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CMMI Level 3
Business TypeEntertainment and Media
ClientZee Entertainment Enterprises
Time for Launch 4 months

About HiPi

HiPi, is a game-changing short video sharing app developed for our client. They had a vision to create a short video sharing app that would take the world by storm, allowing users to unleash their creativity and share captivating short videos.




Project Brief

The client wanted us to create a short video sharing solution that let users make the best of their creativity. The app had to be secure, reliable, and have loads of filters. Along with this the application required some interesting filters, location detecting features, and others to make sure that the solution stands ahead of its competition in the market.

Our Role

CMMI Level 3


CMMI Level 3


CMMI Level 3


CMMI Level 3


Turning Challenges to Triumphs: One Step at a Time

Our challenge was to create a feature-rich short video sharing app that would stand out in the competitive market and provide users with an unforgettable experience.

The Goal

We did take some time to figure out how to proceed with the work.

  • To create a user-friendly interface to let users create and share engaging short videos.

  • The solution has to be intuitive and easy to use editing tools and filters for interactive videos that let users enjoy the solutions.

  • It was important to inculcate a sense of community with features that let users follow, like, and interact with other content creators.

  • We had to offer a personalized user experience with a smart algorithm that recommends videos based on individual preferences and likes.

  • Build a robust and secure infrastructure to handle high traffic and ensure smooth video uploads.

Our Plan

To achieve these goals, we built an exciting action plan

  • Our creative design team crafted an interface that not only looked amazing but also offered seamless navigation and discovery of videos. We wanted users to feel excited and engaged as soon as they opened the app.
  • We developed a powerful video creation and editing system that offered users a wide range of tools and filters. Trimming, merging, adding effects, and background music were just a few of the features that allowed users to bring their imagination to life.
  • In the short video app solution our team integrated social features that allowed users to connect with content creators. Through features like following, liking, and commenting, users were able to build connections and collaborate within the app's vibrant community.
  • Our experts implemented smart algorithms that analyzed user preferences and interactions to deliver personalized video recommendations. This kept users hooked by offering content that resonated with their interests and kept them coming back for more.
  • For a seamless experience, our developers worked on a robust backend infrastructure that handled high user traffic and video uploads without hiccups. With cloud storage and scalable architecture providing stability and enhancing app performance was easy.

Helping Our Clients Achieve Fantabulous Results through Continuous Development & Optimization

CMMI Level 3

Robust Tech Stack

We offer a reliable tech stack that helps the client manage the traffic and the content flow on the application. The application meets the standards of the clients and users for seamless streaming.

CMMI Level 3

Agile Development

We follow agile methodology where we review the changes and the requirements on regular basis and make sure to deliver the solution exactly like the client wants.

CMMI Level 3

Quality Assurance and Testing

The product deployed is tested and quality assured. Thus we affirm that the solutions deployed are flawless and for any updates we are just a call away.

And the Action Plan to Build HiPi

We follow agile development methodology, where client is always a part of the development process. With constant communication and feedbacks we brought to the table an amazing short video sharing application.

Understanding the Vision

We collaborated closely with Spark Entertainment to fully grasp their vision, target audience, and desired features. This helped us create a roadmap that aligned with their goals.

Preparing the Whole Plan 

The team, considering the features and the expectations of the client, prepared an SRS that reflected the minimum time required to breathe in life in the application.

Wireframing and Prototyping 

Once all went fine, the team worked on the prototype of the application integrating all features, the right color scheme and everything.

Developing the Solution 

Once the prototype was good to go the development team started building the solution exactly as it was expected and trust us, it turned out Awesome!

Assuring It Is Perfect!

Once the development team is done, the quality assurance and testing team come up with their critic’s hats and check for bugs and issues with the solution. 

Handing It Over 

After days of efforts and hardwork, we handover the final product to the client. We believe in life long partnerships and in case of tweaks or modifications required we are always available.

How HiPi entered a competitive market and gained popularity in a short span!

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Best Tools and Technology to Develop the Short Video Sharing App!

We used the best technology and advanced tools to develop the short video sharing application.

  • SwiftSwift
  • XcodeXcode
  • KotlinKotlin
  •   Android SDK Android SDK
  • Adobe XDAdobe XD
  • FigmaFigma
  • Mongo DBMongo DB
  • Node JSNode JS
  • JenkinsJenkins
  • GitHubGitHub
  • AppiumAppium
  • Quality CenterQuality Center

The Final Results

And the Application Went Live and Trending!

We went live with the application after a few tweaks in a few months and since then it is doing wonders. The response was amazing by the users and the application generated great revenue.

Words from the HiPi Team

CMMI Level 3

It was an amazing experience. We were majorly worried about adding a unique touch to the solution as there are many short video sharing apps like Tik Tok and Instagram that are quite popular. The team came up with an aesthetic design and such an easy to use and intuitive application that gave us confidence. The final results were at par expectations.

CMMI Level 3

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    We’re always keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry. Browse our resources and learn more.

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