In terms of privacy, the Apple App Store is quite strict. Nobody has any idea what’s going on. Therefore, there is nothing left to fiddle with. There are a lot of exciting Apps on the mod app store and many iOS app store alternatives out there. However, some Apple App Store Alternatives are only accessible in specific regions or are premium versions. Is it possible that we no longer have this issue? Several additional Best 3rd Party IOS App Store are available to you, so do not worry about raising your eyebrows with queries like how much it costs to publish an iOS app on the Apple app store. In this article, we will explore some of the Best free 3rd party app stores for iOS. We will also learn the benefits of publishing your iOS application to Best Apple App Store Alternatives.

What is the iOS App Store?

The iPhone apps app store allows iPad and iPhone users to access the latest apps. It was unveiled on the 10th of July 2008. Apps purchased from the App Store cannot be used to update the iOS operating system or change its security settings.

Best 3rd Party App Stores for iOS

What are iOS App Store Alternatives or 3rd Party Apps iOS Free?

Third-party iOS app stores are alternative platforms to the official Apple App Store. 3rd Party iOS app stores allow users to discover, download, and install iOS applications. Top iOS app store alternatives provide various apps, sometimes including those that may not meet Apple’s strict App Store guidelines. Some third-party Apple app stores, such as Cydia or TutuApp, cater to users interested in jailbreaking their devices, enabling them to access apps and features not officially supported by Apple. While third-party app stores for iOS apps offer increased flexibility and app variety, users and iOS app developers should exercise caution due to potential security risks, as apps on these platforms may not undergo the same rigorous vetting process as those on the official App Store.

Important Stats of the Apple App Store

  • 2.09 million Applications are available for download in the Apple mobile app store. (According to Statista.)
  • More than 90 percent of time spent on the internet by adult smartphone users will be spent on mobile applications, according to the eMarketer projection.
  • In 2022, the App Store ecosystem’s developers brought in $1.1 trillion in total billings and revenues.
  • With a 10.6% gain in 2022 to $36.3 billion, apps have continued to drive consumer spending on the Apple App Store.
  • TikTok is the most popular iPhone app in the Apple app store globally, according to iOS app download statistics. Statista cites (as of this writing).
  • There will be an estimated 184 billion app downloads by 2024, with 45 billion of them coming from the Apple third-party app store, according to Statista.
  • Social networking applications account for 39% of the most popular ones.
  • After Google Play, the application store is the second-largest globally.
  • Approximately 70% of US digital media time is spent on mobile applications, according to MarketingCharts.
  • At 21.53 percent, games remain the most popular category of App Store apps.
  • More than 500 million people browse the App Store every week. The information in this post is from Apple.
  • With 1,841,521 applications, the Apple App Store is one of the most popular mobile app stores worldwide.
  • As of this writing, 769,335 app producers have released apps on the Apple App Store.
  • There are 1,621,271 non-gaming applications and 220,250 gaming apps among the 1,841,521 apps accessible on the Apple App Store.
  • The Apple App Store has 91,293 paid apps and 1,749,052 free ones.
  • Every day, an average of 1,215 new apps are added to the Apple App Store.
  • Source

Why Do We Need a Free iOS App Store?

 Free iOS App Store

Every iOS app store alternative isn’t as lucrative as the official iOS App Store, so we’d be lying if we mentioned so. In contrast to the two most popular app stores, third-party app stores pay for downloads and often provide better app monetization than the two most popular official app stores.

Advantages of Free 3rd Party App Store ios

Affordable Marketing

The free iOS app store is affordable. Market your iOS application by liking it as an app of the day, giving advertising savings to iOS app owners.

Increased Visibility with 3rd Party iOS App Store:

3rd party apps iOS free provides an additional platform for your iOS app development, increasing its visibility to users who might not frequent the official Apple App Store.

Alternative iOS App Store Offers Diversified Audience:

Different app stores may attract diverse user bases. Submitting your app to alternative stores allows you to reach a wider audience and potentially target niche markets.

3rd Party iOS App Store Poses Less Competition:

While the Apple App Store is highly competitive, top alternative iOS app stores may have fewer apps, making it easier for your mobile app to stand out and gain attention.

Different Monetization Options:

Some of the best 3rd party app stores ios no jailbreak may offer other monetization models, providing additional ways to generate revenue beyond what the official App Store provides.

