Are you planning to set up your own web store? Well, congratulations as you’re all set to increase your sales number. However, if you have high expectations like developing an eCommerce site is going to turn you into a millionaire then you are not right on that part, as myriad reasons affect your business success.

Here we have attempted to cover one of those factors, i.e. eCommerce web design for Magento platform. It’s just not easy to create a good-looking site encouraging your customers to buy, mainly when they are tight on budget. However, there is something for small budgets as well, i.e. readymade themes. Meanwhile, when you have a unique and business-specific design then you are certain to engage more prospects and have better revenues. Here we have specified both the advantages and disadvantages of each option:

Readymade Magento Theme Pros

  • Affordable. It’s easier and quicker. And despite the amazing readymade themes you get, the cost involved is up to $200.
  • Support. Developers around the world help in developing these themes so you’re certain to get the support of those developers as you solve problems encountered by you.
  • Ability to see what you get: With the theme being designed and coded already, so you’ll know how it looks when installed on your server.
  • Less time is required. A developer is not needed to apply the theme to your site. But if you find it tough to do by yourself then take the help of the experts who can do it in just a few hours.
  • Built-in features. Various of ready-made themes are offered with much functionality such as a blog, the product of the day, mega-menu, daily deals, etc, so they don’t require to bee create separately.

Readymade Magento Theme Cons

  • Lack of originality. It’s cheaper when you use the theme not designed to meet your requirement but then it’s not original.
  • Brand representation. Readymade themes are designed considering the general functionalities. They can’t be customized to represent your brand uniqueness. Resultantly, it won’t work for a long time.
  • Customization limitations. When you plan to use a readymade theme then it will certainly lack customization possibilities. So to lend a unique look and feel to your site, take the help of a Magento designer.
  • Poor coding. The theme contains bugs requiring additional investment so that they can be fixed.

Custom Magento Design

If you want to come up with your own design you get complete freedom in ideas, only your fantasy and sometimes your budget can limit you. Of course, this option has its advantages and disadvantages as well.


  • Unique website design. Using it you can create something memorable and which lends a nice user experience. This is a sure-shot way to go on the top.
  • Have control over the site’s look and functionality. As you are the creator of your website, you can make changes, control the website’s visual feel, maintaining functionality that’s really necessary.
  • SEO-friendly code. Your website is created with SEO in mind thus you get better ranking. This way you get ahead of your competitors and have ROI growth.


  • Longer development time. Developing a website from scratch requires more time like first you need to create a design and then implement it.
  • Higher costs. When a custom design is used, the website must be developed according to business demands. This way you need extra costs to hire a developer and further website maintenance.
  • Unpredictable result. You will know how your website will look only when the designing process is over.

This way it’s clear that various factors must be considered as you make a decision over a custom design or a readymade design, mainly budget and timeframe. It’s advised to start small and follow an MVP path with the use of a readymade theme so that you know how it will go and what changes you require to make at a later stage. However when you have no problem waiting for results longer and are keen on investing time and money then better opt for a custom design.

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