Android Jetpack is the latest release announced by Google, which is the revised and upgraded support library developed keeping app developers in mind.

It has been created with much-improved tools that can help you build new app features along with Kotlin as their coding language. Support library in Android apps developing kit is consumed by every other app that is available at Play store.

This was noticed some time back and since then work on improving this has been going on for quite a while. This Android Jetpack has shown promise in the path of making Android app creation and development intriguing and simpler for this platform. These are next-generation Android APIs.

What exactly is Android Jetpack

It can be defined as a collection of tools, libraries and a guide which for sure will help you make the android development process easy and fast for almost all the mind-blowing android applications. It provides the most unique infrastructure code to the developers, thus keeping them focused make unique applications for the public.

Android Jetpack

What are Jetpack components?

There are four components in the pack namely UI, Foundation, Architecture and Behaviour and these help out mobile application developers make all the versions of that Android easy and compatible in the quest of Android app development.

Advanced features of Android Jetpack

Not dependent on Android versions: These feature updates do not depend on the Android version as they are not given in one particular file.

Unbundled components: All these components that provide us with various features are unbundled and this allows android app developers in providing their customers with all the latest updates.

Less Coding plus high-performance apps: With the use of Kotlin in the process of developing the software permits developers to code way too less and create a high-quality app with high-performance outputs.

Easy integration: While adding these components to your already existing app, Android jetpack permits the developer to integrate the latest updates without causing disturbance to existing functionality.

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How Android Jetpack can prove beneficial in Android App Development?

High-Quality Applications: Android Jetpack also helps the developers to integrate all the latest design practices by eliminating other possibilities on crashes and also lesser memory being leaked having backward compatibility.

Enable Developers to stay focused: With the implementation of Android Jetpack, it becomes much easier in focusing on the requirements of the apps. That is why modern businesses choose to vet android developer in order to implement new features with ease.

No Boilerplate Code: Android Jetpack helps in withstanding some of the toughest activities out there in the form of background tasks and navigation and life cycle management.

Enhances productivity: It is suitable in order to update all features with more adaptability and is built with the help of cohesive work. Most of the android app developing professionals put Kotlin Language to use as it has some extra advantage in terms of productivity.

Key components of Android Jetpack

Navigation: Since most of the developers in recent times are facing problems in developing in-app Navigation, Google recently launched high-quality Navigation to prioritize excessive user interface.

Work manager: The latest introduced component is Work manager via Google and it guarantees the best-known solutions for constraint-based background tasks. The work manager is executed by replacing the SyncAdapters.

Android KTX: It is the new introduction of Google in order to increase support for Kotlin language used for developing the best apps around. Android Jetpack with the prospect of increasing productivity while on the other hand it also transforms all the codes with ease because of the presence of Android KTX.

Paging: Every popular app, in normal uses excessive data and this could irritate the user to a very high level. The paging component is the latest update introduced by Google to provide the user with a sufficient amount of data in the app. Paging also increases the speed of never-ending scrolling with the use of RecyclerView that will load already paged data depending on the network with updating the contents with ease.

  • Excellent functionality
  • Enhances app development process
  • Productivity features
  • Google featured the latest design techniques.
  • Better test-ability
  • Issue resolving integration
  • Independent functionality
  • Backward Compatibility
  • Allows apps to perform on all Android Platforms.

Disadvantages of Android Jetpack

  • Auto-activation without any notice.
  • No Plugin bloat


At the moment, Google is making efforts to find out the existing drawbacks and putting together all the available technology to develop tools that can help in dealing with these drawbacks. These new and latest solutions are helpful in growing as a community and improve the world with meaningful technology in the form of apps. This will help in speeding up the development process for the app developers and also add updates pretty smoothly with Jetpack.

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