Increased Geographical Reach:

Alternative iOS app stores might be popular in specific regions or countries. Submitting your app to these stores can help you more effectively target audiences in those regions.

Flexibility in Policies:

Free 3rd party iPhone app stores might have different or more flexible submission policies compared to Apple’s strict guidelines. This can be advantageous for apps facing challenges meeting certain App Store requirements.

Faster Approval Process:

Smaller app stores might have a quicker app review and approval process, allowing you to roll out updates or new releases more rapidly.

Testing Ground:

Using free 3rd party app store iOS can serve as a testing ground for your app before launching it on larger platforms. This allows you to gather feedback and improve before reaching a broader audience.

The mentioned list has explained the potential benefits and opportunities alternative iOS app stores may offer. We will review the best 3rd party iOS app stores as the best alternative for iOS applications.

Best Free 3rd Party App Store iOS: Top iPhone Free App Store

Best Free 3rd Party App Store iOS
Sr. No.App Store NameDownload Link
1AppEvenDownload Here
2Browser CamDownload Here
3SileoDownload Here
4Build store: App Store For iOSDownload Here
5Altstore: Alternative App Store For iOSDownload Here
6EonHubDownload Here
7CokerNutXDownload Here
8CydiaDownload Here
9XabiDownload Here
10TweakboxDownload Here
11App ValleyDownload Here
12GetjarDownload Here
13iOS HeavenDownload Here
14Tutu AppDownload Here
15ApplandDownload Here
16TopstoreDownload Here
17TutuboxDownload Here

Let’s explore popular iphone free app store below.

1. AppEven – (Top free iOS app store)

AppEven - free ios app store

AppEven is the first entry on our list of Apple App Store Alternatives. The primary use of this 3rd party Appstore is to allow users to download video games on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This App has the advantage of not requiring any jailbreak to use. 

There is no need to change your native device settings since AppEven takes it. In addition, you will not have to enter your Apple ID to breathe a little easier. However, Apple continues to classify AppEven as an unapproved alternative, which means that it monitors the App closely and is actively working to revoke its certification.

2. Browser Cam –

Is there a third-party app store for your Mac or PC that you’d recommend? So, if you’ve got a PC, here’s a webcam to use in an emulator. There are several app shops for Android and iOS devices on the market, but to be honest, such programs did not perform well on PC systems. 

There is no need to panic since we’ve found an incredible third-party app shop where you can get whatever software you want for your laptop, and it has dozens of applications in all sorts of genres, from games to social. Aside from that, the webcam allows users to install an unbanned or restricted program on their PC, which works well.

3. Sileo – (Best iphone free app store)

Sileo - iphone free app store

Sileo is a top alternative app store for iOS devices that do not need a jailbreak. Many free applications are available in this app store. The App’s user interface is intuitive and straightforward to navigate. You may search for your favorite applications using the search box. 

It is safe to use these applications, and you can communicate with the app creators using social media such as Twitter. As a result, you will always be up to speed on the most recent information.

4. Build Store:

Build Store -  3rd party app store ios no jailbreak

Building an alternative app store for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch was possible using BuildStore. Over 300 apps, tweaks, and mobile games are unavailable in the App Stores.

5. Altstore:

Altstore - Best iOS App Store Alternatives

We are searching for an AltStore alternative that is better. If that’s the case, then you’ve found the proper spot. Installing IPA files on the iPhone and iPad is possible without jailbreak. Downloading Altstore is free. When shopping, AltStore may not be the right choice for everyone. These are the most excellent AltStore alternatives and rivals, which we have included in this post.

6. EonHub – (popular 3rd party app store iOS no jailbreak)

EonHub - 3rd party apps ios free

Another top third-party software store for iOS is EonHub, which jailbreakers use to install applications and games unavailable on Apple’s store.

You may utilize this application as an alternative to an iOS app store. More than a thousand applications and games can be found on the EonHub, many of which have been improved with additional features, unsigned programs, changes, etc.

You do not need to jailbreak your iPhone to utilize this app store. In addition to its minimalistic design, EonHub is constantly updated with fresh material. EonHub is a simple method to add third-party apps to your iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking or installing anything.

