 – $59.99Wonderrshare Technology Co. Ltd.
11Family LocatorAndroid$2.98 – $59.99Family Locator LLC
12Find My KidsAndroid | iOS$0.99 – $134.99Geo Track Technologies Inc.
13DurcalAndroid | iOSFreeDurcal

1. Google Maps – Location Tracking and Navigation

Google Maps - Location Tracking and Navigation

One of the most common GPS cell phone locator applications in the market. The application is compatible with all the mobile app platforms including Android and iOS. One can easily reach their destination using the instructions via the application. User can even share their location with their friends and family. The app to track phones offers an accurate and reliable tracking result. With an interface that can easily be managed and used by naive users, the application is winning hearts. It can easily be customized and plays a significant role in your day-to-day life. The best part is it lets you generate a timeline where it records and displays your past locations. The application is ladened with features.

Top Features of Google Maps

  • Get maps for the smallest areas to find your way
  • Calculate the estimated time and traffic conditions at the given moment
  • Share your rides with co-passengers and get real-time transit info
  • Let you reroute to the destination automatically

So, if you are looking forward to a reliable application that can track a phone location to build a strong presence in the market.

2. Waze – Best phone tracking app

Waze - Best phone tracking app

As we talk about the location tracking app that can offer you the best of the services in the market, Waze cannot be left off the list. The application proves to be one of the best family locator applications. This gives you detailed information on everything like the availability of a parking spot, any construction work happening on your route, traffic updates, and other things that would impact your travel time. The iPhone locator application is integrated with a voice control feature and you can listen to your favorite songs as you travel. The application takes care of the privacy of the users. It would reflect the location only if it is shared with you. Once the location is shared with you, it is easier for you to locate your family members in real-time for a fixed time.

Top Features of Waze

  • Get detailed information about the route you or your loved ones are traveling from.
  • Share location and track other Waze users easily.
  • Maintain confidentiality and no privacy infringement

3. iSharing – Free location tracker

iSharing - Free location tracker

This is surely one of the most interesting and accurate GPS phone tracker applications to find a phone location.

The best location tracking app, iSharing levels up the safety and security of your family members with advanced features. The application allows you to track your family members in real-time. Along with this, it allows your users to be updated when your family member arrives at a destination, when they leave for the journey, if they are nearby, etc.

Top Features of iSharing

  • Offer real-time tracking
  • Notify when family members are nearby
  • Send a panic alert in case of emergency
  • Record travel history for family members 
  • Track mobile phone free if lost or stolen

4. FollowMee – Live tracking app

FollowMee - Live tracking app

An interesting GPS tracker app that can be used for business tracking. This application lets you track any mobile phone secretly. With a simple install, you can turn your smartphone into a GPS tracking device. Simply install the application on your smartphone and track it from the website directly. The Android tracking app is the best fit for your business as it allows you to integrate several devices with a single account. One can track the location of multiple devices at any given moment in time. The best part of the application is it works well even with weak networks and the map is auto-updated once the lost signals are found.

Top Features of FollowMee

  • Allow location monitoring via website
  • Data privacy and confidentiality ensured
  • Track various devices at once
  • Works with no internet

This is a free phone tracker application that works well under a weak network.

5. mSpy – My Family Locator, GPS tracker

mSpy - My Family Locator, GPS tracker

The application entered a very competitive market a decade back and now stands as one of the best GPS cell phone locator applications in the market. Available for free over the play stores the application can be used to track the activities of children. You can connect with the iOS app development team or the Android app development team to get an application that would be integrated with similar features. The application records your child’s location and allows you to keep a track of their location in real-time. The app is laden with amazing features and is quite convenient to use. You can now be relaxed about the location of your family members and see where they are with just a tap.

Top Features of Mspy

  • Know real-time location with integrated GPS tracking
  • Monitor cell phone usage of your child including call history, location, and other details
  • Check internet activities and other usage of the phones
  • Block unnecessary incoming calls
  • See the gallery of your child’s phone

Mspy is another location tracking app that parents can use to keep an eye on their children and monitor their online activities.

6. Map My Run By Under Armour

Map My Run By Under Armour

One of the reasons Map My Run By Under Armour is in the top 10 location tracking applications list is its interface. The application is easy to use and comes with a wearable integration feature. The application can be a great motivation during your workout sessions as it maintains all the significant details from your workout that can be analyzed later. The application talks about everything that you may need to be aware of, be it stride length, foot strike angle, or ground contact time. The wearable app development team affirms integrating the required feature set where you can connect the application with any wearable device like Google Fit, Android Wear, Garmin, Fitbit, Suunto, etc. This application is way beyond just a find a phone location application.

Top Features of MapMy Run

  • Wearable integration for acute results
  • Free trial with premium features for a year
  • Records workout outcomes to analyze later

If you want to find out how to track someone location with phone number then the next application on the list can surely help you.

7. Glympse – Share GPS location

Glympse – Share GPS location

Glympse is one of the most loved applications if you want to track a mobile for free. The application maintains the privacy and security of the other user and does not allow stealth mode. Thus, the other person has to share their location with you for you to be able to track them. But the good part is one can get instant alerts, navigation options, geo-fencing facilities, in-app messaging, etc. The application lets you turn on/off the locations and supports cross-platform locations.

