Think about the fastest developing industries across the world, real estate industry is certain to fall into that list. People all over the globe today use Internet to get the information about just anything they want, like via seeking a website, gateway, store, products, and so on. Same is also the case with real estate industry where people search real estate agents, builders, brokers, agencies and properties like homes and condos, and various other things related to this particular industry according to their requirements.

Importance of a Web Portal in Real Estate 

Even though today more and more real estate platforms are gravitating towards the development of mobile apps, still it is vital to have a web platform as well. According to National Association of Realtors (NAR), around 90 percent of real estate firms worldwide have their own websites. 

After all, to buy and sell houses are crucial decisions, and people not only just swipe in mobile apps when it is about buying or selling a house. Mostly people head to their laptops and execute a comprehensive search. And as per the statistics collected by NAR, 95 percent of home buyers search online.  With online search, buyers can easily compare houses and also choose the precise features they are looking for.

Get a web Portal Developed for your Real-Estate Business

Hence, if you are in real estate business and desire to get a web portal designed and developed, then look for an app development firm that help you design and develop a great real estate portal which very well suits your business needs. The development team must have years of experience in developing real estate portals, and should closely work with the clients to provide them successful strategies in order to come up with user-friendly websites.

Once you understand and know the technical challenges prevailing in this industry and are able to device solutions to overcome these challenges, things would easily fall into place. When looking for a web development company, ensure its real estate solutions include major services.

How Real Estate Web Portal is useful for both Real Estate Business and Agents?

Both small and large companies who wish to expand their business by getting into property listing business can hugely benefit by having a web portal. Meanwhile, real estate agents & brokers to desire to have their own property-listing website can also benefit immensely. By choosing a team of professional of reliable website designers and creators you can have the kind of results that best suits your business.

Among the many benefits of Real Estate Web Portal, few are:

  • It is also not just the most effective feature but cost effective feature as well, to be able to advertise and list your property on a web portal. Things can’t just get easy.
  • For users, it is a lot easier to search for properties according to size, types, location, and price, all while sitting at the comfort of their homes.
  • Offers an easier way to register for the agents & mediators.
  • They are able to configure & display a range of pictures of properties.
  • Powerful & professional way to develop a brand.
  • It is in every way a one-stop-solution for requirements related to property buying and selling.
  • People can do a lot, whether it is to list, buy or sell their property (be it old or new) in just a few clicks.

Features of Functionalities of Real Estate Web Portal:

User Panel

  • Insert Property Listing: All the properties can be listed on the web portal by the agents, brokers and users, so that buyers can find them and pick the desired ones.
  • User Support: Users are offered support in terms of property selling, buying, renting, or vacation rental properties.
  • Shared property notes: While uploading a specific property that is shared by to owners, a note is provided about the same in the property details, so to keep the users in the loop about the same much in advance.
  • Send property via email: Real estate agents, brokers, or users who are willing to sell their property can send property information, queries and requirements via email.  
  • Upload multiple photos at once: All the photos related to the properties can be easily uploaded at once by the users listing their properties.
  • Automatic resizing of photos: There is a feature where despite the size of the picture, it gets automatically resized and uploaded to the web portal. Thus, saving users from the hassle of resizing each picture.

Business Owner Panel
  • Installs the Real Estate: A fully-fledged real estate portal is developed where the users can find just anything about the arena and execute property search as per their requirements.
  • Add/edit/remove or edit categories: As per the availability and offerings, business owners are able to add new properties, edit the property details and remove sold properties, as well as they can edit the categories as well.
  • Agency profile creation & management: When a real estate agency registers into the portal, the portal owner will be able to create their profiles and constantly manage it, keeping an eye on all of them.
  • Manage Property: Portal Owner is able to manage all the properties listed onto their portal.
  • Manage Languages: This feature is quite crucial as all the users that head to the website may not be well-versed with just one particular language, so the admin can manage languages that can be selected by the users.

  • Manage sections of site: The web portal will be having a plethora of properties listed over there, hence it is vital to manage the various sections of site and ensure that the authentic information is on the display for the users.
  • Automated Document Management: Documents related to the properties, legal documents and other vital ones can be managed automatically.
  • Billing Options: Earlier the agents and brokers had tough time running after people for their share of money, however things are easier to manage on a web portal. There are several billing options offered to the users, and they can pick the payment mode as per their convenience.
  • Manage Members: Business owner will be able to manage all the members registered to the web portal quite easily and efficiently. 


Admin Panel

  • Featured Real Estate: From this section, Admin is able to manage all the feature properties and spaces offered on the web portal.
  • Advertisement Management: It is easier to make extra revenue brunning advertisements on the web portal.  
  • Reviews and Ratings: Admin will be able to manage the ratings and reviews given by the web portal users.
  • Social Sharing: It is certainly an effective feature as by sharing about a property on social media channels, it gets easy to catch the eyes of users.
  • Publish properties in any country or city: On the web portal, as per the business offerings, Admin can choose to public properties in any city or country.
  • Assist users to find properties: Admin can also help out the users by assisting them in finding their desired properties, via emails and SMS, whenever a new property (matching their requirements) is uploaded on the portal.


Additional Features:
  • Marketing Tools: There are a number of marketing tools which can be used by the business owners to attract the user attention, such as emails, SMS, advertisements, etc.
  • Advance Tools: Going by the prominence enjoyed by web portals, there are a number of advanced tools out there which you can use to make your website highly-functional and appealing.
  • User Management: It gets easy for business to manage their users and look into their requirements regarding the property.

  • Multiple User Management: From the web portal, it is easier to manage a number of users all at once, while being at just one location.
  • Advanced SEO Tools: With the availability of numerous advanced SEO Tools, one can ensure that their web portal is always on the front page of Google. After all, it is a sure-shot way to attract users’ eye.
  • Loan Calculator: This tool is certainly important in this kind of website. The users on the verge of buying a property and easily calculate the loan and interest, thus making the decision-making process easier for them.
  • Content Management Tools: In a real estate web portal, it is vital to manage what is offered to the users and how they are approach, and this is where a CMS tool comes to your help.
  • Presentation Tools: When in real estate business, it is vital to cast a great first impression on the users as it is all about what meets the eye. Hence, ensure the properties are presented well to the users, via attractive pictures, YouTube videos, 360 view, and lot more.
  • List property with a link to the details: Again a useful feature, as while a property is listed on the portal, a link can be provided which directly takes the users to the property details.
  • Google Maps: Makes it easy for the users to find the routes and exact location of the property they are looking at.

All in all, in order to create a successful real estate website, it is vital to aim not just at designing great listing feed but also create a community on your platform. Pay attention to services that are used by people generally when they buy, sell, or rant houses. And then try to offer the necessary services to them so the users don’t have to leave your platform to find additional real-estate-related information. Needless to mention, choosing a great real estate web development company is the most important factor to make a mark in the arena.

Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal IT Solution, a prominent Mobile App Development Company offering cutting-edge iPhone App Development and Android App Development services to Startups, SMEs and Fortune-500 Companies.

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