Things you need to ensure for wonderful mobile web design

Presently we are in a mobile-dominant world and this year Google has reported that 52% of search traffic and most of the shopping traffic we get from mobile devices. This way a compatible web design has become imperative and in April 2015, Mobilegeddon brought a big change in the marketing world as it has put responsive and mobile websites at the forefront of a marketer’s mind.

principals of mobile

Now with Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm, everyone expects the sites to be compatible, however, that’s just not the case as most of the marketers don’t own mobile-optimized websites for mobile even though there is an increase in search traffic and the effect on rankings.

Even though there is a rising trend in mobile usage, still it’s vital that we don’t discount desktop users. Keep a note that time on site and number of pages views are more in numbers than what you see on mobile devices, while the desktop is certainly the right technology useful to read news and watch videos. Certainly, these figures can’t be ignored as it also brings into notice the mobile user behavior.

As there are smaller screen sizes in the case of a mobile device so consumers visit a website with clarity in mind. In case it happens that the site they visit doesn’t provide them quick information then they will instantly switch to one that provides them the right piece of information. There are a number of designers that build websites with a mobile-first outlook. This way it can be made certain that pages remain unperturbed with long load times, too many graphics or content requiring a user to zoom in and out to read. However, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly then you can think of redesigning a website so that it fits a responsive design, creating a separate mobile site all in all. It’s easy to find a number of builders that can do wonders for you.

Here we offer a certain principle of mobile web design:

Make Menus Simple and Concise It’s not possible for mobile device users to scroll through a large menu or click through to multiple sub-menus as there is not enough space on the screen for the processing. There is no need that menus have a high-level overview of the products and services offered to visitors to narrow down what they need. The menu must be kept simple and feature the most necessary elements of their website front and center.

Keep Forms Short and Sweet As we talk about finishing contact forms on mobile, users really are not interested in filling upfield after field information. In such cases, they would rather go for a desktop or laptop. This is the reason that you must ask for significant information that’s necessary to complete the task.

Simplify Form Fields Keep in mind that the kind of questions you require don’t need too much input from users as it’s necessary to utilize various field types in your form, like dropdowns, checkboxes, and calendars. These become necessary when you type in payment or shipping information, and booking travel.

Catch Your Visitor’s Eye with CTAs As it comes to web design, calls-to-action become essential, however, they play an extremely essential role on mobile. Different from their desktop counterparts, mobile users have good knowledge of what they are looking for when they visit your site.

You need to ensure that the steps are laid out clearly as this way your visitors wouldn’t be on the fence regarding what they need to do next.

Bring the search results to the user’s Site search is really necessary to mobile users as that way they may not dabble with vague menus or scroll through page after page of products. Thus it’s necessary your search results offer you just what the visitors want. As a search is completed, filter options must be offered as then the results can be sorted. Keeping these principles in mind you can ensure the beautiful mobile web design  

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