Top Features of Glympse

  • Share location with a dynamic map
  • Track cell phone location free
  • Assistance at the time of emergency
  • No details required
  • Get ETA for the destination

8. TrackView – Find My Phone

TrackView – Find My Phone

One of the best free phone tracker apps with stealth mode. You can locate your children or elderly in the family easily with the application. You can connect the application with various devices like PCs, Tablets, or Smartphones and integrate an IP camera with a GPS locator.

The iPhone tracking app offers a range of features like Geo-fencing, real-time location tracking of target devices, a web-based interface, and others that would let you access even the social media feeds of the connected device. Get the location record of the user and know where they have been. 

The GPS tracker app comes with a premium plan starting at $2.99 and an ultimate edition at $54.99.

Top Features of TrackView

  • Ease of location tracking
  • Audio-video recording
  • Use your device as an IP camera
  • Integrated GPS tracker

9. Life360: Find Family & Friends

Life360: Find Family & Friends

This is another application to track a phone location that would let you track your loved ones without any permission. You can check the whereabouts of your kids and family members without panicking. The hybrid application development team integrated an in-app messaging feature to keep you notified about your kids.

This is another application that comes with a basic paid plan of $1.5, while the premium plan starts at $4.99.

Top Features of Life360

  • The application allows you to create a circle or private groups
  • Share the location of the group members in real-time
  • Find a phone if stolen or lost

10. FamiSafe: Parental Control App & Location Tracker

FamiSafe: Parental Control App & Location Tracker

The application is designed by experts to help you track your kids and the elderly in the family. In the fast-growing world, it is important that you can find a phone location easily to make sure that your kids and family members are safe. In case of an emergency, you can take corrective measures easily. 

One of the reasons this application is so popular is it helps you get the accurate location of your loved ones easily.

Top Features of FamiSafe

  • Track inappropriate content on your kids’ social media
  • Flexible warning keyword addition
  • Detect phots real-time

Our Android app development company and team of highly skilled iOS app developers can create feature-rich applications that put you ahead of the competition.

11. Family Locator – GPS Tracker & Find Your Phone App

Family Locator – GPS Tracker & Find Your Phone App

If you are looking for the best phone tracker app without permission, then you are at the right place. The application lets you track your family members and their real-time locations to affirm if they are safe or not. In case of any emergency, you can take corrective measures. Works similar to FamiSafe but is available for free.

Top Features of Family Locator 

  • Track family members in real-time
  • Create private groups
  • Share location without permission 

This application can track cell phone location free and help you be updated with the whereabouts of your loved ones. 

12. Find My Kids – Best Phone Tracking App

Find My Kids - Best Phone Tracking App

The application is used for emergency purposes. The application has a Listen In the feature, where you can hear your kids’ surroundings if they do not take your call. The application comes with security controls and you would be notified when they reach home, when they reach school or when they move to some other place.

The application is a must-have for parents who have kids so that they can know if their kid gets caught up in trouble. With great customization options, you can even restrict areas where your kids must not go. If they visit any place from the list, you get notified.

Cool Na!

Top Features of Find My Kids

  • Restrict areas and get notified if your kid visits someplace like that
  • Know when your kid leaves the school
  • Great customization options to keep your child safe
  • GPS cell phone locator

13. Durcal – Best Family Tracking Mobile App

Durcal - Best Family Tracking Mobile App

If you are looking for how to track someone’s location with a phone number, then this is the application for you. The app requires the permission of the user to share their location. You can easily see where the elderly in your family is going and track their location either via smartphone or smartwatch. The application lets you keep an eye on your loved ones so that you can assist them in case of any emergency. 

Top Features of

  • Safe and secure to use
  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy
  • Track users real-time

The app does ask for permission to track a phone location, but this is one of the most reliable options on the list.

14. Spyzie


Another application which is designed for parents to ensure their kids’ safety. Spyzie lets the user keep an eye on their child’s travel history and even track messages. The application iOS designed keeping in mind how with exposure to the internet children come across inappropriate content easily. This free phone tracker application has earned great reviews and is trusted by a lot of parents for their children’s safety. 

Top Features of Spyzie

  • GPS tracker app
  • Monitor messages sent and received
  • Get notified of the real-time location

These are some of the top applications to track mobile for free. These applications and many others like them are available in the market to help people track the location of devices and their assets. These applications have a lot more practical usage in various industries that make them the need of the hour.

Use Cases of Location Tracing Mobile Applications

Everyone now looks for some applications that track a phone location easily. The idea sounds common, with a limited use case but that’s just the surface. These applications are in high demand in the market and are used by various industries. 

For Asset Tracking and Management

During the pandemic, there may be a slight decline in location-based services in general, but businesses made most of it. Every business had to deal with a large number of assets regularly and keeping control of them was a big challenge.  Geo-tracking applications help in tracking, managing, and securing these assets for safe business operations.

