Since Instagram embarked on the market, the concept of video editing mobile app development witnessed an impressive paradigm shift. Now, since everyone is talking about video editing apps, we have accumulated some of the best attributes that are essential in top-notch video editing apps. Before you plunge into video editing mobile app development, it is important to discover all the technical compatibilities required for video editing app development.

It is very brainstorming to figure out the exact platform required, the backend script and the hardware limitations before you embark on the app development. But you need not worry, as you will find out all the modules and the technical evaluations beforehand, so as to get conserved with the best video editing mobile app. Now let me tell you, once you gain clarification on all the fundamentals, who know your video editing app might preserve the same place as PowerDirector or LumaFusion.

iOS Video Editing App Development – Technical specifications

iOS Video Editing App

Use AVFoundation to add all the required features to your video editing mobile app. It provides features like filters, live texts adding a soundtrack, adjusting the speed of the videos, etc. You can record the voice clips, create presentations and attractive smiley. Therefore, the framework above is an obvious choice in case you are loaning to get on board with the iOS native mobile video editing app development. The top examples of iOS video editing apps are iMovie and Splice. Needless to say, the competition will be tough on the Apple App Store thus, the additional features you add must be new and unique.

Android Video Editing App Development – Technical specifications

Android Video Editing App

There is no such framework in Android that supports the concept of video editing apps. The app developers can go for adding third-party API for making the apps, but for making the best video editing app, you just need to find a very intelligent squad of developers. However, Google tried to fix the problems, but the solutions and the framework launched by it were not able to survive for a long time. Eventually, the app developers can use the FFmpeg framework to develop Android video editing apps along with some native APIs. The top examples of Android video editing apps are VivaVideo and PowerDirector.

Required Hardware for Easy Video Editing Mobile App Development

The iOS-based devices and the Google Devices must be equipped with a high-resolution camera, as this is a must to be specified while you are planning to develop a video editing app. So, specify all the device specifications beforehand, before you begin with the app development. Now, since we are talking about the best video editing app development from the very beginning of the article other than the above technical specification, there are some attributes as well that will make your core value quite strengthened amongst the other existing apps. Find out what they are.

Features to Consider for Video Editing Mobile App Development

Make Interactive Videos

Make Interactive Videos

You can make your own videos to capture any live views, moments, and anything that attracts you. You can add images, texts, live graphs, etc., to enrich them. You can even make professional videos and then edit them in such a way that fits according to your business insights. Being the foremost attribute of a video editing app, it allows the users to manage their videos in their own way and keeps them at bay from using traditional videos in the same way they are on social networking sites.

Social Sharing – Share Videos Over Social Media Platforms

Share Videos Over Social Media

Social sharing allows users to share their edited videos over social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. They can upload it plus can name the effects as well. Under these features, users can share the live edited videos and along with the options use. The feature can contribute your app in two ways: Very first, it will keep the users very much engaged and will attract the user base means will help in both user acquisition and retention.

Add Special Video Editing Effects

Add Special Video Editing Effects

Now since we are talking about the features of a video editing mobile app, this one cannot be missed out. This attribute allows the users to edit the video in a way they like. They can infuse their innovation, and make it all the more sparkling and intuitive. They can add music, texts, graphics, filters in the videos as required. The users can also set adjust the brightness, focus, elegance, time-lapse, background music, etc and can discern the best quality editing techniques, just with a matter of few clicks.

Trim Down The Videos

Trim Down The Videos

Usually, elongated videos bore the users and thus keep on swiping it without even watching the whole video. In some cases, users just abandon the videos by just looking at the length of the videos. So, what to do in such a case? Well, trim down the videos and focus on keeping the relevant content. So, now you are not required to delete the videos shared by your loved ones, as they will now not occupy the storage spaces on the phones, you can update them too when required.

