Teladoc Clone App Development Makes Availing Healthcare in a Click!

Teladoc-like applications have seen the day of light over the years making it easier for the patients to connect with the doctors. After the outbreak, hospitals became one of the places that are most dangerous to visit. With so many people with already weak immunity visiting the place the chances of the outbreak are higher.

During the first outbreak, many hospitals and individual medical practitioners started an online drive where they would make it easier for the patients to consult them without visiting the hospitals. Although these applications were popular even before the outbreak of the pandemic, now they see a better and clearer picture.

We have made it a point to bring to the picture solutions that are easy to use and can help patients get diagnosed, treated, and checked on a regular basis without visiting the physical hospitals.

If you are looking forward to building a similar product for your customers, reach out to the telemedicine app development team who can make things easier for you!

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Teladoc Clone App Development

The Development Plan for a Teladoc-like App

When a client approaches us with a business concept for an app similar to Teladoc, our marketing team works to understand the client's business goals and vision. It's vital to have a system that can accommodate businesses of all sizes while also being easily scaled up as necessary.

We have a well-defined procedure for delivering your Teladoc clone app to ensure that they are created to meet your business needs.

* Share Your Thoughts - Tell our Teladoc Clone App development team about your company idea and they would help you analyze a wider picture. To make the process easier, explicitly define your business aim, vision, product expectations, basic product features, and other specifics.

* Make a Plan of Action - After we've finished with the fundamentals, the next stage is to explicitly define the end-product timelines. The documentation and milestone division is handled by our development team.

* Work on the Strategy - Now that you have a plan on paper, our team will begin working on a prototype for it. A part of your application is produced and tested for each milestone. If you require any changes, you can discuss them at this time and they will be made as needed.

* Product Testing - After the app development team has completed the project, the following step is to test all of the application's functionalities and features. The quality assurance and software testing team ensure that a faultless and bug-free product is delivered that wows your audience and meets your business goals.

Your business's face is the product you bring to market. Assure that the deployed solutions are packed with useful features and provide excellent customer service.

Most Dominant Technologies to Implement Teladoc Clone App Script

Our experts have been working on solutions that are technologically advanced and ladened with exclusive features. Our mobile app development team stays updated with the latest happenings in the tech world and affirms that the solutions are scalable and flexible. The latest technologies and the tools that we implement to deliver your solutions make you stand out from the crowd.

Artificial Intelligence Making It Real

With artificial intelligence being a dominant technology to be implemented with your solutions we affirm that you get the best in no time. It helps remotely diagnose diseases and at least take preventive measures.

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Artificial Intelligence Making It Real

Blockchain Technology for Data Safety

Blockchain technology helps medical practitioners to share the records of the patients without compromising the confidentiality and secrecy of the information. We make sure end users can rely on the products easily.

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Blockchain Technology for Data Safety

AR/VR Based Advanced Solutions

The best solutions that are dropped to you let the doctor explain with 3D technology the problems that the patient may face. This makes virtual consultation more convenient and easier.

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AR/VR Based Advanced Solutions

Exemplary Features in Your Teladoc Clone App

To create a mobile app similar to Teladoc, you'll need to employ a competent Teladoc clone app development team that has developed similar applications in the past and understand how the market works. With comprehensive app features integrated with your product, we're confident you'll be able to bring a profitable solution to the market.

Simple Registration and Login

Simple Registration and Login

With their basic information, both the end-user and the service provider can easily register and log in to the application. They can track their appointments, prescriptions, and other details easily in their dashboard once they've created an account on the app.

Customized Dashboard

Customized Dashboard

All of the details like appointments, patient’s medical history, medical prescriptions, allergies, etc. that are required for consultation would be available on the doctor and patient's dashboards.


Doctors Under One Roof

When developing an app like Teladoc, one thing that experts cannot overlook is listing doctors from various frames of work. The list of doctors makes it easier for the patients to take required assistance from the single application.

Ease of Navigation

Ease of Navigation

The clone app development team affirms to bring to the picture the solutions that are easy to navigate and record information. We have made it a point to deliver solutions that are interesting and engaging for both the end-users and service providers.

Location-Based Search

Location-Based Search

End customers can find doctors and medical practitioners in their desired places thanks to the application's integration of GPS. Experts in the Telemedicine clone app development team promise to provide solutions that make things convenient and simple for users.

Regular Reminders

Regular Reminders

The patients would be reminded of their checkups and tests via the application. This would make things easier for the doctors to treat well and patients to keep a track of their health improvement.

Smart Chat Bots

Smart Chat Bots

With AI-based chatbots integrated with your solution, a few issues that your end-users may face can easily be resolved. The chatbots can make your users heard and feel a little better in case of urgent assistance.

In-App Payment Alternatives

In-App Payment Alternatives

With in-app payment methods, it becomes easier for the patients and the doctors to make and receive payments and keep a track of the transactions that have taken place.

