Day by day, every business faces different challenges in streamlining its operations. Enterprise mobility solutions play a vital role in streamlining your business operations and activities in this competitive and continuously growing market. As per the statistics, the mobile application industry will increase by 22.9% from 2020 to 2027. These figures show that the mobile apps sector is in high demand and never go down in upcoming years. Businesses are growing and being established every day; for that reason, every company wants to simplify their business operations, and it’s possible via applications. 

Enterprise mobility solutions facilitate real-time communication between users, staff, and management, allowing for the timely resolution of issues. Organizational employees can utilize enterprise apps from anywhere and complete their work without any difficulty or trouble.

What Exactly are Enterprise Mobility Services?

Enterprise Mobility is a management system that manages your business’s data, operations, and employee communication. It usually entails endpoint management, which tracks users’ access to relevant information and devices.

Enterprise Mobility Solution

Simply expressed, Enterprise Mobility helps exchange corporate/business information across several devices (mainly mobile/software) so that a business may be controlled from numerous places. The next-gen technology in enterprise mobility is essential in industries like transportation & logistics, which demand real-time administration of a large amount of data (data that frequently changes!).

Enterprise Mobility – Facts and Figures 

  • By the end of 2021, enterprise mobility is projected to generate $430 billion in revenue.
  • The adoption of enterprise mobility solutions is on the rise, with 4.67% of businesses recognizing its increasing necessity. While 27% of companies rely on six or more applications to meet employee demands, 65% use two to five enterprise apps.
  • In the upcoming three years, 5.66% of businesses plan to develop enterprise apps.
  • Improved relationships and fewer internal conflicts improved internal communication in 47% of agencies.
  • Due mainly to Enterprise mobile apps, 59% of American workers worked longer than their 9–5 shift.
  • The Enterprise app has helped users save almost 250 hours annually—nearly six more working days.
  • According to 77% of employers, the market for enterprise apps has grown during the last two years.
  • 39% of workers acknowledge using enterprise mobility solutions because of their potential for increased efficiency.
  • In terms of consumer satisfaction, there has been a 19.23% gain.

Why Are Enterprise Mobility Solutions Important?

Enterprise mobility solutions are not just important for business, they are game-changers. They enable companies to access, use, and store data outside the office, thereby increasing their competitiveness. The ability to have on-demand access to data is not just a tool, it’s a competitive edge in the currently demanding business world, inspiring and exciting the potential of enterprise mobility solutions.

Enterprise mobility as a service increases productivity by enabling workers to access vital information while traveling. Although the emphasis is on customer service, timeliness, and employee efficiency, the key to success is expanding the company’s technological capabilities.

The Key Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Your Business

Here are some essential benefits of enterprise mobility solutions that will help your business. You know how beneficial your business is by adopting enterprise mobility solutions. 

1. Improved Productivity

One of the core advantages of workplace mobility solutions, made possible by mobile devices and apps, is that employees can access work tools from anywhere and reduce time spent in a permanent office. This includes jobs that could previously only be completed in an office setting but can now be completed anywhere, boosting staff productivity overall.

2. Improved Collaboration

Enterprise mobility for businesses also includes apps that facilitate remote collaboration among team members, such as cloud-based document sharing, video conferencing, and instant messaging. Furthermore, real-time collaboration fosters greater creativity as well as problem-solving skills.

3. Cost Savings

One more advantage of workplace mobility is the direct cost savings it brings. By reducing the need for actual office space, it translates into cheaper maintenance, utilities, and rent costs. Moreover, remote work minimizes the expense of staff traveling, resulting in additional cost savings.

To maximize these benefits and further strengthen your workplace mobility strategy, think about hiring mobile app developers to build specialized solutions for your company’s particular requirements.

4. Better Support for Clients

Mobile access to client data and management systems facilitates more individualized and responsive customer service, one of the main advantages of enterprise mobility solutions. Additionally, field service personnel’s on-site access to customer information enhances client satisfaction.

5. Competitive Advantage

Enterprise mobility is not just a tool but a strategic advantage. Competitive benefit goes to agile companies that can quickly adjust to changes in the market. By enabling businesses to react quickly to opportunities & challenges, enterprise mobility gives them a competitive edge.

6. Data Security

Mobile devices are one of the enterprise mobility solutions. They have security capabilities such as robust authentication, data encryption, and remote data wiping to protect company data. Appropriate security measures also make it easier to comply with data protection regulations.

7. Real-Time Data Access

Moreover, real-time analytics offered by mobile apps assist decision-makers in making well-informed decisions based on available data and market conditions. This is especially useful in sectors of the economy where prompt decision-making is essential.

8. Simplify the Workflows

Workplace mobility solutions may help mobile apps decrease human labor and error by automating processes like time monitoring, expense reporting, and inventory management. This ultimately results in simple procedures, which expedite task completion.

9. Employee Satisfaction

Enterprise mobility solutions have several advantages, such as enhancing work-life balance, lowering stress levels from commute and workplace confinement, and providing mobility choices like remote work or flexible hours. Additionally, this increases retention rates, job satisfaction levels, and employee morale.