Many organizations instantly installed mobile device management systems on their assets to track them in real-time. The desktops, laptops, smartphones, wearables, IoT devices, and rugged devices all were connected with the location-sharing app so that they can easily be managed and tracked. 

Personal or Family Vehicle/Device Tracking

The family tracking app is another popular real-time application for location-based services that reflect added safety and security at the individual levels.  One can simply install these applications with vehicles used by the elderly, kids, domestic staff, etc. to make sure they are aware of the movement of their family members. The user can easily track cell phone location free and do the needful at the right time to avoid any unfavorable situation.

For Lone Worker Safety

Another major utilization of the location tracking app is for the safety of lone workers. Sometimes the loan workers may be asked to work under hazardous conditions that cannot be reached immediately. It could be a jungle, some mines, mountains, or a deserted area. With an effective GPS cell phone locator it can easily be affirmed that you can locate the worker effectively and take corrective measures immediately in case of any emergency. 

As an Anti-Theft Solution

Since the assets of businesses, your personal details, and a lot of other information are stored in your smartphone you need to integrate the best tracking app as an anti-theft solution. Once the device is integrated with an advanced mobile device management system it becomes easier for the admin teams in the IT department of the businesses to track the movement of the assets and how they are being accessed.  The IT  team does not have to struggle with how to locate someone who has misused the assets knowingly or unknowingly. They can easily locate them and the corrective procedure can be followed. 

In Logistics and Delivery Services

One important industry that takes the leverage of location sharing app the most is logistics and delivery services. They need to manage and track their vehicle fleet and affirm that the process is accomplished with minimum resources involved. It is important that businesses are aware of the cost-effective, optimal distance that would help them save tons. 

Not just this, one can reduce the risks of accidents and in case of any emergency, the free phone tracking services can assist with the first assistance.

Tracing High-Value Non-Computing Equipment

When talking about the assets of an organization, the infrastructure counts too. The wi-fi routers, systems, printers, electrical equipment, etc. With a location tracking app, one can easily locate these assets in the organization, and in case of any mishappening corrective measures can be taken easily.

As technology has evolved and the normal lifestyle paradigm has seen a great shift in the last few years, these apps to find a phone location has seen great significance. Our navigation services providing experts make sure that the product deployed to you is the best tracking app in the market. 

To make sure that the products are scalable and technologically advanced, our team integrates only the trending technology and builds a flexible solution. 

What Technologies Involved in Location Tracking Mobile Apps?

As we work on a project, the first thing we do is study your competition. We look into all the details of the best application or similar application in the business and make sure that your product has everything. We study the loopholes to fix them in your app to provide it an edge and integrate advanced technology to make it stand out. If you want to develop an application to track cell phone location free, you cannot miss out on these. 

GPS Module

The technology that started as the service that works for the defense is now one of the most sought technology for mobile free phone tracker app development. Basically, the technology works as a space-based radio-navigation system that has a network of satellites that broadcast navigation signals and helps accurately position a body or the device integrated with the GPS Module.

With 31 GPS satellites orbiting the Earth, the network formed is accurate and helps one have detailed information on location, velocity, and estimated time to reach a point anywhere around the world in all weather conditions. So now you need not struggle with how to find someones location and reach them.

Cell ID

This is a significant technology to use when working on a free phone tracker application. We affirm that your location tracking application is integrated with GSM Cell ID that can identify the base trans receiver section or a spot within the location area network in case the network isn’t available.  

Assisted GPS

This technology plays a significant role when the user is in an area where it is difficult for the satellite signals to penetrate. We affirm as we develop your free app to track phone it can serve its purpose in the worst conditions. With assisted GPS one can receive information from network resources in a remote area. 


Your application to track a phone location would be integrated with Geofencing technology that would make things easier for you. In simple language, a virtual fence is created around a geographical area and can be accessed by an RF-ID, Passcode, or some identification. In case the user fails to show the relevant passcode, the geofence is triggered. 

iBeacon & Eddystone

Beacons are Bluetooth-based low-energy proximity sensing signal transmitting devices that can be integrated with your location sharing app for a limited area. Eddystone is the transmitting device for iBeacons by Google. 

Geolocation For IoT

Another technology that cannot be ruled out if you want to enter the market with the best tracking app is integrating IoT. We affirm that the product dropped to you is interesting and can be integrated with various devices that you can track easily.

It is the need of the hour to have applications that track a mobile for free. With an increased dependency on their devices, it is important to track everything that is available on the internet. For individuals tracking family and other members is a significant addition to it, with a shared location reaching a place becomes easier. 

For the business environment, it becomes important to keep a check on the assets and when and where they are accessed. The gps tracker app that our team would develop for you would certainly resolve the problems around tracking, managing, and monitoring the devices.

Final Opinion

As you have an idea of how to track someone location with phone number mobile application, you need to hire experts to have the right insight that would make things easier for you. They can help you with the basic features, advanced add-ons, engaging elements, and above all trending technology to deliver a solution that is interesting and high revenue-generating. 

People need to have a simple application to find a phone location. Most applications in the market today are complex and have a complicated functioning, a simpler application would gain popularity in the market.

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