Operations in the Cloud

Operations in the Cloud

The solutions dropped to you abide by the rules of the industry and the information is stored safely over the cloud. We affirm the cloud services integrated with your product maintain confidentiality and privacy of the patients’ information and diagnosis.

Our Best Works

Showcase of Medicine Delivery Mobile Apps developed by Octal...

Teladoc Like Application That fits the Needs of All!

Over the years, healthcare has seen great support from technology and over the years the domain has grown really strong. Our proficient Teladoc like app development team brings to the picture a product that helps patients and doctors to stay connected without being physically in touch with each other.

Admin Panel

  • Admin Login
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Service Statistics
  • New Patient and Hospital Statistics
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Patient Management
  • Doctor Management
  • Map (User and Doctor Locations)
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Manage Service History
  • Manage Scheduled Services
  • Manage Service Statements
  • View/Manage Doctor Settlements
  • Manage Doctor Approval

User Panel

  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Dashboard
  • Manage Service History
  • Change Language
  • View/Manage Card Details
  • Manage Wallet
  • Manage Scheduled Appointments
  • Rate and Review Doctor
  • Manage Prescription Details
  • Manage Medical Records
  • Book Appointments based on Categories
  • Favorite Doctor
  • Chat with a Doctor
  • Search Filter (Availability, Gender, Consultation Fee)
  • Video Call (Patient can initiate the call)

Doctor Panel

  • Doctor Registration
  • Go Offline/Online
  • Doctor Account Management
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage Consultation Fee
  • Manage Availability
  • Manage Wallet
  • Manage Scheduled Appointments
  • Manage Service History
  • Medical Treatment Statistics
  • Add Appointment
  • Manage Reports
  • Call/Chat with Patient
  • Rate and Review Patient
Build App Like TelaDoc

Teladoc Like App Development Services That Fit Your Pockets!

Teladoc clone app development is quite a challenge as it needs to be maintained with a lot of information. It makes it easier for patients and doctors to connect with each other and get the diagnosis and get a history of treatments recorded.

Laboratory Records

Laboratory Records

We make sure that the solutions deployed are interesting and engaging. We affirm the fact that the solutions can store laboratory records digitally easily. The patient would not need to take pains to upload their reports physically.

Advanced Technology for Easy Communication

Advanced Technology for Easy Communication

Our mobile app development team puts to use artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, blockchain, big data, and other technologies that would make things easier.

Budget-Friendly Alternative

Budget-Friendly Alternative

Creating a telemedicine clone app isn’t very expensive. One can simply trust the feature-set of the products and add a few more that they would like for better results in no time.

Developers with Prior Experience

Developers with Prior Experience

The mobile app development team associated with us affirms they use their prior experience and new learnings to deliver solutions that can let patients’ have themselves diagnosed at the ease of their bedrooms.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

We must make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you are designed to fit all the functions that your business may do physically. Taking healthcare services online is a big responsibility and our experts have proved their excellence in the same.

Remote Doctor Consultation Services for Various Health Providers!

Why is Teladoc Clone App Development the Service You Need Today?

Teladoc Clone Development Company

With the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, things have become quite complicated for various industries. The Healthcare industry was one of those that needed to adjust with the current situations almost immediately. Teladoc clone app development services saw a great boom during the time as people who needed medical assistance were scared to move out of their homes.

With online assistance for doctor consultation and medical delivery, things became quite easier and safer for them.

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Teladoc Clone Development Company

Frequently Asked Solutions

When talking about GPS integration or Map generators, it becomes quite convenient to incorporate in our scalable solutions. The Teladoc app clone development team working on your project takes care of it.

We affirm to protect the privacy and confidentiality of end-users and service providers. We've been developing mobile applications for over a decade now and have delivered solutions that are trustworthy and credible and establish a strong online presence.

Well, yes. The solutions that are dropped to you are in compliance with the global health standards. In case you want to customize the solutions according to the law in your country, our experts can help you with customized solutions.

We would use the latest technology to affirm that the solutions that are dropped to you keep you ahead in the market.

We would use the latest technology to affirm that the solutions that are dropped to you keep you ahead in the market.

Your teladoc app would need an aesthetically impressive design, flawless back-end logic, and uninterrupted clear video quality.

Programming languages: Swift (iOS) / Kotlin, Java (Android)

Videoconferencing: RTMP, Twilio, WebRTC

Chat : Twilio,

Database : MySQL

APIs and Frameworks : Stripe, EC2, S3

Other Tools -

Search & filters: Elastic search

Mailing: Elastic Emails

Geolocation: Google Maps Platform

Notifications: Firebase Cloud Messaging

The timelines of Teladoc app development are prepared by the business analysts considering the feature set, development platform, area, language, aesthetics, and target audience. You can get bespoke solutions that are simple to explore and utilize on the screen.

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