7. CokerNutX –

CokerNutX - Apple App Store Alternatives

CokerNutX is a brand-new app store for iOS devices from a third-party developer. There are tens of thousands of unauthorized and third-party applications, games, and settings.

CokernutX does not need an Apple account to install, and there are no limitations on downloading programs outside the United States. Thousands of applications, games, and more are available for download via CokerNutX’s app shop for iOS. CokerNutX has an intuitive user interface. CokerNutX does not need a jailbreak to run. Thus you may use it without having to jailbreak your phone.

8. Cydia – (cool 3rd party apps iOS free)

Cydia - Best free 3rd party app store ios

Cydia is among the greatest in the iOS third-party best app store free. The only way to download the Cydia software on an Apple smartphone was to Jailbreak it for several years. However, jailbreaking is no longer the only way to get Cydia on your iPhone or iPad. Cydia may be downloaded using a variety of methods. The App works with all iDevices and all versions of iOS.

It is easy for newbies to use because of its user-friendly interface. It is compatible with the vast majority of jailbroken devices. Installing Cydia on your iPhone is a cinch compared to consuming a piece of cake.

9. Xabsi

Xabsi - Best alternatives to apple app store

In addition to the official App Store, Xabsi offers several third-party apps for iOS devices. 32- and 64-bit users may install these programs as an alternative to Apple’s App Store. Many unique programs, such as Xabi, are unavailable on the official App Store.

10. Tweakbox –

Tweakbox - Best alternatives to apple app store

Tweakbox is available for both iOS and Android. It is known for iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You may download Android APK files to your phone. 

11. App Valley – (best free 3rd party app store iOS)

App Valley - Best free 3rd party app store ios

As an alternative to Apple’s App Store, AppValley is the newest entrant. You may get a wide variety of applications, ringtones, games, enhancements, and emulators for free from this excellent third-party software shop for iOS.

AppValley is a secure place to download any software or game. The App’s updates are released often. Without interfering with Apple’s new security enhancements, AppValley runs flawlessly on iOS 13.

To download a game, you don’t need a Jailbreak. This is an app shop for iOS devices. It implies that you do not have to worry about jailbreaking your phone to utilize the App Store.

12. Getjar


This marketplace has millions of applications. You may download applications from the corporate client and through the mobile site. Advertising is the biggest drawback of this iOS software store. In terms of third-party app shops, it’s up there with the best of them. Using the Getjar app store, you may securely download the top iPhone games and applications.

13. iOS Heaven

iOS Heaven

This is one of the top app markets in iOS. The iOS Paradise website has more than a thousand different apps. Downloading and installing these programs straight from a web browser or extracting the IPA file is possible. Using iOS Heaven does not need the download of any iOS store. On the iOS paradise website, you can find every App.

14. Tutu App

Tutu App

For Android and iOS devices, TutuApp is a no-cost app store. On Android and iOS, TutuApp lets you get official App and game downloads from Google Play and the Apple Store. Using TutuApp, you can now download paid applications straight from the app store for free. TutuApp is among the most popular third-party app shops for iOS devices.

15. Appland

Appland - Best 3rd Party App store

Appland is your best option if you seek an iOS app store with the most attractive features and flexibility. There are various ways to access the iOS app store. Web or mobile apps are two options. Using Appland, you can set up your iOS software store. The service may be found in almost every country on the planet. Appland makes income by targeting users based on their geographic location.

16. Top Store

TopStore is a great app store alternative for iOS users. Customers may download various applications, games, tweaked programs, and more from the TopStore App.

Downloading from the TopStore App is entirely secure. All iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models running iOS 8 and higher are supported. Using the TopStore on a non-jailbroken smartphone is simple.

17. Tutubox – Best free 3rd party app store iOS

Tutubox - Best 3rd Party IOS App Store

Altered app shops like TutuBox provide access to some of the most popular hacked games, tweaked applications, or jailbreak tools for iOS devices.

TutuBox gives you unlimited access to tens of thousands of programs and games without jailbreaking your phone or risking having your privileges revoked regularly. The cost of downloading is completely free. 


So many excellent app store alternatives are available. Some features are only available via the official App Store, so keep that in mind. Many users may be reached via third-party app shops. Downloading and installing programs has some inherent dangers; as a result, you should use caution at all times. Before installing any third-party app store, research and check out the reviews.

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