10. Scalability

As a company expands, enterprise mobility solutions can be tailored to meet its demands. Platforms and apps with customization options enable expansion without requiring substantial expenditures in infrastructure or technology.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Essential Characteristics of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

This blog also covers the most important characteristics of enterprise mobility solutions. The following are these characteristics: 

Mobile Device Management (MDM): Mobile Device Management allows an organization to control all mobile devices remotely, keeping them secure and current.

Mobile Application Management (MAM): MAM focuses on controlling the applications installed on these devices. This measure grants access to only authorized users to the appropriate apps.

Mobile content management (MCM): Mobile content management, or MCM, allows employees to view and share work emails and documents on their phones or tablets safely.

Mobile Identity Management (MIM): MIM functions like a security guard. It verifies that only individuals with permission can access critical information and applications on their mobile devices.

How Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions Solve Organizational Problems

Irrespective of the location of their personnel, enterprise mobility solutions help businesses maintain strict control over their devices. Mobility solutions assist organizations in resolving a number of challenges related to managing the increasing number of endpoints that accompany the growth of distant & hybrid work. The following are just a few of the problems that a robust mobility solution may resolve: providing corporate-owned devices to employees’ front doors and configuring their devices to connect to the corporate network.

Difficulty delivering devices: Your company can reduce the time end users spend without a mobile device and accelerate their return to total productivity by having a robust EMM solution that helps deliver pre-provisioned devices straight to their door.

Overworked IT and service teams: Employing an enterprise mobility solution to provision, ship, and safeguard devices may free up more time for IT teams to guarantee the security of their endpoints. In the interim, support teams don’t need to go through time-consuming procedures to provide workers with fully equipped devices because they can do it efficiently.

Ineffective workflows: A company’s mobility plan may include several antiquated procedures that are laborious and time—and energy-intensive for even a single mobile device. EMM solutions can shorten the time it takes for your staff to get up and running, increasing the output of both your end users and your IT and support teams.

Inadequate security: The proliferation of BYOD mobile phones has made many enterprises vulnerable. The majority of endpoints these days are mobile devices, so businesses need to make sure they have a robust mobile security strategy in place to protect their corporate data. EMM solutions can reduce your company’s overall risk profile.

Top Practices To Develop Best Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Developing the best enterprise mobility solutions requires these practices to create top enterprise mobility solutions and ensure efficiency and adaptability.

  1. Comprehensive Strategy Development
    • Define clear business goals and objectives.
    • Align mobility solutions with overall business strategy.
    • Conduct thorough market research and competitor analysis.
  2. User-Centric Design
    • Focus on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design.
    • Conduct user research and gather feedback.
    • Ensure intuitive navigation and seamless user interaction.
  3. Security Measures
    • Implement robust security protocols to protect data.
    • Use encryption, secure access controls, and regular security audits.
    • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.
  4. Scalability and Flexibility
    • Design solutions that can scale with business growth.
    • Incorporate flexible architecture to adapt to changing needs.
    • Use cloud-based services for better scalability and resource management.
  5. Integration Capabilities
    • Ensure seamless integration with existing enterprise systems.
    • Use APIs and middleware for effective communication between systems.
    • Support multi-platform compatibility (iOS, Android, etc.).
  6. Performance Optimization
    • Optimize application performance for speed and efficiency.
    • Conduct regular performance testing and monitoring.
    • Minimize battery consumption and optimize resource usage.
  7. Effective Data Management
    • Implement robust data storage and retrieval systems.
    • Use analytics to gain insights and improve decision-making.
    • Ensure data synchronization across all devices and platforms.
  8. Continuous Improvement and Updates
    • Regularly update the application to fix bugs and add features.
    • Encourage user feedback for continuous improvement.
    • Stay updated with the latest technological advancements and trends.
  9. Training and Support
    • Provide comprehensive training for end-users.
    • Offer ongoing support and maintenance services.
    • Develop detailed documentation and user guides.
  10. Agile Development Methodology
    • Use agile methodologies for iterative development and quick releases.
    • Foster collaboration among cross-functional teams.
    • Ensure continuous testing and quality assurance throughout the development cycle.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

Developing enterprise mobility solutions can be expensive, it completely depends upon several factors. While the MVP Product can cost between $40,000 to $50,000+, and the advanced version might cost over $2,00,000+, an application with only the most basic capabilities can cost between $20,000 and $30,000+.

Hiring an enterprise software development company is the best option for creating excellent company mobility solutions. Numerous variables influence the total cost of developing enterprise mobility solutions. 

Why is Octal the Best Choice for Enterprise Mobility Applications Development?

Choosing Octal IT Solution for Enterprise Mobility Applications Development because of our expertise in developing scalable, secure, and user-friendly mobile solutions customized to your business needs and requirements. We offer innovative and cost-effective solutions, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems. With a strong focus on user experience and robust support, Octal leverages cutting-edge technologies to enhance operational efficiency and drive growth. Our client-centric approach and proven track record make us a trusted partner for your enterprise mobility projects. Get mobile app developers for hire for your business needs.

Final Words

With this comprehensive guide, you’ve gained a deep understanding of enterprise mobility. We’ve covered everything from its benefits and importance to its key characteristics. We’ve even provided an estimate for developing enterprise mobility solutions for your business. Octal IT Solution is the best option for the development of these applications, with our developers’ expertise in developing mobile applications to meet your unique needs and demands.

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