Digital advancement has revolutionized the world, redefining the future of the economy. Everyday emerging technologies and intuitive mobile apps radically alter how we work and live today. Mobility is becoming a significant part of every application, and most enterprises embrace it to stay ahead of the competition.

Every aspiring organization aims to connect with a larger audience, and this is only possible through an engaging mobile app that operates glitch-free on multiple mobile platforms. Countless platforms are available today that offer easy development of mobile apps, such as Android, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, and iOS.

Many organizations have difficulty selecting the right mobile app development platform for their company. In his article, we will discuss the benefits of Android app development and why we choose Android app development over other platforms.

The Android platform is, however, progressing by leaps and is bound to enjoy 70% share of the mobile market worldwide. An ever-growing number of organizations are using this platform to build custom apps that have increased their revenues considerably and resulted in tremendous business growth.

Renowned for its power, speed, scalability, and performance, Android is a highly utilitarian feature-packed platform allowing you to easily develop tremendous mobile apps.

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Advantages of selecting the Android platform for your app development

Let’s explore the Benefits of Choosing Android as a Mobile App Development Platform

The Gigantic Market Share of Android Platform

Market Share of Android Platform

The market share of Android is One of the most significant factors among the top benefits of Android app development. In the third quarter of 2023, Android continued to dominate the global mobile operating system market, holding a substantial 70.5 percent market share. In contrast, its closest competitor, Apple’s iOS, secured a market share of 28.8 percent over the same period.

Trust and Support of Google

Developing Android apps comes with some great perks, thanks to the strong support from Google. Google provides powerful tools and resources that make building apps easier. The Android Studio, backed by Google, is like a superhero developer toolkit. It simplifies the app creation process and ensures that the apps turn out top-notch.

Plus, because Google is always coming up with cool new stuff, developers get to stay ahead of the game and incorporate the latest trends into their apps. The global reach of Google’s platform is another big plus, allowing developers to connect with a vast and diverse audience. So, if you’re into creating Android apps, having Google in your corner means more opportunities and a better shot at success!

Android App Development is Cost Effective & offers High ROI

The Android platform supports an easy approach to settling in the market. With its reliable Software Development Kit (SDK)? It is offered free to the developers. This strikingly reduces app development and licensing costs. The overall development cost can be conveniently bifurcated into three main stages:

  • Application development
  • Testing
  • Deployment cost

For product distribution, the developers must pay a single-time registration fee. They can then use any computer device to develop and test the smartphone app. They can demonstrate the app in front of the clients at any instant without hassle. Updating developed applications is also a simplified task while determining the Android platform.

Android is an Open Source Platform

The magic of the Android platform amplifies because of its open-source nature. The architecture of Android’s Software Development Kit (SDK) is open-source. This means that the app developers can directly interact with the community for the forthcoming expansions in Android app development, thus assisting them to gain access to a superior technology framework.

They are not required to pay additionally for any licenses or royalties. All this leads to the speedy development of applications and helps to grab better opportunities for the app developers to earn big.

Easy App Approval Process of Android App Store Google Play

All Android apps are uploaded on Google Play with an uncomplicated app approval process without any stringent and resolute policies. The app developers can conveniently agree to the policy and gain easy entry into the Android market for their mobile app. This process is uniform for both startups as well as for established app development companies.

Easy Adjust and Integration

Android platforms offer easy customization of apps to suit the precise needs of your business. Organizations can capture a wider customer base by extending dedicated apps and fostering their business. You can adjust and integrate your mobile apps according to the demands of your business. Android indubitably offers the best mobile platform for inter-application and inter-process architecture. You can integrate Various third-party APIs as per app requirements.

Android Application Development offers maximum customization.

It is rightly said that great UI makes or breaks an app. Android offers customizable applications and graphics that allow developers to showcase their creativity and innovativeness to develop more interactive and attractive apps. Android comes with a wide array of easy application customization options that allow updating the app’s multimedia tools and data management functions. This greatly contributes to the success of Android mobile apps.