Add Music, Filter and Recorded Voice Clips

Video editing apps are conserving a large user base; therefore, it becomes extremely necessary to add some really innovative filters and customized features. But when you are doing so, ensure that you do not end up adding too many filters and editing options as that will irritate the users. Focus on adding limited but really good options under the modules you provide. Your video editing app must allow the users to record a voice clip, to add the music that goes with the images, smileys, emojis, texts, nature love pictures, and the list is endless. So, begin with very clear planning once you decide to get on the surface of video editing app development.

Push Notifications

video maker apps

Push technology plays a great role in keeping the users attuned to the app. The users can be kept updated about the latest attributes and the updates added. Messages are being sent when the shared videos are being uploaded to the social networking sites. Along with that, they can be kept informed about all the editing that has been saved for engaging the users.

Play in Reverse

This feature is something extraordinary. The users are pretty accustomed to swiping the videos in the forward direction, but what if, if they are pressing it in the reverse direction, it sounds like something really unique isn’t? Now, here, do not get confused with the video streaming and the components that you have added, as they will all remain the same, but instead of playing in the forward direction, they will start to form the reverse direction, which means you have a lot of scope of surprising the loved ones as they might be not able to figure out how to stream video, and once they did, then all of us know they will simply love it.

Edit While Recording Through Video Editing App

This works best when you have to send instant videos or in case you are not in the mood to record whole videos and then initiate editing the images and the videos. With the feature, users can form videos while making it or taking selfies. They can edit the stuff at the same time and can send it to the loved one. So, now the users are not required to edit the selfies or the pictures as they will do it at the time they capture it. Well, in my view, it is the best feature of a video editing app.

Download Videos From Different Sites

The users can also download videos from different video streaming sites as well. Once done, they can update the videos in a way they like. It happens very often that users like some videos, but they are unable to send them as they are structured with irrelevant texts. Now the help of this feature, users will be able to edit the content, picture quality, images, filter effects, and everything else and can remodel it according to their expectations.

Change Playback Speed

Well, in today’s scenario, it is a priority. Since Instagram launched the ideation of making slow videos, users have loved them and are searching for similar video editing apps. With the aid of this feature, users can set the speed of videos as required. They can set it to slow-motion with an elongated time-lapse, fast motion (minimal time-lapse), or can record the short clips.

Mix Videos

Under this category, you can mix two videos. You can merge them as many videos as you want. This will greatly help make the videos attractive and help the users mix and match the videos in a unique and innovative way. Since mixing and matching is a new trend, users will love to create videos that combine all the different moments in a single video clip. Amazing, isn’t?

Change Video Quality

app for video editing

In this world of digitization, users only understand the HD quality, so why serve them will low-quality picture videos? The video editor app allows the users to change the video quality to HD so as to deliver an enriched viewing experience to loved ones.

Create Movies On Video Editing Mobile App

easy video editing app

This feature helps in making your videos quite tempting and real. You need to select some pictures from your mobile phone library and can use them all within a video. Depending on the number of images selected, you can set the required processing time for the videos as well. Thus, with the aid of this feature, you can accumulate memories under one roof and can express the token of love and care for your loved ones.

Slow Motion Tool – The Slow Motion Tool allows users to either capture videos in slow motion or take existing video recordings and slow them down for a dramatic effect.

Stickers Tool – The Stickers Tool allows users to choose from a range of animated stickers and emojis to add to their videos, enhancing them with special effects.

Blur Background Tool – The Blur Background Tool enables users to blur the background of their videos and apply various video filters as needed.

Add Text Tools – the Add Text Tool allows users to add text to their videos, enabling them to trim unwanted video parts and make their videos more informative or engaging.

Monetization Models for Simple Video Editing Mobile Apps

video editing app monetization

All the marketing and promotional activities are managed under this category. The users can purchase the subscription plans so as to avail of the advanced video editing packages. This is a great way of attracting users and at the same time, also allows the app owner to make money. Certainly, developing a trendsetting video editor app is quite a tedious task; hence, before you jump to development, a huge amount of brainstorming is required. But in case you have an app idea running your mind, you might probably get a seat among the competitors existing out there, as this idea is full of adventures and is all about innovation.

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