How much does it cost to develop a tow-truck booking app

It is quite a common sight where a number of drivers or travellers find themselves get stranded on the highways or remote areas. This is like their worst fear coming true? But for such instances, Uber for tow trucks road assistance app has come around as an ideal saviour. This app brings utmost peace of mind to people dealing with broken vehicles, and hence its prominence is obvious. Due to this very reason this kind of app poses a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs to launch a tow truck driver app so to grow their business. This way they can successfully make a mark in the towing industry by offering advanced technology solutions.

So, to get started with the app building process, all that you need to do is get in touch with a reputed app development company, which is apt at creating on-demand roadside assistance apps like Uber, and can ensure that the app is smoothly launched at the app store. These towing app development firms have the services of experienced app developers at their disposal and these developers, designers, and other app technicians give their best to create a ‘Uber for tow track’-like app for the clients, with easy-to-use yet robust features. They are well-versed at creating solutions that are 100% responsive and this way the app can run successfully on all kind of smart devices with different operating systems.

How these towing apps are useful?

Usually when a car breaks down, the person would try fixing the issue of his own or would call for help. Often it is required to get the car towed to nearest garage or fetch a mechanic for roadside assistance. But how exactly would this person contact a mechanic or a towing service? Well, who is better help than Google?

So, we expect this person to begin this simple Google search to find towing service provider or a mechanic. Now it may appear simple, but in actual, it is not as simple. So, once this person has the contact numbers of these services, next he would be required to call a few operators, and keep in mind that all the results may not be useful or accurate. However, as he contacts a few providers to check the availability of tow truck in a minimal time, next he has this another worry, related to the “costs”. Now being in the situation that he is, the person can hardly negotiate and tow truck operators know their situation, hence in most cases, the tow trucks have 100% close rate on incoming calls for help.

But if the same situation is imagined in a different way, where the tow-truck app is available, then the person doesn’t have to fret out or ask others for help, and he can simply use his phone to use the tow-truck app and book the required service (may vary from flat tire, dead battery, towing, or others). With app’s built-in GPS functionality, the location can be set and the request will be confirmed in just a few taps. As the tow-truck arrives, it will tow the car to nearest garage to get it fixed, and the person can get back on his journey to his destination.

Wasn’t it a simple and seamless way?

Today the advancement in the technology and advent of on-demand app solutions have made life a lot simpler and the tow-truck service is available on-demand just anytime and anywhere.

How to build a truck-towing mobile app?

So, once you have decided the truck-towing app development company, it is now time to decide on the feature list. After all, ultimately, it is the features that make or break an app, thus a lot attention needs to be paid towards it.

Features of Truck-towing mobile app:

  • Home Screen: Here the user can view the type of vehicles providing the towing services. This way, the preferred type of service can be chosen from the list.
  • Enter Location: In this section, the user can enter/select their locations to avail the services.
  • Service Provider Profile: Here the profile of the service provider can be viewed to check email, phone number, services, background, etc.
  • Schedule: Here the user is required to enter time and date so to schedule a Tow truck. The section also has price details, payment options, schedule date, etc.
  • Rate/Fare screen: Once the service type has been chosen, then user can then view the rates, comprising of base fare, fare type, capacity, fare/km, etc.
  • Request Service: Here to make the user immediately avail the service “REQUEST NOW” button can be placed. Also the details such as payment method, service type, wallet amount can be displayed at top of screen.
  • Coupon: Here the coupons are provided to the users and it varies for each of the user. The discount coupon can be applied by user to get instant discounts while booking.
  • Wallet: Here the user can check available balance in their app wallet, as well as add money to the wallet to pay for the delivery services.
  • Track Service Providers: In this section, the user can track service provider in transit, and check vehicle type used for the delivery.
  • Invoice: Here the user receives invoice for delivery along with the details, like distance travelled, Booking ID, base fare, time-taken, distance fare, tax, & total cost.
  • Live Geo-tracking: Here the customers can see nearest drivers in real-time in the customer facing apps.
  • Change/Cancel Booking: The customers can easily change/cancel the booking at any given point of time.
  • Talk to the Driver: The clients as well as the providers can both chat/call from within the mobile app.
  • Work History: Here both the customers and drivers can check service history and they can see their previous service requests.
  • Review System: In this section, both the drivers and customers can go and see job history along with the reviews so they can get better.
  • Native Mobile Apps: Businesses can choose to build both iOS & Android app natively, as then they can provide the best user-experience in the respective platforms.
  • Trucker’s Availability Toggle: Trucker’s availability can be made simple with availability toggle and this way customers can be served within their free hours.
  • Trucker Profile: Customers can view detailed profile of the trucker’s specialities, years of experience, visiting fees, and nearest radius of Trucker.
  • Schedule Appointment: Appointment can be booked with nearest Trucker for any type of service required by the customer anytime they require. The booking can even be cancelled without any fuss.
  • Push Notifications: Customers who booked Trucker’s service are going to receive the Trucker details and trucker would receive customer details, so both can contact each other as and when required.
  • Payment Integration: Users can choose paying for the integrated payment with their Debit/Credit cards. Amount will be deducted automatically from their cards.
  • Geo-location: With the help of Geo-location services, customer and trucker can find one another on maps and their location quite easily.
  • Search by Specialist: Specialist can be chosen by the customer by making extensive use of formidable search engine and they can easily find out required special Trucker for their service.
  • God’s eye view: Geolocation services allow to track your requested Trucker till s/he reaches your destination.
  • Book & Cancel Appointment: Appointments can be booked and cancelled easily without much hassle.
  • Bill Estimation: The feature in the app is quite helpful as it automatically calculates final bill for the customer considering various factors like distance to be covered and trucker fee, etc.
  • App Installation: App installation, upload, & configuration along with services on Apple Play Store, Google Play Store, and even the database is done free of cost.

