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CMMI Level 3
Business TypeHealthcare Services
ClientDr. B.Lal Labs
Time for Launch 3 months

About B.Lal Labs

One of the largest pathology service providing groups in India, B Lal labs have around 200 laboratories and diagnostic centers with approximately 1500 collection centers across India. The company is trusted and relied on by millions of Indians and has also earned appreciation from the leading healthcare service providers.




Project Brief

The main aim of the project was to develop a pathology service providing applications that would make it easier for them to manage their data and give customers an ease in availing their services. They came to us to get an efficient and user-friendly platform that would facilitate seamless access to pathology services, enhance customer experience, and optimize operational efficiency.

Working with them was a challenge as they came in with a strong reputation and standing up to it was the least we could do.

Our Role

CMMI Level 3


CMMI Level 3


CMMI Level 3


CMMI Level 3


Meeting the Expectations, Delivering the Best

The client envisioned a pathology application that would cater to the basic needs of the user and the others involved in its operations.

The Goal

  • We had to ensure booking online appointments, reviewing them, and responding to them through the application is easy and convenient.
  • Displaying an extensive list of available tests along with accurate pricing information on a smartphone screen was a hard nut we had to crack.

  • It was important that the users can easily locate the nearest collection center based on their location.
  • We had to make sure data shared over the application is safe and secure. It has to maintain confidentiality of customer information.

  • Other than these, including other features like time for results, reminders, notifications, etc. were also important.

Action Plan

  • With the right technology stack and smart algorithm we made sure all the basic requirements of the project are met easily.
  • The UI/UX design team built a solution that made it quite easy to display the prominent services at once, that ensured most users don’t have to struggle with the app to avail required services.
  • Advanced Geolocation API was integrated to make sure the user gets accurate results and approximate distance of the nearest collection center.
  • We ensure the data shared was encrypted. Also, the pathology lab app developers did their part of homework to find out any legal limitations during the development process.
  • The team comprehensively curated a list of basic features and discussed it with the client closely to integrate them in the final solution.

Helping Our Clients Achieve Fantabulous Results through Continuous Development & Optimization

CMMI Level 3

Robust Tech Stack

We offer a reliable tech stack that helps the client manage the traffic and the content flow on the application. The application meets the standards of the clients and users for seamless streaming.

CMMI Level 3

Agile Development

We follow agile methodology where we review the changes and the requirements on regular basis and make sure to deliver the solution exactly like the client wants.

CMMI Level 3

Quality Assurance and Testing

The product deployed is tested and quality assured. Thus we affirm that the solutions deployed are flawless and for any updates we are just a call away.

Achieving Success: One step at a Time

We stuck to an iterative and incremental approach where the client would review and share feedback on the project in chunks making modifications an easier task.

Requirement Gathering

The client shared the details of the application and his expectations of us. Discussions sound all the basic necessities of the application. 

SRS Sharing 

Sharing the complete action plan in a documented form with expected deadlines and time required for various tasks. 

Wireframing and Prototyping 

We made sure the solutions shared turn out to a working reality. The team worked together to bring to the table a solution that served all the purposes. 

Bringing App to Life 

The development team turned the prototype to a functioning reality using the most relevant and advanced tech stack. 

Perfecting the Solution

The team built a solution that was analyzed by the QA and testing team before passing it further. 

Deploying the Solution 

We made sure the solutions were perfect and deployed it to the client. Even after deploying the solution we were around for all the tweaks and modifications required. 

We Helped Dr. B.Lal Labs to Reach a Wider Audience and Build a Strong Presence in the Market!

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Using the Best Technologies and Tools for a Reliable Solution

  • SwiftSwift
  • XcodeXcode
  • KotlinKotlin
  •   Android SDK Android SDK
  • Adobe XDAdobe XD
  • FigmaFigma
  • Mongo DBMongo DB
  • Node JSNode JS
  • JenkinsJenkins
  • GitHubGitHub
  • AppiumAppium
  • Quality CenterQuality Center

The Final Results

The application is live and read to download from the app stores. It did need a little tweaking, but the ease it brings to the table is commendable. The app makes availing healthcare services so convenient and comfortable.

A Word of Appreciation from the Client

CMMI Level 3

Taking our services online was itself a strong call to make. Octal was recommended to me by one of my known and to be honest, I was a little skeptical about how things would turn. Gradually, as we moved from one milestone to other, confidence built up. The final solution delivered to us was upto the mark and had some features that we actually missed during the initial discussions.

CMMI Level 3

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    We’re always keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry. Browse our resources and learn more.

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