There can never be stopping when it comes to adding more creative designs to an app. All mobile applications are known for its features and the UX design. It is the design that attracts the users helping the app in the long run. With new techniques and with the evolution of better designs, there has been a rapid shift in apps from simpler looking apps to more encouraging and appealing mobile applications.

All companies want to stay ahead of the others and updated with the latest trends. Since mobile apps have become the face of all apps, it has become important to keep up to date by redesigning an app with the latest designs, elements that give a more enhanced feel to the users. The world is ever changing, nothing is constant, so how can you expect an app to remain the same always?

There is high competition amongst apps of various categories and we have noticed a gradual change that has come in all apps since the time they were first introduced. The apps are now more compact, better looking with completely new and easy set of features.

mobile app redesign

In this blog we will read about the when the apps need to be redesigned and the procedure to be followed for the same. We will also cover the benefits it offers to the companies and the users.

Advantages of Redesigning the Mobile and Web App

It is very important to make your customers happy and get them involved in participating keenly in using the app. If their experience with the app is good, they will spread a positive word of mouth to their friends and the app will automatically get promoted leading to the increase in number of downloads and installs.

Take a look at the benefits enjoyed by companies who revamp and redesign their apps:

  • Increase in the number of users: It is very important to satisfy your users when it comes to designing the app. The design should be easily understandable making the app quick to use. If you include advanced features in the app, but the design is not updated and up to the mark, it is no point expecting good returns from the same. There are dozens of apps available for each industry or category, therefore, the users jump from one app to the other, looking for the one that suits their needs best and are easy to use. Therefore, it is important for the mobile app developers to make beautiful design to engage their customers and increasing their user base.
  • More conversions: Users do not enjoy complex apps and it is very important to satisfy the customers by making an app look appealing to them. If they like the design attractive and the app easy to use, they will continue using it. However, if the app fails to appeal to them and they find out any alternative app that is better at performance and design, they will switch within minutes. Therefore, the app developers have to refrain their customers from doing this and enhance the version of the app by introducing easy ways to make conversions. This will lead to more sales and higher conversions.
  • Customer loyalty: There are times when the companies don’t realise it but they flood a customer’s phone with notification and offer them a design that gives them a head ache. In such cases, the app developers should sit back and rethink upon their strategy to retain their customers. The best practice is to listen to what they expect from the app, or maybe read their reviews from time to time and make changes to the app accordingly. This will help in building a long-lasting bond between the customers and the app-owning company.

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When is the right time to Redesign your App?

It is important to figure out when is the right time to bring about some changes in your app.

Do you see your users declining, or are the conversions going down, or maybe the views and organic views and installs have come to a standstill?

This might be the first few things that might happen to your business because of the boring and worn out app design.

mobile app design

This is when you have to think about getting in a whole lot of changes for your app and get into action. Before anything else, reach out to the best app development companies like Octal IT Solution and if you want the finished product to be like what you think of it to be. Sit down with the team and discuss about the things your app lacks and welcome their insight on gaining more prominence among your current users and new users.

Take a look at the signs that prompt you to redesign your app:

Complain from the user end:

It is not easy for the app owners to digest the fact that the users have started disliking the app. It is normal as they are just bored with the regular stuff and want to see some additional features or a revamped app altogether. Since the users try to reach out to the app owners through the Google Play Store, Apple store, etc., it is important for the app owners to look out for information like:

  • Negative reviews if any on the app store form the new of old users.
  • Ratings going below three stars.
  • Negative comments on social media which have tags for your application and company.
  • Issues that the users have tried to raise in their comments on app store.

With all this information put together, the app owners can analyse where the problem is arising and can introduce changes accordingly in the UX or the UI.

Declining conversion rate:

Your app design needs a repair as soon as you witness a downward trend in your sales and the conversions start going down. Also, if the user base comes to a stagnant form and there is no increase in the graph of users, the design sure needs urgent help and you know who to contact immediately.

Change in the idea:

Your potential customers need to know about the changes your company is going through if you are planning to get rid of the old idea and introduce something new. A new idea will always want you to change the design of the app along with the features and other integrations accordingly. While you might have a different idea when you started with your business, company and the app.

Going along the way, things change, perspectives change and the idea also changes to an extent. How can you expect the app to go on the same way then? The app needs to be revamped, else it will kill the purpose of your business and you might not earn anything out of it.

It is strongly recommended for the app owners to bring these changes to the notice of the users through social media platforms. This will enhance your credibility and help you put things in place easily.

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Rebranding of the company:

Consistency is the key to success! If you are planning to rebrand your entire organisation and the work procedure, remember to revamp the design of your app accordingly. Even if you are making no changes to the feature of the app, you have to change the UX to offer something new to the users.

New target audience:

Are you planning to expand and get more users on board for the better usage of your app? You must know that there are certain things that are old school and you have to let go. If you want to target a sect of the users, you must understand their needs and the kind of product they would rather enjoy using on their mobile device. This is necessary to bring about the required changes in the design of the app.

Steps to follow during Redesigning of the App

You must ensure a smooth transition while revamping the design of the app. The app developers have to stay focused and emphasize on the changes that are required in the app, rather than making it complex full of features and other aspects. Take a look at the steps that should be followed during the redesigning process of the app:

  • Keep an eye on the analytics: One place that reveals the real reason behind all the worries of the app owners are defined by the results of analytics. These numbers should be analysed from time to time to get a better understanding of when the app needs to be redesigned. The Analytics help you know how many people who actually reached your onboarding process did make their accounts and be a part of your app, the conversions and the rate of drop off. Another aspect to get insight into with the help of the analytics is the number of active users on your app. This can give you information on the age group of people and the gender of the people who use the app most.
  • Feedback: Always make sure to read what the current and potential users are writing about you in the feedback tab. If you give that a miss, you might be losing out on a lot of things. Read to the reports that tell you about the user feedback and behaviour. These reviews can either be received form the social media platforms, feedback on app store and play store or maybe from the in-app surveys that are filled by the users from time to time.
  • Competitor research: It is important to analyse what the competitors are doing and how are they managing their apps. For a better understanding, you should install a competitor’s app in your device and look at the design of the app. If it is one of the highest rated apps, you must ensure to make your app on similar grounds, but not exactly the same.


There is no doubt about the fact that everything is temporary, but the app designs are temporary to an extent that it needs enhancement and refurbishment within short span of time. The app owners should look at scrutinise the customer behaviour and give significance to the user needs before jumping to a conclusion. Plus timely changes are always appreciated by the users.

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