Angular JS vs. React JS – The user interface (UI) is one of the most important aspects of any web application development. It can make or break a site’s customer base. A great UI increases user involvement, perfects functionality, and creates a strong link between customers and the website. 

Angular JS and React JS are both popular Javascript frameworks used for building UI in web apps. These frameworks can help businesses enhance the user experience within web browsers. However, most users often have queries about Angular JS vs React JS. Which one should be chosen for a better UI experience?  If you’re also facing the same, you are on the right blog.  In this, we will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about which framework suits your business requirements best.

Market Share of Angular JS vs. React JS

  • There are approximately 443,999 websites made using Angular JS present online. 
  • 1,345,615 websites available in the market are built using React JS. 
  • React JS has better usage coverage in more website categories. Including Science & Education, Computer Electronics & Technology, and 21 other categories. 
  • Angular is leading in the News and Media industry.
  • According to Statista, as of 2023 React JS framework is used by 40.58% of developers worldwide. 
  • On the other hand, Angular is used by 17.46% of developers all over the globe. 
  • According to Google Trends, the data for Angular JS and React JS are quite interesting. At the beginning of 2020, both were somewhat similar, but then React began to gain popularity, significantly surpassing Angular in 2022 and continuing to grow.

The stats seem quite interesting; however, this does not decide which one is the best. To find out which one to choose, let’s have a look at some detailed pointers below.

Understanding Angular JS 

AngularJS and React JS

Angular JS is a Javascript framework written in JS. It is an open-source, free framework that simplifies web development by creating interactive single-page applications. This is entirely based on HTML and JavaScript. The framework has a collection of well-integrated libraries and features such as client-server communication, routing, and more that help speed up front-end development. 

Key Features of Angular JS 

  • The framework is easy to build, manage, update, and test.
  • Multiple build- features available, such as Rxjs and AngularCLI 
  • Strong encapsulation and clear app framework.
  • Has data binding and dependency injection that eliminates much of the code that mostly has to write otherwise. 

Benefits of Angular JS Development

  • Angular JS offers the code reusability option decreasing the time of development and increasing the efficiency. 
  • With its plug-and-play functionality, this feature empowers developers to effortlessly integrate third-party components and libraries into their projects. 
  • Due to MVC architecture, the framework provides a structured and organized framework, making it easier for developers to manage code.
  • Angular JS framework uses the approach related to the server of shifting the responsibility of rendering from server to client-side, resulting in improved overall application performance. 

Understanding React JS

React JS vs Angular JS

React JS is an open-source JavaScript library launched by Facebook. It is often used to develop interactive user interfaces. Its component-based architecture and declarative views allow developers to easily create interactive and complex UIs. ReactJS can also be used with JSX and JavaScript. Instead of a full framework, it provides a more flexible approach centered around reusable components. React JS is known for its faster development cycle, which is helped by the pre-built libraries for various functionalities. 

Key Features of React JS 

  • The debugging is easier due to the use of the declarative views. 
  • Increased developer productivity and decreased development time. 
  • Reusable codes and predictable. 
  • It can migrate simply between multiple versions. 
  • It is good for the mobile development as well. 

Benefits of React JS Development 

  • React JS offers developers easy debugging and code reusability, making it one of the most popular languages. 
  • The language is easy to learn as it has simple and easy designs. 
  • The language is also SEO friendly, making it the best choice for businesses to enhance their visibility in the competitive market. 
  • React JS has a great community base, as it was developed by Facebook. 
  • The framework is composable, which means combining different elements or components to form a whole.

Difference Between Angular JS and React JS-A Detailed Overview 

So, till now, we know what Angular JS and React JS are and, what the key features and advantages respectively. But now, the question arises: Should I choose Angular JS or React JS? So to clear it let’s have a look at the differences of both, which would help you choose the suitable for your upcoming project. 

Have a look at the table comparing AngularJS and ReactJS based on different parameters:

TypeFull-fledged MVC frameworkFor building user interfaces, have a JavaScript library
Release Date20102013
RenderingTwo-way data binding (DOM manipulation)Virtual DOM (One-way data flow)
Learning CurveSteeper due to its complexityShallower, due to its simplicity
ArchitectureMVC (Model-View-Controller)Component-Based
Dependency InjectionBuilt-in dependency injectionNo built-in dependency injection (but this can be achieved using libraries like Redux)
DirectivesRich set of directives for DOM manipulationLimited directives
Community SupportDeclining as Angular moves to newer versionsGrowing rapidly
PerformanceRelatively slower due to two-way data bindingFaster due to virtual DOM and one-way data flow
Mobile App SupportIonic framework for hybrid mobile appsReact Native for native mobile apps
Size of LibraryLarger in size due to built-in featuresSmaller in size, but might need additional libraries for some features
Data BindingTwo-way data bindingOne-way data flow (with additional libraries for two-way data binding)
PopularityDeclining due to Angular moving to newer versionsRapidly growing in popularity
react js or angular js

Detailed Comparison- On the Basis of Different Parameters 

Data Binding—The Angular JS uses two-way data binding, which automatically changes the model state when changing the interface element without hassle. 

On the other hand, React JS uses one-way binding that does not allow the model state to change without knowing it and at the time of the modification of the interface model. This allows developers to have more control over web and mobile applications. 

Popularity- According to Google trends in the popularity the React JS vs. Angular JS, React JS is topping this category. Moreover, React JS has secured second position in the list of the most used frameworks worldwide by developers. 

Many developers also consider Angular due to its ready-to-use solution, which makes it popular among front-end development frameworks among developers and businesses.

UI Components- The Angular JS framework supports multiple material design components, such as buttons, layouts, and pop-ups, enabling smooth and quick UI configuration

To use the material design in React, one has to install the Material UI library and dependencies. There are free and paid options available. 

Tools—React relies on a state of management libraries. Frameworks like Helmet and Redux can help optimize state management and routing. 

On the other hand, Angular does not require any external libraries and has multiple functionalities in its package itself. 


Directives- In React JS, logic and templates are explained at the end of the components. This allows the reader to grasp the meaning of the code very fast. 

In Angular JS, each template contains an attribute that specifies how the object should be set. This can be a bit complex to understand if the reader is unfamiliar with the technology. 

When should you choose Angular JS or React JS?

Choose Angular JS Development Services when- 

  • When you need to develop an enterprise-grade application that is feature-rich as well. 
  • When your business is looking for a low to medium-level app complexity. 
  • Your developers have hands-on the C#, Java, and Angular. 
  • When you want ready-to-use solutions and enhanced productivity. 

Choose React when- 

  • When you need sharable elements in your application. 
  • When you are focusing on customized application development.
  • The developers know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • You need an app with several events.
Angular JS vs React JS

Conclusion- Angular or React: Which is better for your business? 

Both Angular JS and React JS are the most popular front-end JavaScript frameworks used by several developers worldwide. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and can be equally important in different situations. 

So, to conclude, one can opt for Angular JS vs. React JS as per their requirements. In our opinion, as per the research, React JS is trending in the market and can be more advantageous. It provides robust solutions to businesses and thus can be considered the best for your business.

In the end, we suggest you do your own research and go for the one that suits you best, as per the business’s requirements. If you are still confused about choosing between AngularJS development and React JS development services, look for a good mobile app development services provider company for consultancy.

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Kamal Kishor, a digital marketing enthusiast and seasoned writer, idolizes exploring the dynamic technology market. With a background in computer engineering, he combines technical expertise and creative storytelling in his tech blog.

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