Medical billing &
Claims Processing

Powerful Software Solutions for Medical billing & Automated Claims Processing.

Medical Billing & Claims Processing Software Development

The Octal development team has adopted the "smart client" paradigm and developed a set of scalable distributed HIPAA compliant applications that combine the best features of the Web, Mobile and Desktop approach. The completed system handles millions of patient records for dozens of customers with hundreds of users simultaneously.

Using Octal's Healthcare Billing and Claims Management Software, you can automate billing and insurance complaint handling quickly and easily, increase claim rates, minimize sales misses and reduce unproductive. This tool enables electronic submission of health insurance claims currently being processed, payment management, and real time status check.

Healthcare Solutions

At Octal IT Solution We Develop Custom mobile applications, software and solutions for the Healthcare Industry.

Medical Billing & Claims Solutions

We provide development services for a wide range of medical billing software solutions...

The Octal Advantages

Because we provide solutions baspoke for your business, without cutting your pocket...

Medical Claims Software DevelopmentAll-in-One

All the required features come up under a single portal so that user can manage and monitor all the related activities without any confusion.

Medical Claims Mobile App DevelopmentData Collection
& Privacy

Implementing the most effective big data analytics solutions, we easily map the data of the right patient so flows out to the therapist, and makes sure that it comes with the effective solution.

Medical Billing Software DevelopmentWearable Tech
& Cloud

While using all the cutting edge technologies, we create fitness apps that delivers on-demand medicine services and patient care prescriptions and beyond.

Medical Billing Software SolutionsTargeting Patients

We deliver solutions that comprise of medical history, health care plans and other critical data so as to make the patients realize that he is being treated personally and with utmost importance.

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