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Want to take your real-estate business to the zenith with a profitable mobile application? Share your business idea with Trulia Clone development experts who would make it easier for your end-users to find the right property at the most affordable rates. Showcase what you have in store and widen your audience reach.

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Trulia Clone App Development to Find Your Space in a Click!

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Real-estate business is one of the industries that are strongly dominated by offline presence. With advancements in technology and the expansion of mobile applications in various industries, it has become quite evident that even real-estate mobile applications are gaining immense popularity. A lot of business owners are looking for Trulia clone app development that can help them stand the test of time.

As technology is evolving strong, over the years real-estate websites and applications have found a place in the digital domain. These days with heavy traffic on roads commuting for site visits is also a tough task. With everything visible on smartphones, it becomes easier for the end-users to shortlist the properties they want to consider for their needs. Most people now consider that Real-estate service and cab services are now the need of the hour.

If you decide to create an app like Trulia, it is significant that the solutions are predefined and help you stay in the competition with a set bench-mark.

The Trulia clone app script available with us is customizable and can help you make a strong presence in the market. We build solutions that manage your properties and clients exactly as your staff does.

With the latest technology and innovative ideas, we bring on the screen an experience that seems real-life. The day is not far when you would be able to close deals with visual visits to the property. With the white label solutions that we offer, one can easily customize the applications to fit their business environment that is engaging and interactive.

The mobile and web app development teams start with a basic framework that includes all the features and functions with detailed buttons. The project is rolled out only after your confirmation for the same.

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Services Real Estate Marketplace Development Team Offers

Mortgage and Loan Services

The real estate business isn’t limited to simply finding accommodations. At times it does take care of the properties available for a mortgage and help the audience find spaces that they may be interested in buying for themselves.

Buy and Sell Services

For the people who are interested in buying and selling new properties, it is crucial to view the properties in 3D and have all the details listed in one place. We affirm that the solutions that are deployed have all the technicalities noted in the right manner.

Lease and Rent Services

Any real estate business owner gets maximum requests that look for property for rent. An application like Trulia offers audiences a platform where they can showcase and rent properties easily.

Build App like Trulia with Exemplary Features

To build app like Trulia, you need to hire a professional clone app development team that understands the market response and has earned experience in working on solutions like these. With advanced app features in the product, we affirm you would take to the market a solution that earns a profit.

Easy Login and Registration
Easy Login and Registration

The user and the service provider can easily register and log in to the application with their basic details. Once they have an account on the application they can see their activities in their dashboard.

Comprehensive Dashboard
Comprehensive Dashboard

The dashboard of the seller and the audience would have all the details that make things easier. They can check the properties they have checked and if they have availed anything from the past from the same dealer.


The predictive analysis makes it easier for the end-users to find the kind of property they are looking for. With the preferences being recorded, the application would suggest the best solutions to your users making the search process easier and more convenient.

Bookmark Searches
Bookmark Searches

You can easily mark properties as bookmarks or favorites to review them later. Sometimes a few properties may seem appealing at the first glance but need to be reviewed later. Simply bookmark these and check when you have time.

Property Catalogue
Property Catalogue

One thing that experts can't miss when they develop app like Trulia is adding the catalog. An integrated catalog makes it simpler for the end-user to find the right solution and find the right place where they can find space for themselves.

Discounts and Rewards
Discounts and Rewards

You can attract users and keep them engaged with the program by providing them with some attractive offers. We've been providing solutions that make it easier for administrators to communicate with the audience.

Befitting Icons
Befitting Icons

Experts in Trulia Clone app and website creation collaborate with the design team to offer solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand.

Multilingual Operability
Multilingual Operability

The application can simply be used in the user's native language. We use a variety of linguistic features to ensure that no user has any issues.

Search by Location
Search by Location

With GPS being integrated with the application end users can find property in the locations they are interested in. Trulia clone app development experts affirm to deliver solutions that make things convenient and easy for the users.

Ratings and Reviews
Ratings and Reviews

With reviews of the property and the agents being available on the application, the end-users can make wiser decisions. They can continue to grow with the required property and coordinate with the agents they are comfortable with.

Regular Notifications
Regular Notifications

When developing a real estate property listing app like Trulia, our mobile app developers insist on including a push notification option. This allows the service provider to communicate with the consumer more frequently and make any special announcements.

Smart Chat Bots
Smart Chat Bots

AI-based chatbots that assist your users in times of need. You can always make your audience feel valued with clever chatbots at your disposal.

Calculator for Money
Calculator for Money

With a built-in loan and EMI calculator, it becomes easier for the end-users to manage their expenses and build a strong budget.

Operations in the Cloud
Operations in the Cloud

The information stored in your application is safe with cloud operations. You can check for past transactions and other details if your information is preserved in the cloud.

3D View of the Property
3D View of the Property

With advanced technology put to use, our AR/VR experts affirm that the solutions that are dropped to you can help your audience have a look at the property in 3D. They would not need to visit the property physically and can almost see everything like in real-life.

The Action Plan for Developing Trulio Like App

When a customer reaches out to us with a business idea to design an app like Trulia, the marketing team first strives to understand the client’s business goals and vision. It’s critical to provide a system that can cater to organizations of all sizes while also being readily scaled up as needed.

To affirm the solutions are built to satisfy your business needs we have a well-defined method to deliver your solutions.

* Share Your Idea – Connect with our Trulia-like app development team and share your business idea with them. Define your business objective, vision, expectation from the product, basic product features, and other details clearly to make the process easier.

* Define Action Plan – Once we are done with the basic discussions, the next step is to clearly define the timelines for the end product. Our development team works on the documentation and milestone division.

* Work on the Plan – Now that you have a plan on the paper, our team starts developing the prototype for the same. For each milestone, a section of your application is prepared and tested. If you want any modifications you can discuss them at this stage and they would be modified as required.