Android App Development Offers Robust Security Features

When the Android market was in a nascent stage, a lot of Android devices faced the issues of hardware malfunctioning and hacking. As a result, Google introduced address space layout, a protection process that secures the operating system from viruses. This solved all security issues and made the Android platform highly secure and dependable. Google has also started sending regular notifications to users to alter their smartphone settings. With frequent password modifications, ?data remains safe.

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Multiple Network Distribution

With an Android platform, you do not have to depend upon a single marketplace to launch your application. There is a wide selection of marketplaces from which the target sector can learn about your application. You can even create your own sales and distribution channel for the market.

In short, app developers have numerous options to reach their target customers and augment their market presence by following any promotional strategy. This increases the avenues for income generation as the developers can distribute the app through numerous channels.

Easy Porting to Different Platforms

Leveraging the Java platform for Android app development facilitates seamless portability of applications to diverse platforms such as Ubuntu and Symbian. This advantage allows business owners to target various platforms through Android Application Development.

Versatility and Utility of Kotlin Language

Kotlin, introduced by Google as the official language for Android Application Development, has emerged as a successor to Java. Kotlin extends its utility beyond Android, enabling the development of applications compatible with Android, iOS, and Java Desktop versions.

Major corporations, including Uber, Pinterest, and Evernote, have adopted Kotlin as their language of choice for Android Application Development. This widespread adoption underscores Kotlin’s effectiveness and versatility in catering to the development needs of successful and widely-used applications.

Advantage of Android Studio

With the advent of Android Studio, the expansiveness and adaptability of the Android platform have significantly grown. Android Studio empowers developers to seamlessly integrate their applications with the comprehensive Android ecosystem, encompassing tablets, smartphones, Android TV, and wearables.

Furthermore, Android Studio facilitates the alignment of your Android application with emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), and Virtual Reality (VR). The versatility of Android Studio ensures that your application remains at the forefront of technological advancements, positioning you to reap substantial benefits from the ever-evolving Android platform.

New Possibilities with Customizable ROM

Custom ROMs open up new possibilities and advantages for Android app development. Custom ROMs are personalized versions of the Android operating system, tailored to meet specific preferences and needs. Android app Developers can tap into this flexibility to optimize app performance on various devices and offer users a more tailored experience. With custom ROMs, Android developers can access advanced features not present in stock Android, enhancing the functionality and uniqueness of their Android applications.


The flexibility of the Android ecosystem empowers developers to create diverse and dynamic mobile applications, reaching a vast audience across various devices. With a robust framework, rich development tools, and a thriving community, Android is the best choice for those seeking to craft woderfull mobile experiences that resonate with a diverse global user base. Choosing Android is not just a development decision; it’s a commitment to harnessing the full potential of a dynamic and ever-evolving mobile landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why Android for mobile app development?

Android is chosen for mobile app development due to its widespread market share, diverse user base, open-source nature, and robust development tools.

What are the advantages of the Android platform?

Advantages of the android platform include a large user base, diverse device compatibility, open-source flexibility, extensive customization options, and a vibrant developer community.

What language is used for Android app development?

Java and Kotlin are the primary languages used for Android app development. Kotlin has gained popularity as an official language for Android development alongside Java.

Is Android Application Development easy?

Android app development can be considered both easy and challenging, depending on the complexity of the project and the developer’s experience. The availability of resources and community support makes it accessible for developers.

Which platform is best for Android app development?

Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) recommended by Google for Android app development. It provides essential tools and resources for building Android applications.

Is Android an open-source platform?

Yes, Android is an open-source operating system. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) allows developers to access and modify the source code, fostering innovation and collaboration.

What is the registered developer cost of the Android platform?

Google Play Console charges a one-time registration fee of $25 for Android developers to publish apps on the Google Play Store.

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