Additional Features:

  • Advanced Analytics: This feature allows to get a detailed sight of customer’s & trucker’s activities, number of bookings, number of requests, commission earned, most visited location, etc.
  • Advanced Reports: Advanced Reports allow businesses to check about the areas that require more marketing to boost their commission. It offer a clear-cut idea to plan your business.
  • Accept/Reject Request: The trucker can accept/reject requests on the basis of their availability. Like, in case they are committed to another customer, they can then reject request and then another provider can take it.
  • Verified Providers: Any of the services that you have availed will have certified/verified providers by the firm. When getting the services done by verified providers, users can be assured of the reliability.
  • Responsive Web Panel: Service can be booked with a few clicks on the responsive searches. It is easy to book without any hassles.
  • Referral earnings & Friend invite: Once the service has been delivered to the user, they can recommend it to their friends and then earn referral points that can be redeemed upon booking their next service.
  • Profile Setup: Profile can be easily created and set up by the customers and service providers.
  • OTP Verification: Both service provider as well as the customers get authenticated by the mobile apps. They receive an SMS notification that contains the OTP, on their registered mobile number and this eliminates fake users & requests.
  • Heat View in Admin: Heat Maps functionality enable the customer to look for truckers in certain locations. This way admin can reroute Trucker to those locations & pick up the requests.
  • Security: It is advised to have your app secured with a layer of SSL certificate & additional security on optimized code. This ensures user information security as they conduct financial transactions via your app.

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  • Customer Support: It is vital for your truck-towing app to have customer support to handle all types of services. This way, all kind of requests & grievances can be resolved among the customers.
  • Billing Administration: Your accounts team can be enabled to have a separate panel to sort out financial details. This way they will be restricted from accessing the other sections.
  • Separate Dashboard for the Delivery Personnel: The trucker has a separate dashboard where he receives the requests from the customers, commissions earned, availability toggle, etc.
  • Legally Protected: Each of the request is tracked via GPS tracking system. In case of any legal hassles, details of geographical location can be useful.
  • Booking via Email/Phone/SMS: As not every customer will have a smartphone, so there can be a feature to get all types of requests via Email, SMS, and even Phone call, and accordingly services should be provided.
  • Email Notification: Customers can be sent a proper mail that consists of details of services, like final bill breakdown, and service provider’s details, etc. your customer will appreciate this gesture.
  • Payment Gateway: Several of payment gateways, such as Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, can be integrated into the app. Here the customer can securely enter card details and each time the customer books a service, the final payment is deducted automatically.
  • Ratings & Review: Once the service has been received by the customers, they can then rate and review the customers. Review can be given specifically for the concerned Trucker as well. The trucker with highest rating would be placed first for customer convenience.
  • Commission Tracking Report: The entire process of this system is based on rate of commission made by the service provider per day. The report explains details of commission earned by service provider, and this way it is easier to manage the finances.
  • Set Trucker’s Range: The admin has the authority to set the distance range of Trucker who accepts the towing request. Thus, as a request is placed by the customer, the trucker in specified distance range will receive the request.

Required team structure

To create a tow-truck booking app, following set of professionals are required:

  • Project Manager
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Quality Analysis Experts

It is advised to hire an app development company as that when a firm is involved, it takes cares of every of your requirement for app development process, and they have all the professionals working for them so their services can be best utilized.

How much does it cost to create a Tow-truck booking app?

The cost to create a tow-truck booking app primarily depends on three crucial factors, such as number of platforms for which app is to be developed, size and app complexity, and the region where the app development firm is located, as the development cost differs as per the country, like:

  • In U.S.A., the app development cost is $50-$250/hour
  • In Eastern/Western Europe, the app development cost is $30-$150/hour
  • In India-based development firm, the development cost is $10-$80/hour

Now, when all of these are calculated, the cost to develop a tow-truck booking app in India with usual features should cost around $10000-$25000 for a single platform (iOS or Android). Though if you are willing to spend more like up to $40000, then you are get a great app with advanced features developed for both iOS and Android platforms.


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