* Test the Product – As the team is done with the development part, the next thing in the picture is to test all the functionalities and features in the application. The quality analysis and software testing team affirm that a flawless and bug-free product is deployed that impresses your audience and reflects your business objective.

The product you take to the market is the face of your business. Affirm that the solutions that are deployed are ladened with great features and offer exemplary customer service.

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Benefits of Trulia Like Applications

Trulia-like applications have transformed how the real-estate industry functions. We affirm that the solutions that are dropped to you are interesting and engaging.

For Buyers

  • Access to up-to-date information at any time
  • Time savings by comparing properties without driving to them
  • Property search using a variety of filters
  • Easy way to contact an agent and get 24/7 support
  • Guidance for buying and document signing

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Mobile App Development

For Sellers

  • Great way to double-check pricing
  • Increased market reach
  • Can show properties at their best
  • Speeds up property sales
  • Guidance for selling and document signing

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Mobile App Development

For Realtors

  • Exhaustive property information while on the go
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Increased market reach and ability to retain leads
  • Extra revenue stream
  • Greater brand awareness

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Mobile App Development

MostMost Dominant Technology for Real Estate App Development

Integrated Geolocation Applications

Apps for comprehensive tracking and monitoring

Geolocation-based mobile applications have recently become popular, making it much easier for businesses to keep up with the latest trends. Users and service providers can check regional properties and services thanks to the technology. It’s simple to include during mobile app development and adds a little extra functionality to the app. It also allows users to keep track of the most recent events.

Mobile Apps with AR/VR Integration

The Aesthetics of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are Changing

We’ve created solutions that are well-received in the market using augmented reality and virtual reality. The solutions are one-of-a-kind and intriguing, and they can help you stay ahead of the competition. It is critical that we understand that for an app like Trulia, AR/VR becomes a vital addition as the users can check the properties easily.

Mobile App with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence to Take the Game to the Next Level

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solutions to validate technologically complex and futuristic solutions You can get recommendations based on your choices using predictive analytics. We’ve been providing Trulia app clone development services that can help you stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals. The user can converse with the app thanks to the embedded NLP technology, making it more accessible in general.

Budget-Friendly Trulia Like App Development Services in a Click!


24x7 Availability

Our mobile app developers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to interact with you and assist you. If you run into any problems or have any questions about the solutions, we'll be happy to talk about them with you in the small hours of the morning.


Budget-Friendly Alternative

The development of a Trulia-like app is not expensive. We're only a click away if you're wanting to design a low-cost solution.


Expert Consultation

For years, our Android and iOS app developers have collaborated on the same project. They make it a point to stay up to speed on the latest technologies and trends in order to provide you with solutions that are both futuristic and scalable.


Developers with Prior Experience

The developers that are working with us have experience with comparable digital payment-based systems and are familiar with the complexities and issues that come with them. They work hard to provide solutions that are specific to your company.


Concentrate on Your Core Business

The staff will take care of your project once you've outsourced it. While your product is being developed, you may focus on marketing and expanding your primary business.


Technically Advanced Solutions

The real estate app solution providers guarantee that the technologically advanced solutions delivered to you will keep you a step ahead of the competition.

What Makes Trulia Like App Need of the Hour?

When looking for a Real Estate app development company, remember that developing an app from scratch costs a lot of money, however, using on-demand software like Trulia or Script is a better option for getting it completely integrated into your prospective Real Estate business. The scary Trulia clone program is a ready-to-use, bug-free, white-labeled Real Estate application that works for both agents and customers and includes a Website Admin Panel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GPS integration and Map generators are simple to incorporate and our Trulia clone development team working on your project takes care of it. Not only do we protect the privacy and confidentiality of end-users, but we also protect the privacy and confidentiality of service providers. We’ve been in business for over a decade and have always given trustworthy and dependable solutions that assist businesses in establishing a strong online presence.

Our experts will tailor the clone script to your specific needs based on your specifications. With so many submissions for the competition, we have been delivering bespoke solutions and realize how vital it is for you to develop a strong name in the market. We customize your application so that you can establish a distinct brand in the market without difficulty.

We like to have just one point of contact for simplicity of communication and understanding of the demands. You can easily contact our developers if you have any questions or concerns. You can also communicate your requirements to the sales team or the project manager, who will handle the rest of the process.

Trulia app development timelines are determined by elements like feature set, development platform, area, language, aesthetics, and target audience. Our mobile app developers provide bespoke solutions that are simple to explore and utilize on the screen.

What Makes Us the Buzz of Tech Town

Here’s what our business partners say about us.

Ms. Joyce Mesick

Founder, Finding Trusted Care

Project summary: Finding Trusted Care

Octal IT Solution has created a caregiver company’s flagship platform and app. Their resources have also worked on the firm’s website design. Around eight teammates work directly with the client on the project.

  • Budget $50,000 to $199,999
  • Duration May 2022 – Ongoing
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Mr. Michael Tan

Project Manager, Clarins Pte Ltd

Project summary: Clarins

Octal IT Solution was hired by a skin care brand to build their inhouse claiming system. They used PHP for the development of their project.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Jan. 2019 – Aug. 2020
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Mr. Ashutosh Walia

VP Gaming, Hungama

Project summary: Hungama

An entertainment company hired Octal IT Solution to develop their mobile app, which was meant to be viewed as a gaming platform for the entertainment industry.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Sep. 2022 – Jan. 2023
  • What They Say? Read Full Review

Ms. Kanchana Gupta


Project summary:

Octal IT Solution has designed and developed a web platform and a mobile app for a mentoring platform. They’ve used React.js to build the web platform and have created the mobile app for Android and iOS.

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