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CMMI Level 3
Business TypeHealthcare Solution
Time for Launch 6 months

About Abiolabs

Abiolabs is a laboratory testing service provider based in Mauritius. It addresses all the needs in the healthcare, medical device/pharma, and hospitality industries in Mauritius, the Indian Ocean region, and beyond. It aims to deliver laboratory solutions for Medical device analysis, Clean zone environment qualification, Mass metrology, Microbiology, and Medical testing. The client connected with Octal IT Solution for a Progressive Web Application that could help.

Leading the Way in Diagnostic Excellence with Advanced Technology in Its Operations

The lab testing service market is limited and needs utmost precision. The team at Abiolabs implements state-of-the-art technology. It has an extensive team of local talents and international experts to enhance and optimize its service delivery.

When working on the project, the major challenges faced are listed here

  • Keeping it soothing and reflecting its core values of assisting businesses with lab-tested chemicals.
  •  Adding a technical twist to a service that is so vital
  • We also had to consider the legalities of expressing the values and business objectives.
  •  The dataset involved in the process was huge and was processed and analyzed at a large scale.

The global clinical laboratory service market size is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.2% from 2023 to 2030.

Expressing their services without making it look overly done with the right images and color combinations was challenging for the UI/UX Design team.  They carefully selected images and color combinations to strike the right balance. To ensure optimal performance, we incorporated a suitable tech stack into the website, focusing on minimizing load and processing times. When it came to the mobile application, our goal was to create a user-friendly experience with clear navigation for both users and service providers. Before diving into the design process, our team conducted thorough research to identify the most effective features and engagement points.

In the end, the team crafted a solution that is not only easy to navigate but also encourages seamless interaction.

Our Role

CMMI Level 3


CMMI Level 3


CMMI Level 3


CMMI Level 3


How Healthcare Solution Service Providers Built a World Class Solution for Abiolabs?


Making Sure We’re on the Same Page with the Client

Before we started working on the project, we had close discussions with the client to make sure we were on the same page as them. With extensive brainstorming sessions involving the business development team, developers, designers, and the client, we ensured we aligned with the client’s business objectives and vision.


Designing and Developing the Solution

We wrapped up the discussions with the client, and the business development team  shared the SRS with a detailed timeline to ensure the project was delivered within the defined timeline. The UI/UX team developed various models before finalizing the one we continued with. After this, ‌developers diligently worked on implementing all the application features, functionality, and operations.


Thorough Quality Analysis and Testing

Before we even considered deploying the website, our quality analysts and testers assessed its performance and features thoroughly. Their primary objective was to ensure that every application aspect functioned seamlessly. They meticulously examined the website buttons and navigation to guarantee a smooth user experience.


Launching the Product

After the testing team approved, we were ready to deploy the website for the client. We were proud of how well the website captured the desired emotional appeal and received positive feedback from users and clients.

CMMI Level 3

How Octal Helped Abiolabs Become the Most Renowned Clinical Laboratory Service Provider in Its Market?

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Helping Our Clients Achieve Fantabulous Results through Continuous Development & Optimization

CMMI Level 3

Robust Tech Stack

We offer a reliable tech stack that helps the client manage the traffic and the content flow on the application. The application meets the standards of the clients and users for seamless streaming.

CMMI Level 3

Agile Development

We follow agile methodology where we review the changes and the requirements on regular basis and make sure to deliver the solution exactly like the client wants.

CMMI Level 3

Quality Assurance and Testing

The product deployed is tested and quality assured. Thus we affirm that the solutions deployed are flawless and for any updates we are just a call away.

What Lies Ahead

The project is live and available for users on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download. It supports the latest versions of Android and iOS platforms and is free to use.

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