Food delivery apps are the next big thing in the digital market. With everything coming online, people are forgetting the old trends of calling at the restaurants and ordering food. To develop an app that is compatible with the latest techniques of phones, you need a development team which is ahead of everyone and develops the best food delivery apps. Octal is a one stop solution for all these food delivery services as we have a team with expansive experience who offer the best services and put in all their knowledge and efforts in creating the best product for our clients. Now you can stay ahead of the curve and serve your customers through the best food delivery application in the entire market. We provide all app solutions depending on the size of an organisation.



Let’s take a look at the advantages of getting a food delivery app developed by Octal:

  • It will be easy to use by the end users and will be technologically superior at the same time.
  • Any glitches in the app in the later stages will be looked into by our technical team and full assistance is assured to the clients.
  • The applications made by our team of experts are commercially viable.
  • We deliver the best product at the most reasonable rates, without burning a hole in your pockets. You will get the best services at most nominal rates.
  • We develop apps depending upon the region you want to launch it in. If a client wants to open it on a small scale, her will get the most superior services for the mentioned region, similarly for apps that have to be launched on large scale regions.
  • We introduce our clients to the restaurant chains so that they can give more options to their users and make a good deal of money by earning more clients.
  • We make sure to make an app that is user friendly and easy for the users to use.
  • We make sure to give the best features in the applications.

Apart from giving the option of ordering food online, there are several other features Octal boasts of in its food delivery applications. A simple food delivery app might not be too appealing until it has interesting features to keep the users busy and entertained while ordering food.


Take a look at the features that you can choose from for your app:

For customers

  • Push notifications for the end-users giving them information on their order.
  • Dashboard where their information will be saved
  • It will have social media login so that the new users do not have to go through the detailed sign up procedure
  • The applications will have information about all nearby restaurants and the proximity in which each one lies.
  • It will show detailed menus of all the restaurants online along with the price of each dish.
  • Users can follow their friends and reviewers and select restaurants after reading their reviews.
  • Food delivery apps keep offering discount coupons to the users, thus, making it easy for them to manage their coupons.
  • It allows users to mention their reviews and ratings for all orders made by them
  • It also lets users track their orders online. This makes it easier for the users to know where their order has reached as they keep getting the live location of the delivery boy.
  • The apps developed by Octal also offers the feature of in-app payments. Users can either pay cash on delivery or choose from an array of options including payment by online wallets, debit or credit card, or online payment.


For Restaurant

  • Support to the users in all languages
  • Status if of the order placed by a customer
  • The areas of delivery can be easily managed
  • Can share the time of their last order, so that the users know before what time to place an order.
  • They can also get their restaurant listed under the list of the restaurants that accept orders all night.
  • Manage their menu and make edits at any time depending on any changes due to seasonal foods that aren’t available all round the year.
  • Offer a range of payment gateways including cash on delivery, payment through online wallets, debit or credit cards
  • Generation of coupon codes
  • Connecting with other restaurants and their users through social media
  • Restaurants receive a lot of mails in a day. There is a special feature we offer where the mails are auto sorted for newsletters.

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For Drivers

  • Notifications that allow them to take orders
  • Accept requests that are real time
  • Option of setting their availability depending on the time they have to deliver their orders
  • Tracking the food that is being prepared at the restaurant so that they don’t have to wait for long to get the package for the users
  • Managing their orders
  • We also provide the feature which saves the history of all orders delivered by a driver
  • Similarly, there is also a history of payment built inside the app
  • The detailed delivery information is also available in the application itself
  • We make separate profiles for all individual drivers, which allows them to give proper information about their work and the ratings received by the customers. This helps them in receiving more orders
  • Help and support features are also available for the drivers in the food delivery apps


For Admin

  • Option to change password at any given point of time
  • Manage the online content and the category
  • Allows the admin to send messages to the customers and restaurants likely
  • Gives them the advantage of managing the location according to their priorities
  • The database of all orders, restaurants, and clients can be backed up and saved in the database
  • Manage the advertising in the application
  • All apps have registered users, therefore, the apps make it easy for the admin to send emails and chat with the users online hasslefree
  • Last, but not the least, our team at Octal also allows the admin panel to manage, edit and delete content and any of the features


We have a very simple way of getting in an agreement with our clients. To avoid a lengthy procedure, we just share the proposal online with our clients and a small demo of the kind of services we offer. If the customer is ready to purchase our services, they can share a few percent amounts with us as advance, while the rest of the payment can be done later.


The design team will give their entire support to you and will brief you about the services they can offer after listening to your requirements. Any changes can be accommodated while building the app or even after that. The team lends its support even after delivering the app to the clients and will always help you with any updates in the app. After that, the team will set the app for a test and will launch only when it is successfully tested.

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